Making a Video with Photos Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Videos from your Photos
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With the help of stunning photos and vivified videos, you can relive all your memorable moments again. Furthermore, in modern times, videos and photos are an excellent way for organizations to convey their story to their target audience and better introduce them to their brand.

While slideshows that compile photos into a presentation are not a new concept, you can not post a PowerPoint presentation on social media platforms. It is where an online free photo video maker comes into the picture.

So whether you want to share high-quality photos with your loved ones or send product images to your clients or colleagues, it is better to compile them as a video for better engagement.

Effective Guide to Creating Excellent Videos from Photos

If you wish to create stunning videos from your photos along with great music, you must initially begin with the media you want to create. Furthermore, you must never make the mistake of just combining the photos and adding some random music to them. 

If you want to create a video slideshow from photos and music, you first need to find or create the media you will use. And whether you are making a video for promotional or personal use, using an easy slideshow maker will ensure you make it memorable.

In addition, for the video to be fascinating, seem crisp, and stimulate suitable emotions, you must plan it accurately. Here are some ways to create stunning videos from photos. 

  • Select the right photos

When you begin creating videos from your photos, the images themselves will be an essential component of your project. In addition, you can’t begin a video masterpiece from inferior-quality photographs. 

Also, depending on the type of video you wish to make, you must search for diverse kinds of images. And for this, you must always ensure to take clear pictures from the right angle in portrait mode which will make the image look more professional. 

  • Editing the photos 

If you are making a professional video, you should never combine random photographs with unequal dimensions. So if you’re shooting videos at numerous locations at different times of day, some photographs will look more exceptional than other images. 

The primary aspects you must consider are color, saturation, and contrast. There are several easy-to-use, free video makers, online that you can utilize for quick video editing. Doing this will help you offer a cohesive look to all your videos, and you can save yourself from all the hassles of rigorously editing the video. 

  • Capture images from the same device

To create an excellent video from your photo collection, you must not have to invest in a professional camera and capture HD pictures if you want to make a video for personal use. 

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to capture images from the same device horizontally. It will guarantee that the photos are consistent so the video won’t look like an uncoordinated slideshow of haphazardly developed photos.

For a better photography experience, you must hire a professional expert and invest in high-quality equipment such as a camera stand.

  • Define the type of videos you would like to create

The type of photos you choose depends considerably on the type of video you wish to create. In addition, the opportunities are nearly limitless, and you can become as creative as possible in making a video.

For instance, if you want to create an engaging video promoting your new product, your video must cover all the highest-selling products from each category. 

Furthermore, you should include high-quality images of all the products offered on your online platform so you can make stunning videos with less effort. When you create this video, you will have every image running on the screen for several seconds, making it a delightful experience. 

Moreover, when attempting to create videos from photos, you must not need to follow specific guidelines. However, you must note that you must always envision the images you want to use and what your video will look like.

In addition, you must avoid going back to capturing and editing more photographs, as that will considerably slow the video-making procedure. 

  • Choose the right music

Another essential element of creating a video from photos is the music. Without the right tunes, your video will not look attractive. Furthermore, you might lose many potential users if you do not add music to your video.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate that you must spend days searching for that perfect piece. And to accomplish this, you must only select the music that blends well with your video. 

  • Keep the video length short 

According to a report, the ideal video length should always be 2 minutes. And 58% of viewers look at any online video if it’s shorter than 60 seconds. Therefore, it is prudent to keep your video length shorter than 2 minutes if possible.

However, note that this duration can vary from one social media platform to another. So while small, consumable videos are preferred on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, you can go for slightly more extended videos on YouTube and other online platforms.

In addition, if you are presenting a professional video in front of business associates or prospective clients, you can likewise opt for a slightly longer video too.

  • Select an intuitive video maker online 

Once you have planned out everything, it is time to pick the perfect photo slideshow maker to create stunning videos. And the most effortless way to turn numerous photos and media files into breathtaking videos is by using one of the numerous online video creation tools.

Furthermore, using an intuitive and high-quality photo video maker platform has numerous benefits for sharing and posting your videos online, creating professional videos, and more, including:

  1. Drag-and-drop editing
  2. Tons of stunning templates to select from
  3. High-quality stock media library
  4. Cutting-edge motion graphics
  5. Easy to collaborate

The Bottom Line 

All in all, there are several ways to create a video from photos using various powerful video makers. Moreover, you can even use advanced online apps or even add special effects or other media to make your video look more delightful.

Once your video-making process is complete, you can share your video or even upload it online.

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