15 Best, Most Popular White Bread Brands You Should Eat in 2022

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White bread is indeed a wholesome food that leaves you enriched. Well, a lot of folks are on the lookout for the best white bread brands, making white bread that will really satisfy their cravings.

While some are able to get hold of these special white bread brands, others are always left disappointed.

However, it is no news that in as much as these white loaves of bread satisfy your taste buds and enriches you with some vital minerals, too much of it can make you feel bloated.

So, if you happen to fall within the category of those who always get disappointed in getting white bread, worry less, cos we have provided you with the best white bread brands that give you all you desire.

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What is White Bread?

White bread refers to bread that is prepared using wheat flour.

Well, as part of the flour grinding or milling process, the bran and germ layers are removed (and set aside) from the entire wheat berry. This results in light-colored flour.

However, by eliminating the natural oils from the entire grain, this milling method can extend the shelf life of white flour. This is the reason white bread lasts for a longer period.

In addition, white bread is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. They may not have the same high amounts of fiber as wholemeal or multigrain pieces of bread, but it is still a good source of fiber.

In fact, some customers believe that white bread makes them overweight.

Are There Brands of White Bread?

Of course, there are brands that make white bread. Well, because white bread was known to be expensive and difficult to make, a lot of folks came up with an easier way to go about this.

Hence, the brands of white bread. In fact, it is now paramount to understand how these brands work and how they make their white bread.

However, with a full understanding of these white bread brands, you are set to be on an exciting bread journey.

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What are the Types of White Bread Brands?

There are different types of brands that make white bread. Some of these white bread brands include:

  • Arnold
  • Aunt Millie
  • Bimbo
  • Bunny brand
  • Butter krust
  • Canyon Bakehouse
  • Dare’s killer
  • Franz

1. Arnold

white bread brands

Price: $57.43 (Amazon)

Arnold makes the following white bread: Country Style White Bread, Organic Kids White with Whole Wheat, Brick Oven Premium White Bread, and Organic Thin-Sliced Rustic White.

Elsewhere, Dean and Betty Arnold started creating baked products from their Stamford, Connecticut home in 1940.

Interestingly, Arnold bread no longer contains high-fructose corn syrup or partly hydrogenated oils.

Likewise, no chemical preservatives or bleached flour are used by the firm. As a result, you may rely on Arnold brand as one of your top white bread brands.

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2. Aunt Millie’s

white bread brands

Price: $2.8818 (Walmart)

Aunt Millie has five bakeries that produce a remarkable half million pounds of bread every day. White bread is one of the bread products that they make.

To illustrate, some white bread that they make include Classic White Bread, Artisan Style White Bread, Deluxe Giant White Bread, Country White, and Live Carb Smart White Bread.

Meanwhile, you should know that Aunt Millie did not establish this bakery.

Well, the company was founded in 1901 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by John Franke as the Wayne Biscuit Company. It was known as Perfection Bakery before being renamed Aunt Millie’s.

That said, this is, however, considered one of the best white bread brands.

3. Bimbo

Price:  $15.00 (Amazon)

Bimbo Bakeries USA manufactures baking items for the American market.

In fact, Grupo Bimbo is a significant global bakery products business with almost 200 factories, owns it. Indeed, it is the world’s largest baking company.

They do, however, create huge, soft white bread.

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4. Brownberry

types of white bread brands

Price: $3.99 (Target)

Catherine Clark founded the Brownberry brand in 1946 after friends and family pushed her to market her bread commercially.

Well, Brownberry is related to the brands Arnold and Oroweat. In fact, Bimbo Bakeries owns both of these brands.

Furthermore, their country white bread has a lot of fantastic flavors to enjoy!

Indeed, their recipes are one-of-a-kind combinations of grains, seeds, and nuts that give each of their variants the great taste and nutrients you crave.
Truly, it’s tasty and nutritious for a healthy lifestyle. Among their white bread are: Organic Kids White Made with Whole Wheat, Country Style White Bread, and Thin-Sliced Rustic White Bread.

5. Bunny Brand

white bread brands walmart

Price: $1.70 (Walmart)

Bunny Brand began in 1925 when three brothers borrowed $300 and built a cabin bakery in Illinois.

However, the men made local deliveries of their baked products.

By the 1950s, the brand had become one of the top regional bakery brands in the Midwest.

Truly, this bread is the children’s favorite, thanks to its bunny mascot. Flowers Foods now owns the franchise rights to this bread brand.

Additionally, white Sandwich Bread, Soft-Twist White Bread, Whole Grain White Bread, Baby Bunny White 1/2 Loaf, and Large White Bread are all white bread made by Bunny.

In fact, they’re Made with Whole Grain White Bread, which blends the advantages of whole grain with the flavor of classic white bread, plus the softness you enjoy.

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6. Butter Krust

white bread brands

Price: $3.29 (Cornershop)

Richter’s Bakery was founded in 1882 in San Antonio by Louis and Emma Frances Solcher Richter. This served as a platform for the company to purchase the Butter Krust franchise in 1912.

However, Butter Krust sales increased significantly when the company began selling sliced bread in 1929.

Indeed, Butter Krust is a popular white bread brand in Texas that produces high-quality white bread.

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7. Canyon Bakehouse

types of white bread brands

Price: $59.99 (Amazon)

Canyon Bakehouse specializes in gluten-free bread, bagels, English muffins, rolls, and buns. Christi Skow, the co-founder, inspired the company’s name.

In fact, their soft white bread is ideal for melty grilled cheese sandwiches or gooey PB&J sandwiches; enjoy this wonderful family favorite!

Well, this traditional bread is prepared with 100% whole grains and is free of dairy, nuts, and soy.

When smooth white bread meets delicate sweetness, you can’t go wrong.

Additionally, their white Bread includes: Mountain White Bread, Heritage Honey Style White Bread, and Stay Fresh! Country White.

8. Dave’s Killer Bread

Price: $14.13(Amazon)

NatureBake was started in 1955 and was originally known as NatureBake.

However, it started creating a product dubbed Dave’s Killer Bread, which quickly became popular at the Portland Farmer’s Market when customers first tried it in 2005.

Truly, Dave’s Killer Bread’s success has evolved into 17 different organic bread goods.

Additionally, some of their white bread products are as follows: White Bread Done Right and Thin Sliced White Bread Done Right.

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9. Franz

Price: $5.98 (Walmart)

The parent firm of Franz is named United States Bakery. Engelbert, Ignaz, and Joseph Franz founded the firm in 1906 when they acquired the Ann Arbor bakery in Oregon.

However, they bought another bakery, United Bakery, not long after. In 1926, Franz created one of the first hamburger buns.

In contrast, Franz manufactures the following white bread: Keto White, Big White Bread, Homestyle White Bread, Whole Grain White, and Gluten-Free Mountain White.

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10. Heiner’s

Heiner’s is a well-known bread brand that was founded in West Virginia in 1905.

However, the brand was family-owned until it was bought by a branch of Anheuser-Busch in the 1990s.

Sara Lee ultimately bought it out, and Grupo Bimbo today owns it (Bimbo Bakeries USA).

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11. Mrs. Baird’s

William Baird was a Fort Worth, Texas-based restaurateur. He fell unwell, forcing his wife Ninnie to find a method to maintain the family financially.

In fact, Ninnie’s baked bread, pies, and cakes were so well received by family and friends that deciding on a company strategy was simple.

Since then, the firm has expanded to four Texas bakery sites, where it produces bread, buns, rolls, donuts, pies, and cakes.

Well, Mrs. Baird’s manufactures the following white bread products: Large White Bread, Sandwich White Bread, Giant White Bread, Small White Bread, and Whole Grain White Bread, all options.

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12. Nature’s Harvest

Price: $1.99 (Instachart)

This is one of the numerous bread brands owned by Bimbo Bakeries that can be found in most supermarket shops.

However, Nature’s Harvest Healthy Habits White made with Whole Grain bread has a typical white bread flavor that the whole family enjoys and 8 grams of whole grains per serving.

So, you don’t have to pick between the great taste you desire and the complete grains you require.

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13. Nature’s Own

Price: $3.2414 (Walmart)

Nature’s Own is owned by Flower Foods, one of the leading baking firms in the United States.

However, the brand started in 1977 as a soft bread variation. It has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, nor does it include high-fructose corn syrup.

In fact, Nature’s Own manufactures the following white bread: Perfectly crafted Thicked Sliced White and White wheat.

14. Oroweat

Price: $3.18 (Walmart)

Oroweat’s origins can be traced back to North Hollywood, California, where it was founded in 1932. Bimbo Bakeries purchased the brand in 2002.

Oroweat white bread brand makes the following white bread products: Organic Country Style White Bread, Organic Kids White Whole Wheat Bread, Organic Rustic White Bread, and Organic Thin-Sliced Rustic White Bread.

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15. Pepperidge Farm

Price: $3.99 (Instachart)

When it comes to store-bought baked goods, Pepperidge Farm is one of the most well-known brands. Margaret Rudkin founded the company in 1937 after learning that her son could not tolerate most commercial foods due to allergies and asthma.

However, Cambell’s now owns the brand. It makes cookies, bread, Texas toast, rolls, buns, crackers, cakes, and other similar items.

Original White Bread, Farmhouse Whole Grain White Bread, and White Sandwich Bread are all available from Pepperidge Farm.

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White Bread Brands Walmart

To get access to some of these yummy white bread brands, we have provided you with their prices and how to get them at Walmart.

For Arnold white bread, it sells for $3.78 on Walmart. Bunny brand’s price on Walmart is $1.70.

While canyon bakehouse sells for $5.74 on Walmart, Franz goes for $6.19 on Walmart.

So, you can go ahead and order your most preferred white bread brands from Walmart while enjoying your unending white bread journey.

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Are There Vegan White Bread Brands?

Of course, among these white bread brands are:

  • Udi
  • Sunbeam
  • Sara lee
  • Rustik oven
  • Rudi
  • Pepperidge farm
  • Oroweat

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What are The Italian White Bread Brands?

Some Italian white bread brands are included as follows:

  • Pepperidge farm
  • Whole wheat
  • Wheat bread
  • Whole grain
  • Orowheat
  • Gluten

Meanwhile, you need to also know that aside from the white bread produced by these white bread brands, Italian white bread is known as ciabatta.

To illustrate, Ciabatta is white bread produced in Italy with wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, and olive oil. In fact, it has been around for 30 years.

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Are There Soft White Bread Brands?

Most definitely, there are soft white bread brands that make white bread, leaving you wanting more even after several bites.

Here, let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Sara Lee White Bread
  • Dave’s Killer White Bread
  • Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Bread
  • Sunbeam Enriched Old-Fashioned
  • Wonder Bread
  • Arnold Country White
  • Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted White

What is the Brand of White Wheat Bread?

The brand that makes white wheat bread is Nature’s own. Their white wheat bread is a great combination of softness and nutrients.

Furthermore, their whole wheat bread has 19% more calcium and 11% more iron than whole wheat bread. Truly, this white bread is for a healthy family.


What is the best-selling white bread?

The best-selling white bread is as follows:

  • White wheat Enriched Bread Nature’s Own
  • Butter bread Nature’s Own
  • Premium Italian Bread Brownberry
  • White Whole Grain Sara Lee

What's the healthiest white bread to eat?

The healthiest white bread to eat is Arnold Country White.

In fact, this is a good choice for straightforward, old-fashioned white bread. In moderation, the ingredients are good, and it provides three grams of protein.

What brand of bread lasts the longest?

The brand of bread that makes long-lasting bread is Sourdough bread.

Well, this bread lasts longer than brewer’s yeast bread. It delays starch retrogradation and bread staling.

Can we eat white bread daily?

Getting your daily white bread is not recommended if you are watching your blood sugar.

Truly, the high levels of simple carbohydrates in refined grains are absorbed faster into the circulation than the complex carbs in whole wheat, resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar.

How harmful is white bread?

White bread can cause stomach issues such as acid reflux, bloating, and constipation.

It is very high in starch, and unlike whole-grain bread, it lacks fiber. It might not only induce but also aggravate and worsen gastrointestinal problems.

Indeed, these meals are high in starch and can trigger stomach issues.

What happens when you eat too much white bread?

You will be fat.

White bread can be high in sodium, especially if you consume many pieces at once, and the bread served in restaurants is known for being high in salt.

Consuming all that salt at once might cause bloating, which can be uncomfortable.


I guess you have been on the lookout for that particular white bread brand that makes the tastiest and soft white bread.

Well, you should know that there are a lot of white bread brands that give you nothing short of quality; you just have to identify them. This we have provided for you.

In light of this, we hope you have gotten your best white bread brand already as well as how you can order. Guess you can’t wait to have your first bite.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or need more clarity, do well to drop them at the comment session.


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