That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You: Meaning, Origin & When to Use


Last week, my little nephew invited me to his baseball practice. Well, it was Friday, and I had a couple of unexpected end-of-the-week meetings. So the long and tail of it are that I arrived late at his practice.

Not very happy with that, he said, “Aunt, really? That wasn’t very cash money of you.” “What?” I asked, with my mouth wide open.

I thought that phrase had died down by now. I mean, it’s been 8 years now since 2014. It made waves on Tumblr user things-in-sunglasses posts.

But hey, it’s obvious the trend has stayed strong. So let’s have a quick run-through on what it’s all about and how to use it in 2023.

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What Does the Phrase Cash Money Mean?

The phrase refers to money in form of paper currency as opposed to checks and money orders. But the slang cash money in this context means “cool”.

In this instance, the phrase can mean that it would be cool if you did something. Or that what you did was actually cool.

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Where Did the Term Cash Money Come From?

Research shows that the term was popularised in the late 1800s or early 1900s. It turns out that people probably used the term as an adjective.

This was to specify that they actually wanted money in paper currency rather than checks or any other form.

Around the 90s, the supergroup, Cash Money Millionaires from New Orleans, Louisiana, further increased the popularity of the term with their records.

But one day, out of the blue, this generation took it to a whole new level. Yes, now we have insanely brilliant memes out there that’ll be worth your time. So let’s see what it means!

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What is That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You Meaning, Origin, & Source?

that wasn't very cash money of you
that wasn’t very cash money of you source and meaning

That wasn’t very cash money of you is a catchline gotten from a drawing of the character Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wearing cool glasses.

You can find recent fun images like that of ruubesz-draws. Very cash money of Godzilla that’s gathered up to 1.9k votes.


The phrase addresses something that is not cool. So you can actually use that term when you’re hanging out with friends, partying, or having an informal conversation with someone at the coffee shop.

It all started back in January 2014 when Tumblr user things-in-sunglasses uploaded the original image to their page. And after four years, it gained over 106,000 notes.

The image grew in popularity across the internet and has now been replicated with other characters like that of Ruubess shown above.

As the urban dictionary puts it, “being cash money means being cool and chill…”. So, not being cash money implies the person just really messed up.

So when someone did something unexpected and silly or when someone really screwed up in a really bad way. It comes as a non-serious way to tell them. So instead of just putting it out on their face, you could just use it.

Examples and When to Use

  • that wasn't very cash money of you
  • that wasn't very cash money of you
  • that wasn't very cash money of you


The term, “That wasn’t very cash money of you,” is slang. Surprisingly, it made it to the urban dictionary. The urban dictionary, as you know, is a crowdsourced website.

So anybody can suggest a new word. So it is not an all-authoritative source, but that’s exactly the essence. It was designed to make fun of the other serious dictionary.

Having said that, it is advisable you make use of the term we discoursed today in informal occasions.


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