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runescape money making guide
runescape money making guide

It may sound crazy if I tell you that playing games can be a money-making source. But that is the truth. Do you know that you can earn money hourly, weekly, or monthly just by playing games?

Well, you can achieve that with RuneScape. RuneScape is an online role-playing game that supports multiplayer. 

This article on RuneScape money-making guide gives a detailed explanation of how to make money playing the game.

Making money on RuneScape can be quite challenging for new players. However, after reading our rs3 money-making guide, you should be able to scale through.

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What is RuneScape?

RuneScape is also called rs3. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created and published by Jagex. The game was first released in January 2001.

Initially, RuneScape was a browser game created with the programming language, Java. However, it was later replaced in 2016 with a standalone C++-coded client. 

Alongside gaining recognition as the largest and most updated free MMORPG by the Guinness World Records, RuneScape has garnered more than 200 million accounts.

RuneScape takes place in a medieval fantasy realm known as the world of Gielinor. The world of Gielinor has divisions—kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players can journey far and wide in Gielinor through various methods. 

These methods include charter ships, on foot, or magical spells. In the game, each player is represented with customized avatars. RuneScape has no particular storyline, instead, players are left to set their objectives. 

Players can decide to complete quests, boost their experience in the skills, or fight non-player character monsters. The game also has interactive features that make it lively. Hence, players can interact amongst themselves via chatting, trading, or partaking in activities and mini-games.

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Can You Make Real Money With RuneScape?

Real-world trading (a terminology used to describe earning real-life money from RuneScape) is not in support of the rules. So, your account might be banned permanently if you’re caught.

But you can still earn money by looking for a trusted RuneScape buyer. And send the person your RuneScape cash (in-game), then safely keep your money in your PayPal or bank account.

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What Skill is Most Profitable in Osrs?

Runecrafting is the most profitable skill in Osrs. Using this skill, you can earn more than 400,000,000 getting to level 99.

Apparently, the most profitable runes to craft are astral runes, nature runes, and cosmic runes. Keep in mind that you can craft double runes at a few levels.

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Does RuneScape Ban For Buying Gold?

Typically, RuneScape doesn’t ban accounts only for buying gold. Therefore, the chances that you will be banned are slim. But ensure you do not buy large amounts at once.

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How Much Does a Maxed RuneScape Account Sell For?

Depending on the calculator, you can sell for $2564.24 if you have an account with every skill maxed out.

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It is against the rules to buy and sell accounts. When a player buys an existing RuneScape account, RuneScape opines that the account is assumed to be stolen.

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RS3 Currencies

The world of Gielinor has so many secrets and interesting activities to perform. RS3 has several types of currencies but gold stands out. So, let’s quickly delve into the different rs3 currencies.

Archery ticket 

You can use this currency for just the Ranging Guild (also called the Archer Guild). It can be swapped for goods including the Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange. However, it may not work somewhere else. 

Truth be told, the archery ticket is one of the most helpful currencies out there. 

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Rusty coins

You can get this type of currency in Dungeoneering to purchase items from the Smuggler. This currency cannot be used elsewhere. Thus if you have some left, you’ll surely have to spend them.

Trading sticks

This could be regarded as the second most valuable currency in RuneScape. As opposed to other types of currencies, trading sticks can be used in numerous places in RuneScape. 

This doesn’t mean that they’re as valuable as gold. But they’re certainly better than the rusty coins.


The zemomark currency is used to purchase items in New Varrock. While there are numerous ways to get zemomarks, they will be based on each player’s resources and time.

Whichever way, you could spend them as much as you want. But you cannot store them. So before you begin the farming methods, know that you ought to get rid of them.


Chronotes are used in the Archaeological skill. Hence, you can only spend it in the Archaeology Guild Shop. Alongside being a tradeable currency, it will give you plenty of fun as you make them.

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Top RuneScape Money-Making Guide 

Making money on RuneScape shouldn’t be difficult. To get 10,000 coins, you only have to complete the first 3 levels. But this wouldn’t still be enough to bear good gears.

So, if you’re a non-member, here’s the full RuneScape money-making guide. You can make money on RuneScape in the following ways:

  1. Combating

This rs3 money-making guide allows you to combat with cows and chickens for low levels, and Hill Giants for amateurs. You can make money on RuneScape by combating.

It’s easy to kill chickens and they can be found north of Lumbridge. And their feathers can be sold for 5-15 GP. Again, you can sell cowhides for 100-150 GP (for each cowhide).  

  1. Fishing

Under the RuneScape money-making guide, we have fishing. This one is for non-members of RuneScape. Using at least 30 fishing, simply go to docks with a 60GP and a lobster pot or harpoon. 

You will land at the right part of the island if you ride with a boat to Karamja for 30 GP. Check out the fishing icons on the dock at the fishing spot near the smaller dock at the north.

  1. Mining

Even though mining is quite slow, it is still part of the rs3 money-making guide. This money-making method is lucrative and you just have to mine ores and sell them.

You can sell iron ores for 100 GP. It’s very fast to collect and it generates so much money.

  1. Runecrafting

This is the most profitable skill in RuneScape. It’s quite slow for earning bucks. And to runecraft, you must complete rune mystery quests.

To earn money on RuneScape through runecrafting, you must have a rune essence and an air talisman. You can get rune essence by purchasing it or mining it.

But if you want to get rune essence via mining, you could tell the wizard in the wizard’s tower to carry you to rune essence.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to purchase rune essence. And you must calculate the profit.

  • Look for the air altar on the map of West Varrock. Then take your rune essence and air talisman there.
  • Immediately you use the air talisman on the air altar, it will send you somewhere.
  • At the center of the stone hedge, you will find a rock. Now, use the rune essence on the rock, it will give you air runes.
  • Sell them to get back the money you worked for.
  1. Smithing 

This is a boring and tiring way to make money on RuneScape. But if you’re consistent, you will make cool cash for yourself. 

You’d typically have to find ores and melt them in a furnace. After that, use a hammer to take the bars to an anvil. While the bar is on the anvil, you can select what you want to smith.

  1. Cutting wood

The most common rs3 money-making method on RuneScape for non-members is cutting wood. To do this, simply choo down the highest level tree you can, using the best hatchet.

After that, store the logs and once you have collected many, sell them. Chop down yews when you get to 60 woodcutting. A single log sells at 500-600 GP and with every inventory, you can make as much as 12k.

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The Best Ways to Earn Gold on RuneScape Using a Low-level Character

If you’re a non-active member on RuneScape, below are some easy steps to earn gold using a low-level character.

  1. Get bronze bars

You must have money if you want to make money on RuneScape. And you can start by mining tin ore and copper to get money. 

Afterward, smelt the tin ore and copper into bronze bars. Craft them into any item you could sell.

Start your mining close to Varrock, then store them in the bank situated in Varrock. Lastly, journey to Burthorpe to smelt them into bars.

  1. Make bronze weapons

Just look for an item you will make that will generate the highest gold amount for each bronze bar. Then smith at the anvil where you originally smelted the ore.

Constantly go back and forth between the bank and the anvil until you use the final bronze bar that’s in the bank to produce armor or weapons.

  1. Visit the Grand Exchange Market

Visit the Grand Exchange (auction house) if you want to get rich. Recover your armor or weapons from the bank. And to gain entry to the Grand Exchange, simply talk with the Grand Exchange clerk.

Change to note withdrawal mode, then click “Load Preset” to withdraw all your crafted items as notes. Right-click on each item and choose “OfferBronze XX” to sell it.

  1. Craft iron bars

Repeating steps 1–3 above will help improve your smithing skill. And sooner you could start making iron items. Rather than crafting bronze items, simply follow steps 1–3 above to make iron items using iron ores.

This way, you will get more gold for each crafting action.

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Old School RuneScape Money Making Guide

This old school RuneScape money-making guide explains the various ways to make money when beginning your RuneScape journey via the old school RuneScape.

It could seem like an uphill climb initially when you create a new account on old school RuneScape. Making the base you will need throughout the game could be seemingly difficult. 

While a lot of players would appreciate this as a challenge, other players want to succeed in these early stages.

One of the biggest obstacles that old school RuneScape players must conquer in this early stage is making a huge amount of money. 

Money is one of the important things in old school RuneScape and it decides what players can do and how fit they are to do it. This old school RuneScape money-making guide will explain to you how you can make money in the early stage of the game. 

Some of these methods are for non-members and some for members.

  1. Stronghold of Security – Available to not members and non-members

Kickstarting the old school RuneScape money-making guide, we have the stronghold of security. This dungeon exists to teach players how to protect their personal and account information while playing online.

You can access the stronghold through the middle of Barbarian village which is only west of Varrock city. If you go through the whole stronghold, you will receive 10,000 gold coins. And this is a very good start to your account.

  1. Taking Advantage of  the Shops Around Varrock – Available to both members and non-members

In the old school RuneScape, you can buy items in two ways. The first one is from particular shops established around the world. And the second is from fellow players who use Grand Exchange.

You can find the Grand Exchange in North Varrock. Here, players can buy and sell nearly all items in the game to their fellow players.

This technique takes advantage of the fact that prices in shops throughout the world usually differ from prices at the Grand Exchange. 

So, in this old school RuneScape money-making method, players will go to the entire shops in Varrock and buy their items. Then carry them alongside to the Grand Exchange and sell them higher than the price they purchased them for.

The best two shops you can use to achieve this are; the rune shop and staff shop. Also, be sure you’re up to date on the prices to ensure you’re still making profits. This is because the prices of items in the Grand Exchange changes.

  1. Spinning Flax Members Only

Another old school RuneScape money-making method is spinning flax. It is very consistent, and players must get to level 10 in crafting. But this can be easily achieve by making leather gear. 

The best way to maximize this method is by buying flax from the Grand Exchange and journeying to Lumbridge castle. In this method, you simply spin a wheel to turn flax into a bowstring.

At the Grand Exchange, flax costs 4 gold coins while a bowstring costs 109 gold coins. With these prices, you can make a huge profit.


If you play by the rules, you can make millions from rs3. Carefully go through this top rs3 money-making guide to understand better, how to make money on RuneScape.


What is RuneScape money?

Gold pieces (coins) are the major currency form in RuneScape.

How much is max cash in RuneScape?

You can put a maximum of 2,147,483,647 coins on the Grand Exchange. If your offer is greater than this, it will read “too high”.

What does GP stand for in RuneScape?

GP stands for Gold Pieces.

Where can I sell my RuneScape gold? buys all your RuneScape gold and pays you instantly. They buy both OSRS and RS3 gold.

Can you have multiple cash stacks in RuneScape?

You can have up to 12 max cash stacks on your account.



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