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Welcome to your naughty, insightful rollercoaster ride on how to get paid to sext online!! At the end of this article, you’ll definitely be a force to reckon with in the world of sexting. Did you know, 69% of people find something dirty in every sentence?

We bet you have sexed before or, you know, the random dirty talks. But why do it for free when you can legit get paid to sext online?!.

Anyways, we’re here to let you know that there are sites where people can pay you good tax-free bucks to just keep ’em company. You can do that right? Let us guide you through all you need to know to get started!.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you have an idea but don’t know how to go about it. And the time keeps ticking and you’re still getting anxious over bills!. Wasting talent and not even getting appreciated.

Enough!. This is the sexting revolution! sit tight because it’s going to be a surprise-filled bumpy fun ride.

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Get Paid To Sext; What Is Sexting?

Sexting (also known as “sex texting”) is the act of sending or receiving sexually stimulating images, messages, or videos via a smartphone or the Internet. Sexting is an exchange of nudes and tease videos between two consenting adults. Those texts that give you the jitters! Yes, those!.

Let’s be honest, sexting can be a sort of hit-or-miss situation. However, at least, you know when it’s good, it’s good!. Anyways, just a tip; you might want to normalize laughing at the fallouts because it makes it less awkward.

In the next phase of this article, we’d be giving you tools on how to sext like a pro and get paid online. If you want to do something, it’s only right that you do it well. So, if you’d like to improve your pickup lines or develop a more appealing sexual undertone, this next one is for you.

It might not pilot you to Cardi B’s level but at least you’d be somehow closer than you were before reading this. Ha Ha!

Get Paid To Sext; How To Sext

If you’re still reading this, then it means you’re ready to take a step forward and get paid to sext. In that case, there’s no better time and place to equip your sexy ass with these sexting dos and don’ts.

Consent is always the number 1 item on the VIP items list when anything sexual is involved. On an indirect but related tone, you might want to be sure that the person or persons involved including yourself, are of legal consent age.

At every stage of sexting, be sure that your sexting partner is comfortable with what they’re doing. This naturally gives them a feeling of security which they would definitely appreciate by not holding back any candy bar from you. You can get paid to sext, and still have fun while being safe. Absolutely amazing!

2. Keep Your Mind Open

You need to be dynamic and original when sexting online. Erase the thought of sending a flood of unsolicited raw nudes. You can totally sext successfully without even sending nudes! and no, it’s not wishful thinking.

What do you really think the eggplants and water splash emojis are for? What we’re trying to say is that you need to be yourself. The other person can clearly spot discomfort or internet-dubbed messages and that kinda ruins the natural tension(if you know what we mean).

Ever typed “lol” when you’re actually rolling your eyes? Yeah!.

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3. Be Safe and Stay Safe

One of the dark sides of this “get paid to sext” business is that most people like to stay anonymous and, if that’s the case, you need to play smart. By the way, you never know if it’s your uncle or lecturer or even your boss on the other end.

Therefore, we previously mentioned that you don’t really have to dive in with the unsolicited, uncensored 18+ pics and videos just yet. Don’t initially divulge too much about your identity except you’re in the clear on who exactly this person is and what they’re doing with your images.

Get Paid To Sext; Where?!!

Considering the fact that we are just recovering from the Covid-19 phase if these sites were not rampant previously, they sure became essential during these past months.

Anyways, we’re concerned with giving you nothing short of the indisputably best of the verified sites. In no particular order, these are the most user-friendly and verifiable sites to get paid to sext online.

3. Phrendly

Phrendly, as the name implies, it is a money-friendly online dating platform where you literarily get paid to sext online. This platform has a fresh way of going about it, you actually receive money in form of drinks.

Do you know how a gentleman doesn’t leave a lady thirsty? Yes, girl, these friendly men send you drinks that they purchase from the platform with actual money. These drinks can now be converted back to actual money and transferred straight to your bank account!.

You thought that was all, didn’t you? wake up, girl! Ok, get this, you get paid if he texts first. Your body is 70 percent water… and I’m thirsty(wink wink).

4. Chaturbate

We have previously referenced for you to read our article on how to get paid with Chaturbate in the introduction. Why masturbate when you can Chaturbate? Chaturbate is flooded with loaded men in every sense of the word.

Chaturbate is a legit adult cam site and if we told you how much you could make on here, you wouldn’t even believe so it’s best you go see for yourself!.

What did the clitoris say to the vulva? It’s all good in the hood!

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5. Onlyfans

Onlyfans is not only popular but one of the badass sexting platforms around. You literarily are allowed to set your own damn price for your services.

After registration, they will ask you to set up your profile. Start by uploading irresistible pictures and videos that match up to that dollar figure that’s sitting pretty on your profile. It’s a question of how much do you think you’re worth?!. Oh la la!.

How Making Money Sexting Works

Texting or video chatting while conversing and flirting romantically can be said to be sexting.

You can start sexting if you’re at ease with flirting with total strangers who need someone to chat with.

The topics discussed involve mature material. In contrast to you engaging in traditional phone sex or baring your body on a Webcam, this kind of engagement is light.

You receive payment for offering sexting services to customers online.

For the time you spend chatting or sexting, certain services let you get paid in real money.

On certain sites, you might earn virtual credits or points that can lead to subsequent exchang for real money.

One of the ways to earn additional money on the Internet today is through sexting.

Simply pick a reliable business that will respect your privacy and pay you when the time is right.

Can You Really Make Money Sexting?

Do you think this is too good to be true? There is a market for everything, and you can surely get money by sexting strangers.

Do you know how much people will pay for your worn underwear?

Yes, you really can get paid just to text people from your phone. 

The nicest thing about sexting is that you don’t have to expose your body to strangers, be undressed, or feel awkward.

Many individuals are more than willing to pay someone to flirt, chat, and keep them company without having to meet in person or even just converse on the phone.

One thing to note about this company is that it is not at all how sleazy you may think. The prevalence of loneliness nowadays leaves many individuals without anybody with whom to interact or have meaningful conversations.

People who are hired to sext are frequently a mix of social workers, internet friends, and flirts.

Who Will Pay You To Sext With Them?

The different people who are looking to make a connection via text may surprise you.

  • Working professionals who don’t have time to connect with people
  • Introverts who don’t want face-to-face communication
  • Lonely people who want a connection with someone
  • People who are in “dead bedrooms” or unhappy relationships are looking for an outlet without cheating
  • Individuals who want to explore kinks and are unable to do that in “real life”
  • Bored people who just want some sexting fun

How Much Money Can You Get Paid to Sext?

The money you can make with sexting is good money, however it might be difficult to discover accurate statistics.

For instance, it’s possible to make up to $50 per hour as an online buddy without engaging in sexting, so you can figure how much more money you might make by adding a sexual element to your chats.

Earning $2000-8000 part-time is not out of the ordinary and you can earn as much as you are willing to put in the time.

Things To Consider Before Making Money Sexting.

 Even if sexting doesn’t need you to meet anybody in person, you still need to take great care to protect your personal safety.

There are fraudsters and creeps out there, so you need to be on your guard, just as with other adult jobs like earning money on OnlyFans or selling worn underwear for cash.

Tips For Safe Sexting.

  • Never use your real phone number. You can get a free phone number using Google Voice. 
  • Even better, use an app such as Kik or Whatapp so you stay anonymous. 
  • Never divulge personal information such as your address, occupation or real name. You would be surprised at how easy it is to find phone numbers and addresses from even the basic info. 
  • Do not to anything you are not comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured into sending photos or videos if this was not agreed to beforehand. 
  • Beware of people who want to wire transfer you money or move off the platform right away. 

Do I Have To Send Photos And Videos To Get Paid To Sext?

This will depend on the app you use and the terms of your contract with your client. A limit for some people is text flirtation, while for others, nudity and films are integral parts of sexting.

It’s likely that someone may ask you to send them images or videos at some time; at that point, you can determine if you feel comfortable doing so.

However, sending any sort of images or videos is not a need for making money through sexting.


What are the best sexting messages to send to a boyfriend?

“I’m eating a lollipop and all I can think about is walking my tongue up and down something else…” equally, if not more, delectable… “Could you assist me with that?”

“I’m just imagining myself gently pressing my hand against your groin… I suppose I’d feel a nice bulge coming up… “Am I correct?”

Where can I find girls who are open to sexting?

  • Kik
  • Tinder

What does it feel like to sext?

Sexting is having sex via texting. Thus, it’s similar to a roleplay, but you’re just playing as your(sexy)self. You inform your partner of what you are doing to him/her, and your partner reciprocates. I believe some people add flavor to this by sending photos and/or touching themselves (I’ve never done that). So, no real physical contact with your partner, just your words (and possibly photos) and feelings 😉

How do I tell him what to do while sexting, I mean what can I say to guide him?

It’s difficult to answer without knowing more about what you’re trying to persuade him to do, but I’m going to guess “have a good time.”

“Imagine” is a good place to start.

  • Consider my hand slipping beneath the waistband of your boxers…
  • Consider my fingers lightly running up and down the shaft of your hard cock…
  • Imagine my hand wrapped around your dick, pumping it up and down

How do I go about having a sex conversation with a girl?


Make sure she’s actually a girl 🙂


Kinky Kiki! We can feel the excitement as you brace yourself for this rewarding quest, but you must not get carried away. Trying to rake in as much money as possible is desirable but should never be motivation for you to compromise your safety at any time.

Plus, if it’s about the money, you can totally make a lot more money than you can imagine from the comfort of your home doing other things. It’s called passive income.

Quickie brain teaser to wrap it all up: How many Bitcoin maxis does it take to screw in a lightbulb?



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