How to Sell Your iPad Pro for Cash in 2022


Sell iPad Pro. Yes, you can go on and sell that iPad Pro if you’re done with it. There is still a chance of that fairly used iPad Pro to fetch you good cash.

Just in case you are thinking of selling your iPad Pro, we will aid you in finding the perfect place online and offline.

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Where to Sell iPad Pro for Cash

#1. PayMore

PayMore Stores was formed in 2011 in Massapequa, New York, a small, close-knit village on Long Island’s southeastern tip in Nassau County.

Their idea arose in response to the problem of outdated and damaged gadgets stacking up in their landfills.

Their objective was to collect and refurbish these items before reintroducing them into the market, all while lowering the eWaste footprint.

PayMore’s aim is simple: “to give clients a fast, safe, straightforward, and fair way to purchase, sell, and exchange devices.”

How to Sell iPad Pro for Cash at PayMore

You can sell iPad Pro for cash at PayMore using these easy steps

Step 1: Visit one of their conveniently located walk-in retail locations. No appointment is necessary.

Step 2: Their expert gadget technicians will quickly test and inspect your device’s condition. They also purchase broken iPad Pro.

Step 3: They’ll make you a top-dollar cash or trade offer based on their proprietary live marketplace tracking and comparison software.

Step 4: PayMore gives you top dollar in cash on the spot, or you can opt for PayMore trade credit at a higher rate if you plan on shopping in their retail store.

Find any of their locations close to you; you can walk up to their store with your iPad Pro. Some of their stores are located at:

581 broadway Massapequa, NY 11758,

1908 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11214 (Between 19th & Bay 22nd St)

329 N. Harrison Ave Cary, NC 27513

1629 N. Market Drive Raleigh, NC 27609

399 W. Louis Henna Blvd Ste D Round Rock, TX 78664

For further details, you can click on their website @

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#2. Platinum Buy Back

Platinum Buy Back,  They have been around for a while. They have over 19 years of industry expertise. The iPhone is younger than Platinum Wireless in San Francisco.

The entire process of selling your iPad Pro at Platinum Buy Back is safe, secure, and automated.
They take many procedures to guarantee that your gadget is wiped clean before it is resold.

How to Sell iPad Pro for Cash at Platinum BuyBack

Selling your iPad Pro at Platinum Buy Back is easier than you think. It just requires three simple steps.

First Step: Simply enter your electronic information and get a price offer.

Second Step: They Will provide you with a free label, or you can drop it off at 5901 Mission St., San Francisco, Ca 94112

Third Step: Payment is due at the time of delivery or within 24-48 hours after the package arrives.

To sell your iPad Pro @ Platinum Buy Back, you can check their official website

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#3. Sellbroke

SellBroke provides a quick transaction for selling your iPad Pro. Their address is 5460, Louie LN Reno, NV 8951, and the phone number is 775-298-9123 /

How to Sell iPad Pro for Cash at Platinum Sellbroke

Instant Quote

Get a quick quotation to sell your laptop, phone, tablet, or other electronic devices.
Choose the device you want to sell and then the condition it is in.

If you wish to sell more than one tablet or other electronic devices, you can add more to your cart.

Free UPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label

When your label is finished, it will be emailed to you in PDF format, along with a PDF packing slip. Pack your resale laptop with care, and include a copy of your packing slip in the box. Make sure it’s tightly packed.

Apply your prepaid shipping label to the box and take it to any FedEx or UPS location. Find the closest UPS or FedEx location.


Sellbroke will deliver you your money as soon as possible if the condition meets what you submitted in the instant quotation form. If there is a problem or if the condition does not match what was mentioned at checkout, they will notify you by e-mail as soon as feasible.

That’s it; they accept Google Pay, PayPal, or a business check from Bank of America. They try for the quickest turnaround time possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the number listed above.

To sell IPad Pro, check their website at

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#4. uSell

The objective of uSell is to revolutionize the way individuals update their technology. They make it simple to sell your used electronics by linking you with hundreds of skilled buyers so you can receive the greatest price.

uSell allows you to sell your old items and utilize the proceeds to purchase new items while also helping the environment.

At uSell, you get the highest price, it is safe, and the selling process is also easy.

How to Sell iPad Pro for Cash at uSell

  1. Get a quick offer: Select your gadget, and they will show you the greatest deals from their trusted network of experienced buyers.
  2. Sell and ship for free: Accepting a monetary offer entitles you to a pre-paid shipping kit with tracking. There are no hidden expenses to selling or shipping.
  3. Get paid: Choose between PayPal and check. After receiving your gadget, your buyer will make payment within 5 business days. They offer you email updates every step of the journey for your peace of mind.

To sell on uSell, you can check on their official website @

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#5. SellCell

SellCell is the best place to sell gadgets, including the iPad Pro. They evaluate prices from all of the major gadget buyers in the United States in order to save you money while also saving you time and trouble.

SellCell is the place to go if you want to sell your iPad Pro.

All of the gadget buyers on SellCell have been properly confirmed, and many have been working with them for several years, so you can be certain that you’re dealing with a reputable company. To help even more, they clearly display customer reviews for each buyer.

SellCell is 100% free, and their comparison is entirely objective.

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How to Sell iPad Pro for Cash at SellCell

It’s very simple to sell an iPad Pro on Sellcell. Simply follow these four easy steps:

In the search box, type in the Phone you want to sell, which is iPad Pro.

SellCell immediately evaluates rates from all of the top mobile recyclers to offer you the most money for your phone. Simply choose the best offer.

Ship your smartphone to your preferred buyback provider for free, then sit back and wait for your money.

To sell your iPad Pro on SellCell, check their official website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Sell iPad Pro

How much could I sell my iPad Pro for?

Depending on the condition, storage space, screen size, and other criteria, your iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) trade-in value might range from $80 to over $600.

Can I pawn my iPad Pro?

You may pawn your iPad for a loan or sell it for cash that you will not have to repay. 

Whatever course you choose, understanding what to anticipate when you enter the pawn shop will be advantageous.

Can you sell your iPad back to Apple?

Yes, you can easily trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase or receive an Apple Gift Card that you can use whenever you want.

Do iPads have good resale value?

However, iPads tend to keep their value better than any other computers. It is hard to obtain the MSRP for your old iPad.

Because new iPads are constantly being released, it is unavoidable that previous models lose some of their value.

How do I clear my iPad to sell?

To erase your device go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad and then tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”


Selling your iPad Pro is not an easy task to handle; the majority of the places listed above are always ready to offer you quite some cash for the iPad.

The ultimate question is, “are you ready to sell the gadget?” if yes, then we’ve shown you a way out; the perfect way to exchange it for a reasonable sum of dollars.



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