Where To Sell Your Acer Laptop For Best Price in 2022


Sell Acer Laptop. Upgrading from the Acer laptop you are using to a higher version is one thing common with techies.

But unlike scarab cars and other items, such laptops won’t be sold at funny prices.

So if you’re searching for places to sell Acer laptops for the best price, we’ve got you covered.

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Where To Sell Acer Laptop for Cash

1. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon’s trade-in program functions similarly to its retail shop. You simply search for an electronic item, provide essential information (storage, screen size, etc.), and then choose the device’s state.

Amazon will then make you an offer for your Acer laptop and, if you accept it, will supply you with a free shipping label.

When you ship the laptop, Amazon will verify it to confirm that it fits the description you provided. Your Amazon account will be credited with an Amazon eGift card for the deal’s value if everything checks up.

Amazon’s customer service offers to reimburse you extra if the item is in better condition than you specified.

If you want to trade in your gadget in person, Amazon provides a list of places where you may bring devices and select phones. According to Amazon, even nonworking gadgets can be approved.

The disadvantage? Your funds are tied to your Amazon account.

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2. SellYourLaptop

Though not an American-based company but they accept laptops from outside the UK. SellYourLaptop is one of the best places to sell Acer laptops for cash.

The Company’s Registration number is 10673867, and its VAT number is 26455886.

SellYourLaptop has been designed to recognize the worth we place in our laptops until new ones replace them.

In a world where high-ticket items like laptops seem to lose their value almost instantly while more and more people seek access to short-term loans and instant cash, there is a clear opportunity to sell the traditional technical value of a laptop (regardless of age or use) quickly, efficiently, and securely.

SellYourLaptop unites those who recognize the most value in old laptops with others who want to sell them for some fast, extra cash to support their purchases, spending, or lifestyle.

How to Sell Acer Laptop for Cash on SellYourLaptop

Request a Quote Online
Fill them your laptop’s information to get a quick quote. Then input your personal information and select a payment method.

Send your Acer device for free
Securely wrap your laptop and drop it off at the post office at a convenient time once they email you the prepaid label (typically within 4 hours).

Get Paid Quickly
They will deliver money within 48 hours after receiving the laptop and completing its examination.

visit their official website by clicking here for further information.

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3. SellBroke

SellBroke offers a speedy transaction in selling your Acer laptop. The company is located at 5460, Louie LN Reno, NV 8951, and you can reach them at 775-298-9123 / support@sellbroke.com.

How to Sell Acer Laptop on SellBroke

Instant Quote: get an instant quote to sell your laptop, phone, tablet, or another electronic item.
Choose the gadget you wish to sell to them and then the state it is in.

If you want to sell more than one laptop, phone, tablet, or another electronic gadget, you may add it to your basket and keep adding more.

FREE UPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label:

When your label is complete, they will email it to you in PDF format, along with a PDF packing slip. Pack your laptop for resale carefully, and include a copy of your packing slip in the box. Make sure it’s well-packed.

Tape your prepaid shipping label on the box and deliver it to any FedEx or UPS shop. Locate the nearest UPS or FedEx location.

Checkout and Payment:

If the condition matches what you entered in the instant quote form, Sellbroke will send you your money as soon as feasible. If there is a problem or the condition does not match what was specified at checkout, they will inform you as soon as possible by e-mail.

That’s it; their payments are made by Google Pay, PayPal, or a Bank of America business check. They strive for the shortest feasible turnaround time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them at the number shown above.

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4. Apple Trade-In

Apple’s trade-in program will accept devices from a variety of manufacturers, not just its own. Apple currently accepts Acer laptops, smartphones, tablets, watches, and “other” gadgets and obsolete equipment.

If Apple does not have a trade-in offer for your gadgets, such as an iPod or AirPods, it will recycle them for free to benefit the planet.

Apple estimates that the online trade-in procedure will take two to three weeks to complete. If you want to order a new gadget right away, the firm will credit your payment method with the trade-in value after the transaction is finalized.

If an Apple Store is operating in your region, you may also go there and obtain an immediate store credit for your trade-in. It’s especially useful with the release of the iPhone 14.

If you already planned on purchasing a new iPhone or Mac, using Apple’s trade-in program makes sense. It is not a viable alternative for someone looking to purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, for example.

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5. ItsWorthMore

Yes, you can sell Acer laptops using the ItsWorthMore program.

The ItsWorthMore program rewards you via PayPal, Zelle, or a traditional paper check.

Answering certain questions regarding the old mobile phone, tablet, Watch (or other gadgets), or computer you’re selling is part of the process of selling electronic items.

ItsWorthMore will then make you an offer, which you must accept in order to receive a prepaid shipping label. You may choose how you wish to receive your payment during the checkout process.

You may also pay $15 for two-day delivery and 24-hour processing time. Otherwise, regular delivery with a 72-hour turnaround aim. Processing might, however, take up to five business days.

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6. BuyBackTronics

BuyBackTronics provides a place for you to easily, conveniently, and risk-free sell your previously valued electronic equipment.

They recognize that selling on online marketplaces may be intimidating and that it is not for everyone.

BuyBackTronics provide an alternative option and work hard to guarantee that their service reduces the hassle and hazards while still providing fair value for your gadget.

Every BuyBackTronics trade-in is handled efficiently, with regular updates throughout the process.

How to Sell Acer Laptop on BuyBackTronics

Receive A Quote: Click on buybacktronics.com. Find the devices you wish to sell and obtain a quick quote based on the specifications of your equipment.

If you’re satisfied with your quotation, go to their checkout, print a shipping label, and/or request shipping materials.

Ship the Laptop Out: Prepare the laptop, package it, and ship the device at no cost.

You can get your free shipping label during the checkout process or from the trade-in quote e-mail that will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

If you requested shipping materials, they should be on their way (your shipping label will be included). Once they arrive and your device has been prepped and packaged, you’re ready to ship!

Inspection Stage: They examine your gadget and approve it if the description is correct.

If the company discovers errors, they update the quotation. They also send an email with a new offer will for approval.

Get Your Cash: Once they inspect and accept your laptop, you will get your pay swiftly by eCheck or PayPal, or you can have a check.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where to Sell Acer Laptops

How long is the warranty on a Acer laptop?

Three-year limited warranty.

Can I exchange my Acer laptop for a new one?

For most hardware, Acer will accept returns within 15 days of delivery.

Where is Acer located in US?

Acer America Corporation is a subsidiary of the Acer Group, located in San Jose, California.

Where does Acer manufacture its products?

“Acer is a rising star.” Taiwan is as well. Giants such as Foxconn and Quanta have transformed this island into a manufacturing powerhouse, producing the majority of music players, video game consoles, smartphones, and computers purchased by consumers and corporations.

Is factory reset enough before selling laptop?

Once you’re certain you’ve copied all of your personal data from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you should reset it to its factory default settings before handing it on to its new owner.

On newer devices, this method effectively reinstalls the operating system, restoring the device to as-new condition.


keeping an old Acer laptop is nice but in some cases, exchanging it for money to get a new one might be better. If you’re done with that Acer, rather than let it rot, get cool money by selling it off.

Just in case you want to sell it off, you can choose any of the places listed above, and you will have good pay for your gadget.



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