20 High Paying Liberal Arts Degree Jobs | 2023

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I wonder if liberal arts degree jobs salary lures people into making a career in the field. Pursuing a career in the liberal arts often leaves some people wondering about the liberal arts degree job opportunities.

But not to worry, the liberal arts have great careers that might interest you. This field houses genius minds in the social sciences, skills, and humanities.

Statistics show that about 1,700 organizational executives from 30 nations indicated that 55% held a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. This goes to show how vital liberal art jobs are in society.

This article will walk you through high-paying liberal arts degree jobs, an associate of liberal arts degree jobs, and what you have done. Hence, if you are already in the liberal arts or intend to be, this article is just for you.

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Advantages of a Liberal arts degree

The following are the advantages of obtaining a liberal arts degree:

1. Job Market Variety

Those with a degree in liberal arts degree have near-endless career opportunities.

They can pursue their passions in various professions, including politics, real estate, consumer durables, and education.

2. Personal interest development

The wide range of courses available in the liberal arts curriculum allows students to pursue their interests.

However, the student can choose from various courses to meet the curriculum requirements.

This implies that the student can take classes that will assist them in improving essential soft skills while still preparing for their preferred job route.

3.  Career adaptability

Graduates of liberal degrees are flexible and quickly adapt. In other words, they are more adaptable and well-adjusted.

Hence, they can transfer numerous career skills from one job to the next with little or no extra training or study

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4. Soft Skills

The liberal arts degree comes with courses that help students develop various skills.

Critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, project management, and problem-solving are examples of talents applicable to practically every career.

5. A higher student-teacher ratio

The class size helps in creating a better student-to-teacher ratio. Hence, the professor will most likely recognize students by their first names, showing interest in their education.

Additionally, the professor can provide students with superior academic counseling, personal mentoring, or career advice.

This will assist students in obtaining suitable internships and letters of recommendation in the future.

6. Exposure to cool things

It might be a chance to study abroad, participate in community-engaged learning, or collaborate with a professor on peer-reviewed research.

In summary, students in the liberal arts will be able to experiment, try new things, and take chances constantly.

7. Small-sized campus

A liberal arts school is usually a smaller institution with linkages to other colleges.

Thus, the benefit of the size of the campuses is that it results in a close-knit learning group.

What Skills Are Required for Liberal Arts?

In being one in the liberal arts arena, you will need specific skills to scale through. The following skills are necessary for those in liberal arts:

  • Analytical skills
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Forward-thinking

With these skills, you can withstand the job market.

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Is Liberal Arts a Good Career Path?

Absolutely! You can never get it wrong in pursuing a career in the liberal arts. It provides a solid basis to seeking jobs in the humanities, skills, and sciences.

It is also a common starting point for aspiring lawyers, economists, legislators, scientists, educators, and other professionals.

A liberal arts degree will not only make you a capable, worldly, creative, critical thinker, but it will also open doors to excellent professional options and a good salary.

In addition, the liberal arts arms individuals with critical thinking and broad analytical skills. It also goes on to help them attain intellectual independence and self-control.

In summary, a liberal arts degree prepares you for both career and life.

Liberal Arts Degree Jobs Opportunities

The job opportunities in the liberal arts cannot be numbered. Yes, they are that much.

So while some people think that those with degrees in the liberal arts will encounter difficulties in landing a job, it is false.

Hence, you can find jobs with whatever major you settle for.

Liberal Arts Degree Jobs Salary

There is no specific salary range in liberal arts. The job position and experience will rather determine how much you can earn in this field.

It can range from $46,933 (Social Media Specialist) to $87,660 (Management Analyst) and even more annually.

Associate of Liberal Arts Degree Jobs

People often wonder about an associate of liberal arts degree jobs. The following jobs fall under the associate of liberal arts degree jobs:

1. Human Resource Specialist

This is one of the associates of liberal arts degree jobs. This personnel is responsible for dealing with employee problems and completing duties throughout the organization’s departments.

Average Annual Salary: $63,490

Legal assistants or paralegals work in offices and administrative settings. They also help lawyers keep track of files, conduct legal research, and prepare documents.

Average Annual Salary: $52,920

3. Social Media Specialist

This is one of the popular jobs in associate of liberal arts degree. Social media professionals constantly communicate with the public through various platforms to maintain an online presence and enhance a brand’s reputation.

Average Annual Salary: $46,933

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4. Project Coordinator

This professional collaborates with several teams within an organization to plan and coordinate activities and resources for various projects.

He also ensures that all projects on the manager’s calendar are on track and that all project details are up to date.

Average Annual Salary: $50,900

Liberal Arts Degree Jobs Houston

There are several liberal arts degree jobs in Houston. Therefore, if you desire liberal arts degree jobs and reside in Houston, Texas, this might be for you.

The following are liberal arts degree jobs in Houston:

1. Content Specialist

This is one of the many liberal arts degree jobs in Houston. Content specialists research content and consumer trends, establish content strategies and create content for various print and digital media enterprises.

In addition, they collaborate closely with design and marketing teams to ensure that content is relevant and consistent across all platforms.

2. Recruiter

A recruiter is a person who works for a firm and is in charge of finding potential employees. They equally find and contact potential employees to ensure they are suitable for the organization.

3. Behavioral Health Specialist

Behavioral health specialists offer guidance and therapy to people with addiction, physical limits, and mental illness.

This field comprises psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, behavioral therapists, licensed social workers, and other healthcare specialists.

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4. Major Gifts Manager

Major gifts manager falls under the liberal arts degree jobs in Houston. The Major Gifts Manager oversees and implements the major gift program, which includes current and planned gifts.

He also plans unique events and develops funding bids.

High Paying Liberal Arts Degree Jobs

If you are intent on finding high-paying liberal arts degree jobs, here they are:

1. Management Analyst

This employee is responsible for guiding executives on how to increase productivity.

Also, he oversees employees and work procedures, interviews employees, and ensures that internal financial reports are analyzed.

Furthermore, they examine processes and procedures and recommend ways to boost revenues while saving time and money.

Average Annual Salary: $92,629

2. Database Administrator

These professionals are usually found in specific vital industries such as finance. A database administrator uses custom software to organize, store, and preserve data.

Also, They are in charge of keeping data safe, assisting authorized users with data access, and preventing data loss.

These experts double-check that their databases are functioning properly. They also make changes to database systems to improve functionality or security.

Average Annual Salary:  $92,399 

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3. Human Resource Manager

These managers coordinate human resource activities within an organization. This includes screening, conducting interviews, hiring, and orientation.

Also, they team up with other executives to assess their company’s workforce requirements and design hiring strategies.

In addition, they oversee compensation and employee benefit to entice the candidates.

Average Annual Salary:  $70,578

4. Advertising Manager

Advertising Managers create campaigns to increase product and service interest and sales.

To illustrate, they engage with sales teams to evaluate sales demands and develop promotional materials to achieve these goals.

Additionally, they ensure that budgets are set, creative creation is overseen, and pricing is negotiated with ad sales sources.

Average Annual Salary:  $60,941

5. Technical Writer

Technical writers write documents that present complex information clearly and concisely. They are also responsible for creating instruction manuals, writing how-to guides, and preparing FAQ sites.

They frequently use relevant products and consult with product designers to ensure that the information they give is accurate.

Average Annual Salary:  $59,097 

6. Copywriter

Copywriters create written content for the aim of advertisement. They make short pieces like slogans and taglines and lengthier pieces like sales pages and direct mail.

Consequently, clients hire these writers to learn about their products, services, and target consumers.

Average Annual Salary:  $54,029

7. Customer Service Representative

These professionals aid clients in understanding, purchasing, and returning items. They are also responsible for providing answers to questions from clients. They handle this in person, online, and over the phone.

Additionally, they process clients’ orders and payments and assist customers in resolving issues.

Average Salary Scale: $13.59 per hour

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8. Youth Counselor

Youth counselors work with organizations that assist young people with mental and emotional problems.

Their job, however, requires them to meet with children and teenagers regularly to assess problems and offer guidance and assistance.

In addition, these specialists keep track of their patient’s progress and communicate with their parents and caregivers.

Average Annual Salary: $14.56 per hour

9. Translator

Translators are responsible for converting written words and information from one language to another, resulting in two documents that are nearly identical in content.

In addition, they translate both the words and the writing style and tone. They effectively translate slang, colloquial expressions, and cultural references.

Average Annual Salary:  $53,090

10. Market Researcher

Market analysts examine market circumstances to forecast possible product and service sales. Specifically, they look at current and previous sales trends to predict future market situations.

Average Salary Salary: $51,682

11. Academic Adviser

Academic advisers assist university students in selecting coursework, majoring in specific fields of study, and establishing successful college careers.

Also, they make sure that students complete the required coursework for their majors and know the graduation requirements.

In addition, some assist college students in applying for graduate school or careers after graduation.

Average Annual Salary: $38,683

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12. Editor

These professionals are responsible for designing content for publications and revising text.

They create editorial calendars that outline their publishers’ content requirements and invite writers to submit ideas or assign articles.

Furthermore, after receiving manuscripts from writers, they check for accuracy, clarity, and readability. They also go as far as to double-check statistics and facts in the article.

Average Annual Salary:  $56,433

13. Curator

Curators work in museums of art, history, and other kinds, acquiring new pieces and organizing displays.

Additionally, they conduct historical and cultural research, devise exhibition themes, and write writings to help museum visitors learn more.

Also necessary, they plan tours and workshops for visitors and supervise curatorial and technical employees.

Average Annual Salary: $15.73 per hour

14. Grant Writer

Grant writers conduct research and prepare grant proposals. They are responsible for gathering data on grant-funded projects and producing appealing explanations of the project’s goals and outcomes.

They also look at previous grant applications to improve their own. In addition, most grant writers work on grants from specific organizations or specialize in certain financing sources.

Average Salary Scale:  $43,032

15. Communications Associate

Legislative assistants help advocacy groups and politicians with administrative chores, such as federal and state senators and representatives.

They write and modify bills and amendments, gather support, and track their development through the legislative process.

Average Annual Salary: $45,425

16. Department Manager

They carry out strategic objectives and stick to executive-created budgets. They equally oversee the workforce and work product within an organization.

Additionally, they keep track of employee production and performance, manage staffing and hiring, and inform employees about job requirements.

Average Annual Salary: $47,690

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17. Research Associate

These employees assist decision-makers in accomplishing their objectives by studying businesses, markets, sectors, and other organizations.

They gather primary and secondary research sources, analyze data, and report their findings to the firms they work for.

Average Annual Salary:  $61,483

18. Librarian

Librarians work in libraries, assisting patrons in locating books and information for personal and professional purposes.

They also patrons with reference resources and internet research. In addition, they select appropriate books and materials for the library to acquire.

Furthermore, they are in charge of keeping track of new books and media releases and updating and enhancing databases.

Average Annual Salary:  $60,006

19. Urban Planner

Urban planners establish governmental and private land development projects. When selecting plans, they consider population expansion, public transportation, roadways, and environmental concerns.

They also hold public meetings to discuss land-use plans, solicit feedback, and accept developer bids.

Additionally, they understand zoning restrictions and building standards. This is to make recommendations to city and community officials.

Average Annual Salary:  $69,015

20. Training Manager

These managers are responsible for creating and overseeing employee development programs. They are also in charge of finding concerns with productivity and training.

They equally determine the training teams and departments require and produce appropriate resources.

Furthermore, these managers plan sessions to orient new staff and prepare current employees for mergers and other organizational changes.

Average Annual Salary: $67,186


Liberal art is an arena for the most creative minds. People familiar with this field of endeavor can attest to this fact.

So, whether you are searching for a liberal arts degree, job salary, or opportunities, you are sure to make a great career out of it.

We hope this article met your expectations. For feedback, reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit.com.

Frequently Asked Questions on Liberal Arts Degree Jobs

What Counts as a Liberal Arts Degree?

The liberal arts cover areas such as:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Writing
  • Sociology
  • Creative arts
  • Psychology

Is a Liberal Arts Education Valuable in the 21st Century?

In the twenty-first-century work market, a liberal arts degree is not useless.

What are the Seven Liberal Arts?

The following are the 7 liberal art:

  • Grammar
  • Rhetoric
  • Music
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • Astronomy
  • Arithmetic

Are the Liberal Arts Dying?

Contrary to what some people believe, liberal arts degrees are still essential and in demand.

Can You be Successful With a Liberal Arts Degree?

It is a fact that graduates of the liberal arts pursue a variety of careers.

According to some experts, the abilities students learn may be applied to almost every employment.

Why Should I Study Liberal Arts?

Students who pursue a liberal arts degree prepare for a lifetime of learning. The skills the liberal arts degree emphasizes are essential to successful work and a happy existence.


What counts as a liberal arts degree?

The liberal arts cover areas such as:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Writing
  • Sociology
  • Creative arts
  • Psychology

And lots more.

Is a liberal arts education valuable in the 21st century?

In the twenty-first-century work market, a liberal arts degree is not useless.

What are the seven liberal arts?

The following are the 7 liberal art:

  • Grammar
  • Rhetoric
  • Music
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • Astronomy
  • Arithmetic

Are the liberal arts dying?

Contrary to what some people believe, liberal arts degrees are still essential and in demand.

Can you be successful with a liberal arts degree?

It is a fact that graduates of the liberal arts pursue a variety of careers.

According to some experts, the abilities students learn may be applied to almost every employment.

Why should I study liberal arts?

Students who pursue a liberal arts degree prepare for a lifetime of learning. The skills the liberal arts degree emphasizes are essential to successful work and a happy existence.



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