How Do People Sell Their Soul?


How do people sell their soul? There are many ways people claim to sell their souls.

It could be by worshiping satan on their own, making a pact with him in exchange for fleeting wealth or fame through occultism, dedicating their lives to lucifer in ritualistic ways, or leaving their morals and values and compromising to get money and fame.

But how exactly do they do this, and what is the end of it? Keep reading to find out.

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How Do People Sell Their Soul?

1. Through Ritualistic Ways

History tells us that Robert Johnson was an example of someone who sold his soul through this means. But how exactly he did it, we don’t know.

The legendary gist says that Robert Johnson met the devil at the Mississippi crossroad and gave him his soul in exchange for mastery of the guitar. But whether that is a truth or a hoax is still a mystery!

However, ritualism is the traditional way people claim to sell their souls to the devil. People who engage in it claim to contract with the devil through occultism.

But the truth is that the devil has no right over anyone’s soul. The one thing that can happen is that people can decide to subject themselves to his tricks and lies. Then they can call forth demons and dedicate their lives to worship them, which is so damn lame anyway!

However, in this twenty-first century, people don’t want to worship satan directly or openly, so he uses the few who have already dedicated their lives to occultism and witchcraft to manipulate those who won’t by using greed and lust.

You can see this in music, where people write songs and proclaim they have ‘sold their souls’ to the devil. Read below to see why people claim to sell their souls.

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2. Through Lust for Fame

Many people want to be recognized and admired, especially in entertainment and politics. That’s just the same thing lucifer wanted in heaven.

He wanted to become a god and be worshipped. So by pursuing self-worship, many people go after fame and admiration.

Ron Rhodes of captured this well when he wrote, “Lucifer became so affected with his own beauty, intelligence, power, and position that he began to desire the honor and glory that belonged to God alone.”

Those obsessed with fame and money want to be seen as higher than others in a world where all men are created equal.

Pursuing this usually comes out of dark causes as they seek glory. Satan takes advantage of this. He uses greed and lust to attract more souls that will burn in hell with him.

His trick is to make those who are ‘soulless’ seem to be living a fantasy life. You can also see this as simply the act of self-worship.

Many of those involved in this devil’s stuff have blocked God’s existence out of their lives. And are projecting this ideology. But mind you, not every wealthy person in the world ‘sold their soul’ to the devil to get where they are.

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Sell Your Soul to the Devil: What’s the End Story?

Man is created with free will. So the question of selling your soul to the devil is your choice. But the end of it, as capsulated in the Holy Scripture, is destruction.

Jesus captured it in His words when He asked his disciples, “For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

Surprisingly, the Holy Scriptures also say that God gives wealth. “But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” Deuteronomy 8:18.

So, if God has given His creatures the power to make wealth, why go through the trouble of ‘selling your soul’ to get what is already rightfully yours?

Besides, the Holy scriptures point out that “The blessing of the LORD enriches, and He adds no sorrow to it” Proverbs 10: 22.

So, from the way I see it, selling your soul to the Devil is instead selling yourself short. You’re compromising to get what God already said. It’s yours. So, you see, the devil is a cheat and a trickster.

Besides, he doesn’t bring the whole requirement to the fore when he deals with people. When he gets you, he turns around and hits you hard where it hurts. This is his nature, and he can never change. He roams the earth looking for who to devour.

In addition, ‘his riches’ are temporary and fade away like chaff in the wind because they were never real in the first place. So why ‘sell your soul’ to such an untrustworthy fellow? Someone who is a cheat and a lie? Watch before you leap!


You don’t need to ‘sell your soul’ to the devil or anyone to lose it. Satan cannot own your soul. No, not even in hell!

We have not seen anywhere in the scriptures where satan entered into a pact to take ownership of a soul.

But he can manipulate people to follow ungodly ways. And end up in hell with him. But the scriptures say that Jesus is the way, the truth, and life.

So, if you want your soul to be safe and secure while enjoying the riches of God’s glory, stay far away from the devil!

Have any questions on the issue of ‘selling soul’? Please hit the comment section, and we’ll get back to you. Thank you, and have a wonderful life!


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