20 Best Jobs That Pay Every Week in Decatur, Alabama | 2022

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Most people prefer jobs that pay weekly to those that pay monthly especially in Decatur Alabama. A look into this preference will reveal certain reasons for this perception.

It is a fact that handing out paychecks to some employees at the end of the week evokes a thrill. This excitement hints that bills will be paid over the weekend.

Therefore, it is no surprise that there are several jobs in Decatur, Alabama that pay every week. Consequently, such positions are like eye candy to people who fancy weekly payments.

This article will expose you to jobs that pay every week in Decatur, Alabama. Hence, if you are keen on securing weekly paying jobs in Decatur, Alabama, stay with us!

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Do Jobs That Pay Every Week At Decatur, Alabama Require Experience?

While some of these jobs that pay weekly require experience, others don’t. Some jobs that pay weekly in Decatur, Alabama are entry-level positions.

On the other hand, some others require a certain number of years as experience. However, it is up to the recruiter to determine the experience criterion for candidates..

Therefore, before applying, check up on the job requirement for your eligibility status.

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Are Such Jobs For a Particular Skillset?

The answer to this is no. There are diverse jobs that pay weekly in Decatur, Alabama. Consequently, the skills required for one position might differ from the rest.

However, the focus should be on whether you possess the skills needed for your position of interest.

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Who is a Weekly Paying Job at Decatur, Alabama Ideal For?

Weekly paying jobs in Decatur, Alabama are mostly ideal for people that love hands-on positions, flexibility, and part-time jobs.

Therefore, if you fall into any or all of the categories, then weekly paying jobs in Decatur, Alabama are suitable for you.

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20 Best Jobs That Pay Every Week in Decatur Alabama

It is important for you to identify jobs that pay weekly in Decatur, Alabama. This will aid you in dropping off your application in the right places.

If you reside in Decatur, Alabama, and in need of jobs that pay every week, you might want to consider the following jobs:

1. Server

Salary Scale:  $16

This is one of the jobs that pay weekly at Decatur Alabama. A server essentially provides assistance to other staff members. For instance, waiters in a cafe or restaurants are servers.


Servers are responsible for taking orders, delivering meals, answering the phone, cleaning, and other duties at the end of the shift.

2. Landscaping Worker

Salary Scale: Up to $1,000 per week

Landscaping is one of the weekly paying jobs at Decatur, Alabama that pays weekly.

Landscaping workers give outdoor spaces a facelift by adding a touch of nature such as shrubs, trees, and flowers.

They carry out these jobs in homes, apartment buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, and other buildings.


These employees are responsible for planting flowers, shrubs, and trees to beautify outdoor spaces. Also, they are behind the trimming, mulching, fertilizing, and watering of plants.

Equally important, they design and create lawns and hardscapes such as patios, walkways, and decks.

3. Production Workers

Salary Scale: $16 – $18 per week

A Production Worker ensures that product quality and deadlines are met in the factory or work environment.


Production workers lookout for defects in products. Also, they assemble products and monitor manufacturing equipment.

In addition, they prevent accidents in the work environment by following safety procedures.

4. Special Education Aide

Salary Scale: $13.50 per hour

This school employee sees to the needs of students with disabilities within and outside the classrooms.


Special education aides assist teachers and staff with special needs kids on a daily basis. In addition, they assist the children with Individual Education Plans (IEP) such as behavior management and self-help.

5. General Machine Operator

Salary Scale: $16.50 – $17.00 per hour

A general machine operator is a skilled worker that is in charge of operating the machinery that they have been assigned. These operators ensure that their machines work smoothly.


They set up the machines. They also adjust and control the machine settings.

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6. Overnight Caregiver

Salary Scale: $18 per hour

Caregivers provide care to people in need of it. They care for children and senior citizens as well.


The responsibilities of an overnight caregiver cover a wide area. The responsibilities of this caregiver include ensuring that these seniors access good medical attention.

Hence, they book an appointment with doctors and manage their medications.

Also, they tend to their basic needs with respect to activities of daily living. such as moving from their beds to the chair and vice versa.

In addition, they offer companionship to the seniors they care for.

7. Vehicle Loader

Salary Scale: $18 Per Hour

Truck loaders are part of the delivery and logistics team. They are responsible for loading and delivering items.


They load and unload trucks and shipping containers. In addition, they are responsible for preparing outbound shipments and receiving inbound goods.

8. Cook

Salary Scale: $18 Per Hour

A cook primarily prepares and handles cooking in households. and organization. In addition, a cook may be required to undertake cleaning chores.


She is responsible for preparing the meals for her employers and other employees.

9. Mover/Packer

Salary Scale: $15 Per Hour

Movers and packers help ease the relocation process. They help in packing items and belongings into boxes and move them safely.


They provide assistance in relocation such as artifacts, furniture, furnishings, and suitcases. Additionally, they move the items to the right location while applying safety measures.

10. Host/Hostess

Salary Scale: $12 per hour

Host/Hostess plays a vital role in restaurants. They are the first to establish contact with guests. Hence, they ensure their first impression count.


These employees welcome guests and ensure they are comfortable. Additionally, they are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing guest touch points.

Furthermore, they bid the guests farewell as they walk through the door.

11. Forklift Operator

Salary Scale: $16 – $17 per hour

These operators use the forklift in lifting and transporting goods around warehouses and industrial sites while applying caution to prevent damage.


They are responsible for offloading products from delivery vehicles. They equally move and arrange products to crates for shipment or storage purposes.

Additionally, they fish out damaged products and report quality and quantity shortages.

12. Sanitation Technician

Salary Scale: $16 per hour

Sanitation technicians ensure that all production equipment is cleaned and sanitized at the end of the production process.


This employee dismantles and assembles equipment for sanitation. Also, he is responsible for the safekeeping, transporting, and storing of cleaning chemicals and tools.

In addition, he cleans offices, bathrooms, and other touch point areas.

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13. Warehouse Package Handler

Salary Scale: $15 per hour

These are employees that work within a team to ensure that customers’ packages are delivered to them while meeting deadlines.


Warehouse package handlers are responsible for assembling, sealing, scanning, and loading shipments to ensure that they arrive at their destination securely.

14. Inventory Associate

Salary Scale: $13 per hour

Inventory associates are in charge of the inventory investment of companies. Therefore, they play an important role in the sales and products in stock.

They stay abreast with the available goods and supplies in the warehouse. Also, they facilitate sales and production in companies by managing the orders.


These employees sign off on shipments, count the number of products available, and place an order for additional inventory according to demand.

You would definitely garner more knowledge about

15. Security Officer

Salary Scale: $12.75 per hour

Security officers are responsible for ensuring safety in the environment.


They maintain safety and security for clients by patrolling the perimeters. Also, they put measures in place to regulate movement around a client’s residence and work environment.

16. Commercial General Cleaner

Salary Scale: $210 – $400 per week

Commercial general cleaners offer deep and general cleaning services to their clients. They handle this cleaning can once in a while which can be monthly or yearly.

On the other hand, they also offer daily cleaning services.


Their responsibilities include sweeping and mopping hard floors with disinfectants. Also, they vacuum floors and dust surfaces.

In addition, they clean and sanitize high touch points in offices and buildings.

In conclusion, they maintain a high standard for cleaning and sanitizing business premises.

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17. Janitor

Salary Scale: $14 – $16 per hour

Janitors are part of every business entity because of the role they play. They oversee the day-to-day cleaning of the work environment.


Their duties range from mopping to vacuuming floors to cleaning surfaces and restrooms. Additionally, they are responsible for emptying the trash and recycling cans.

18. Merchandiser

Salary Scale: $16 – $20 per hour

A merchandiser stocks the shelves of a retail store with products and ensures that they are properly displayed for customers.

In other words, they keep tabs on the inventory of retail stores and ensure that products are accurately displayed. In addition, they prepare and submit warehouse reports to be approved.

A Merchandiser is a professional who monitors inventory levels and product displays in retail stores and submits warehouse reports for approval.


Firstly, they develop strategies that will meet the expectations of customers. Secondly, they monitor sales figures, market trends, and their clientele in product planning.

Thirdly, it teams up with those in the distribution channel and analysts in price negotiation and quantities. In conclusion, they maintain a working knowledge of the best practices in the business.

Hence, they channel this knowledge into driving sales and production.

19. Concession Staff

Salary Scale: $13 per hour

A concession staff handles a lot of duties while working directly with the guests.


This employee is responsible for advertising products to customers. Also, they take meal orders and handle the cash register and payment process.

In addition, they keep the concession area clean.

20. Logistic Clerk

Salary Scale: $21 – $23 per hour

A logistics clerk takes charge of the clerical duties of a company’s shipping department.


Logistic clerks keep track of inventory and ensure that products are available. They are also responsible for filling out the necessary documentation for every shipment.


What are the best jobs you can earn a lot of money from?

The following are some of the best jobs that you can earn a lot from?

  • Physician
  • Lawyers
  • Software Development Manager
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Strategy Manager

What are the top Jobs in Decatur, Alabama?

The following are the top jobs in Decatur, Alabama:

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Receptionist
  • Staff Accountant
  • Chemical Operator
  • Lab Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • Graphic Design
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Underwriter
  • Truck Driver

What are the top cities near Decatur, AL with open jobs?

Tops cities near Decatur, Alabama with open jobs include:

  • Madison
  • Huntsville
  • Athens
  • Moulton
  • Hartselle
  • Harvest
  • Tanner
  • Rogersville
  • Courtland

What jobs are available for felons in Decatur, Alabama?

The following jobs are available for felons in Decatur, Alabama:

  • Package sorter
  • Outside Sales Representative
  • Full-Time Retail Sales Merchandiser
  • Client Services Specialist
  •  Relationship Account Coordinator


Securing jobs at Decatur, Alabama that pay weekly is cool. These weekly paying jobs at Decatur Alabama have a lot of positions up for grabs. This allows you to pick from the pool.

You can as well give any of these jobs a try if you live in Decatur, Alabama, and possess the necessary skills. Taking on jobs with weekly payments has its perks, so why not?

However, while these weekly paying jobs in Decatur, Alabama allow you to earn weekly, you may have to watch your spending. You wouldn’t want to be a reckless spender.

We hope this article met your expectation. Please reach us through the comment section for feedback and comment.



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