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There are lots of Yaleshelp student jobs on campus. From library and paid academic research to working in Yale facilities such as the gym and dining hall, the options are many.

Undergraduates from all different backgrounds work on-campus jobs at Yale. If you are financially independent, a student job provides the financial help you need for your education. Working as a student also gives you networking opportunities.

In addition, most students work to gain transferable skills and professional experience. Also, it gives you the foundation to build your own finances. For some, it is the best alternative to student loans.

If you’re looking for the best Yale student jobs for part-time, we’ve discussed 25 Yale student jobs in this article. But before you dive in, let’s briefly show you the types of student jobs you’ll find on the Yale campus.

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Types of Yale student jobs

Yale jobs are broken down into the following levels:

Level One ($12.50/hr)

The jobs in level one include the library and some office jobs.

Level Two ($13.00/hr)

You can find jobs in basic research positions and more involved library jobs in level two.

Level Three ($13.50/hr)

The jobs in level three include research positions.

Level Four ($14.00/hr)

Technical or phone support jobs are under level four.

Level Five ($14.50/hr)

Level five includes higher-skilled research positions.

We know you can’t wait to see the list of best Yale student jobs. But we want to give you a guide that’ll help you make the right decision.

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It is important to weigh the type of job you opt for during your job search. Consider what your day-to-day tasks will be. And what skills you will gain. Remember, you are a student first. Your studies are important.

A research job that requires critical thinking, for instance, might weigh some students down. If this category describes you, then you might consider opting for a more intellectually-relaxing job.

On the other hand, if you want an experience that would look good on your resume, then you can go right ahead for research or administrative job.

It is also okay to apply for student jobs outside your department. This is especially good if you have the skills required for the job.

Now that you have some insight on what to expect, go ahead and see which of the following 25 Yale students’ university jobs that might suit you.

25 Best Yale Student Jobs

The following are the best Yale student campus jobs. Our selection is based on the knowledge, social, leadership, and monetary impact on Yale students.

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1. Head of College Aid

The head of college aid ensures the smooth running of the office shifts. Your duties may include sorting through the mail and running events.

Also, you will help open the residential college at the beginning of the year. Similarly, you get involved with staff commencement events at the end of the year.

There is a lot you can do in this Yale university student job. It requires using whatever skill you have to make an impact in the college.

2. College Intern

There are many faculties where you can find Yale students jobs part time. As an intern, you could do various activities. Your role can range from managing a Facebook page to updating the college website.

In addition, you might take students on tour if needed. You might also be required to manage the inventory database. It all depends on the college and what it does. This job will basically help you put theory to practice.

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3. Student Staff Member

A student staff member is one of the best students jobs at yale. You can work part time in a childcare center for instance.

Your duties will include helping with full-time childcare and overseeing kids. You can read to the kids or play with them. This means you help take care of them. This could be therapeutic for you.

It’s an opportunity to take a break from schoolwork. It also allows you to relate with people including your professors in a more approachable way.

4. Undergraduate Lab Research Assitant

The undergraduate lab research assistant is one of the best yale student jobs. It gives you the opportunity to study elements in the lab. You get to execute lab experiments.

In addition, you will help run the laboratory smoothly as a part time staff. As a student research assistant at Yale, you will build friendships. And get hands-on experience in your major.

5. Student Assistant, Yale Film Archive

One of the Yale student campus jobs you’ll love to do is student assistant at the Yale film archive. You’ll serve as front desk and serve people who enquire about films or screenings.

In addition, you’ll help organize the film collection. And make sure screening rooms are set up and working. A part-time job as a student assistant gives you a relaxing environment.

You’ll also have the opportunity to relate to people. This can include your film professors. You’ll also get to explore lots of yale films if you’re game for it.

6. Campus Tour Guide

The next best yale university student job is a campus tour guide. As a campus tour guide, you will share your knowledge and love of yale with visitors.

You’ll get to show prospective students and their families around. In addition, you take them to the most special spots. This is an opportunity to connect with students and their families.

7. Barista

If you love working in cafes, coffee shops, or bookstores, then you can do this student job at yale part-time. You’ll take customers’ orders, make, and serve drinks.

You might also wash dishes and help keep the cafeteria clean. This is one of the yale student jobs where you make drinks for close friends and total strangers.

8. Research Assistance, Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance

You might also be interested in this Yale college job at the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance. Your duties include data collection and analysis. This includes collecting article sources.

This is one Yale college job that allows you to explore the growing relationship between business and sustainability.

9. Coalition of Allyship Advocates Facilitator

If you plan to major in ethnicity, race, and migration, you might consider this part-time Yale student campus job.

You will work as a facilitator. Also, you will develop workshops on critical topics. These workshops can be for freshers, student organizations, or peer leaders.

This job gives you the opportunity to lead a space where students discuss important topics and build community.

10. Usher at The Yale School of Music

Ushering is one of the fun yale student jobs. Your role will be to check tickets, greet guests, and pass out programs.

Generally, you and your team will make sure everything goes smoothly before, during, and after the concert.

The most amazing thing about this job is you get to watch concerts for free. It’s a relaxed job that gives you time to do your schoolwork and other things.

11. Timothy Dwight College Webmaster

One of the Yale college jobs that might also interest you is being a webmaster at your faculty. It doesn’t have to be Timothy Dwight College.

Your duties include maintaining and updating event listings and promotions on your website and other platforms.

If your college is Timothy Dwight, then your duties will include uploading the ‘Notes and News’ from the head of college mails. This part-time Yale student job allows you to collaborate with other college aids.

12. Student Manager, Dining Hall

Student dining hall manager is one of the part-time Yale student jobs you might like. Your duties include coordinating and supervising dining operations. You’ll also provide information and ensure quality food is provided to customers.

As the dining hall manager, you will ensure a clean and welcoming environment.

13. Yale Writing Partners at Yale Writing Center

If you are a Yale graduate student, then consider taking a yale writing partner job. However, you must have an eye for handling students’ writing challenges. You will help Yale college undergraduates facing challenges in writing papers.

Your role includes giving writing advice. You will also give students in-person support on a drop-in basis.

14. Desk Attendant at the Gym

Gym desk attendant is one of the Yale student campus jobs that sounds like fun. You will greet and verify residency for gym access. In addition, you ensure the gym environment is clean and welcoming to customers.

This part-time job will give you access to the gym if you love getting into shape. Plus you get to meet and socialize with people.

15. Graphic Designer Neurology Department

Another job to look out for in your Yale student job search is the graphic designer role. If you’re handy with design software, this is a part-time opportunity to make money out of it. You will design informative images that accompany an academic text.

Generally, you will illustrate human anatomy, organs, nerves, and all those medical diagrams used for learning.

However, the kind of things you’ll design might depend on the college you work.

16. Group Discusion leader

Another Yale student job you might find rewarding is group discussion leader. Your role will include moderating discussions. In addition, you will coordinate questions, comments, and answers.

The good thing about this part-time student Job is you’ll have a platform to make everyone’s voice heard. Plus you provide clarifications for other Yale students. This is quite a good leadership role to take on.

17. Community Outreach Intern

You might also look out for a community outreach intern in your Yale student job search. This is for you if you love to engage in community outreach for a good cause. As a community outreach intern, you will be active in community fundraising.

Also, you might engage in data management. You’ll also research community partnership opportunities. And arrange meetings with community leaders.

This role will help you develop leadership and communication skills.

18. Undergraduate Technology Assistants (UTAs)

UTA jobs were birthed by increased online teaching and learning. It is one of the interesting part-time student jobs at Yale. Your job is to assist faculty with zoom, Canvas, and other online tools.

In addition, you’ll ensure zoom recordings are available for students. You’ll also monitor chats, noting raised hands and other related needs.

19. Administrative Staff at Yale Center for Teaching & Learning

This is another Yale university student job you might like. Generally, you will provide support to the center. Your duties include answering phones and speaking with students.

You’ll also be required to assist staff, maintain records and enter data.

20. Summer Intern: Data Management Assistant

Summer data management assistant intern is one of the best jobs to look out for in your Yale student job search.

You will produce reports from the data as a part-time member. You will also be expected to identify, analyze and interpret trends.

21. Conference Support

Conference support is one of the best Yale college jobs. You’ll help keep the conference room tidy. You’ll greet delegates as they arrive. And help distribute conference materials. Similarly, you’ll help manage breaks and refreshment sessions.

For web and phone conferences, you’ll schedule and facilitate meetings. In other words, you’ll work with conference coordinators to establish procedures for the conference.

This role allows you to participate in different college conferences. You get to meet lots of professors and other professionals.

22. Undergraduate Research Assitant

An undergraduate research assistant is one of the best Yale student jobs. If you love research (as a matter of fact you should!) Then you can apply for this part-time role.

You’ll be involved in college research. Your duties will range from recruiting research participants and conducting research to entering data.

23. Marketing Designer

As a marketing designer, you will create designs and images. It is one of the best Yale student campus jobs. You’ll prepare presentations for marketing and promoting the college to the public.

This role is for students who have great design skills.

24. Student Researcher

Student research is one of the best part-time Yale University student jobs to look out for. This job is for Yale students who show promise and interest in research in a particular field.

You will work as a researcher, in return, Yale will give you financial support to help pay for your fees and related expenses.

25. Student Accessibility Aid

Student accessibility aid is the last but not the least on our list of jobs to look out for in your Yale student job search. The Student Accessibility Services at Yale assist students with disabilities in getting reasonable accommodation.

There you have them – 25 campus jobs you can work part-time as you study at Yale. There are many more.

Want to apply for a Yale student job?

You can apply for Yale student jobs at the following places:

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Where Do Yale Students Go To Work?

Top 20 Yale Students’ Employers

  1. Yale University
  2. Goldman Sachs Group
  3. Bain & Company
  4. Meta Platforms, Inc.
  5. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  6. Boston Consulting Group
  7. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  8. McKinsey & Company
  9. McMaster-Carr
  10. Morgan Stanley
  11. Citadel
  12. Credit Suisse Group
  13. Barclays PLC
  14. Citigroup, Inc
  15. Amazon
  16. Epic Systems Corporation
  17. Blackstone Group
  18. Clarion Healthcare Consulting
  19. Google LLC
  20. Microsoft Corporation

How Much Do Yale Student Jobs Make?

Yale’s minimum wage is $12.50. The Office of the Provost supports undergraduate employment by providing funds to cover 50% of eligible student wages.

How Much Do Yale Graduates Make?

The average salary after attending undergraduate is $88,655.

What Kind of Student Get Into Yale?

To make it to Yale, you need to be at the top of your class, GPA-wise. The average GPA of admitted applicants to Yale is 4.12. So you’ll need basically straight A’s in order to even be competitive with other applicants. In fact, 94% of admitted students graduated in the top 10% of their class.

Are Yale Graduates Successful?

According to data from the Department of Education in 2015, Yale and other Ivy League graduates earn double the amount, on average, as alumni from other universities.

Is Yale Hard Academically?

Getting into Yale is extremely challenging, especially for international students. You not only have to be ‘good’ but ‘better’. And the competition becomes tougher and tougher every year.


If you must work while studying at Yale, there are things you should consider during your yale student job search. First, you must work with an organization that potential employers might recognize.

Secondly, you might consider working in your field. For instance, if you’re an Economics major, you might consider pursuing a position under the department’s registrar or, even better, with one of its professors. This will help you to build connections.



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