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Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour
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Here are important facts about Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour:

  • You must not have a college degree to get jobs that pay 30 an hour
  • You can get an entry level job that pay 30 an hour with no experience
  • Some of these jobs are part time so you can work from home

So whether you’re a freelancer, fresh graduate, or student looking to make above average income, we’ve made finding Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour easy for you.

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Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour Or More

#1. Power Distributors And Dispatchers

Power distributors and dispatchers are in charge of monitoring and operating the equipment that transports energy to target clients. You can also get this job in industries other than power plants, including railways, transportation, and government.

  • Median wage$43.61 per hour.
  • Requirement: high school diploma

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#2. Elevator Installers And Repairers

These workers install, repair, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other related technology. Elevator installers and repairers must be comfortable working in both confined areas and at heights, as this profession frequently demands them to do both.

  • Median wage$40.86 per hour
  • Requirement: High school diploma or equivalent/apprenticeship

#3. Subway And Streetcar Operators

Employees drive subway trains or streetcars along rails, however, assuring the safety of their passengers. Also, in an emergency, they may make statements about safety requirements and delays, or they may instruct riders.

They keep the lines operating on time and radio supervisors about any difficulties or risks.

  • Median wage$32.63 per hour
  • Requirement: High school diploma & on-the-job training

#4. Lighting Technicians

Lighting technicians install lighting and other equipment for concerts, plays, churches, cruise ships, television events, and other venues.

On the contrary, Lifting heavy equipment and securing it at dizzying heights is a common part of the work. During events, lighting experts also run light boards. They are normally in charge of the equipment’s set-up, take-down, and transportation.

  • Median wage: $35.32 per hour
  • Requirement: Degree, high school diploma, and or technical training

#5. Commercial Pilot

A commercial pilot, as opposed to an airline pilot (who normally has a bachelor’s degree), can fly charter planes, jump planes, air ambulances, banner-towing flights, and agricultural flights.

  • Median wage$41.38 per hour
  • Requirement: Degree (but not generally required), Certification, Experience and must be 21 years

#6. Transportation, Storage, And Distribution Managers

This position is in charge of a company’s transportation, storage, distribution, and other logistics. Also, managers are in charge of adhering to government rules, working with numerous facilities and departments, keeping budgets, and optimizing systems that transport commodities from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Median wage$45.46 per hour
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree is typically required

#7. Construction And Building Inspectors

Building and construction inspectors analyze and approve/change building blueprints. They also ensure that structures are up to code by inspecting the construction site and documenting their findings.

So, inspectors go over designs and inspect new construction, as well as remodels and additions. They report any code breaches and verify that the construction is safe to use.

  • Median wage$30.00 per hour
  • Requirement: High school diploma and work experience

#8. Police Officer/Detective

Officers of the law are sworn to protect and defend the public. In other words, they patrol the streets, arrest suspects, question witnesses, keep the peace, and much more. Because officers conduct such a wide range of jobs, the job of a police officer may be risky yet rarely boring.

  • Median wage$31.33 per hour
  • Requirement: high school diploma or GED & law enforcement entrance exam

#9. Electrical Power Line Installers And Repairers

Line installers are responsible for the repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance of electrical lines and fiber optic cables. Furthermore, the primary dangers of the profession include working at heights and the possibility of electrical shock.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the job is done between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., although power line repairers are called out when there are outages or other emergencies to repair damaged electrical lines. Not to mention, the labor can be physically hard, and it frequently requires the use of construction equipment to dig trenches for power lines or drill holes for electrical poles.

  • Median wage: $31.83 per hour
  • Requirement: Degree/High school diploma

Freelance Jobs And Businesses That Pay $30 An Hour Or More.

Freelancing speeds up development, and they come with a distinct advantage: customers value your portfolio and track record for more than a gleaming academic logo. That means you can get started quickly, even if you have little experience.

#10. Salesperson

Salespeople locate clients who will purchase their company’s goods or services. Equally, they may make inquiries in person, via phone, or through social media. They are masters in establishing trust and relationships, as well as assessing client demands and resolving difficulties.

How much money can you make? This is so dependent on what you’re selling that the median wage is meaningless. By the same token, plan on roughly $13 per hour if you’re selling footwear at a mall retail store.

  • Median wage: $73,500
  • Requirement: Degree in sales marketing & prior experience in retail

#11. Web Developer

Web developers create websites, from the user interface to the back-end code. They optimize the site’s operation and user experience(UX) with the help of their clients. They also provide continuous website maintenance and upgrades.

  • Median wage$35 per hour
  • Requirement: Degree in computer

#12. Writer/Editor

Freelance writers produce engaging, grammatically accurate material for websites, blogs, resumes, brochures, white papers, and novels, among other things. Editors polish the copy written by others.

  • Median wage$50 per hour
  • Requirement: Degree in English, communication, and related studies

#13. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents assist clients in the purchase and sale of real estate. Most real estate brokers specialize in one sort of property, such as residential houses, luxury residences, commercial real estate, or land.

Real estate agents help a client find their ideal home or property and guide them through the negotiating process and paperwork involved in closing the deal.

  • Median salary: $49,040
  • Requirement: High school diploma & certification

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#14. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers develop the visual elements of commercials, websites, logos, brochures, and other materials. Equally important, they produce their artwork using software, which is then utilized to sell things, engage consumers, and inform clients.

While this job is based on your portfolio rather than a degree, it does require a high level of creative understanding as well as computer abilities.

  •  Median salary: $54,320 annually
  • Requirement: High school diploma and graphic design skills

#15. Growth Marketer

Experiments are conducted by growth marketers to identify how to contact and engage more clients. As a matter of fact, they are data-driven and test many factors on various demographics to determine what works and what does not in a firm.

Also, they might work for agencies or as self-employed individuals.

Furthermore, growth marketers are creative and analytical, focusing on possibilities for growth and brainstorming methods to capitalize on them to propel a company to new heights.

  • Qualification: high school diploma

#16.  Loan Officers

They evaluate, authorize, or suggest the approval of commercial, real estate, or credit loans.

  • Hourly wage: $30.39
  • Annual salary: $63,210
  • Requirement: High school diploma

#17. Multimedia Artists & Animators

They are in charge of creating special effects, animation, and other visual imagery.

  • Hourly wage: $30.20
  • Annual salary: $62,810
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in fine art, computer graphics, animation, or a related field.

#18.  Insurance Underwriters

They review insurance applications and accept or refuse them depending on the level of risk involved.

  • Hourly wage: $30.45
  • Annual salary: $63,330
  • Requirement: Degree in business, finance or management etc.

#19.  Arbitrators, Mediators and Conciliators

They advocate for alternative dispute resolution methods to settle conflicts outside of court (less formal than a court trial).

  • Hourly wage: $30.41
  • Annual salary: $63,250
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree at the entry level

#20.  Purchasing Agents and Buyers

They assist in making purchases in order to obtain essential items at the cheapest possible prices.

  • Hourly wage: $30.02
  • Annual salary: $62,450
  • Qualification: at least a high school diploma or a General Educational Development certificate (GED)

#21.  Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

They are in charge of carrying out ultrasounds that doctors request for patients.

  • Hourly wage: $30.60
  • Annual salary: $63,640
  • Requirement: Associate degree or bachelor’s degree

#22. Animal Scientists

They research farm animal life cycles and related biological challenges.

  • Hourly wage: $31.02
  • Annual salary: $64,510
  • Requirement: Degree

#23. Writers

They create content for scripts, magazines, novels, websites, and other forms of media.

 #24. Geographers

Geographers are those who study the Earth and its characteristics, occupants, and phenomena.

  • Hourly wage: $34.33
  • Annual salary: $71,420
  • Requirement: Degree

#25.  Fashion Designers

A fashion designer Produces items and accessories ranging from shoes to clothing to jewelry and more.

  • Hourly wage: $35.78
  • Annual salary: $74,410

How Much Is $30 An Hour In A Yearly Salary?

We multiplied the hourly rate by 2,000 to arrive at this figure (40 hours per week X 50 weeks per year, allowing two weeks for vacation).

$30 an hour is roughly $60,000 per year.

How to Get Jobs That Pay 30 an Hour Fast?

First, go through our list of jobs that pay 30 an hour. Then make a list of ones that meet your qualifications, experience, and skills.

Next, search for those jobs on job sites and company websites. Make sure you research more about the job and company.

Then prepare a befitting cover letter and resume and apply for the job. Finally, research and prepare for the interview when invited.

During the interview, be confident and calm.


If you planning of earning more cash, plan on acquiring the right skill set. In as much as you have a regular job that doesn’t meet your needs, you can as well make some passive income by becoming a writer, or a fashion designer.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous jobs that pay $30 an hour here in the United States. If you are wondering if $30 an hour is worth it? Seatback and make some calculations of your current earnings per hour.

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FAQs on Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour

How can I make 25 dollars an hour?

  1. Medical Writer.
  2. Technical Writer.
  3. Speech-Language Pathologist.
  4. Certified Public Accountant.
  5. Registered Nurse.
  6. Software Developer.
  7. Project Manager.
  8. Business Consultant.

What job pays the most with no experience?

  1. Transit and railroad police.
  2. Claims adjuster.
  3. Web developer.
  4. Power plant operator.
  5. Elevator installers.
  6. Nuclear technician.
  7. Radiation therapist.
  8. Construction manager.

How can I make 250 a week?

  1. Pay off or refinance debt.
  2. Lawn mowing or yard work.
  3. Rideshare.
  4. Babysitting or Nanning.
  5. Cut your expenses.

How much a year is 25?

$25 per hour is $52,000 per year

What is the easiest job to get hired?

Groundskeeper or Landscaping Assistant

What is the world's easiest job?

  • Sommelier.
  • Video game tester.
  • Swimming pool technician.
  • Scale operator.
  • Dog walker.
  • House sitter.
  • Toll booth attendant.
  • Telephone interviewer.



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