How Long is Chicken Good After Sell Date?


The question, “how long is chicken good after sell Date?” has been a question on alot of people’s minds.

However, the purpose of Sell-by dates is to ensure that we eat food while it is fresh and at its absolute best. But, sometimes, adhering to those sell-by dates can be quite difficult.

Trying to plan meals ahead of time, based on these dates, can be very difficult and time-consuming, and inevitably, we consume them well past those days.

Luckily, modern conveniences such as freezers allow us to extend the lifespans of otherwise perishable foods, help prevent wastage, and make meal planning a little bit easier! But how long after the expiry date will the chicken last?

Is it safe to eat chicken past its expiry date? And can you even put the chicken into the freezer? These questions will soon cease circling your brain since we’re about to look at how long chicken can last after its sell-by date and what you can do to make it last longer.

Continue reading to find out all of the juicy facts!

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chicken sell by date

What is the Meaning of Sell-by-Date on Chicken?

In the food market, the sell-by date dictates how long vendors may show foods like chicken for sale before their quality deteriorates.

Thus, the sell-by date aids grocery store employees by letting them know how long they may keep poultry goods in stock.

According to a study, food goods are safe to eat for up to 10 days after their sell-by date if properly stored.

In general, meat and poultry items such as chicken have sell-by dates that consumers should adhere to.

To be safe, customers should choose the best items on the market, including chicken.

Purchasing chicken food items before or on the sell-by date day is a great method to ensure freshness.

We can observe that sell-by dates are consistently present on meat and poultry. Checking this before purchasing will be useful.

But the general rule is that you must put the chicken in the freezer as soon as you buy it if you do not intend to consume it within one to two days.

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How Long is Chicken Good for After the Sell-By Date?

Due to its high moisture content, chicken can spoil quite rapidly. Make it a point to consume or freeze any chicken-based products you have bought within two days after the original purchase.

Chicken products already include a large number of germs, which is why you should never consume raw chicken. These bacteria will continue to grow over time in a room-temperature environment.

If you put your chicken in the refrigerator, it will only keep for up to two days. In fact, freezing a chicken product can extend its shelf life greatly.

If you freeze chicken items, ensure that you use them within six months of freezing them because many foods can develop freezer burn and lose flavor after this time.

Here’s a simple remedy if you have raw chicken items in your freezer for around six months but aren’t ready to use them. Take the chicken out of the freezer and give it time to thoroughly defrost.

Cook it through to completion after that, and then give it time to cool. Place it in a plastic container. Once it has chilled, place it back into the freezer. During this process, the chicken’s molecular structure is changed while cooking, giving it a fresh appearance.

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Is it Safe to Eat Chicken After its Sell-By Date?

Yes. Chicken products with past-expiration dates can still be consumed safely. But first, you must exercise some care to be safe. Make sure your chicken isn’t too old to be sold.

If more than two days have passed since that time, it is not recommended to try to consume it. When that happens, it won’t just taste and feel awful in your mouth; it could also make you feel unwell and result in symptoms like a stomachache.

You can consume it with confidence if it is close to expiring because it won’t likely do any harm.

In contrast, the chicken will taste and feel somewhat different than you may expect, and it might even be a touch rubbery. If it’s “too awful” to eat, you won’t be able to finish it since it will be so unappealing!

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How Long is Cooked Chicken Good After its Sell-By Date?

It can certainly last a lot longer if you’ve cooked some raw chicken or you’ve already bought a prepared chicken product, especially if preserved in the fridge.

Chicken that has been cooked should be consumed within four days following cooking. Cooked chicken items should be used within four days of the expiration date.

Even while cooked chicken may be kept for a lot longer than raw chicken, it will still deteriorate quickly. Because chicken retains a lot of moisture even after being cooked, it provides the ideal environment for germs to multiply and mate.

You run the danger of ingesting the germs and becoming unwell if you consume any cooked chicken products—or even raw chicken—that are over their expiration date.

The most common symptom of food poisoning is stomach discomfort, but you might encounter far more severe symptoms as well.

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How Can I Tell if the Chicken is Bad, Rotten, or Spoiled?

Practicing proper hygiene and food safety techniques will help prevent foodborne illness.

However, it’s not a flawless test. Your senses are most often the best tools in determining if your chicken has gone bad. Dull, slimy meat, and a foul scent are some characteristics of poor chicken.

Naturally, there are certain health dangers connected to eating spoilt food, so always remember to practice food safety and consume your food before its shelf life has passed!


How long is chicken good for after sale by date?

Knowing how long chicken lasts after the sell-by dates is crucial, though. After the sell-by date, the chicken will only stay fresh for one to two days.

Therefore, it is recommended to freeze the chicken uncooked, cook it, and then keep it in the freezer for up to three months or two to three days.

Is raw chicken OK in the fridge for 7 days?

Raw chicken can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 days, whole or in parts. Cooked chicken leftovers ought to keep for three to four days in the fridge.

What does sell by date mean chicken?

The word “sell-by,” which is frequently used on food product labels, refers to the final day that a merchant may have the item on display on a store shelf.

If properly stored, food is thought to be safe to consume for up to 10 days after the “sell-by” date. You should often look for “sell-by” dates on meat and poultry.

How can u tell if chicken is spoiled?

These indicators of spoiled chicken include sliminess, an unpleasant odor, and a change in color to yellow, green, or gray.

Throw away any chicken that has passed its expiry date, has been cooked or raw in the refrigerator for more than 4 days, or that has spent more than 2 hours in the danger zone of temperature.

Can you eat chicken past the use by date?

The most significant date to keep in mind is this one. Food safety is the goal of the use-by date.

The most significant date to keep in mind is this one. Even though it seems and smells fine, never eat food that has beyond its use-by date since it might make you extremely ill.


Chicken is a globally popular meat due to its high nutritional content (over red meat) and health advantages, as well as its affordable price.

The shelf life of raw chicken is substantially determined by several factors, including the cooking method, how it is stored, and the sell-by date.

Keep it in mind to always serve your family the freshest, healthiest meals.



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