10 Best Nanny Jobs that Pay Cash in 2023

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Nannies play a vital role in households. These caregivers are responsible for the general welfare of kids placed under their supervision. They watch and engage these kids while their parents are away.

Little wonder, statistics show that childcare workers are in high demand on a daily. These caretakers provide care round the clock for the wards they are contracted for.

However, while some families prefer to pay over the table, some of these caretakers prefer nanny jobs that pay cash. This payment method raises tax evasion arguments quite often. Surprisingly, people are still interested in securing jobs with cash payments.

If you are interested in nanny jobs that pay cash, it is high time you identified them. Hence, this article will reveal the best under the table nanny jobs you can secure.

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Do Nannies Earn Good Money?

Some nannies earn good money. However, the amount they make depends on the state in which they reside.

For instance, some nannies make more than their city’s minimum wage.

Interestingly, some nannies earn as high as six figures, ranging from $150K to $220K. On the other hand, the payment scale depends on certain factors.

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What Factors Influence a Nanny’s Payment?

While a nanny will appreciate jobs that pay cash, they are concerned about their rates. The payment package for nannies is quite flexible.

The payment scale of nannies depends mainly on some crucial factors. Therefore, these factors influence how much an employer would cost to hire a nanny.

The following factors determine how much a nanny can earn:

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1. Experience

In determining the salary of a nanny, experience counts. This factor significantly affects how much a nanny can earn.

Employers place experience as an essential criterion before entrusting their child or ward into a nanny’s care.

Therefore, a nanny with more years of experience earns more than one still fresh on the job.

Nannies with the experience needed by families in need of babysitters tend to earn more. In other words, knowledge is critical.

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2. Education

This is another factor that can influence a nanny’s pay. Employers are keen on hiring nannies with good educational backgrounds.

For instance, a nanny with a degree in early-childhood education will earn more than one who doesn’t have a degree. Also, she is bound to make more than those with degrees in different fields.

Conclusively, nannies with a higher level of education and specialized training will earn more money than those who do not.

3. The Current Market

A nanny’s salary or wage depends mainly on where she resides. A nanny who lives in metropolitan areas or markets will earn more than those who live in smaller markets.

The hourly rate can go as much as $20 in such suburban markets.

4. Skills

While experience in babysitting is essential, having a good skill set as a nanny will largely determine how much she can be paid.

For instance, the ability of a nanny to teach a child how to play an instrument, ride a bike, and even a second language is a plus.

These services will further affect how much she can earn on the job. Therefore, nannies need to acquire specific skills.

5. Job Specification

Nannies provide quality childcare and see to other tasks associated with it. In providing this care, she may be expected to do much more.

Therefore, the job specification will determine how much a nanny can earn. Parents who require nannies to take on extra household duties will pay more.

In conclusion, the number of responsibilities she undertakes will influence her earnings.

6. Wage Laws

This is another critical factor that can influence the pay package of a nanny. Nannies are expected to be paid minimum wage by the hour.

In addition, live-out nannies must be paid 1.5 times their hourly base wage as overtime when their work hours exceed 40 within seven days.

7. Living Arrangement

Some families prefer having a nanny round the clock. Consequently, they provide the nanny with living arrangements.

On the other hand, live-in nannies don’t earn as much as live-out nannies.

What Are The Qualities of a Nanny?

There are certain qualities families, or couples consider before hiring a nanny. Hence, if you possess these qualities, you will keep getting jobs and referrals.

The following qualities will aid your career in babysitting or as a childcare giver:

  • Love for children
  • Patience
  • Communication skills
  • Trustworthy
  • Experience
  • Child development skills
  • Reliability
  • Organization and time management
  • Common sense
  • Confidence

How Can a Nanny Make Extra Money?

It is possible to earn extra money as a nanny. There are several options you can consider in achieving this. If you desire to make extra money as a nanny, you can look through these options:

1. Take on Extra Duties

If you want to earn extra money as a nanny, you can ask the family for different household duties. As a nanny, taking on additional responsibilities around the house is a significant way of earning extra cash.

To illustrate this, a lot of families need help around the house. These chores include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry

Consequently, families are bound to pay their nannies more when they add more duties to their workload. Therefore, you can take advantage of this strategy and earn more as a nanny.

2. Ask For a Raise

It isn’t wrong to ask your employer for a raise or salary review when you feel you should be earning more. This can be handy, especially when you have taken on extra duties.

Also, you can compare your rates with the average hourly rates baby sitters. This will guide you in knowing if you are underpaid or not.

However, ensure your childcare service is at its best before having this conversation with your employer.

On the other hand, the family might be unable to afford a raise.

3. Sell Yourself

Holding down a babysitting job is okay. However, it would be best if you market yourself. People need to know you are a nanny even while on a job.

For instance, while taking the child for a walk or in the park, you can subtly let people know you offer babysitting services. You can achieve this by wearing customized T-shirts or bags advertising your services.

This strategy will keep offers pouring in with time.

4. Blogging

You can also earn extra by blogging. Blogging offers you an opportunity to create content on parenting and childcare. Your experience as a nanny will help parents, intending parents, and childcare givers alike.

By putting out such information, you will attract people in need of such information. In the long run, you will command traffic which will, in turn, make you earn a decent income.

5. Find a Part-Time Job

Adding a part-time job as a nanny is not a bad idea. It is another way of making extra cash. You can seek part-time jobs that you can easily blend with or something you are passionate about.

Additionally, you can settle for passive income jobs. However, ensure that the part-time job doesn’t compete for time and attention with your nanny job.

The key consideration here is your ability to manage both effectively. If you can, then why not?

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6. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

You can also care for animals and get paid for them. Walking a dog or caring for pets can be a good idea, especially if you love animals.

Pet owners need caregivers to walk their pets. Also, they need the services of these caregivers when they travel.

What are The Best Cities to Be a Nanny in America?

While we have established the fact that nannies earn a decent salary, there are some states in America where nannies with better pay packages.

Nannies who seek jobs that pay cash and other benefits should consider the following cities in America:

  • Chicago – Average hourly rate – $17 – $34
  • San Francisco – Average hourly rate – $21.67
  • New York City – Average hourly rate – $21.33
  • Boston – Average hourly rate – $20
  • Denver – Average hourly rate – $19
  • San Jose – Average hourly rate – $19
  • Seattle – Average hourly rate – $19
  • Washinton, D. C. – Average hourly rate – $19
  • Dallas – Average hourly rate – $18
  • Raleigh – Average hourly rate – $17
  • Minneapolis – Average hourly rate $15

So, if you reside in any of the above-mentioned states, you can make a career out of it if you have a passion for being a childcare worker.

What are The Best Nanny Jobs That Pay Cash?

There are a lot of nanny jobs that pay cash. However, as a nanny or an aspiring one, you need to identify the best nanny jobs that pay cash.

Presently, you can find a nanny that prefers cash in hand as a payment method. Such nanny jobs are often referred to as under-the-table jobs. In other words, when an employer hands a nanny cash, it is called an under-the-table job.

In looking for cash-in-hand nanny jobs or those with traditional payment methods, there are specific jobs you can consider. These nanny jobs are considered the best under-the-table nanny jobs.

The following are the best cash-in-hand nanny jobs:

1. Full-Time Nanny

Full-time nannies or live-in nannies are usually found in homes where single or both parents work full-time. Also, their salaries are less than those of live-out nannies.

However, the average yearly salary for a full-time nanny in the United States is $40,076 as of August 19, 2023. ZipRecruiter reported this.


Unlike the live-out nannies, these nannies carry out a lot of responsibilities. These tasks include feeding, bathing, changing diapers, keeping a routine, ensuring the child naps, and ensuring the child’s well-being and health.

2. Nanny/Housekeeper

Salary Scale: $8-$11 per hour

This set of nannies is regulated by time. In order words, they spend a specific number of hours with the kids under their supervision. On the other hand, they also do housekeeping.


A nanny/housekeeper completes household tasks and provides full support in all elements of the employer’s life and home when the children are in school or around their schedule.

3. After School Nanny

Salary Scale: $18 – $25 per hour

Nannies provide for kids at the close of school. These nannies watch and care for kids whose parents are unavailable when their school for the day.


After-school nannies transport kids to and from after-school activities and sports, prepare snacks or dinner, and assist with homework or tutoring.

4. Summer Staff Childcare

Salary Scale: $12.79 per hour

Nannies also offer childcare services. They engage the kids they care for in certain activities. Also, they supervise children and other participants in recreational programs.


They are responsible for ensuring the well-being of the children and organizing and monitoring them in summer camp programs. In addition, they supervise the activities in recreational facilities.

Also important, they ensure that the rules and regulations in the facilities are adhered to.

5. Seasonal Nanny

Salary Scale: $20 – $23 per hour

This position is temporary and one of the many under-the-table nanny jobs. Hence, nannies or babysitters opt for jobs like this.

These nannies provide care and watch over school-aged children or kids whose parents embarked on a vacation or trip.


A seasonal nanny designs activities that are creative and fun for the children. Additionally, they include a bit of learning in the schedule.

6. Live-out Nanny

Salary Scale: $25 – $30 per hour

This set of under-the-table nanny jobs is needed for families with busy schedules. Unlike live-in nannies, live-out nannies do not live with their families.

In summary, they report to work and leave at the end of the day.


Live-out nannies carry out responsibilities such as cleaning, preparing dinner, laundry, and transportation to and from events would all be part of the job description.

7. Bilingual Nanny

Salary Scale: $25 – $30

Some employers are intentional in hiring bilingual nannies. They hire them for the nannies to help in coaching their children in a second language.


A bilingual nanny teaches children language lessons. Mind you; these languages are not their first languages. These nannies teach these children second languages.

8. Fun Flexible Baby Sitter

Salary Scale: $17 – $19

Ever wonder why these nannies get hired by couples? It is pretty simple. Families hire flexible babysitters to ensure their kids have fun while they are away.


These nannies engage children in games and fun activities. So while supervising these children, they ensure they have the most fun.

9. Nanny/House Manager

Salary Scale: $25 – $35 Per hour

Some families out there hire nannies for dual purposes – nannying and managing the house.


This nanny is responsible for babysitting and carrying out house managing duties.

10. Baby Sitter and On Call Nanny

Salary Scale: $18 – $20 

These nannies provide alternate childcare services to families with prior babysitting arrangements.


They come in handy when families with prearranged childcare get disappointed. In other words, they step in emergencies to babysit children.

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Best babysitting Apps

These apps enable families or couples quickly locate a one-time babysitter or long-term nanny to care for their kids. Hence, it is beneficial to both parties.

With these online caregiving platforms, couples can find babysitters or nannies based on the following criteria:

  • Location,
  • Specific skills
  • Experience
  • Rates

Using these online platforms, you can be linked with a caregiver and conclude the hiring process with your phone.

You can consider the following best 5 nanny/babysitting apps:

  • Care.com
  • Sittercity
  • UrbanSitter
  • Nanno
  • Bambino

It is pretty easy to use these platforms. All you need to do is download the mobile apps and sign up to get started. Conclusively, couples, as well as sitters, can both sign up on these platforms to seek and find these service providers.


In searching for nanny jobs, you will realize that several pays in cash. These under-the-table jobs provide a certain level of flexibility. Interestingly, this advantage can help you earn extra while babysitting for families.

Identifying these jobs and the various apps or websites where families contract nannies will make you take actionable steps in fixing yourself where these employers can find you.

Nanny jobs that pay cash are an old payment concept. On the other hand, under-the-table jobs are a tax-related issue, but the practice will continue. Now that you know the nanny jobs that pay cash, you can settle for those suitable.

We hope this article met your expectations. For comments and feedback, reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit@gmail.com.

Paying a nanny in cash without declaring it is illegal. This is why some employers or families turn down nannies who prefer cash payments.

What Other Professional Words Can Be Used in Addressing Nannies?

A nanny can be addressed in different ways. You can use any of the following nouns for a nanny:

  • Babysitter
  • Caregiver
  • Governess
  • Child-care worker
  • Day-care provider
  • Mother’s helper

However, the most popular ones are babysitters and nannies.

What are the Risks of Paying a Nanny in Cash?

You can face the following risks if you pay your nanny in cash:

  • You could pay a fine or face time in jail
  • Your nanny may be required to pay more tax than necessary
  • It puts your finances at risk

What State has the Best Payment Package for Nannies?

The state in the U.S. with the best payment plan for nannies is Chicago. Nannies in Chicago earn from $17 to as high as $34 per hour.


Paying a nanny in cash without declaring it is illegal. This is why some employers or families turn down nannies who prefer cash payments.

What other professional words can be used in addressing nannies?

A nanny can be addressed in different ways. You can use any of the following nouns for a nanny:

  • Babysitter
  • Caregiver
  • Governess
  • Child-care worker
  • Day-care provider
  • Mother’s helper

However, the most popular ones are babysitters and nannies.

What are the risks of paying a nanny in cash?

You can face the following risks if you pay your nanny in cash:

  • You could pay a fine or face time in jail
  • Your nanny may be required to pay more tax than necessary
  • It puts your finances at risk

What state has the best payment package for nannies?

The state in the U.S. with the best payment plan for nannies is Chicago. Nannies in Chicago earn from $17 to as high as $34 per hour.


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