15 Best Condoms in the World From Top Condom Brands for Safe Sex| 2023

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All condom brands claim to offer the best. So why are we not having the best ”condom experience”? While some route for thick condom brands, others say that small-sized condom brands are the bomb.

Yet, many people have no idea of what to go for when it comes to condom brands. This has remained a thick bush yet to be cleared.

We maintain that depending on what you want in terms of sexual satisfaction, there is a condom brand that suits you.

So, you can agree with me that in order to achieve a certain level of condom pleasure, you need a detailed understanding of how these condom brands work and which condom type suits your taste.

Hence, we have provided you with all the necessary information about THE condom brands that will guide you while you play safe sex in 2023.

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What is a Condom?

A condom is a thin, fitting tube worn over the penis during sex (male condoms) or put into the vagina before sex (female condoms).

Generally, they form a barrier that prevents sperm and other bodily fluids from entering the vagina, rectum, or mouth.

Condoms, in other words, prevent STDs (sexually transmitted illnesses) and pregnancy. Well, they contain lubrication and are available in exciting flavors.

Interestingly, they’re also a fantastic birth control choice because they’re affordable, easy to obtain, and don’t require serious planning.

What types of condoms are there?

Condoms are classified into three types:

  • External condoms: You place them over the penis to collect sperm and pre-ejaculate.
  • Internal condoms: You place them inside the vagina to prevent sperm from entering.
  • A dental dam is a thin sheet that establishes a barrier between a partner’s mouth, genitals, or anus during intercourse.

Condoms are often made of latex, a sort of natural rubber. If you are sensitive to latex, you can use condoms made of polyurethane, nitrile, or lambskin.

However, male condoms made of latex are possibly the most effective form of condoms.

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How Effective Are Condoms?

The effectiveness of a condom is largely dependent on how it is used correctly. Male condoms are around 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy when worn correctly.

In essence, this means that 2 out of every 100 women whose partners usually use condoms correctly will become pregnant in a year. This number climbs to 18 out of every 100 women whose partners do not always use condoms correctly.

However, when used correctly, female condoms are around 95% effective. If you don’t use them correctly, they only work 79% of the time.

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15 Best Condoms For Safe Sex in 2023

A lot of folks keep wondering how they can know the best condom to use now that we have different condom brands and different sizes and types.

Well, if you fall within this category, we have answers to all your questions. To illustrate, we have outlined the best condoms that you can use for safe sex:

1. Condom Brands: Lifestyles Skyn, $11.19 on Amazon

Lifestyles Skyn

Overall, this is the best. This popular condom stands out from the rest due to its high sensitivity, soft non-latex material, and widespread availability at local drugstores.

In fact, Lifestyles Skyn condoms are not only the best condoms for an average size, but they are also the best condoms for feelings and the best non-latex condoms.

From reviews, some folks consider this condom to be the best overall since it provides protection, is soft, and comes with a choice of 24 condoms: original, extra studded, and extra lubricated.

2.  One Pleasure Plus, $9.48 on One

condom brands
One Pleasure Plus

We can say that this condom is best for pleasure. It takes a fresh approach to pleasure, using a latex “pouch” to stimulate the soft frenulum during intercourse for a completely unique experience.

Truly, these condoms boost both male and female pleasure.

In fact, they do this by including thin ribbing across the condom’s base and a pleasure pouch tip, which is particularly intended to give space at the tip of the penis to improve excitement.

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3.  Condom Brands: Kimono Microthin XL, $17.48 on Amazon

condom brands
Kimono Microthin XL

This condom is one of the best large condoms you can get.

To illustrate, Kimono Microthin XLs are among the best condoms for big penises because of their ultra-thin latex, pleasurably flared form, and generous size.

4. Beyond Seven Sheerlon, $0.99 per condom on Lucky Blok

condom brands

This condom is best for small sizes.

Similarly, this smaller-than-average condom is enjoyable, long-lasting, and a better option for folks who find standard-size condoms too loose.

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5. Condom Brands: Okamoto 004, $18.74 on Amazon

Okamoto 004

The Okamoto 004 condom, when used with nice flavored lubrication, is an ideal choice for oral sex.

Well, this is because it transfers feeling effectively and won’t make the provider gag, as long as it fits the penis.

Additionally, this condom is thin and soft, with water-based lubrication. As an extra advantage, the material utilized is thin and velvety, making you forget you’re wearing a condom.

6. Condom BrandsDurex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non-Latex, $14.15 on Amazon

Durex Avanti

This condom is best for those with sensitive skin. So, if you have tender skin or react to little things, this condom is the best fit for you.

Furthermore, these fragrance-free polyisoprene condoms might be ideal for you if latex and/or perfumes cause allergic responses in you or your partner.

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7. Best custom-fit: One myONE, $15 on One

One MyOne

If condom fitting is often an issue for you, or you want a more personalized experience.

Then, the One myONE is best for you. Its line has 60 (!!) distinct size possibilities.

Meanwhile, One of the advantages of this condom is that it comes in a variety of length and girth options, is smooth and soft, and has superb feeling transfer.

On the other hand, its disadvantage is that the circular container may be more difficult to open.

8. Best for Him: TROJAN BareSkin Lubricated Latex Condoms

condom brands
Trojan BareSkin

This goes for $16 on Amazon. Some advantages of this condom include:

  • Thin and soft feel
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Lubricated

On the other hand, its limitation is the noticeable latex smell.

Well, Trojan’s bareSkin external condoms are a bestseller. The external latex condoms are 50% thinner than the brand’s Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy, giving the impression that it is hardly there.

Furthermore, each exterior condom is lubricated to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. So, in addition to protecting against pregnancy and STIs, using an external condom offers fantastic feelings.

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9. Best Snug Fit: Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit, Amazon $6

condom brands
small sized condom brands

External condoms are ineffective if there is any slip or looseness when used.

So, with a width of 46 mm, the Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger is designed to be smaller than the old external condom, offering a cozy yet satisfactory fit to the user.

However, all that is required is to slide the external condom on, and it will stay in place during the sex act. The external condom contains lubricant and is designed with a reservoir tip.

10. Best Latex-Free: Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms, Walmart $15

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel

Latex is a popular material for most external condom brands, making it difficult for those who are allergic to it.

However, these Durex condoms contain a polyisoprene substance that should not irritate anyone sensitive to latex.

In addition, these condoms have the added benefit of being inexpensive. You can go for this if you are sensitive to latex.

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11. Best Flavored: Durex Tropical Flavors Condom, Amazon $10

Durex Tropical Flavors Condom

Looking to spice up your sex life with some flavor? These Durex condoms are available in tropical flavors, making them a pleasant experience, especially when used during oral sex.

Thus, the box has a variety of tastes, including apple, orange, strawberry, and banana.

So, besides the flavor, the condoms are composed of an ultra-thin material that adds comfort and pleasure.

12. Best Variety Pack: TROJAN Pleasure Pack Lubricated Latex Condoms, Amazon $8

TROJAN Pleasure Pack Lubricated Latex Condoms

If you can’t decide between an external condom with additional lubrication and a ribbed design, this variety pack is for you.

However, the Trojan Pleasure Pack comes with a variety of exterior condoms that are ribbed, extremely lubricated, include hot and cold stimulation, and thinner in design.

So, if you and your lover want ribbed one night and more lubrication the next, this bundle has you covered.

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13. Trojan Ecstasy Ultra Ribbed and Lubricated Condoms with Premium Quality Latex

condom brand- trojan ecstasy
Trojan Ecstasy

Shop now

The Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom has deep ribs at both the base and the tip, providing more room for a more ‘natural sensation.’

Also, it is lubricated on the inside and outside to get the fluids flowing. Meanwhile, this is the Best condom for thrill-seekers.

14. Kimono Microthin with Aqua Lube

Kimono Microthin

Shop now

The MicroThin is possibly the closest thing to unprotected intercourse, for that just hardly sensation without putting yourself in danger of penis-ravaging infections.

Truly, this condom is 20% thinner than its rivals while yet surviving thorough testing, according to its Japanese producer, Kimono.

So, if you are on the look for the Best thin condoms, then this is a good fit for you.

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15. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms

Shop now

Durex Extended Pleasure

This is one of the best condoms for longer-lasting sex.

In fact, if you worry that your sexual pleasure is fading too quickly? You should know that the tip of Durex Extended Pleasure has a soothing lubricant covering 5% benzocaine.

Well, what does this do? Without reducing the entire experience, it will keep you going for much longer.

So, with this condom, your experience increases with a lot of spice. Have fun!

What are the Top Different Condom Brands?

With the creation of different condoms, you will agree that there is every need to know the top condom brands that make each condom.

I bet you would like to identify with these top condom brands, so you do not go about wallowing in mediocrity. Exciting right?

In light of this, we have provided you with a list of the top condom brands. They include:

  • Durex Condom: These condoms are made especially to stop issues with early ejaculation.
  • Trojan Condoms
  • Lifestyles SKYN Condoms
  • Astroglide Lubes
  • Kimono Microthin Condoms
  • Beyond Seven Condoms
  • Trustex Condoms
  • Cupid’s Female Condoms
  • Crown Condoms
  • ONE Pleasure Dome Condoms

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Are There Small-Sized Condom Brands?

Of course, there are small-sized condom Brands.

Atlas is one of the condom brands that manufactures small condoms. Consider the Atlas True Fit Condoms. “No Slip!” it states right on the package.

In fact, these Atlas small condoms are designed to be smaller than most normal condoms sold in the United States in order to stay on your penis during sex.

That said, there are just three small-size condoms available in India. they include KamaSutra Skyn Original, KamaSutra Skyn Extra Lube, and Kohinoor Pink condoms.

Are There Thick Condom Brands?

Certainly, there are thick condom brands.

In fact, Lifestyles Extra Strength is one of the thickest condoms on the market, providing excellent protection. These condoms are great for going above and beyond.

Also, they have a standard length and breadth, normal lubrication, and reservoir tip.

In addition, another thick condom is the Durex Extra Safe. It features an easy-on form and a nominal width of 52.5 mm.

On the whole, it is lubricated and made of natural rubber latex, making it intimate and comfy.

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What Are the Best Condom Brands?

Many folks do not know that there are actually brands that produce the best condom.

In fact, let me bust your bubbles. There are actually the best condom brands. Yes, there are. Would you like to find out?

Well, if your answer is yes, we have provided you with the best condom brands below:

  • Trojan Magnum Condoms
  • Durex Pleasure Pack Condoms
  • LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms
  • Skyn Selection Condoms
  • Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms
  • Trojan ENZ Condoms
  • GLYDE Condoms
  • myONE Perfect Fit Condoms
  • FC2 Female Condoms
  • Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam
  • Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms
  • Okamoto Crown Condoms
  • Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations Condoms
  • Trojan Fire and Ice Condoms
  • Skyn Elite Extra Lubricated Condoms
  • Flavor Waves Assorted Flavored Condoms
  • Durex Tropical Flavored Condoms
  • Trojan Ultra Ribbed Premium Lubricated Condoms
  • Trojan Charged Lubricated Condoms

Condom Brands in India

To illustrate, the Best condom Brands for long-lasting in India include:

  • Durex
  • Moods
  • Skore
  • KamaSutra
  • Manforce
  • Kohinoor
  • NottyBoy
  • Playgard
  • Invigra
  • Fire
  • Carex
  • Okamoto.

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What Are the Non-Spermicidal Condom Brands?

Non-spermicidal condom brands are condom brands that make condoms with a softer lubricant than the spermicidal or Nonoxynol-9 options.

Therefore, these condoms are ideal for persons allergic to spermicides or hypersensitive to condoms.

These are some examples of non-spermicidal condoms: Trojan stimulations ultra ribbed spermicidal condoms, Trojan condom sensitivity ultra-thin spermicidal, and Skyn original lubricated non-latex condoms.


The use of condoms, surely, is one great way to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

However, understanding the right condom that suits your body type and knowing when and how to effectively use it is paramount if you wish to play safe sex.

So, to actualize this, you need a proper understanding of the different condom brands and how they work.

That said, we believe that you have been able to get the full details on how condom works and the best condom brands that will help you play safe sex effectively in 2023.

On the whole, if you wish to add questions or throw more light, drop them in the comment section below.


Which brand of condom is safest?

LifeStyles SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms, Variety Pack is the best overall.

LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms were chosen as our top overall option because they provide protection, are soft, and come with a variety of 24 condoms: original, extra studded, and extra lubricated.

Which condom is best for sex 2023?

A well-fitted condom will make everything more pleasant and delightful for both parties. Some condoms best for sex include:

  • Lifestyles Skyn Elite Large Condoms.
  • Okamoto 004 Aloe Condoms. BEST THIN CONDOMS.
  • LifeStyles Skyn Selection Condoms. BEST OVERALL.
  • Trojan Extended Climax Control Condoms.
  • Champ Condoms. BEST LATEX CONDOMS.

Which condoms break easily?

Non-latex condoms are not quite as effective as latex condoms and have a greater rate of breaking, resulting in a slightly reduced efficiency of roughly 95%.

Which country has more sex?

A sex ratio of less than 100 indicates more females than males. A sex ratio of 100 indicates equal numbers of males and females.

Therefore, Qatar has the greatest sex ratio, with three males for every woman, followed by the UAE, which has 222 men for every 100 women.

Which condom is good for long-lasting?

With the Durex extra time condoms, you may increase the intimacy of your special moments.

Indeed, these condoms include a climax-control lubricant called benzocaine, which allows the man to endure longer while yet delivering the same amount of confidence and protection as a standard condom.

Why do condoms hurt?

Although most condoms are safe and comfortable, some may cause pain or discomfort due to latex allergies, the presence of a chemical known as nonoxynol-9 (N-9), or a lack of appropriate lubrication.

These difficulties may also result in yeast and bacterial infections in some situations.

How do I tell my condom size?

Wrap your measuring instrument around your erect penis gently. It doesn’t have to be too tight, and it’s best to do it at the center of the penis.

You might also take an average of measurements across the shaft.


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