How To Make Money On Reddit: Easy Ways That Work

How To Make Money On Reddit: Easy Ways That Work
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There is so much information on Reddit that it might feel like falling down a rabbit hole. Because it presents itself as the “first page of the internet,” no one would fault you. Even though you were looking for information on something completely unrelated at the time, you ended up staying on the website forever.

Because of the amount of time users spend on the platform, many have pondered if there is a way to earn money online on Reddit. After all, would you not think that with that much knowledge, there would be some opportunity to make a little bit of extra money?

To our great good fortune, monetizing one’s Reddit activity is not too difficult. You simply need to know which subreddits you should subscribe to and what information you should search for.

Continue reading to learn how to make money on Reddit.

What Is Reddit And How Does It Work?

People participate in conversations about a wide variety of subjects on the website Reddit, which is a social networking platform. Discussions are split into subreddit categories, which are then subdivided into topic threads with more specific subject matter.

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Can You Make Money From Reddit?

In a nutshell, yes. Reddit can be a lucrative source of income. Although Reddit does not have a direct payment system, there are plenty of ways to earn money in the form of subreddits.

Either you complete tasks for individuals and receive payment, or you draw visitors to your website and offer them products they might find interesting. 

In other words, if you can develop valuable content for the platform, you can utilize it to drive attention to any asset that will generate income, even if the platform itself does not pay you.

You may help customers find your product or service by answering their questions or giving them helpful guidance. This tactic has been successful for many on other social media sites and has proven to be just as fruitful on Reddit.

But, as said before, you need to learn which subreddits have the best chances to do so in light of your particular abilities and interests.

In addition, you must follow some rules and spend significant time on the site to be an effective marketer.

1. r/GiftCardExchange

Let’s start with using gift cards. This is a good method of making money on Reddit, especially if you have unused gift cards.

Here, you may turn unwanted gift cards into cash by selling them. You can receive gift cards online without completing offers and buy them at a discount on the site. 

Also, you can save money on your purchases at a store you frequent by purchasing gift cards at a discount.

2. r/HireAWriter

Freelance writing is a great option to make money online, but it can be difficult to land clients. r/HireAWriter is a job board for authors of all stripes. Customers can post openings for novice, intermediate, and expert writers. 

Similarly, writers can advertise their availability and the topics they specialize in.

For several reasons, r/HireAWriter stands out as a great option for those in need of a writer:

Every job description must specify the salary range it offers. You will never waste time searching for jobs that do not pay enough, and you will never have to guess how much money you can make again.

Payfloors have been established. Jobs at the introductory level must pay at least 5 cents per word, jobs at the general level must pay at least 10 cents per word, and jobs at the advanced level must pay at least 15 cents per word to be posted to the community.

Although these figures are not sky-high, they are much more than the rates paid by many dominant platforms and allow you to make a comfortable livelihood.

There is a lot of activity. However, at the moment, more authors are advertising their availability for work than companies are advertising open positions. If you are a freelance writer or aspire to be one, you should check often because there are always new opportunities available.

Click on this link:

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If you are looking for a lively community where you can ask questions and get answers about making a few hundred dollars extra a month (for beer or anything else), r/BeerMoney is the place to be.

However, instead of focusing on menial activities, as r/SlaveLabour does, r/BeerMoney is a great place to find paid surveys, sign-up bonuses, paid reviews, passive income apps, and other simple ways to earn some extra cash.

So, if you are looking for a place on Reddit to learn about legitimate chances to earn some additional cash, go no farther than r/BeerMoney. Several new opportunities are always available here every day, so check back often.

The r/BeerMoney community is useful for more than just finding financing opportunities. For instance, you can see threads where people are inquiring about the integrity of a given website or software or looking for input and recommendations from their peers. Of course, you can start a new topic and get feedback and advice from the group.

If you want to make a few extra bucks a month with minimal effort, r/BeerMoney is the subreddit for you.

Check it out here:


In this subreddit, you can find low-paying odd jobs, some of which may seem out of the ordinary. Making less than standard wages in an unofficial capacity is the concept of this sub.

You submit a bid for a position if it looks interesting to you. If you qualify to fill the position, the remote position can begin straight away.. The tasks may involve anything from researching the title of a book to creating a logo.

There are plenty of simple contracting opportunities among this site’s more than 130,000 subscribers. Tasks vary from day to day and are usually quick to finish. Data entry is one example, but resume writing and menu planning are all possibilities.

you check it out here:

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This Reddit subreddit is another excellent option for making money online. Due to the high volume of users (over 180,000), online employment opportunities are abundant. In every way, this is a faraway position.

There is a lot of talk about side hustles and other internet income streams on this sub, in addition to job postings. Some options are available for affiliate marketing, freelance writing, internet tutoring, and freelance portals. Some part-time work can eventually lead to full-time employment.

Click here:


That sub caused the early 2021 GameStop stock scenario that shocked the world. Members share stock market strategies, investing advice, and other relevant information here.

Subscribers are expected to know what they are doing regarding stocks and shares.

Subscribers to the site vote on whether they think the stock price will climb or fall. Users of this site, however, are responsible for knowing the potential hazards they may face.

Check it out:


Nearly 700,000 people have joined the Startup subreddit to support other entrepreneurs. What is more, they offer practical answers to issues they have identified.

Several resources are available to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses, including discussions of financing options, business strategies, and more. 

In addition, here you will find a group of people that will provide you with constructive criticism on your ideas.

You should read the rules of this subreddit carefully, as there are severe punishments for violators. They are also very stringent about how you market your firm.

Follow the link to join the community:

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This is an excellent subreddit for those interested in passive income. More than 175,000 people are part of this group, all with an interest in learning more about passive income. Ideas for making money in this sub-reddit range from passive income apps and vending machines to creating and selling online courses.

The earnings from this subreddit may not be substantial in the short term, but they have the potential to compound into substantial wealth over time.

Additionally, you can receive some advice on how to start investing in less traditional forms of investment, including cryptocurrencies.

For example, you can get some useful tips on affiliate marketing and how to improve your site. You can also learn how to start and monetize your own YouTube channel and sell your wares on Etsy and other similar sites.

Join the Commnity:


Graphic designers wishing to supplement their income should check out this subreddit. Quite a few design positions are listed here. Logo animation is a breeze with these.

Whatever your specialization in graphic design may be, you will find it here. Each job posted in this subreddit must pay at least $20 per hour, which is a nice perk. This site is strictly policed to guarantee a minimum wage is paid to all employees.

Having a client base from whom to solicit actual, paying employment is a huge boon. However, keep in mind that there is stiff competition on this page.

Join community:


This subreddit facilitates the exchange of services for payment in bitcoins. Then you have come to the right place if you are looking to make some Bitcoins.

The vast majority of the available positions here are in highly technical fields. Game animation, computer science, graphic design, and blockchain technology are all. Tutoring jobs are also available.

A fraud analyst and chief financial officer have both been advertised. Therefore, if you have the right set of skills, you can locate some of the best online jobs with the greatest salaries.

Join community:

Tips for Making Money on Reddit

You can find anything on a subreddit on Reddit. It is important to take your time to identify communities that are a good fit for you. You can run a Google search for “best subreddits on ___,” using the subreddit search or peruse FindAReddit.

Start using it frequently: If you simply use Reddit sometimes, you will not get anything out of it. Participating in the community daily and making contributions is essential to get the most out of Reddit. However, many subreddits are restricted to users who have earned a certain amount of karma (the points you earn when your posts and comments get upvoted).

Adhere to the norms: Reddit users are notoriously harsh critics. If you break the rules, you will probably get kicked out. Make sure you know and abide by the guidelines set forth by each subreddit. Message a moderator if you have any questions about the rules of this subreddit.

Do not anticipate remaining anonymous. Remember that whatever you put up on Reddit can be traced back to you. Ken Bone is just one of several Reddit users whose identities have backfired.

Be aware of your goals: The communities we’ve looked at here provide a wide range of options. There are both low-paying odd jobs and legitimate ways freelancers can build their customer base. Determine in advance how much money you intend to earn. Opportunities are promising if and only if they help you achieve your objectives.

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed

Scams are a risk in any online community, and Reddit is no exception. Making money-related subreddits are easy targets for fraudsters since they know their readers are actively seeking financial gain. People who do not have excellent judgment are easy prey.

You may avoid being a victim of a scam on Reddit by taking these precautions.

Make use of the various community resources available.

It is up to you to use the tools available in several of the subreddits described in this post that have taken extensive precautions to prevent fraud and protect users.

On r/SlaveLabour, for instance, there is a bidding feature, and scammers are prohibited from participating in auctions. Moderators strongly advise against communicating with users who do not place bids via direct message (DM) due to the high likelihood that they are scammers.

It is up to users to follow the recommended practices, such as the intermediary function on r/Jobs4Bitcoin, which is only one example of how the communities try to prevent fraud.

Do some checking on the other people who are using this.

You can not take anything posted in these communities at face value. When you click on a user’s name on Reddit, you can view information about them, such as how long they have been a member, their activity history, and their Karma score.

A common characteristic of fraudulent accounts is a lack of activity or short history. In theory, a user’s track record can help you determine whether or not they are authentic.

Get in touch with the moderators!

All of these groups are kept in order by vigilant moderators who are also regular contributors. You should contact a moderator if you have doubts or have reason to believe that another user is engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Perhaps they will have some insight that will assist you to evaluate the legitimacy of a given opportunity.

Put your head together and use your discretion.

Even with moderators and other tools at your disposal, you still have to make certain calls on your own. It would help if you were prepared to draw your judgments. Generally speaking, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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This concludes my guide on how to make money on Reddit. The site hosts several helpful groups that provide viable options for doing jobs and making money online. After exhausting numerous other avenues, many people have concluded that this website provides the finest prospects for locating high-paying jobs for persons of varying skill levels.

However, remember that Reddit’s massive size makes it simple to become disoriented. The site is broken up into over a million smaller communities called “subreddits,” each focused on a specific topic and has its guidelines and norms.

Make Money on Reddit FAQ

Are you able to put ads on Reddit?

While you can purchase ad space on Reddit to direct users to your site, you cannot use Google’s Adsense program to monetize your content on Reddit.

How Can you get paid directly by Reddit?

Reddit is not a viable source of income at this time. The good news is that Reddit can help you locate legitimate money-making opportunities. Dedicated communities on Reddit provide a platform for users to discuss and debate various topics. Opportunities to earn money abound in the many subreddits discussed below.

Can I use affiliate links on Reddit?

No, you are unable to accomplish this as well. If you use Reddit to try to sell things through affiliate links, you will very likely get reported by other platform users, which will result in you being banned from using the platform. Reddit does this because the company wants to shield its community from the massive volumes of spam that may be generated through affiliate links.

Can I create a community on Reddit and talk about my brand?

Absolutely! On Reddit, it is recommended practice to NOT engage in self-promotion while you are there and instead focus on providing a great deal of value to the community. Redditors are tech-savvy individuals who dislike it when members of their communities post irrelevant or irrelevantly related content. Put more emphasis on your value rather than how much you promote yourself. On Reddit, subtle marketing is acceptable, but the focus should always be on the content’s worth.

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