How Much Money Can I Make on Onlyfans as a Girl & Boy in 2023

How Much money Can I Make on Onlyfans as a Girl & Boy in 2023
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Have you been thinking about creating content on Onlyfans with the sole aim of making money? And you keep asking yourself, “how much money can I make on onlyfans?” This article will answer all your questions.

The first thing you need to know is that, on OnlyFans, viewers can tip you anytime during a live stream. And if your objective is to generate money specifically for that purpose, you can set a tip goal. 

Also, you can set up a payment-gated stream if your account is unrestricted. This implies that there will be a charge for seeing the live video.

Furthermore, according to OnlyFans data, there are 170 million users of the app, not all of whom are creators. 

Most of them are viewers who watch content created by others after subscribing to their services. This gives you the advantage of making money because they are more viewers than creators.

“How much money can I make on Onlyfans?” you may ask. This article promises to help you with that. 

What is Onlyfans?

This is for those who are new to Onlyfans. We know you keep asking, “how much money can I make on onlyfans?” and you are eager to know. But a good understanding of what the platform is all about will also help. 

OnlyFans is a platform where content creators may offer unique content that their target audience can purchase at a premium price. It was founded in 2016 by British internet investor and entrepreneur Timothy Stokely in London. 

However, fans can access content creators have locked behind a paywall for a monthly charge or one-time donation. 

Currently, OnlyFans has more than 170 million active users and one million or more content creators. Content that appeals to the audience that OnlyFans creators are aiming for can be posted in a variety of forms. 

Furthermore, the lack of restrictions on OnlyFans makes it simple for content producers to submit pornographic material. This is what the website finally became renowned. 

Generally, when people hear about OnlyFans, they typically consider the explicit content shared by models and sex workers. The website wasn’t made for that, though. Anyone is free to post whatever they want to their OnlyFans.

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How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans aims to give creators a platform to produce and share valuable, premium content. These can only be found there. Fans pay to access the premium material once creators set their free or paid page. 

Furthermore, creators can open free accounts.

However, OnlyFans only pays out 80% of the money they make on the platform, keeping 20% as a charge. 

Additionally, users must be at least 18. They must also present a valid government-issued ID to register on OnlyFans because most of the content is explicit. 

Additionally, OnlyFans protects each creator’s branded content, preventing it from being shared outside the platform. 

In fact, the content will be blacked out whenever a user attempts to capture a screenshot of the website. If users are found trying to screenshot or record what is happening, they risk being banned.

You might still be thinking, “How much money can I make on Onlyfans?” don’t worry; the questions will be answered. But before we get to that section, you must understand certain things first. Keep reading.

Who can Use Onlyfans?

Anybody can use OnlyFans. Writers, poets, motivational speakers, authors, painters, chefs, and more can be found at OnlyFans. 

However, the website is renowned for serving as a hub for content featuring porn actors, sex workers, and other people. 

Additionally, sex workers and amateur pornographers frequently use OnlyFans. This is because it allows users to publish stuff that would get them banned on other social media platforms like Instagram. 

Also, users upload movies and photographs and communicate with their admirers via direct messaging.

Advantages of Using Onlyfans

Before you get to the section that says,”How much money can I make on onlyfans?” let’s look at some benefits.

Below are the benefits of using Onlyfans;


You can invest as much time as you wish on the platform. You can start small and run the entire business independently, especially if you enjoy the work and have some prior expertise. 

Being able to launch a business from home 

Also, you can launch your business without having a physical storefront or office. Everything can be done from the convenience of your home, at least initially! 

Small starting costs 

Furthermore, with startup prices ranging from $12 to $11,659, Onlyfans firms are significantly less expensive to start than most enterprises. 

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Gratifying work 

Additionally, starting an Onlyfans company can be a highly fulfilling endeavor. After all, you are resolving a pressing issue for your consumer. While also pursuing a cause that is dear to your heart. 


There will always be a need for new features, products, and services for your business. This is because businesses and procedures change every day. 

However, you may reach all types of clients using various pricing tiers and business models. 

Traffic to your website 

People want to visit and return to your website when you have an Onlyfans business. 

Absence of overhead costs

Also, there are no startup fees for your Onlyfans business for overhead, storage, packing, etc. You’ll save a ton of time and money by doing this! 

Meaningful business connections 

Furthermore, as an Onlyfans customer, you never know who you’ll run into. This might be the beginning of a fantastic business opportunity! 

Large margins 

Your Onlyfans business normally has gross margins of approximately 65%. This is very good and enables you to expand and control costs. 

Disadvantages of Using Onlyfans

Everything that has an advantage must have at least a drawback. Below are the drawbacks of using Onlyfans;

A Crowded space 

First, when it comes to your OnlyFans business, competition is fierce. So you must invest some time in researching the market and discovering where the demand is. 

Continuous publication upkeep 

Second, to keep your Onlyfans business relevant for your audience and google searchers, you might have to update it frequently. 

Lack of benefits 

Third, you are typically self-employed with an Onlyfans business. This means you must find your own insurance, which can be expensive and time-consuming. 


Furthermore, as an Onlyfans user, you frequently work alone and don’t get much face-to-face time with other employees. 


Additionally, you typically pay self-employment taxes as an Onlyfans business, which can be quite expensive. Knowing how much you will owe in taxes each year will help you decide whether the work you’re taking on is worthwhile. 

Not a safety net 

As an Onlyfans business, you typically don’t get a regular paycheck but make money based on your monthly transactions. Since the job is commission-based, you typically take away less during the slow times. Setting aside money in your budget for the lean periods is critical. 

Work can be monotonous 

Doing the same thing repeatedly could seem tedious and repetitive to you. Diversifying your product lines and revenue sources is one approach to prevent this; it will also keep things fresh!

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Dedication to time 

Generally, all duties and decisions associated with launching an Onlyfans business are yours. Work-life can occasionally take over. However, this is sometimes a good thing. This could lead to stress on friends and family as well as the pressure of beginning a new business.  

Now you might be reconsidering your, ‘how much money can I make on Onlyfans?’ question because of these cons. Don’t fret; it might not be easy, but you’ll make money.

How much money can I make on Onlyfans?

The main reason you’ve been reading through this article is because of the question, ‘how much money can I make on onlyfans

First, you need to know that the Average Earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month.

Furthermore, the minimum and maximum subscription prices are decided by OnlyFans. The lowest monthly subscription fee is $4.99, and the highest is $49.99. 

Additionally, creators can put up tips or paid private messages starting at $5. Paid tips and private messages can help creators engage their fans and develop a devoted following, in addition to increasing earnings. 

Miss Swedish Bella (real name Monica Huldt) is one of the highest-paid creators on OnlyFans. Most of her income comes from the fees she charges for work contracted out via private message. 

Also, Huldt has more than 1100 subscribers and earns more than $100,000 annually on OnlyFans. 

Additionally, Huldt works on OnlyFans content seven days a week to maintain her income level. 

Huldt gave the following advice to creators thinking about joining OnlyFans to make money: 

“If someone only wanted to do it two days a week or something, I would never suggest they do it. In your mind, it is not a part-time endeavor. You wouldn’t bring in enough cash.” 

Generally, many online sex workers who have established a presence on OnlyFans concur with this. Many complain about how challenging it is to make a living off the platform. This is because so much of it depends on having an audience. 

Beyond that, consistently producing content takes time and effort before the account starts making a sizable profit. 

Furthermore, OnlyFans creators can charge extra on the website to sell personalized or interactive content. Some artists have developed a tip menu. This tip Menu lists the content and interactions they provide, along with the associated charges.

Now that we’ve answered your “how much money can I make on Onlyfans” question, would you give it a try?

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The question, ‘how much money can I make on Onlyfans?’ has been answered. However, you’ll need to be able to take criticism well because your Onlyfans business can reach a huge audience. 

Regardless of your intentions, many people may disagree with you and perhaps even criticize you harshly on the internet. You’ll need to be resilient to succeed in this field (or at least learn this along the way).

FAQs on How Much Money Can I Make on Onlyfans as a Girl & Boy in 2023

Can I make an OnlyFans with no face?

The short answer is yes. You can be able to make money without showing your face. 
However, there are some caveats that you need to pay attention. It depends on the parts of your body that appear aesthetically pleasing.

What sells on OnlyFans?

Here is a list of things that sells on Onlyfans;
Photos or videos (especially those containing adult content)
 PDFs or ebooks that cover a certain topic (I.e. If you are in fitness, you can sell a PDF on at-home workouts).
 Physical books.
 Any products of your own that you can sell to subscribers (both digital or physical)

How do you get popular on OnlyFans?

If you have a blog, website, or newsletter, you can advertise your link on your site. Also, if you regularly frequent forums, you can drop your link to drive traffic to your account.



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