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Salary is a crucial source of job happiness for many professionals. Jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience, on the other hand, may pay significantly differently depending on where you live in the country.

Several positions, on the other hand, start at $16 and don’t require any previous experience. This is one of the nice things about working even if you have no experience and still making a little extra money now and then.

This will allow you to buy something a little nicer, and if you save it, that tiny $16 will go a long way.

We will look at a variety of careers in a variety of industries where you may start making $16 an hour with no experience in this post.

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What is an Hourly Income?

An hourly income helps you to keep a decent standard of living while also motivating you to work.

Depending on where you live in the United States, hourly pay for the same job can vary wildly.

In most locations of the United States, a starting rate of $16 per hour is still much higher than the federal minimum wage.

Are Jobs That Pay $16 Per Hour Worth It?

Earning a minimum of $16 per hour is vital since it increases your purchasing power and provides you with a good paycheck, both of which are important if you are migrating from low-paying work.

This means you’d be able to buy things like healthy food, health insurance, and daycare. So, yeah, jobs paying $16 an hour would be beneficial.

What Skills Do You Need to Get a $16-an-Hour Job?

Many of the $16-an-hour positions simply request a high school diploma. Furthermore, these positions do not necessitate much formal schooling.

The retail, healthcare, security, childcare, and manufacturing industries account for the majority of these jobs.

As a result, you should focus on refining your soft skills, as the majority of these positions will necessitate strong communication, cooperation, and interpersonal abilities.

Including computer abilities in your CV is another wonderful method to boost your brand value.

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What Companies Pay $16 an Hour?

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak’s financial constraints, many major organizations have chosen to rearrange their compensation structures to include positions that pay at least $16 per hour and require no expertise.

You can do a variety of jobs while earning $16 per hour after working with these organizations. Here are a few examples of these businesses:

Fifth Third Bancorp

This commercial and industrial loans lender raised its minimum wage from $12 to $16 per hour in January 2018.

Best Buy

Best Buy was one of the first companies to alter its wage structure so that all employees were paid at least $16 per hour.


Amazon has recently raised its beginning hourly wage to $16. This means that even if you are an entry-level employee, you will be able to find work at Amazon.

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Target, like Amazon, recently raised the minimum wage to $16 for all hourly workers.

Under Armour

All Under Armour employees now earn at least $16 per hour, thanks to an increase in the company’s minimum wage on June 6, 2021.

25 Best Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour

Best jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience include:

1. On-Call Biometrics Technician

As a Biometrics Technician (BT), you will be responsible for assisting a federal program in Phoenix, Arizona with its objective.

This position is part of a dynamic team of experts who support the Application Support Center (ASC) operations of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). This is an ON CALL (casual) team member position.

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2. Temporary Parks & Recreation Sports/Civic Center

Participate in the setup and disassembly of banquet rooms for various gatherings and events. Assist with the audiovisual set-up and tear-down.

Also, dust and polish all woodwork and furnishings. Vacuum the carpets, sweep the floors, and relocate furniture as needed.

This is one of the jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience.

3. Finished Carpentry Apprentice

Ability to follow directions in great detail. Assist the Journeyman Installer with new cabinet installation and Signature refacing.
Be eager to learn!

4. Trades Helper (Facilities Management & Services Worker I)

Maintains a safe, clean, and orderly environment in all classroom and residential buildings, laboratories, libraries, and public places.
Maintains the grounds and surroundings of the facility in a clean, appealing, orderly, safe, and healthy state.

Also, it is one of the best jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience.

5. Field Technician – Construction Inspections (Entry-Level)

You’ll learn how to check construction work conducted by contractors/trades to ensure that it meets project specifications and building codes.

Every day, ProTeX Field Technicians do a variety of construction inspections and testing at a variety of construction sites across the valley.

Post-tension foundation inspections, anchor inspections, drainage inspections, soil testing, concrete sampling, and materials sampling are all examples of inspections and testing.

In addition, this is one of the jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience.

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6. Construction Labor – Crew Member – SIPPS

SIPPS Supervisor receives reports.
At a home building site, install, maintain/repair, and remove SIPPS systems.
Poly Pipe and a Back Flow coupled to a water source are among the components.

7. Veterinary Technician

Addressing client problems and patient needs in exam rooms, as well as supporting the doctor. Discuss wellness plans for pets at all phases of their lives, client communications, basic patient care, in-hospital lab tests, and x-rays.

8. Restaurant Crew Member

Crew members work in a variety of positions across the restaurant, including the cash register, grill, dressing station, fry station, and dining room, providing polite, quick, and accurate service to create a positive customer experience.

Additionally, it is one of the jobs that pay $16 an hour with no experience.

9. Cleaner, Phoenix Park n’ Swap

Cleans spaces, rooms, and restrooms thoroughly in accordance with department procedures.
Empties wastebaskets and carries trash and waste to the appropriate disposal location.

In accordance with housekeeping procedures, replenishes supplies in restrooms.
Conducts walk-throughs of designated areas to ensure that the facility complies with housekeeping requirements.

10. Team Partner

The position is to clean residential homes.
We provide professional training out in the field. Also, no experience is required.

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11. Dishwasher

During shift work, wash and scrub pots and pans to keep water fresh. Disinfect unclean plates and cutlery by stacking, separating, and putting them through the dishwasher.

Temperatures in the dishwasher should be recorded as needed. Also, clean dishes and silverware should be put away.

12. Food Service Worker

To weigh, measure, mix, wash, peel, cut, grind, stir, strain, season, and knead goods for cooking, serving, and storing, uses a number of kitchen equipment.

Also, assists in the preparation of hot and/or cold foods, as well as the proper storage of food, using knowledge of temperature and spoilage needs.

13. Environmental Services Attendant

Cleans offices, patients’/residents’ rooms, dorms, classrooms, schools, common areas, lavatories, halls, food service areas, and other locations as needed.
Vacuum hallways, staircases, and office space after sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and polishing the floors.

Scrub, strip, and refinish hard-surface floors, as well as carpet spotting and extraction, which involve the use of mechanical equipment.

14. Cook

Maintain kitchen cleanliness per Chili’s safety & sanitation policies. Keep food orders flowing continuously from the kitchen (Line)

15. Event Delivery Driver

Deliver event equipment to the location of the event. Unloading and loading a vehicle, installing and dismantling event rental equipment.

Also, responsible for supervising and keeping an eye on the equipment, as well as storing equipment in good working order.

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16. Solutions Development Specialist

Participate in the Ingram Micro Cloud training program and complete it successfully. Hence, investigate the IaaS/PaaS business of a partner and form relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders.

17. Food Service Substitute Worker

As directed by supervisors, assists in the preparation of meals. Also, serves students and faculty by setting up and replenishing serving lines. At all times, maintains sanitary conditions.

18. Demolition Crew Member

Stacking waste into the dumpster, picking up, consolidating, and carrying debris. Assisting with surface protection of residual finishes, which includes sweeping and cleaning.

19. Painter Helper

Being a professional painter is incredibly rewarding, and it is an excellent position to learn in because it is always in demand.

In addition, our teams only work Monday through Friday, and all important holidays are off. We regard each other like family, and we have plenty of opportunities to learn and advance in sectors including specialty finishing, commercial painting, and project management.

20. Boat Rental Staff/Dock Hand

Boat Rentals of America is the valley’s top boat rental company, with three sites and a wide range of boats to choose from.

Since 1992, we’ve been a family-owned business that believes in hiring nice, hardworking people that enjoy boating and working outside.

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21. Prep Cook

Maintain a clean workspace and all times (clean as you go mentality). Work at a fast and efficient pace. Practice thorough and often handwashing.

Also has the ability to read and follow recipes

22. Teacher Assistant

The teacher assists and teach the students.

23. Catering Driver

Make genuine ties with our guests and caterers. Assist the catering manager with order preparation.

In addition, catering orders are delivered to nearby companies. While out in the neighborhood, marketing drops. On the line, there are members of the support team. Be considerate of others. Take care of yourself.

24. Evening/Overnight Airline Passenger Service Wheelchair Assistant

Passengers with mobility issues will be transported to, from, and around the airport. Assist passengers who need assistance going into or out of their chair or airplane seat.

Also, assist travelers with a carry-on and gate-checked luggage. Assuring that each and every passenger arrives at their destination safely and on time.

25. Clinical Scribe

This is a person who specializes in charting physician-patient encounters in real-time, during medical examinations.

You will have the opportunity to work side by side with physicians in many different specialties including oncology, cardiology, neurology, and more.


What job pays the most with no experience?

  1. Transit and railroad police.
  2. Claims adjuster.
  3. Web developer.
  4. Power plant operator.
  5. Elevator installers.
  6. Nuclear technician
  7. Radiation therapist.
  8. Construction manage

What is the easiest job to get that pays well?

  • House Sitter.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Optometrist.
  • Flight Attendant.
  • Dog Walker.
  • Toll Booth Attendant.
  • Massage Therapist.
  • Librarian.

How do you know what career you want?

  1. Take career tests.
  2. Think about what you want.
  3. Research new careers.
  4. Volunteer for work experience. …
  5. Consider turning your hobby into a career.
  6. Ask for advice from people you know.
  7. Build a professional network.
  8. Consider further education

How can I get a job in one month?

  1. Research the field you want to pursue.
  2. Get clarity on what you are looking for.
  3. Use your social handles to the optimum.
  4. Ask for help within your network.
  5. Update your resume and skills.
  6. Find job listings on reliable platforms.
  7. Plan your course of action.
  8. Make a spreadsheet.


Getting a job that pays $16 per hour is a smart way to make money while you work. You can labor for a brief period of time, get your salary, and leave if you don’t feel good.

The next day, you might start up where you left off and continue.

If you work a second job in addition to your $16-an-hour job, you’ll be able to make enough money to last a month. The 25 greatest $16 an hour jobs in this article are easy to find and require little work on your behalf.



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