How to Make Money Reading Books Online and Offline in 2023 (Updated)

make money reading books online and offline
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According to research, 2,700 novels are produced every day. This makes the services of book reviewers and book readers in demand.

Every writer, I suppose, is a voracious reader. So, why not get paid to do something you enjoy?

The truth is, that there are numerous ways to make money online. You only need to explore opportunities in various fields of interest. If you enjoy reading books or have a decent voice to record audio, you may turn it into a side hustle and earn money.

I’ve put together a list of websites where you can make money reading books by writing reviews or recording audiobooks. One thing to keep in mind: this isn’t something you can do full-time, and it’s not a get-rich scheme. You won’t make a lot of money, but you’ll be more productive and intellectually robust because you’ll be reading books by diverse writers that interest you.

Now, keep reading so you can find out how to make money reading books online and offline.

Ways To Make Money Reading Books Online/Offline

The finest jobs allow you to pursue your passions. Here are five ways you may get paid to read if you enjoy reading and want to make money from it.

1. Write Book Reviews

There are various options for earning money by writing book reviews. One option is to submit book reviews to periodicals and newspapers that accept them. About a publication’s website, look for the “Writers” or “Submissions” page for information on book review submissions.

Also, an alternative is to write for a dedicated book review publication that focuses solely on book reviews.

In recent years, a number of websites and apps that pay for reviews have emerged. Some of these websites are; Any Subject Books, Kirkus, and the United States Review of Books.

While many of these materials require payment in the form of money, others require copies of the book or magazine. Before you pitch or apply, double-check the payment details. Work may be intermittent, and payment may be slow, depending on who you sign up with. As a result, writing book reviews may not be a full-time or consistent source of revenue.

A book blog is another option to get paid to write book reviews. While you won’t normally charge authors for reviews, you can make money through Amazon’s affiliate program, ad networks like AdSense, and selling ad space to authors and publishers.

This is one way to make money reading books, it can be done both for online and offline clients.

2. Literary Agent Freelance Reading

Jennifer Wright of has created an excellent article on How to Get Into Freelance Reading.

In a nutshell, freelance readers study synopses and manuscripts for agents and publishers and tell them whether they’re “excellent,” “worth your time to read and consider,” or “don’t waste your time on this one since it’s not marketable.”

Finding a literary agent or publisher who has a mountain of reading to sift through in order to locate a gem is essential for a freelance reading position. On occasion, freelance reading tasks might be found on writing and freelance job forums.

3. Write Book Summaries

Many businesses appeal to busy executives who don’t have time to read the latest business books but yet want to speak intelligently about them. Consider Cliff Notes for pros.

Companies that sell polished summaries of novels sell them to people who want the short version. Many of these same businesses pay freelancers to read a book in its entirety and then write a synopsis.

This is a way to make money online and offline by reading books.

4. Read and Record Audiobooks

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. While most publishers have audiobook readers on staff, self-published authors and small presses frequently seek for persons with strong, clear voices to read fiction and nonfiction.

Amazon’s ACX and Brilliance Audio, which produces many bestseller audiobooks, are the greatest locations to look for work. You may also look for audiobook reading jobs on freelance platforms like Upwork.

5. Edit Books

This is a way to make money online and offline reading books.

You may help authors enhance the quality of their publications by working as a book editor. While many book editors proofread or copyedit for grammar and style, developmental editors provide feedback on story cohesion, clarity, and flow.

Publishing houses, small presses, Publishers Marketplace, and other writing-related job sites can help you find work. Starting your own freelance editing business is another option.

Legit Websites To Make Money Reading and Reviewing Books Online/Offline

1. Kirkus Media

If you’ve ever spent time on an Amazon book page, you’ve probably heard of Kirkus Reviews. It’s one of the most well-known book review sites, with many blurbs on Amazon or on the back covers of your favorite books.

Where do all of these reviews come from, you have to wonder? This is where you enter the photo. An open application for book reviewers is listed on Kirkus Media’s website. They’re currently looking for someone to evaluate indie games in English and Spanish.

Experience, a keen eye, and the capacity to compose a 350-word review in two weeks are some of the attributes they seek in reviewers.

2. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery, a superpower in the world of indie publications, allows book reviewers to read the latest self-published novels before anybody else. You can look through hundreds of new stories before deciding on one that interests you.

You can also communicate with authors who contact you directly for a review if you’ve established a reputation as a book reviewer on Reedsy Discovery.

Its application method is straightforward: fill out this form to be considered for a position as a book reviewer. Once you’ve been accepted, you can instantly begin browsing the shelves and reading.

Also, book reviewers can seek advice on how to write better book reviews. As a mark of thanks, readers can give $1, $3, or $5 (which, let’s be honest, all book reviewers deserve more of).

This is a way to make money online and offline reading books.

3. Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books is a self-publishing service that offers a comprehensive range of services. It also hires book reviewers on a book-by-book basis to assist them in reviewing new novels, which is good news for you.

In-depth, honest, and objective reviews are important to them. There’s no fluff here! They’ll also provide you books in your favorite genres, so if you’re a big fan of war fiction, you won’t be prompted to read the latest paranormal romance novel (or vice versa).

Unfortunately, Any Subject Books is not accepting book reviewer applications; however, this could change anytime.

4. BookBrowse

Adult fiction and nonfiction and certain works for young adults, are reviewed on BookBrowse.

The site focuses on novels that are fun to read, with engaging characters and plotlines, and teach the reader something new about the world. For each book they review, reviewers also produce a “beyond the book” article.

5. Online Book Club

“First and foremost, this is not some insane online get-rich-quick gimmick,” the FAQ for Online Book Club warns potential book reviewers. You’re not going to get rich, and you’re not going to be able to quit your day job.”

Aside from that ominous reminder, Online Book Club’s setup is quite sensible, not to mention simple. You’ll get a free copy of the book and will be compensated for your review.

It’s also one of the few sites that is open about their payment rates (which range from $5 to $60). And a great place to make money reading books online and offline if you have a hard copy.

6. U.S. Review of Books

The United States Review of Books is a national organization that reviews all types of books and publishes the results in a popular monthly newsletter. A book reviewer’s job is simple: reviewers can request to read it and be assigned to it when a book title is listed.

A typical U.S. Review of Books review is between 250 and 300 words long. In evaluations, they’re searching for knowledgeable viewpoints, professionalism, and succinctness.

To apply, send an email with your resume, a sample of your work, and two professional references.

7. Women’s Review of Books

Wellesley Centers for Women publishes the Women’s Review of Books, a long-running and well-respected print periodical. This feminist publication, which has been around for 36 years, is looking for new book reviewers to join its ranks.

If you’re thinking about writing a review for Women’s Review of Books, keep in mind that it publishes reviews “in the service of action and consciousness.” The majority of its contributors are academics, journalists, or book reviewers with years of expertise. If you meet these requirements and are hired, you will be paid $100 each review.

This is one of the best sites to make money online and offline reading books.

8. Upwork

You’re probably already familiar with Upwork if you’re a freelancer! Upwork, one of the largest freelance marketplaces, has a hand in almost every industry. People looking for freelance book reviewers often put listings on its marketplace, which comes as no surprise.

Because each position caters to a different client, the credentials and criteria may vary. It could be a one-time project or evolve into a long-term partnership with the client.

The genre of the book will usually be specified in the listing, so you’ll know what you’re getting before agreeing to collaborate with the client on the other end.

9. Moody Press

Moody Press is a non-profit Christian publishing house that produces Christian books and Bible study materials. If this is your area of expertise, the Moody Press Blogger Review Program is for you! You’ll receive complimentary copies of a book produced by Moody Press as part of the program.

You won’t be paid for your review, but you will receive a free book, as with some of the other programs on this list. You must also provide your honest evaluation within 60 days of receiving the book from Moody Press.

10. New Pages

You don’t want to write anything more than 300 words? Do you prefer short, snappy book reviews? If that’s the case, becoming a NewPages reviewer might be right up your alley. Small presses, independent publishers, booksellers, and literary periodicals may all be found on

They’re also looking for short book reviews (usually between 100 and 200 words) on any recent literary magazine or book you’ve read.

Even better if you’re already a lover of books from small presses or unknown magazines, NewPages is looking for that type of reviewer.

11. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is an online publication that covers all aspects of international book publishing.

More importantly, it reviews both traditionally published and self-published books on a regular basis, which means it occasionally posts a call for book reviewers. It’s now closed to applicants, but if you check its Jobs page every now and again, you might find an opening.

12. Tyndale Blog Network

My Reader Rewards Club, a program sponsored by Tyndale Blog Network, is built on a unique rewards structure.

You can earn points for certain actions on the site if you register as a member (for instance, inviting a friend to the program and sharing a direct link to on Facebook each fetches you 10 points).

Writing a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for a Tyndale or NavPress book earns you 10 points, with a maximum of 50 points in 30 days. As a result, you can utilize your earned points to get more books from Tyndale’s shelves.

13. Booklist Publications

Booklist is a well regarded review newspaper for librarians published by the American Library Association.

It assigns freelance book reviews ranging from The Booklist Reader’s blog entries to Booklist magazine published book reviews, which is fortunate for freelance writers.

It’s crucial to be familiar with Booklist Publication’s outlets (which include Booklist magazine, the quarterly Book Links, and The Booklist Reader blog) and writing style, as the site indicates.

This is a way to make money online and offline reading books.

14. Instaread

You don’t want to write critical reviews of the books you read? Then Instaread could be a good fit for you. Book summaries that summarize “the core concepts of new and classic nonfiction” are being sought by Instaread.

Each summary should be between 1000 and 1500 words long, which is a bit longer than a typical flash book review. Instead, on the other hand, will generously recompense you: as of 2019, Instaread pays $100 for each summary you write.

15. NetGalley

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the book-reviewing community, NetGalley is a good place to start. To put it simply, NetGalley is a service that connects book reviewers with publishers and writers.

NetGalley allows librarians, bloggers, booksellers, media professionals, and educators to read books before they are published.

It works in a very straightforward manner. Publishers make digital review copies available on NetGalley for members to request to read, review, and recommend them.

It’s a win-win situation for both the publisher and the reviewer: the publisher is able to discover eager readers who will give their books an honest review, while the reviewer has access to a large library of books.

Can You Really Make Money Reading Books?

Yes, you can make money reading books.

Because authors are constantly publishing new books for the public to read, quality book reviewers are always in demand.

However, being a good reviewer does not necessitate being a seasoned writer with years of expertise. Many book review websites offer opportunities for novices who wish to do beta reading for a small fee.

But, if you have more experience and want to put your skills to good use, don’t be discouraged. Many websites advertise job openings where you can try out for the position.

Furthermore, they frequently seek expert book reviewers, so you stand a good possibility of being discovered. So, if you want to discover how to take advantage of this money-making opportunity, stay reading!

How to Make A Career Out Of Book Reading

Surprisingly, writing book reviews isn’t the only possible employment path for someone who enjoys reading. Yes, you can join websites to write honest reviews and share your personal experiences with readers on a book blog. Of course, you should never rule out this choice, but you can consider a few other options.

Proofreading, copy editing, acquisitions editing, freelance content editing, and other similar tasks are among them. All of these possibilities allow you to read and write while working in the book publishing industry. However, in order to finish these projects, you will need to pay close attention to detail in order to edit numerous content sources accurately.

Many people, including book publishing businesses, want multiple sets of eyes on their work before submitting it, and you may provide that extra set of eyes before a book launch. You are not required to read or edit any certain kind of book, and they are the best types of novels! You have ultimate control over the next journey you embark on.


Can I Make Money Reading books on YouTube?

If you’re wondering if you can get money reading books on YouTube, the answer is no. Book reviews are acceptable because you are contributing your own ideas and intellectual property to a topic.

Can You Make a Living Reading books?

For any book aficionado, getting paid to read can be thrilling. Many jobs that pay people to read also require them to write and communicate with others, making work more fun and giving them opportunities to learn new things.

Can Reading be a Job?

Many people find reading to be a pleasurable and gratifying pastime. Nevertheless, constructing a profession that includes on-the-job reading is feasible.


Can I make money reading books on YouTube?

If you’re wondering if you can get money reading books on YouTube, the answer is no. Book reviews are acceptable because you are contributing your own ideas and intellectual property to a topic.

Can you make a living reading books?

For any book aficionado, getting paid to read can be thrilling. Many jobs that pay people to read also require them to write and communicate with others, making work more fun and giving them opportunities to learn new things.

Can reading be a job?

Many people find reading to be a pleasurable and gratifying pastime. Nevertheless, constructing a profession that includes on-the-job reading is feasible.


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