How to Make Money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok
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You can find anything from unique visual tricks, mimes, popular tunes, to hilarious videos of animals on TikTok.

Users are monetizing their TikTok channels and using them to launch successful careers as social media influencers, just as they have on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. But how do you even begin?

Let’s show you how to make money on Tiktok.

Can you make money on TikTok?

You can, in a nutshell, make money on TikTok.

Making money on TikTok, like painting a picture or figuring out the relationship status of your ex’s ex, takes some imagination. Even if you do not have a large number of followers, there are still several options to monetize your content on the network using non-official means.

Like their counterparts on other social media platforms, many TikTok users have found financial success thanks to the app. While TikTok may seem like uncharted territory, the methods for making money on the platform are likely to be familiar.

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How much do TikTokers make in 2022?

The amount of money you generate on TikTok depends on the methods you use to monetize your account (see below).

More than $80,000 per year is possible through brand collaborations on TikTok. Earnings per thousand views in the TikTok Creator Fund range from 2 cents to 4 cents. After a million views, you may receive $30 or $40.

How Many Followers do You Need to Start Making Money on TikTok?

The more people you can attract to your social media page, the more you make money on TikTok.

Contrary to popular belief, however, TikTok users do not require a massive fan base to monetize their content. Micro-influencers have between 50,000 and 150,000 followers, while nano-influencers have less than 50,000.

Making money on Tiktok requires a certain number of followers and at least 100,000 monthly video views.

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How to Make Money on TikTok

Rapid expansion in user base in recent years is a testament to the popularity of TikTok. It is expected to grow from its current base of about 6 million in 2020 to 17 million monthly active users in the UK by 2030. Meanwhile, TikTok is on track to have 1.5 billion users around the world by 2022.

The question then becomes, how can people monetize their content on TikTok to take advantage of its rapidly expanding user base?

You will need to take the following important actions to put yourself in a position where you can make money on tiktok:

  • Build your following; once you reach approximately 50,000 followers, you will be able to start attracting the attention of businesses.
  • Creating a niche, like a history of fishing, can help you stand out if you have fewer followers. Finding your specialty is important since it can help you stand out.
  • Post regularly. Be sure to maintain consistency and do not let the momentum die by spending too much time off in between posts.
  • TikTok is famous for its viral dances and music videos, so you should keep up with the latest trends.
  • Engage with the people who follow you on social media; the more contact you have with the people who follow you, the better your sponsored posts will perform.

Partner with a brand you trust

TikTok uses the term “sponsored content” to refer to videos in exchange for financial compensation. So, that’s the point, then. For instance, a company may offer you free skydiving lessons in exchange for blogging about how beautiful the company’s soy candles smell in a TikTok video. Although we do not advocate accepting any free skydiving offers, paraphrase.

Moreover, companies are eager to engage in lucrative partnerships of this sort. One-sixth of U.S. advertisers expected to utilize TikTok for influencer campaigns in December 2019, according to the survey, but by March 2021, that percentage had risen to sixty-eight percent. What this means is that influencer marketing has taken off on the site.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing social justice protests, eMarketer found that businesses are looking to form partnerships with people who have built up a loyal fan base.

One thing to take away from this is to avoid partnering with organizations whose values clash with your own. Your method of connecting with viewers is exclusive to you.

They may be impressed by your ability to use analogies about soup to convey profound ideas, or by the number of languages you speak, or even by your manicure skills, but they are also concerned about your moral compass.

This is one of the sure ways to make money on Tiktok.

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Be selective about the companies or causes you to promote.

Your fans will see through your raw vegan TikTok if you suddenly start posting about your favorite neighborhood burger establishment. This is not only difficult to understand, but it also paints you as a hypocrite. If you use sponsored material, make sure it flows well with the rest of your site.

Make a press kit for your TikTok account.

A press kit serves as a self-promotional version of a movie trailer. In addition to containing your contact information, photographs, and a list of your most important accomplishments, it exaggerates all of the wonderful things that can be said about you.

Get them to want to watch the rest of the episode with a bag of popcorn in their hand.

There are websites such as Templatelab that provide free press kit templates.

Create a few non-sponsored posts

The brands you work with will want to see evidence that you have what it takes to increase sales for their company.

Publishing a few posts on social media about your favorite pair of shoes that are without a sponsor can enhance the chances that a specialty sock manufacturer will want to collaborate with you.

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Use the Branded Content toggle

Not only do humans dislike deception, but it seems that applications share this sentiment. The Branded Content option was included by TikTok to ensure that users were being honest.

Do it now if you are generating material in exchange for sponsorships (or risk your video being taken down).

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Partner with an influencer

In contrast to the first tactic, this one works in reverse. Reach out to an influencer whose content is consistent with your brand’s aesthetic if you are an established firm trying to expand your visibility (and revenue) on TikTok.

For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, businesses saw a return of $6.50, with the top 13% seeing returns of $20, according to a study by Tomoson.

Plus, half of all marketers report that the quality of leads and customers acquired via influencer marketing is higher than that of leads and customers acquired via email marketing or organic search.

You may identify the ideal influencer for your brand by using the TikTok Creator Marketplace if you are located in the United States. The website acts as a marketplace that brings together brands and influencers. Participation is open to any brand, but only those who have been extended an invitation can access the platform (for now).

Search for hashtags that are relevant to you and your company (such as #dentist, #fainting goats, or #thrifting) and scroll through the content you find outside of the TikTok-sanctioned marketplace in the United States of America.

You might also just browse the app on your own, enjoying the videos that you find interesting while dismissing (or tapping “Not interested”) the videos that you do not find interesting. The application will immediately begin displaying the content that you selected. That kind of intelligence is truly terrifying.

Use Tiktok to advertise your products

Creating TikToks that feature your already-popular products in all their distinct glory is a surefire way to increase sales and expand your customer base. Do not forget to provide a link to your store in the bio!

Italian Greyhound (and proud gay icon) Tika the Iggy made his custom merchandise. Thomas Shapiro, the dog’s owner, runs an online apparel store selling the Tika brand. Fenty Beauty and Cocokind are just two of the many makeup lines that are dominating the retail market

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Payments from TikTok’s Creator Fund.

This is the approved means of making money with the app in question. TikTok announced its new Creator Fund on July 22, 2020, promising to donate USD 200,000,000 to “support those who dream of leveraging their voices and creativity to spark exciting professions.”

The news spread rapidly around the world and across the internet, and a week later, it was revealed that the fund will double in size to $1 billion by 2023. How, therefore, does one go about earning some of that enviable creative cash? You must check a few boxes before submitting your application:

  • Be a resident of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a minimum of 10,000 people following you.
  • Have received a minimum of 100,000 video views in the preceding 30 days.
  • Maintain a user account that complies with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service outlined by TikTok.

You must have TikTok Pro to apply to the Creator Fund through the mobile app and make money.

How much does TikTok pay?

The amount of money you can make from TikTok is unlimited, but it varies.

Every year, the site helps a number of the most well-known innovators in the world bring in millions of pounds of revenue. For instance, the US artist Addison Rae is estimated to have gained approximately $5 million from the films she has uploaded on TikTok, as stated by the Digital Marketing Institute.

According to some estimates, the most successful content providers might make as much as $10,000 for every post. On the other hand, unless each of your videos receives a substantial amount of engagement, it is quite doubtful that you will be able to produce a significant income straight from TikTok.

For this reason, it is essential to investigate a variety of potential sources of money, such as collaborations and goods sales.

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Tips for getting paid on TikTok

Be authentic

It is safe to say that this is the lesson learned from the social media bible. Even if it is difficult to accept in today’s highly filtered world, internet surfers still prefer genuine content.

If you want to be taken seriously, and make money on TikTok, be yourself whether you are dancing the tango or crocheting frogs. It is the most reliable strategy for attracting loyal fans and, eventually, turning them into paying customers.

Be transparent

This is a necessary corollary of genuineness. When in doubt, it is safer to play it safe when it comes to the restrictions surrounding posting sponsored content and disclosing when you obtain free items.

Branded content on TikTok automatically includes a disclaimer (#Ad), so be sure to turn it on when necessary.

Look to your favorite creators for guidance

If you are at a loss for what to read first, just keep scrolling. Some of your favorite content makers are likely monetizing their TikTok channels. Examine their brand deals, promotional T-shirt designs, and creative Venmo spellings, and think about how you may implement similar tactics.

Don’t ditch your regular content

Your followers will quickly lose interest in your channel if every single one of your TikToks consists of promotional content or sponsored content. You have to maintain your composure.

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how many followers on tiktok to make money?

Contrary to popular belief, however, TikTok users do not require a massive fan base to monetize their content. Micro-influencers have between 50,000 and 150,000 followers, while nano-influencers have less than 50,000.

how to make money on tiktok by watching videos?

To make money on TikTok by watching videos you have to signup with platforms and websites that specialize in generating traffic for creators. some examples of these platforms are Donotpay and Millionformular.

how many views on tiktok to make money?

The make money on Tiktok you need to have at least 10,000 followers and about a monthly view of 100,000 in your videos.

How much does the TikTok Creator Fund pay?

The amount that the TikTok Creator Fund pays its participants is not set by any strict guidelines. But many creators have spoken out about their personal experiences with the Creator Fund.

In popular opinion, TikTok pays between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 views. After hitting a million views, some simple calculation implies that you may anticipate receiving $20 to $40.

How to get followers on tiktok?

  • Find a niche
  • Identify your audience
  • Always follow TikTok trends
  • Use trending hashtags and hashtags related to your content.
  • Try to post at the right time, especially when your target audience is online
  • Post consistently
  • Partner with other creators on Tiktok
  • Always participate in trending challenges on Tiktok

What is Tiktok creator funds?

The TikTok creator fund is monetary compensation for creators on Tiktok. This is a sort of encouragement for dreamers and creators on Tiktok who wish to Inspire and impact the world with their voices and creativity. It was Launched in 2021 and has become so popular ever since.


The process of figuring out how to make money on TikTok is neither complicated nor difficult.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you require outstanding material that people like, and you also need to put in a lot of effort to keep expanding your following over time.

You will be making money before you realize it if you approach it with the appropriate perspective, are willing to learn as you go, and pay close attention to what is working and what is not working.



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