Where to Eat Best Indian Food in Boston | Locations Near Me in 2022


Best Indian Food Boston

From the beginning, Boston was not the home of Indian delicacies. It was famous for sea foods, Irish pubs, and more Chowder that could outlast time.

In recent times it is no longer the case. Many places have sprung up where one can eat the best Indian food in Boston.

Suppose you are a native Indian or a lover of Indian food searching for a place to relish the savor of Indian spices. It will delight me to be your tour guide.

Time is ticking, so join me as we explore some places where you can eat the best Indian food in Boston.

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Best Indian Food in Boston

The following are the best Indian food in Boston:

#1. Tikki Masala/Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

The assortments in this Jamaica Plain go-to are a mixture of taste and class. Tikki Masala, located at 3706 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, offers a unique gallery of Indian bites.

Tangy vindaloo, garlicky goat korma, chicken tikka masala, and many more. Whatever Indian recipe you find most alluring, Tiki Masala has it and more.

One standout quality is that their taste of Indian bite is served in a fun and friendly environment. If you are ever in doubt, just walk in and grab a bite of their crispy dosa and Vada lentil doughnuts; that will be all the convincing you need.

Location: 3706 Washington St., Jamaica Plain

Tikki Masala

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#2. Shanti Restaurant/Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

Shanti Restaurant is definitely one place to visit for the best Indian food in Boston. It has been a treasured neighborhood mainstay since it first opened its doors more than 20 years ago. It has been delivering traditional South Asian food to Dorchester and Southie locals.

Their three locations in Boston are quite easy to locate. Nevertheless, the real task comes with making a choice out of their Indian-packed savory menu.

Shanti’s spices burst with Indian cuisine flavors. Their collection of thick green chili-spiced curry, korma, and fragrant bhuna will thrill your appetite.

Location: 4197 Washington St. Roslindale. 1111 Dorchester Ave Dorchester. 7 Broad Canal Way Cambridge.

Shanti Restaurant

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#3. Dosa-N-Curry/ Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

Dosa-N-Curry specializes in North Indian, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese food that is devoid of eggs, meat, fish, and other animal products. The vegan enterprise certainly offers one of the best Indian food in Boston.

Just in case you are craving something special like rice pancakes wrapped around fillings like curry leaf-spiced onion masala. Dosa-N-Curry is definitely a nice spot for all vegetarian Indian food, which will be very pleasing to your taste bud.

Location:447 Somerville Ave., Somerville.


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#4. The Maharaja /Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

The Maharaja is not just attractive for its second-floor seating but also for its popularity in serving the best Indian food in Boston.

Although it is famous for its luxe dining room, it is even more famous for its robust menu for Indian food lovers.

When next you take a walk across the Havard square, you do your best to have a taste of their sweetly stuffed bread with almonds, their resins, cashews, coconuts, Peshawari, or their plain bhatura.

Location: 57 F. Kennedy St., Havard Square, Cambridge.

The Maharaja

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#5. Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen/Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

This restaurant was named after the harvest season and the Punjabi New Year in India. It serves you the best Indian foods in Boston.

Boston was given a wonderful gift when two friends decided to offer the dish in one of the top Indian restaurants in Boston, MA. The Punjabi culture is well-known for its abundance of taste and spices.

This top-notch restaurant serves a variety of Punjabi dishes, including chaat, biryani, and tandoori delicacies, to mention a few. There are a lot of lambs, especially for korma, vindaloo, and saag-style dishes. No vacation to Boston is complete without a stop at Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen.

Location: 157 Sutherland Rd., Brighton.

best indian food boston
Vaisakhi Indian Kitchen

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#6. Mela Indian Restaurant/Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

Mela is definitely your finest spot if you are a native Indian or Indian food lover desiring the taste of the very best Indian food in Boston. The word “Mela” in Sanskirt means festival.

Mela Indian Restaurant is a great place to go if you’re looking for trendy Indian food. House-made bread, vegetarian alternatives, and contemporary specialties like pork vindaloo and the vegan-friendly subz panchmael, a cardamom-scented stir-fry of peppers, artichokes, and asparagus, are available at the South End establishment.

Mela has become the sole destination of many who seeks the best Indian foods in America, and it is gradually becoming a neighborhood name. You won’t regret giving it a try when you next visit Boston or if you stay in Boston.

Location: 578 Tremont St., South End.

best indian food boston
Mela Indian Restaurant

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#7. Himalayan Kitchen/Best Indian Food Boston

best indian food boston

This Union Square restaurant serves up substantial portions of goat biryani, tandoori tangri chicken, and house-made momo with typical American fare like steak tips, barbecue chicken, baby back ribs, and chicken Parmesan sandwiches.

Meanwhile, cross-continental fusions include pizzas topped with Buffalo chicken or tikka masala and paneer cheese, as well as fire-roasted Punjabi-style chicken wings served with mint and spicy chili sauce.

I promise you; it is not a complete story for you yet as an Indian food lover if you drive through Boston without visiting Himalayan Kitchen.

Location: 40 Bow St., Union Square, Somerville.

best indian food boston
Himalayan Kitchen

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#8. Shan-A-Punjab Boston/Best Indian Food Boston

Shan-A-Punjab Cousine gives you a combination of scary (in a good way), sweet, hot, and the best Indian delicacies you have ever tasted.

Their highly dexterous chefs have the ability to combine numerous seasonings and, in the end, create special Indian dishes. As I said, you might be scared of their menu because you are likely not to be familiar with some of their dishes.

Nonetheless, just a taste is only the convincing you need to make Shan-A-Punjab your favorite Cousine.

Their Chicken Tikka (Tender pieces of chicken marinated in spices, and yogurt, cooked on skewers in tandoor) will give you a thrill of a lifetime, not to mention The awesome taste of their Lamb Rogan Josh, Fish Tikka Masala, and Samosa.

You don’t want to miss visiting Shan-A-Punjab when next you drive across Havard.

Location: 500 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446.

best indian food boston
Shan-A-Punjab Boston

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#9. Vaanga Boston/Best Indian Food Boston

Vaanga is the last on our list of where to eat the best Indian food in Boston, but it is definitely not the last in the ranking. The enterprise leverages the true spirit of native Indian culture hence providing its customers with ultimate satisfaction.

Vaanga Boston uses South Indian spices and herbs to enhance the flavor of Indian meals. These flavors are known to enhance good health and have their own value of rich delicacy.

Even if you have large events for Indian relatives, the enterprise can supply you with Indian dishes using their catering truck.

Location: 102 Water St., Boston, MA 02109, USA.

best indian food boston
Vaanga Boston

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Indian Foods

Some of the obvious reasons for the popularity of Indian food are flavor, taste, and diversity.

Another point is the presence of the Indian population overseas, which has greatly contributed to the success and appeal of Indian food abroad.

What is the oldest Indian food?

The earliest-known dish in the nation is aloo ki kachori. This is a North Indian meal in which dough is divided into balls and stuffed with mashed potatoes seasoned with garam masala, crushed chili, and salt. These are deep-fried and served with tamarind sauce.

In which country Indian food is famous?

Indian cuisine enjoys its presence across most of the sampled countries, but it is especially popular in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France, and the US.

Indian cuisine enjoys its presence across most of the sampled countries, but it is especially popular in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France, and the US.

What is the main Indian food?

Staple foods of Indian cuisine include pearl millet (bājra), rice, whole-wheat flour (aṭṭa), and a variety of lentils, such as masoor (most often red lentils), tuer (pigeon peas), urad (black gram), and moong (mung beans).

Lentils may be used whole, dehusked—for example, dhuli moong or dhuli urad—or split.

What meat do Indians eat the most?

The preference and consumption of chicken meat can be considered a universal phenomenon, and chicken meat is greatly accepted by consumers in India as compared to other meat consumption.

Which country love Indian food most?

Italy (27%), Singapore (26%), and the US (26%) have topped the list of destinations treating the Indian taste buds.


Native Indians and Indian food lovers around Boston search for the best restaurant in Boston to get Indian food. They search for places that will provide comfort and authentic Indian taste.

I’m certain our list has given you a clearer direction regarding where to eat the best Indian food in Boston.



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