Make Money From YouTube Without Videos (Updated)

How to make money on youtube without making videos
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Do you know you can actually make money without creating videos on YouTube? Definitely! And it’s ok to be surprised, not everybody is aware of this information. Read on to leave the novice zone and also make money from the knowledge you’re about to get in this article.

Can You Make Money Without Making Videos on YouTube?

You might be thinking how possible is that! Well, nothing seems impossible in this age and time. However, it requires time, commitment, and lots of effort. Meanwhile, how you can make money on youtube without making videos is by recreation.

What I mean is recreating other people’s work and making money from YouTube without having to create your own. In case you didn’t know, YouTube includes a video collection of “Creative Commons license” content.

Some variations of the license permit users to upload other folks’ video content on their feed and generate income from them. CC-BY-licensed videos, for example, allow you to use and even modify them to represent your own viewpoints.

More than these, knowing how to start it is the most important aspect, especially for a newbie in the business.

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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Creating Videos

The following are the how to make money without Youtube videos online, whether you’re a newbie or have failed to do so severally. Consider these guidelines!

1. Get a Niche

Niche is simply what you want people to know you for. Uploading everything will end up becoming a disaster. A specialist is preferable to a ‘’jack of all trades’’. Moreover, you will end up losing money with all the effort you put into posting random videos.

Choose a niche that you can do well in and discover what your audience needs in that particular area. Give your Youtube audience what they need and make your money as a reward!

2. Creative Common License

Not creating your videos on youtube might not be a big deal, but you must certainly discover them to make money. A creative Commons license is the goldmine to achieve that goal of yours most importantly, it will help you to prevent copyright difficulties.

Meanwhile, a Creative Commons License is a license that grants you the liberty to share content that has a copyright. I bet you understand now why I said it’s a goldmine.

Also, you can find creative commons videos on YouTube with filters. The following steps will solve the question of ‘‘how’’ to do the creative commons.

  • Choose a topic within your niche
  • Select the ”filter” button
  • Select creative commons in ”Features’’

Note that only videos with a Creative Commons license will appear in your specialty (niche) on YouTube now. However, you can also choose any video content in the filtered search button.

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3. Work by Downloading Videos

One of the works you have to do in the quest to make money on youtube videos is downloading videos. Not just random ones but videos within your niche that your audience would love.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the footage in its original format. But if you alter it and make it your own, it’s a lot more ethical and unique, do your thing and let it reflect you (unique) and what your audience can’t resist

4. Editing

Video editing software is generally the finest choice for creating and modifying your youtube clip. There is no need to spend a fortune on complex editing software because the modifications you’ll have to do are straightforward. It doesn’t matter if it’s gratis.

Listed below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Include a preamble and conclusion: YouTube comes in handy in this case.
  • Lookup for the template of what you have in mind in the search engine.
  • Start with a captivating short video. For the most part, twenty or thirty seconds should suffice. It must pique the viewer’s interest and provide compelling content that will keep them glued to your videos. 
  • Add an introduction and the rest of the material.
  • Finish your clip with a bang (mind-blowing summary) and suggest alternatives for viewing other clips. You should compile as many videos as possible so you will not be out of video content when you create your youtube channel.

5. YouTube Channel Setup

Now that you’ve decided, it’s time to choose between opening a personal or business account. Whenever you sign up for a personal google account, the channel’s name is automatically changed to reflect your Google username. In most cases, a personal account is used for non-commercial purposes.

Having a brand account gives you more power and freedom in your business decisions. You can use a pseudonym, hide your email address, and control all your accounts from one place. A brand account is a must if you plan to make money off YouTube. It’s free, and it has a lot of potentials.

Hence, to set up a youtube channel, you must create a new account with an intriguing biography and an appealing picture. Tell viewers what to anticipate from your channel by telling them what you’ll do in your profile.

6. Publish Your Post

A decent objective is posting at least three times daily on your blog. As a new blogger, you’ll need to post more frequently in the beginning to create a following. As soon as you’ve established a reputation on your channel, you’ll be able to reduce your posting frequency to just two or one per day.

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How to Make Money From Videos on Your YouTube Channel

Let’s get to the heart of your material now. Under the filter area, select creative commons; the results will be sorted by how many people have seen them. You can utilize the video’s material if it has a “creative commons” attribute for as long as you do some editing without being copywritten.

A collection, rating, controversy, stunts, and challenges all function effectively on the site when you discover the video you want to utilize and make the necessary alterations. Put in a picture and the keywords you chose to begin with when modifying the document.

If you want fast results, post between one to eight videos daily for a month straight. If you implement this plan, you ought to be able to make money quickly from your videos on your YouTube channel.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Videos.

If you want your videos to be a hit on YouTube, you need to know how much money you make from click-throughs and how long people watch your videos. As a last thought, here are a few pointers for making your video content more searchable:

  • Make eye-catching headings
  • Each time, create design concepts as thumbnails
  • Your videos should be retouched.
  • Storytell
  • Use a standard license for all of your videos.
  • Consistency is key.

2. Video Promotion

There is nothing like letting the world know about your videos now that it’s available on the internet. Spread the word about your video by posting it on social media, your blog, a message board, or anywhere else online.

Alternatively, you can connect to the video on YouTube and incorporate it on other websites. Have in mind that spamming videos can reduce many viewing your content.

Increasing the number of people who see and subscribe to your videos is made possible through the use of video promotion. In order to be able to make money from your material, you need a larger audience.

You can make money from your videos as soon as your Youtube channel is online and you have a library of content and a following.

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3. Endorsement

An endorsement is a promotion that bears the seal of approval from the YouTuber who provided it. Because they are confident in their product promises, they offer a guarantee to their viewers. In return for recommending a product or service, the influencer is paid a fee by the firm or organization.

4. Merchandise

Merchandise, or merch, is a way for YouTube influencers with a large following to generate extra money. Many YouTubers’ fans feel more connected to their favorite stars when they wear branded products like t-shirts or hats.

Besides watching their material and subscribing to their channels, there is always another method to help the influencer.

5. Become a YouTube Seo Expert.

If you haven’t already, you need to amp up your YouTube SEO game this year if you’re a new video maker. It’s a good idea to do your typical keyword research—think about what people are looking for on YouTube.

Next, ensure your video title, description, and video tags contain very high keywords.

As soon as your channel is up and running, you can look at the “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report on YouTube to see what kinds of searches are bringing visitors to your hosted content. Most video searches on Google are for ”how”, reviews, training, or just plain humorous video terms.

In addition, these are the five most important YouTube SEO ranking variables:

  • The number of comments
  • After seeing a video, a viewer subscribes to the channel.
  • The percentage of thumbs up vs thumbs down
  • The duration of a video.
  • people who clicked on the first result on YouTube (click-through rate)

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To Make Money on YOUTUBE, How Many Viewers and Subscribers Do You Need?

Members of YouTube’s Partner Program must meet specific criteria, including watching at least 4,000 hours of video in the past year and a certain number of subscribers. At least 1,000 subscribers are enough to start making money on your youtube videos.

In the absence of millions of views, affiliate marketing is an excellent approach to monetizing your channel. You can include affiliate links in the video description of your product reviews or lessons. That way, you’ll be able to generate more money than your advertising CPV, plus you’ll be able to earn commissions on every transaction.

A blog and a YouTube channel are a great combination. You can advertise affiliate links on your YouTube channel and your blog by embedding the videos in your posts, which will help you receive more views (and help your SEO).

When It Comes to YOUTUBE, How Much Are a Thousand Views Worth?

The answer to the question of how much a thousand views are worth is elusive. If you’re in a specific industry, the number of individuals that click on your ads, and where you’re located all play a role in your success. This all contributes to your CPM rate.

A Google AdWords account is also created so that the advertiser has the option of either paying for views (CPV) or for clicks (CPC).

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To make money on YouTube without creating videos is possible but not easy at the same time. It requires patience and consistency; having the ability to see beyond one or two clicks at your early beginning will so much help you. And do well to apply the guidelines here and make the money of your dreams.


Can You Make Money From YouTube Without Showing Your Face?

Of course, you can. You can make use of sponsored videosADD IMAGE

Can you Make Money on YouTube With Just Views?

You can, when you reach the criteria for making money on views. The least is 1,000 views.

Can I Make Money on YouTube Without Subscribers?

According to the requirement, you need not a subscriber but subscribers of at least 1,000 to make money on youtube videos. So, you can’t make money without subscribers.

Do YouTubers Get Paid Monthly?

Yes! And they receive their money through a direct deposit or mail


Can you make money from YouTube without showing your face?

Of course, you can. You can make use of sponsored videos

Can you make money on YouTube with just views?

You can, when you reach the criteria for making money on views. The least is 1,000 views.

Can I make money on YouTube without subscribers?

According to the requirement, you need not a subscriber but subscribers of at least 1,000 to make money on youtube videos. So, you can’t make money without subscribers.

Do YouTubers get paid monthly?

Yes! And they receive their money through a direct deposit or mail

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