How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed | Four Things to Avoid


As a model or a social media freak, the question “how to sell feet pics without getting scammed?” will cross your mind. Although it may seem ridiculous, selling foot pics is quite profitable.

However, while you explore methods to generate money online and step away from the crowd, you must be aware of fraudsters. So, how can you sell feet pics on the internet?

Several legitimate and safe foot picture sites exist only to connect buyers and sellers. Here, you can sell your feet pics without getting scammed.

Care to know more about them? Read on!

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How Can I Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

It isn’t easy to sell foot pics without getting duped. No day goes by without someone on the Internet crying that they are being scammed because they want to sell photos of their feet.

Recently, someone contacted a seller of foot pictures and inquired about the price. They agreed on a price, and bang! They vanish after they have obtained their desired outcome.

But hey! You can sell feet pics without getting scammed. Here’s how:

#1. Indicate the Terms and Conditions Beforehand

Before sharing your foot photos with any possible buyer, specify all the terms and conditions.

Also, you should specify the number of photos you are willing to sell, the price you charge for each photo, and the quality of your photos.

By doing this, the customer will be completely aware of what they are acquiring with these, safeguarding them from being duped.

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#2. Watermark All Your Feet Pics

Here’s another important way to sell feet pics without getting scammed. Ensure you watermark all your feet pics.

Watermarking guarantees that no one exploits your images before paying and makes you look professional.

However, depending on your financial situation, you can utilize free or paid watermarking sites. Send non-watermarked pics only to those who have paid.

#3. Make Use of Trustworthy Online Platforms

I understand you may be eager to get your foot displayed online and make money, but you must take the time to learn about and examine all of the trustworthy venues.

However, some platforms are not trustworthy; they expose your foot to crooks. Check for favorable ratings on the platform where you wish to register an account; this will safeguard you from being cheated.

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#4. Send Pics After Receiving Payments

How can you sell feet pics without getting scammed? When you receive potential purchasers, make sure you only give them pics once they’ve confirmed their payment.

You may be tempted to trust your clients by providing them with your photos before they pay, which puts you in danger of being scammed.

So, if someone wants to buy your foot photos online, make them clear that payment in advance is required.

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#5. Maintain Privacy

As an individual who sells feet pics, you will come across potential buyers who will frequently inquire about your personal information.

Hey buddy, make every effort to keep the dialogue professional. Also, avoid disclosing sensitive information that might expose you to scammers.

Here’s another tip here; Make it a point to choose platforms that allow both the buyer and vendor to remain anonymous. Your information will be kept private as a result of this.

#6. Use just a business account

Another important tip on how to sell feet pics online without getting scammed is to only use a business account to trade with buyers.

Using a business account provides an extra degree of security against online crooks. With a business account, you can prevent your clients from initiating a chargeback as soon as they receive your feet photos.

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#7. Allow the Bargaining Power to Be Under Your Control

Every company, including the sale of feet photos, has equal bargaining power. Of course, Buyers are constantly on the lookout for discounts that fit their budgets.

Indeed, you must learn the technique of taking charge of your business as a supplier of feet pictures. Scammers prey on vendors who are willing to negotiate their pricing. Don’t let yourself be a victim.

Who Buys Feet Pics?

Have you ever wondered who would pay for your foot photos? Don’t be concerned. It’s not as strange as you would think.

Of course, there are individuals seeking your cute foot pics. Care to know? Here they are:

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Feet lovers

It’s no secret that some folks like feet. Because it’s a bit forbidden for some reason, they’re prepared to pay a premium for gorgeous images of feet.

These feet lovers can be kind and considerate, but hey! Selling to this audience is not for the faint of heart. Expect specific requests and less-than-polite language.

I’m not a great fan of this, especially because there are so many other methods to earn thousands of dollars every month online, but I’m simply here to offer you all of your alternatives.

Foot Model Agencies

Ever seen pictures of toenail varnish designs, pedicure photos, or sandal shoots? Foot model companies are continuously on the lookout for great foot photos for beauty salons and shoe stores or to publish in magazines or websites.

Indeed, if you’re wondering how to become a freelance model, starting with feet photos is a simple “foot” in the door.

Stock photo websites

Foot photos are in high demand on stock picture websites that specialize in photographs for commercial purposes.

Have you ever seen those adorable images of a couple’s feet peeking out from behind a bedsheet? Isn’t that just so adorable?

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How much can you make selling feet pics?

A single foot photo can bring you between $5 and $100 on average. As a novice with attractive feet, expect to earn $10 to $25 for each image.

However, this, like other aspects of modeling and photography, is determined by what clients are willing to pay.

Expect to make more if your foot photos are going to high-end publications or designer websites than if they’re just going to a random blog.

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4 Things to Avoid While Selling Your Feet Pics

While selling your feet pics online, there are certain things you’ve got to avoid in order to stay safe while bagging your cash. Here’re they:

1] Avoid Using Gift Cards as a Payment Method

One of the finest recommendations for folks wondering how to sell their feet photos without getting scammed is to avoid any type of gift card payment.

Scammers love to use gift cards and then cancel them before they are used. If a fraudster manages to cancel the gift cards, you’ll be out of luck because they already have your foot photos.

Instead, utilize secure online payment methods such as PayPal, check, or cash.

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2] Avoid Buyers Who Overpay

Receiving an overpayment for foot photos you sold online might be exhilarating. Avoid falling into this trap.

Scammers use this form to tip you before requesting a chargeback. If a chargeback is requested, the transaction site will issue a complete refund.

This here indicates that you’ve made a loss because you sold the photos without receiving anything in return.

3] Avoid Showing Your Face

Another thing to avoid while selling your feet online is to avoid showing your face. Your sole goal is to sell photographs of your feet, not your face. Never display your face in your pics.

The internet is home to millions of individuals, yet some are there to defraud you, and you never know where your photos may end up.

In fact, many trolls can lower your self-esteem, cause you to lose business, or even blackmail you.

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4] Avoid Insecure Internet Connection

A lot of folks go for unsecured internet connection cos it’s cheap. Guess what? They end up getting scammed at the end of the day.

This may seem self-evident, but yeah, it is worth noting. You run the danger of being duped since hackers can gain access to your smartphone and take your photos.

In order to sell your feet pics without getting scammed, avoid making use of the unsecured device and the internet.

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed (FAQs)

Where are the safe website to sell photos of my feet?

To avoid being scammed while selling your feet pics, here are the safe websites where you can sell from:

  • Feet Finder
  • Your website
  • Foap
  • Funwithfeet
  • Verify

Where can I sell my feet pictures without getting scammed?

Here are some of the greatest social media channels for earning money by selling foot photos online:

  • Etsy.
  • Feet Finder.
  • Dollar Feet.
  • On Instagram.
  • On Reddit.
  • Craigslist.
  • Foap.

What to avoid when selling feet pictures?

Never reveal your face. If at all possible, avoid including your face in the images you’re selling.

If a customer wants to buy your images, it’s because they want to see your feet, not your face.

How do I stop selling my feet scammed?

You can use feetify to sell your feet online. Feetify prohibits users who violate their tight regulations, discouraging prospective scams.

To get started with Feetify, go to their website and establish a vendor profile. After there, you may add a profile picture, cover image, and bio and begin uploading high-quality photos.

How much money can you realistically make selling feet pics?

Most individuals charge between $5 and $100 per foot photo. However, the average foot picture costs between $15 and $25.

How do I accept payments on feet pics?

PayPal is a fantastic tool through which you may transfer it to your buyer and have them pay you.

If you are selling photos of your feet, you may submit your PayPal email address and let them send you the cash.


Hey buddy! You’ve made it all the way to this point. You now have a better understanding of how to sell your feet pics without getting scammed and where to sell them.

However, remember to conduct your research and discover the best website for your needs because that is all that matters.



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