Top 10 Canadian Beer Brands of All Times


It’s no secret that Canadians consume beer more than any other beverage. And there are lots of Canadian beer brands satiating the taste of the enormous beer community.

So if you’re planning a trip to Canada or are already in Canada looking for some good beer brands to chill with, we have compiled a list of our all-time best beer brands in Canada.

Take a look!

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1. Molson Canadian Beer Brand

Molson is among the most popular and Canada’s largest beer brands by overall sales. The beer has around 136 calories and 11.1 grams of carbohydrates. Plus, 1.2 grams of proteins.

Molson is also a light, refreshing lager beer. It is easily drinkable and has neither a bitter nor sweet taste.

You’ll rather get a soft and fruity taste with a hint of cereal, malt, and toasted flavors. The taste is also refreshing when served super cold.

Molson is one of Canada’s oldest beer brands, over 230 years old. The legacy of the brands is reflected in their traditional all-malt ale with a taste as strong as the city of Montreal, where it’s made.

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2. Labatt Blue

The Labatt Blue beer has a fruity character and a mild sweet taste. Labatt Blue is one of the best Canadian beers with a 5% ABV.

Labatt Blue is also one of the world’s best-selling Canadian beer brands. The taste of the beer gives you a hint of sweet corn. Its light, sweet, basic, and pretty taste makes it stand out among beer drinkers.

Also, in terms of cheaper beers, Labatt Blue is one of the better ones. And it comes with no offensive smells or flavors. You can try it with a bit of natural ginger ale for a ginger beer.

So, if you’re game for a beer with a sweet aroma, you might want to try out Labatt Blue.

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3. La Fin Du Monde

What makes this beer unique is its golden amber hue and honey aroma. In addition, its taste of malt, spices, and coriander makes it more appealing to the taste bud. In addition, the beer has 9% ABV and 270 calories in a bottle of 12 oz.

Yes, the alcohol content of La Fin Du Monde is 9% per can. And the beer smells rather like wine. But gives you a pretty bold taste.

The food parings for La Fin Du Monde are seafood, sausages, and salty blue cheese. It’s a good representation of the canned beer style.

4. Dieu Peche Mortel

This beer brand has the rich roasted flavor of coffee, which the makers add when brewing. Made by Dieu De Ciel, Dieu Peche Mortel has a 9.5% ABV.

It’s also an unfiltered beer with peach black color and a dark tick brown head up to one finger long.

Dieu Peche Mortel smells more like espresso coffee. There’s also a hint of Kahlua and a mix of coffee and chocolate.

The taste comes off chewy on the taste bud with a little bit of bitterness. There’s also a boozy flavor mixed with the chocolate malt flavor.

Many of its fans consider this imperial coffee stout a good one!

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5. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

This beer brand is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and it’s Canada’s foremost craft brewery. In simple terms, Honey Brown is a delicious beer with a smooth honey aftertaste.

The Sleeman Honey Brown Lager has a mild carbonization and feels a bit creamy and dry in the mouth.

You’ll find up to 180 calories with 18 grams of carbohydrates in A 12 oz can with zero fat and protein.

Honey Brown contains 4.5% ABV. and comes in darker golden. It appears to be a clear filtered beer but comes with a soft sweet maltiness and flattened organic honey taste.

Aside from being relatively affordable, Honey beer is also pretty affordable.

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6. Keith’s India Pale Ale

This lager has 5% ABV, which is low and makes it a light brew. You’ll like the rich toasted flavors of coffee. And these are added when brewing the beer. Keith’s has a 9.5% ABV, high as it should be a stout-style beer.

This Indian Pale Ale dates back to the 17 and 18 centuries. So it’s been around since 1720. This typical macro beer comes in a slight amber hue color, like a tad orange. The head comes with larger whitish bubbles and up to half a finger.

It gives you a faint aroma of malt. The taste leaves some bitter taste at the back of the throat and sourness at the front.

Keith’s India Pale Ale made our list of Canadian beer brands because it is an easily drinkable beer that is nice and smooth.

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7. Big Rock Traditional Ale

Big Rock Traditional Ale is a product of Big Rock Brewery, the largest brewery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This popular Canadian beer has 5% ABV and a mild 20 IBU. The beer has a toasty, malty, and sweet caramel taste with a hint of nutty flavor.

Big Rock has been brewing this ale since 1985. It smells a little bit like a fruit cup or malty beer. And the fruity sweetness is carried on in the flavor.

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8. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

The Mill Street Tankhouse Ale is manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. And it contains a 5.2% ABV and 248 calories per can.

This is a deep copper-red traditional pale ale. The taste of Mill Street appears to be much more balanced and complex than some other brands.

Mill Street also comes in dark straight brown color. And the smell comes off like a biscuit. One good thing about this beer is that the taste leaves a rich fiery pale taste on the taste bud.

It also leaves this dry bitterness and a trace of coffee bitterness off the tips of your taste bud.

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9. Unibroue Trois Psitoles

Unibroue beer is brewed with four malts and four exotics species for 6, 7, and 8 years. It has a robust toasted malt aroma with a trace of chocolate and fruits.

Unibroue has 9% ABV with 239 calories per bottle of 12 oz, which majorly involves carbohydrates.

Trois Pistoles comes in a black, almost mahogany color with a bit of off-white head. The smell comes off smoky, malty, pleasant, and sweet.

The taste comes out smoky with a hint of plum taste. There’s also a hint of coffee, caramel, malt, and alcohol to keep your taste bud busy.


Now you have them – the best Canadian beer brands. So grab some of them and enjoy your leisure time.

Think we missed out on your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Beer Brands

1. Molson Canadian Beer Brand

2. Labatt Blue

3. La Fin Du Monde

4. Dieu Peche Mortel

5. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

6. Keith’s India Pale Ale

7. Big Rock Traditional Ale

8. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

9. Unibroue Trois Psitoles

Which Beer Brand is Best in Canada?

7 Best Beer Brands in Canada are:

  1. Molson Canadian Beer Brand
  2. Labatt Blue
  3. La Fin Du Monde
  4. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager
  5. Big Rock Traditional Ale
  6. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale
  7. Unibroue Trois Psitoles

What is the Official Beer of Canada?

The official beer of Canada is Molson Canadian. It is a Canadian brewery created in 1786 by the founder John Molson. It is the fifth-largest brewery in the world. The beer is a lager with water, malt, hops, and yeast. It is 5% ABV.

What is Canada’s Most Premium Beer?

  1. La Fin Du Monde
  2. Sleeman Honey Brown Lager
  3. Big Rock Traditional Ale
  4. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale
  5. Unibroue Trois Psitoles



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