Five Boxes of Bananas Sell For $30.00. How Many Boxes Can You Buy For $9.00?


Five boxes of bananas sell for $30.00. how many boxes can you buy for $9.00? This is relatively easy but I should introduce you to some terms before guiding you through the steps.

The answer to the question five boxes of bananas sell for $30.00. how many boxes can you buy for $9.00? is 1.5 boxes that are one and a half boxes of bananas.

Keep reading this article to discover the simple steps/path which I followed to arrive at the answer.

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Five Boxes of Bananas Sell For $30.00. How Many Boxes Can You Buy For $9.00?

Unit Ratio

A ratio is a comparison of two separate quantities in mathematics. A unit rate is the amount of one quantity that corresponds to one unit of another.

The cost per unit of an item is an excellent illustration of a unit rate. For example, if two pizzas cost $15, the cost per pizza is $152=$7.50. $152=$7.50.

We may compute the cost of xx pizzas using this rate by multiplying the number of pizzas by the cost per pizza.

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It is given to us that

For $30.00, you may bring 5 boxes of bananas.

We need to figure out how many boxes we can get for $9.00.

Getting the unit ratio: how many boxes can we get if we have just $1

If $30.00 gets us 5 boxes of bananas, the implication is that $1 will purchase 5/30 boxes. 5/30 is equivalent to 1/6 banana boxes.

Since we now have the number of boxes we can get for $1 as 1/6, the next step is to get the number of boxes we can get for $9.00.

At this point, we multiply 1/6 by $9.00. hence we have 3/2 boxes. 3/2 boxes are equivalent to 1.5 boxes.


How do you know if its a proportion or not?

One method for determining if two ratios are proportionate is to express them as fractions and then decrease them.

Your ratios are proportional if the reduced fractions are the same.

Where do we use proportion in our daily life?

Now explore an example of a proportionate relationship in our daily lives: When we fill up our automobile with petrol, there is a connection between the number of gallons of gasoline we put in the tank and the amount of money we will have to pay.

To put it another way, the more petrol we put in, the more money we’ll pay.

Why do we use proportions?

A proportion is defined as the equality of two ratios. We write proportions to assist us in determining equivalent ratios and solving for unknown numbers.


Five boxes of bananas sell for $30.00. One and a half boxes can be bought for $9.00.



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