15 Best Websites Where Men Give You Money in 2023

Websites Where Men Give You Money
Websites Where Men Give You Money

Have you been in search of websites where men give you money? Not to worry, you are in the right place at the right time.

As a woman, there are a handful of options with which you can make money. One of those ways is coming across websites where men can give you money.

These websites might only require you to carry out one or two activities, after which you get paid for carrying out those activities. The amount you earn depends on how well or quickly you carry out those activities and, most importantly, the website you go to.

You don’t need to sell anything. You might only need to act as a companion and engage in some socializing activities, which would be no big deal to anyone who enjoys socializing.

This article introduces you to the 15 best websites where men can give you money.

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Are these Websites Worth the Try?

It is understandable to have second thoughts about giving these websites a try. The first thing to consider is whether or not you would be comfortable doing some of the jobs that these websites might require you to do.

Understanding all your job entails is crucial to the job’s success, so if you experience discomfort from any of the activities you’re asked to carry out, you could have a rethink.

For one, some of the activities on these websites might require you to;

1. Engage in video calls: if you’re uncomfortable with engaging in video calls or having to show your face to clients, you might have a rethink or choose other available options.

2. Be friendly, chatty, and enthusiastic: this should be no big deal but a reminder of what to expect.

3. Engage in sexual activities that might require you to remove your clothes or touch your body. However, you reserve the right to stop the video whenever you feel uncomfortable.

4. Engage in sexual chats.

Above are some factors to consider before trying out websites where men give you money. However, if you have no problem with these, you could feel free to try these websites out, as these choices depend on you.

How Much Can Be Earned through these Websites?

As mentioned earlier, the amount to be earned varies and depends on the websites you visit and the types of activities you engage in.

However, it is possible to earn anything from $30 to $500 per hour, and if you can act as a good companion, you could earn up to or even more than $1000 per week. Your performance is also a determining factor in how much you can earn.

Your time, availability, and willingness to carry out some random activities, which you’d be asked to do, are the most important things needed. Sometimes, your appearance also matters, as you might be asked to make video calls.

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15 Best Websites Where Men Can give you Money

The following is a list of the 15 best websites where you can earn money as a woman:

1. Chat Recruit

Through this website, you can chat with men on your phone at any time and anywhere. You can take up jobs on this site as a side hustle. This means you can work whenever you are available and whenever you have side jobs.

In Chat Recruit, you control who you work with, the work volume you get, and how much you can earn. You should earn $2 per minute of the time you chat with men.

2. Rent A Date

This website acts like a dating site for men to rent qualified women who would act as partners for functions and other social gatherings. Women can also get hired as dates for men whose specifications they meet. Rent A Date is a membership site, and their hourly rates start around $125.

3. What’s Your Price

This website operates as an auction site where men bid on women who would serve as dates and hired partners. Eventually, the highest bidder wins the first date.

Women who seek to earn money through this website should remember that this site is mostly concerned with appearances, and if they eventually get chosen, they have to do a lot of work preparing to go on a date.

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4. DreamLover

To earn money on this website, women would have to do a lot of sharing photos through text. Once a woman is hired on this website, she must upload her pictures. DreamLover seeks women who can act as models.

Women can also earn on this website by selling their photographs. Women get to choose their working hours and schedule. DreamLover is open to women all over the world who meet the requirements.

5. MyGirlFund

This website serves as a social financing platform for women. Women only need to be able to act as companions and possess good communication and chatting skills. Women can make friends, chat, get naughty if they wish, and still earn.

Women decide how much they make on this website and the hours of work they put in.

6. LipService

This website offers two major types of jobs. Women can take up the phone actress texting job or the phone chat operator job. This is to say that they can use either text with men over the phone as though they were acting or choose to carry out live texts over the internet with men.

7. FindMySugarBaby

This website gives women the opportunity to date men without having to worry about commitment issues. They can serve as sugar babies to men whose specifications and expectations they meet while earning simultaneously.

There is no limit to the number of men women can date on this app. There is also the possibility of some women engaging in sexual activities with men through this website. Ultimately, the choice remains theirs to make.

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8. TourBar

TourBar serves two main purposes; to find a travel or tour companion and as a date or a partner for official functions. So, women could either sign up as travel companions or partners for official functions.

9. Rent A Friend

This remains one of the perfect fits for those who are friendly, enthusiastic about making friends, and possess good chatting skills. Many members of this website are willing to connect with people with good social skills.

Women can offer emotional support or friendship to people who need it and earn money.

10. FlirtBucks

As the website’s name implies, women only have to flirt with men and get paid for flirting. Women get to choose their work hours and schedule and the men they flirt with. There is no limit to men they can flirt with, and they can easily work from home.

11. Chat Operator Jobs

All women have to do is chat and text and earn their money. They get to earn about $20 per chat. The workload on this website is not overwhelming, as women can increase or decrease the time they put into work.

However, they have to bear in mind that they might have to switch to sexual chats at times while working with Chat Operators. Nevertheless, there is no need to nurse any fear of having to share sexual videos or pictures.

12. Phrendly

Similar to other websites where men give you money, Phrendly requires women to flirt through texts, chats, videos, and calls while earning money. Women do not need to worry about their phone numbers or other important information being leaked.

13. Ispyplates 

This company pays women to receive text messages without needing to open them. It is only open to women of the U.S residence and women who sign up on this website can earn anything from $200-$300 every month.

14. TexKings

Here, you get paid to become a chat operator, just as is done on similar websites. One could become a phone operator on this website. There are bonuses for good performances and women who sign up to become text chat operators on this platform can earn anything from 25 to £125. For those who choose to become phone operators, they can earn anything from $15 to $25 per hour.

15. Text 121 Operators

This is a chat operating website where women who meet the requirements can sign up to become adult chat operators. They must be able to send a minimum of 1000 texts per month. Women who sign up on this platform can earn up to $0.07 per message sent.

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How to Identify Fake Websites.

In the process of searching for websites where men can give you money, it is possible to come across fake websites. How then would you be able to identify a fake website?

  • Scan the website for any possible virus.
  • Get reliable contact details that you can hold on to before joining.
  • Check the domain name for security.
  • Judge the website according to its professionality.


With the availability of websites such as the aforementioned, it is now easy for women to make money through texting, chatting, flirting, and engaging in calls with men.

Women could earn some cool figures while working with the above sites. They should however take note of some things they might have to face – such as sharing pictures, engaging in video calls, and the likes – before they start to work.

They should confirm the originality of the website to avoid getting scammed and also avoid their personal information being leaked out.


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