18 Best Jobs That Pay $17 An Hour (or More) In 2022

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There are many jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more). You can do some of these jobs with no experience. And you can get a lot of these jobs even if you don’t have a degree. Plus, they have part-time options.

Working jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more) will do your pocket a lot good. You can easily pay rent, make car payments, and other household consumptions. In other words, your overall standard of living increases. Who wouldn’t want that?

These jobs can be found across many different industries. If you’re motivated to explore jobs that pay $17 an hour, we have listed 18 of them for you. Happy reading!

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18 Best Jobs That Pay $17 An Hour (or More)

The following are jobs that pay $17 an hour or (more)

1. Occupational Therapy Assistant

If you can care for sick people, this job might be good for you. Your duties may include helping them return to work, or participate more fully in their hobbies and social lives.

Occupational therapy assistant jobs are among the best jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more). You’ll earn up to $20.76 per hour.

2. Multimedia Artist or Animator

If you love creating visually stunning animations, then you can do this job. You can make money creating special effects or digital characters and environments.

This job can get you into Hollywood! From video games to movies, and animations, the options are many. This is definitely one job that pays $17 an hour (or more). You’ll earn up to $20.38 per hour.

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3. Physical Therapist Assistant

Similar to occupational therapy assistant is a physical therapist assistant. Physical therapist assistants treat patients with exercise, massage, balance training, and other therapeutic interventions.

As an assistant, you’ll work under the direction and supervision of physical therapists. In addition, you’ll keep track of patients’ development. And report back to the physical therapist on the outcomes of each treatment.

Physical Therapist Assistant jobs are one of the best jobs that pay $17 an hour without a degree. If you have compassion, empathy, and physical strength, then you are good to go. You can earn entry-level pay of $23 an hour.

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If you’re fascinated by the idea of working in a law office, then this job is for you. You will help attorneys achieve justice for clients.

In addition, it is prestigious and offers career development. A legal assistant is one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour without a degree. The hourly pay of a paralegal assistant is $22 – $25.

5. Private Investigator

You might have watched the movie ‘Nice Guys’ and want to start your own detective company. You can do this job if the idea of helping people locate lost relatives or solve other kinds of mysteries excites you.

A private investigator job is one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour part-time. However, you have to be good with research and surveillance. You’ll need that to test and find answers. The average pay for a private investigator is $26.18 per hour.

6. Sales Representative

If you love making friends. And you have an outgoing personality, you could make a good salesperson. This will give you a real advantage in helping people find products that are best for them.

Sales representative jobs are one the jobs that can pay you $17 an hour without a degree. The entry-level pay for sales representatives is approximately $26.90 an hour.

7. Commercial Diver

Commercial diving is another job that can pay $17 an hour without a degree. If you love the adventure and thrill of diving, you can work as a commercial diver. It lets you go underwater day in and day out. Your duties include using advanced scuba gear.

You’ll get to dive into oceans, lakes, or rivers to build, help install and fix different kinds of underwater equipment. The entry-level pay of commercial divers is $17.40 per hour. You can also work part time as a commercial diver.

8. Plumber

Plumbing offers lucrative and stable careers. It is one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more). You’ll install equipment and water pipes. If you’re a good plumber, you’ll earn a comfortable living.

You can work for a plumbing company or as an independent company. The average hourly pay for plumbers ranges from $25 to $33 an hour.

9. Carpenter

If you love the sensation of working with woods and making something, then carpentry could be everything! Besides, people always have the need for carpentry work.

For instance, someone will always need a new building. And another might need renovations to older homes and business places.

As a result, you’ll enjoy frequent patronage if you’re a skilled carpenter. In addition, you have the opportunity to work in different fun locations. Carpentry is surely one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more). Plus you earn an average hourly pay of $28.

10. Fashion designer

If you have a fun and creative mind that brings up innovative designs and styles, then you can make cool cash out of it. It is time to consider the fashion and apparel industry.

Fashion designing is one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour with no experience. All you need is to bring your best in your creativity.

You can work in wholesale or manufacturing establishments. Also, you can work in apparel, theater, or dance company. The hourly pay of fashion designers in the US is between $26 to $30.

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11. Theatrical Make-up Artist

If you love altering people’s appearance, then this job will suit you. With the right theatrical make-up skills, you can travel to different movie locations. You would work with heavier products and give characters bolder looks.

Theatrical make-up artists make about $18.31 to $64.78 an hour. If you’re creative and have knowledge about make-up techniques and products, then you can do well in this job. A theatrical make-up artist job is one of the jobs that pay $17 an hour (or more) without a degree.

12. Meat Cutting Worker

Meat cutting is another job that pays $17 an hour (or more). You’ll cut and trim the meat from larger, wholesale portions into steaks, chops, roasts, and other cuts. In addition, it does not require a degree.

You would prepare meat for sale. Other duties include weighing meat, wrapping it, and putting it out for display. Meat cutters can make up to $18 an hour.

13. Real Estate Agent

Do you have good communication and interpersonal skills? Are you good with lead generation? Do you have local real estate market knowledge? Then you can do this job without experience.

The median hourly pay of real estate agents is $21 per hour. However, you can start off with about $10 an hour if you’re new and build up your portfolio. You might even grow to become a real estate broker.

14. Utility Attendants

Utility attendant jobs are among jobs that pay $17 an hour. A utility worker is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the company’s premises and equipment. You can be a kitchen utility worker. Your job will be to clean dishes and cooking equipment.

You can also decide to be a manufacturing utility worker who cleans production machines. Utility jobs are among the jobs that pay $17 an hour without a degree. Utility workers can earn average hourly pay from $23 to $29.

15. Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Shipping & Receiving Clerk jobs are also among the jobs that pay $17 an hour. The average salary for a shipping and receiving clerk is $17.78 per hour. Your duties include keeping track of outgoing and incoming shipments.

Sometimes you may be required to move goods from a warehouse to a loading dock. As a shipping and receiving clerk, you basically work in a warehouse.

16. Cashier/Sales Associate

As a cashier/sales associate you’ll be responsible for receiving payments and issuing receipts. In addition, you might be required to receive gift wrapping packages.

Also, you’ll keep track of all cash and credit transactions. Cashier jobs are also among jobs that pay $17 an hour part time. You can also work part-time.

17. Stewarding supervisor

As a stewarding supervisor, you will oversee, coordinate, and inspect facility and kitchen workers. If you have customer service skills and know a lot about the kitchen, then you might consider this role.

In addition, you should have knowledge of glassware, kitchen equipment, and service standard. The average hourly pay of a stewarding supervisor in the US is $17.

18. Warehouse Package Handler

Packagers place completed products into containers and prepare them for shipment. You can work in a fulfillment center, manufacturing facility, drop-shipping locations, and other warehouses.

As a packager, you can make anywhere from $8 – $29 an hour. It all depends on your task and the company.

How to Calculate Your Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Income

If you want to calculate your weekly salary, first multiply your hourly income by the number of hours you work each week. Then the outcome is your weekly income.

To calculate your monthly income, multiply your weekly income by the number of weeks in a month.

Finally, multiply your monthly income by the number of months you work in a year. In most cases, it should be 12 months. Then the result is your annual salary.


What should I search on Glassdoor to find 17 Hr jobs?

If you’re getting few results, try a more general search term. You can try jobs that pay $17 an hour or more.

How can I make 20 an hour?

10 jobs that pay $20 an hour

  1. Proofreader
  2. Photographer
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Copy Editor
  5. Bookkeeper
  6. Website Developer
  7. Freelance Writer
  8. Online Tutor
  9. Translators
  10. Blogging

Where can I make $17 an hour?

You can find jobs that pay $17 an hour on different job sites. Check out indeed.com, salary.com, ZippRecruiters, and many others.

Is $17 an hour American a good wage?

$17 is very good pay. It is way above the federal $7.25 an hour minimum wage. Besides, many Americans are said to be making only $15 or less per hour.

$17 an hour is how much a year?

$17 per hour equates to $35,360 a year. You can get this result by multiplying 17 x 40 x 52.

What jobs pay the most with no experience?

8 jobs that pay most with no experience

  1. Administrative assistant
  2. Pharmacy technician
  3. Cashier
  4. Claims adjuster
  5. Sales representative
  6. Web developer
  7. Information technology technician
  8. Real estate agent


No matter your level of education, you can find jobs that pay well. It all depends on the skill set you’re armed with.

You might be an aspiring creative artist or someone who likes helping others in need. Maybe you like making things. And you’ve become really good at it. You can find jobs in sectors like design, the media and digital arts, technology, healthcare, and the skilled trades.



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