6 Most Expensive Steaks in the World and What They Cost

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When it comes to expensive proteins, you’ll be lucky to try the most costly steak every week. Biting into a juicy steak is one of the most excellent eating experiences for most people.

Most steaks, however, are not as pricey as you may think. The term “steak” refers to a broad category of meat that includes anything from the most expensive cuts of cattle to considerably more cheap cuts.

Whether you want to compare pricing, ensure you’re not getting ripped off on your steak, or just want to indulge in one of the world’s most expensive steaks, you’ll find your answers here.

These six pricey steak cuts may cost you a bit (well, a lot), but they’ll be worth every penny when you bite them. Here are the most costly and most fantastic steak slices for the money:

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What is a Steak?

A steak is a cut of beef that has been sliced across muscle fibers and may include a bone. Typically, it is grilled, although you can also pan-fry it.

Steak can also be prepared with a sauce, as in steak and kidney pie, or minced and shaped into patties, as in hamburger patties.

Other than cattle, steaks are commonly cut from bison, camel, goat, horse, kangaroo, sheep, ostrich, pigs, reindeer, turkey, deer, and zebu, as well as different types of fish, notably salmon and giant fish like swordfish, shark, and marlin.

Furthermore, for some meats, such as hog, lamb and mutton, chevon, and veal, these cuts are called chops. Some cured meats, including gammon, are commonly served as steak.

What is the Best Quality Steak?

The following are the best quality steaks:

T- Bones

This is one of the greatest when it comes to the mixing of two different steak textures.

T-bone steaks are usually served with the bone in and come from the short torso, closer to the stomach than the cow’s rear.

T-bones are delicious, but cooking them may be difficult because you’re dealing with two types of flesh.

The tenderloin side will cook faster by using indirect heat or situating the steak such that the strip side is closer to the flame.

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The “filet mignon” is a popular option on most restaurant menus. A filet mignon is a small, round steak cut from the tenderloin. Tenderloin is a steak made from the loin region of the cow’s spine. This results in a largely lean beef slice.

Tenderloin is incredibly delicate and fragile since it originates from a muscle region of the cow. However, it lacks the taste of other steak cuts. As a result, most restaurants offer filet mignon with a fatty sauce or a side dish.

Tenderloins are some of the most costly steaks due to their scarcity. Tenderloin is derived from a relatively tiny percentage of the animal. A tenderloin can typically be sliced from a carcass once.

Porterhouse Steak

Like the T-bone steak, the porterhouse steak is made of strips and tenderloins. Many people consider porterhouse steaks to be bigger versions of T-bone steaks.

Because it comprises a larger chunk of tenderloin muscle, the porterhouse steak is substantially larger than the T-bone steak. You will observe that one side of the porterhouse steak is larger than the other. The strip steak is located on the other side of the bone.

Because of its huge size, this steak cut is a favorite choice for many people. While it is one of the most costly steak cuts, it is also one of the most fillings. One porterhouse steak dish is usually enough for two people.

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Rib Eye Steak

The rib eye, often known as the “ribeye,” is a piece of beef flesh from the rib portion. This section is little, yet it yields a very soft steak.

The ribeye has more white lines on it than other steaks. Because of its rich marbling, the rib eye is a strong candidate among the most expensive steaks. The rib eye is high in fat and has a robust taste.

A bone-in rib eye, which retains some of the bone, is much more delectable. The boneless rib eye is still available for individuals who want their steaks without the bone.

Grillers choose rib-eye steak because it can endure high heat. If you don’t enjoy grilling, you can broil the rib-eye instead.

Eye Fillet

The eye fillet is a steak cut from the back of a cow. It is derived from the muscular strip against the backbone or hindquarters.

This region is particularly lean and sensitive, with a lot of marbling. The eye fillet is also particularly delicious due to the fat from the bone. It isn’t the most costly steak cut, but it is more expensive than others.

How Can You Identify the Best Quality Steak?

Choosing the ideal cut of meat can be difficult because the market is swamped with possibilities, and the most costly ones may not be worth it. You will undoubtedly require this guidance to make the best decision.

When hunting for the greatest steak, keep the following things in mind:

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Thicker slices provide a more competent grilling experience, reducing the danger of overcooking. It’s usually a good idea to pick pieces at least 1 inch thick for any chosen cooking method.

The world’s greatest and most costly steaks are 1 inch thick.


Note the white line that goes through each piece of beef for marbling. They are the fat that runs through the steak and contributes to the steak’s softness and flavor.

You don’t need that much fat, but your quality steak must have the proper proportions.

Choose the Genuine Cow Part

This has to be the most difficult. Fresh cuts of meat necessitate various cooking methods, but this fast advice will provide you with the finest alternatives for steak.

6 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

What are the world’s most expensive steaks in the world? Ride with us as we take you on a journey to the world of expensive steaks:

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#1. Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef

Price: $1,000

With a price tag of $1,000, the Japanese A5 Wagyu is the most expensive type of beef in the world.

The Wagyu tomahawk steak, also known as the Papi Steak, commands such a high price because it is the rarest grade of Japanese Wagyu beef steak.

Wagyu steak is famous for its marbleized, fatty texture. It comes from Wagyu cattle, nearly invariably black but may be bred. This uncommon grade of Wagyu steak accounts for only 1% of Japanese beef steak output.

#2. Kobe Beef

Price: $349

Another rare cut of steak is Kobe beef. A5 Wagyu was created by selecting only the best cattle in the Hyogo prefecture region. The cattle used to make the Kobe steak are reared in the little city of Kobe, which gives the steak its name.

The cattle in Kobe have a distinct DNA that contributes to the meat’s fatty content. This is what elevates the steak to the level of Wagyu.

#3. Charbroiled Kobe Filet

Price: $330

Over charcoal, this filet mixes locally slaughtered Tajima and Kobe beef with mustard and pepper spice. This steak may be found in Arakawa, Tokyo. It is also offered at a variety of hangout areas across the world.

#4. Salt Bae Tomahawk

Price: $275

The Tomahawk steak is a huge cut of ribeye steak that has around 8-12 inches of rib bone remaining on it. The cut is shaped like an axe handle and is incredibly soft and buttery, with exquisite marbling.

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#5. Maezawa Beef

Price: $269

Are you seeking some of the world’s most costly beef? Ogata Farms in Japan supplies the meat for Maezawa. These farmers maintain stringent quality control over their animals and their surroundings.

They raise their cattle in a stress-free environment, which results in beef with an unrivaled soft texture.

Also, they provide a stress-free sleeping environment for the cattle and do not jam cow herds into confined spaces.

Finally, they feed the cattle a mixture of beer, whiskey, and soy, which enhances the flavor of the meat.

#6. Hitachi-Gyu

Price: $249

Another high-priced Wagyu steak is the Hitachi-Gyu, which comes in ribeye, flat iron, chuck, sirloin, and roasts.

The price ranges from $249 to $499, depending on the magnitude of your transaction. Hitachi—Gyu is made from cattle raised in the Irabaki prefecture.

The cattle are given antibiotic-free, locally sourced feed for 30 months. Hitachi-Gyu is heavy in fat, and the fat melts during cooking, keeping the steak marinated with buttery basting.


What is the world's most expensive steak?

The most expensive steak in the world has a price tag of $1,000, and it’s a Wagyu tomahawk steak called the Papi Steak. Wagyu steak is beef that comes from Japan and is known for its marbleized, fatty composition. Wagyu literally means Japanese Cow in Japanese.

What is the Best Cut of Steak? The Ultimate Top 10 List

  1. Flank
  2. New York Strip
  3. Skirt
  4. Ribeye
  5. Prime Rib
  6. Tenderloin
  7. Sirloin
  8. Porterhouse

Is Wagyu better than filet mignon?

Because of Wagyu cattle’s superior fat marbling, you’ll love that Wagyu Tenderloin has a more beefy flavor than regular Tenderloin. A melt-in-your-mouth tender and superbly flavorful whole Australian Wagyu Tenderloin marble score 7.

What is the rarest steak in the world?

Japanese Wagyu steaks

Wagyu. Japanese Wagyu steaks are incredibly special, rare, sought after, and expensive due to the fine-grained intramuscular fat also referred to as marbling.

It is, in essence, what gives the steak its unique texture and flavor, and makes it stand out from the other cuts of meat found at your local butcher’s.


If you’re not a fighter, you probably don’t need to spend on beef cuts.

The “outrageous” price tag, on the other hand, covers the flavor, softness, and immense gourmet pleasure these steaks will bring you.

Get your money’s worth when it comes to the best steak. Remember that a high price does not always imply excellent quality, therefore; there are numerous aspects to consider.



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