30 Best Nursing Students Jobs That Add Experience to Your Resume | 2022

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The thought of landing a job upon graduation as a nurse can be scary to most people. The singular reason is showcasing relevant experience on their resume.

It is a fact that employers are keen on recruiting candidates with relevant experience for the job in question. Hence, it is the desire of every nursing student to search for and secure jobs that can add experience to their resume in the long run.

Therefore, it is important to secure nursing students’ jobs while pursuing the degree. Consequently, these are there to aid you to amass a wealth of hands-on experience in the health industry.

This article will walk you through the 30 best nursing jobs that add experience to your resume. Hence, if you are a nursing student in search of such jobs, then read through to get acquainted with them.

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What Are The Available Nursing Student Jobs in NYC (New York City)?

The following are some of the nursing students’ jobs in NYC (New York City):

1. Psychology Assistant

They are in charge of collecting and managing data from research participants. In addition, they included cognitive and physical function tests in the data.

Furthermore, data will be collected by mailed, telephone, and video-administered questionnaires and exams for follow-up.

In order to conduct these tests, the psychology assistant will get standardized training.

On the other hand, previous phlebotomy experience is preferred, but the willingness to learn these abilities through a phlebotomy course is also acceptable.

2. Nursing Aide

This is a specifically trained member of the Nursing Department who assists the RN or LPN with specific parts of patient care delivery.

In addition, the position requires technical skills for patient care.

3. Summer 2022 8-week BSN Nursing Student Externship

If you are currently enrolled as an undergrad, you can apply for this position. This position is designed to run for 8 weeks.

As part of the Summer Nursing Externship Program, you will work as a nurse extern in the In-Patient Acute Care and/or Post-Anesthesia Care Unit.

You also stand a chance to get valuable patient care experience and will attend weekly nursing education seminars.

Salary Scale: $40K – $98K 

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4. Clinical Assistant

This job gives you the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of a registered nurse. Also, it will help you improve organizational, communication, and team-building skills under the direction and guidance of a qualified nurse preceptor.

However, you must have completed at least one year of clinical work as a nursing student and have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Nursing Student Jobs in Chicago

You will find the following nursing students’ jobs in Chicago:

5. Nursing Apprentice

The responsibilities of a Nursing Apprentice are technical in nature and require specialized training and skill.

The Nursing Apprentice’s training and skill level are equivalent to advancement through a recognized nursing school.

This program will aid you in learning how to care for people in different age brackets in clinical settings.

In addition, it will afford you the opportunity to attend weekly classroom courses.

Salary Scale: $35K – $58K

6. Nursing Assistant

If you are keen on gaining clinical experience as a nursing student, you can apply for this position.

The nursing assistant performs a number of clinical and environmental responsibilities while being supervised by a registered nurse.

Nursing assistants receive education and training as they progress through a recognized nursing school.

Salary Scale: $29K – $67K

7. Intensive Care Unit Nurse Extern

This nurse provides care and treatment of patients under the supervision of a registered nurse. In addition, they assist in ensuring that the environment is clean and safe.

They help to improve the therapeutic environment and the efficiency of the nursing team. Also they assist with daily duties, surgeries, treatments, and nutrition, among other things.

Salary Scale: $52K – $106K

8. Nurse Extern

These health care workers tend to patients’ needs and treat them. Additionally, they assist with daily tasks, procedures, treatments, and nutrition.

Salary Scale: $29K – $58K

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What are The Nursing Student Jobs Available in San Francisco Bay Area?

You can consider these positions if you reside in the San Francisco bay area:

9. Patient Companion

Nursing professionals will appoint this caregiver to keep an eye on patients who are at risk of experiencing negative outcomes such as falls, self-injury, and harm to others.

The patient companion will adhere to the RN’s plan of care for the patient. In addition, she will keep the assigned patient under constant surveillance at all times, including during transport and restroom breaks

10. Behavioral Caregiver

Individuals with developmental disabilities or problematic behaviors. Additionally, they carry out the Clinical Supervisor’s intense behavioral support care plan.

Furthermore, they collect measurable behavioral data that the Clinical Supervisor needs in order to improve the care plan’s success

Salary Scale: $25 per hour

11. Patient Care Technician

Firstly, they assist the Registered Nurse to meet the needs of patients in order to provide safe, quality care. Secondly, they assist with activities of daily living such as feeding, toileting, bathing, and other activities.

Thirdly, they may serve as a sitter to ensure that the patient’s demands for safety are satisfied.

Salary Scale: $25.10/hr – $40.10 per hour

12. Mobile Injury Response Technician

Their responsibilities range from first aid injury response to alcohol and drug testing to pulmonary function testing to safety training.

However, you must have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience to fill this position.

Salary Scale: $24 per hour 

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Nursing Student Jobs in Boise

If you have been wondering about the available nursing students’ jobs in Boise, here they are:

13. Patient Care Aide

She supports the seniors with a wide range of responsibilities such as housekeeping, meal preparation, mobility assistance, and transportation.

This position also allows caregivers to receive advanced training in areas such as dementia or Alzheimer’s care, allowing them to further develop their skills.

14. In-Home Patient Care Assistant

This position provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk alongside patients recovering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases, joint replacements, multiple trauma, and cardiac and pulmonary illnesses.

Furthermore, you can establish meaningful relationships with patients as you assist them to reach their goals and reclaim their independence, and you can enjoy their successes along the way.

15. BSN Instructor

Prepares, administers, and grades examinations for the course in collaboration with other instructors. Also, they assist with strategic planning and evaluation of educational activities to ensure program quality.

Additionally, they organize and carry out new faculty orientation in both theoretical and clinical settings for the courses. Furthermore, they maintain student records of attendance, skills check-off forms, and assist with program data collection.

16. Rehab Nursing Tech

They give direct patient treatment based on their level of expertise and training. They assist a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in conducting patient-care support activities.

Also, they encourage the highest levels of patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Nursing Student Jobs, Ontario

Find yourself in need of a nursing student job in the greater Seattle area, you can browse through some of the following:

17. Caregiver

They are responsible for assisting clients with daily living activities, collaborating with staff and clients, and communicating ongoing results and updates with parties involved.

Also important, they maintain a safe and pleasant living environment. Additionally, they provide social and emotional assistance as well as company.

Salary Scale: $18.00 – $18.25 per hour

18. Camp Student Nurse

A camp student nurse supports Association processes and is in charge of ensuring that all nursing needs of campers and employees are satisfied.

In addition, with assistance from a registered nurse, this student nurse help campers in learning new diabetes management skills.

Also important, she assists in the monitoring of campers’ blood glucose and ketones.

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19. Nursing Administrative Assistant Summer Student

she is responsible for aiding the completion of internal audits, minute taking, record keeping, and filing.

In addition, she is also in charge of compiling statistics, scheduling staff, and other administrative tasks as assigned by the DRC.

20. Personal Care Attendant

They provide mobility support and assist in maintaining personal hygiene through washing, brushing their hair and teeth, and applying skincare.

They are also in charge of domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing, as well as doing errands.

Nursing Student Jobs in Houston, TX

If you reside within Houston, Texas, you might consider any of the following nursing student jobs:

21. Supp Professional Student Nurse

This job requires clinical students to apply their classroom knowledge in a healthcare setting under direct supervision.

Also, this position provides clinical student rotations, externships, and exposure to skills and information which are required in their clinical areas of study.

22. Supplemental Clinical Nurse Student

This individual follows orders and instructions from a clinical licensed professional in order to provide indirect and direct patient care while adhering to protocol, methods, and established criteria.

Ensures patient, staff, and visitor safety; follows all Memorial Hermann rules, procedures, and standards while staying within budgetary guidelines.

However, this job requires you to have to complete the first semester of a clinical practicum to be considered.

Nursing Student Jobs in Massachusetts

You are sure to find the following jobs in nursing student jobs in Massachusetts:

23. Per Diem Nursing Student

This nursing student works under the direction and general supervision of the Nurse Manager, Charge Nurse, or Registered Nurse, in accordance with hospital rules and procedures.

Also, she assists professional nursing personnel with routine patient care, communication, comfort, safety, paperwork, and treatments.

In addition, the job includes providing direct clinical and support services to patients and families along the health care continuum, as well as assuring the quality and safety of patient care.

24. Nurse Apprentice Technician 

They direct or supervise less-experienced nursing or healthcare staff, or oversee a specific unit. Prepare patients for examinations or treatments, as well as provide them with assistance.

Work under the supervision of a nurse or physician and see patients on a daily basis for vital signs, blood draws, and other procedures.

25. Student Patient Care Associate

These student nurses carry out patient care plans and patient physical care such as bed baths, toileting, grooming, and changing bed linen.

They also provide general patient care, such as positioning, lifting, and turning, as well as the use of adaptive and transfer equipment.

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26. BFT Summer Medical Assistant

This medical assistant provides exceptional care and service to Primary Care patients in collaboration with clinicians and other team members.

Additionally, she supports the patient, provider, and other members of the care team in providing a thorough and effective visit to patients, as well as completing the day’s responsibilities as quickly as possible.

Nursing Student Jobs in Maryland

Nursing student jobs in Maryland include the following:

27. Student Nursing Assistant Float Pool

This health care provider applies skills learned as a nursing student to aid the Registered Nurse in the care of a group of patients under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.

28. Collegiate Student Nurse

A collegiate nurse contributes to the data needed to assess, plan, and evaluate a group of patients’ care.

In addition, she bears responsibility for providing care to patients under the watch of an RN,

29. Student Nurse Bone Marrow Transplant

The student nurse engages in the nursing process in providing care to patients and their families under the direct supervision of a registered nurse.

Furthermore, her responsibilities include direct care actions that must be performed in the designated unit on a daily basis.

30. Student Nurse PCT

The student nurse gives direct care to patients in the morning and at bedtime, with special attention to personal hygiene. Also, Initiates and maintains all types of patient safety and comfort measures.

Assists with patient entry by greeting them and taking their initial weight, vital signs, and disrobing when needed, as well as orienting them to their room and equipment.

Also important, she recognizes and communicates pain, patient complaints, or a significant change in the patient’s condition to the designated nurse.


Do clinicals count as work experience?

No. clinicals don’t really count as work experience. When employers ask for your work experience, they are not referring to your nursing school clinical.

On the other hand, they are referring to your work experience as a nurse and not as a nursing student.

How do you put nursing experience on a resume?

You can achieve this through the following ways;

Firstly, give priority to your clinical experience by starting your resume with Clinical Rotations and any nursing-related experience.

Secondly, identify a way to highlight your rotational experience.

Should I put my GPA on my nursing resume?

While many are of the opinion that GPA doesn’t count in a resume, employers notice it.

If it’s something to think about for internships, residency programs, and jobs that hire recent graduates, then why not? In summary, while a high GPA is not required, it certainly gets attention.

What looks good on a nursing student resume?

The following information not only looks good on a resume but are relevant:

  • Letterhead
  • Summary/Observation
  • Education
  • Licensure and Certification
  • Clinical Experience
  • Work Experience
  • Volunteer Experience/Group Memberships

How do you describe clinical experience?

It’s an essential hands-on learning experience for anyone interested in learning more about healthcare careers or thinking about graduate school.

In other words, it usually entails some level of patient contact in a hospital or healthcare setting.

How do I make my nursing resume stand out?

You can make your nursing resume stand out in the following ways:

  • Include an objective statement
  • Communicate workplace values
  • Be specific and relevant
  • Highlight clinical experience and areas of expertise
  • Earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


Taking on nursing students’ jobs is a great way to accrue practical hands-on health experience in the field. Also, it will look good on your resume and give you an edge over candidates with no work experience.

However, what should really matter is your ability to find a suitable pre-nursing degree job and garner as much knowledge as possible to prepare for graduate positions. Consequently, it will increase your job prospects after graduation.

We hope this article answered your inquiries about nursing students’ jobs. Please reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit@gmail.com for feedback.



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