Sell Your iPhone 7 Plus for Cash | How Much Can I Sell an iPhone 7 for?


Why hide your iPhone 7 in an old closet when you can sell it for some cool cash? Yeah! You can indeed sell that old iPhone 7 in exchange for real value.

But then, trust me, you wouldn’t want a pittance in exchange for your iPhone 7. Hence, the reason you should ensure that your iPhone 7 is in good working condition before putting it up for sale.

However, if you’re ready to sell your iPhone 7, read on to find out where, how, and how much you can sell your iPhone 7. Happy reading!

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Where Can I Sell My iPhone 7?

There are a lot of places where you can sell your iPhone 7 for cash. Of course, places like buyback businesses, digital marketplaces, and internet auction houses online are places you can sell your iPhone 7.

However, for more clarity, here are a few of them:

Meanwhile, Because your used iPhone 7 retains great value, there is truly no shortage of iPhone buyers. Do you know why?

Because a lot of folks are on the look to buying an iPhone provided it is in good working condition.

How Else Can I Sell My iPhone 7?

Aside from selling your iPhone 7, you can choose to trade in your old iPhone 7 for an in-store credit or an improved phone. So, if you prefer this, you can easily opt for this.

However, for better clarity on where you can sell your used iPhone 7 for cool cash, we’ve divided our handpicked list of iPhone buyback program alternatives into three categories:

  • Online Buyback Stores: Register your sales online and get your iPhone 7 shipped for free (High Payouts)
  • Digital Marketplaces: Take pictures, create an ad, negotiate bids, and ship to another individual (High Payouts)
  • In-Store and Carrier Trade-Ins: Receive store credit toward upgrades (Low-Medium Payouts)

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How Much Can I Sell My iPhone 7?

As of November 2022, iPhone 7 prices start at $78 and average at $103. What does this tell you? For me, it says that I can still get good value selling my old iPhone 7. So, you can sell your iPhone 7 for $80.

Meanwhile, you need to know that prices for the iPhone 7 will continue to fall over time. Yeah! You heard that; it will fall over time following the release of valuable ones.

And yes! Apple phones retain their worth well, but as time passes and new models are introduced, prices will continue to fall.

What is the Current Price for iPhone 7?

For a clearer view of the current price of the iPhone 7, see below:

S/nCarrierStorageAvg Price
1Unlocked32 GB$97
2AT&T32 GB$98
3Unlocked128 GB$106
4Verizon32 GB$94
5T-Mobile32 GB$97
6Verizon128 GB$103
7AT&T128 GB$113
8TracFone32 GB$99
9Sprint32 GB$98
10Cricket32 GB$94
iPhone 7 price

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What is the Best Price for an iPhone 7?

If you have an iPhone 7 with 32 GB, the best price is $78.

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Does Storage Affect the Price of iPhone 7?

Yup, storage affects the price of iPhone 7. In fact, Storage capacity is a key component affecting the price of iPhone 7.

In October 2022, the average selling price for the 32 GB iPhone 7 was $87, down from $94 in May 2022. For a 128 GB iPhone 7, the average price was $99 in October 2022, down from $121 in May 2022.

Also, the average price of the 256 GB iPhone 7 in October 2022 was $95 compared to $155 in May 2022. So, we can all truly attest that storage really does affect the price of iPhone 7.

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How Can I Get Paid the Most Money for My iPhones 7 Plus?

Guess you aren’t aware that if you’re going to sell your iPhone 7 Plus, you can make the most possible money.

Here, we’ll go through a few strategies below to help you get the most money for your used iPhone 7:

Maintain the Condition of Your iPhone 7

Buddy! Do you know that maintaining the greatest possible condition for your old iPhone 7 always enhances its resale value?

Of course, minor damage to an otherwise functional phone can diminish its resale value by hundreds of dollars in some circumstances.

So, in this case, consider utilizing tough phone covers and screen protectors to increase the amount of money you receive when selling your iPhone 7.

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Always Compare Resale Prices

You should not accept the first offer you receive while looking for the best place to sell iPhone 7.

In fact, if you want to get the most money for your old iPhone 7, you should evaluate resale rates. You can compare pricing from several of the leading iPhone buyback firms at

Of course, simply choose the model you want to sell to get fast price quotations from businesses all throughout the nation.

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Resale Your broken iPhone 7 Immediately

If your iPhone 7 is broken, you should try to sell it as quickly as possible. Procrastinating till the next model is out can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Hey! Don’t put it in a drawer someplace. You’ll forget about it, and by the time you eventually sell it, you’ll have lost a lot of money for nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Sell iPhone 7

How much can I sell my iPhone 7 for?

Do you want to know how much you can get for your iPhone 7? You can sell your iPhone 7 to Decluttr and earn a great price for it!

The actual payment is determined by market conditions, but they will always strive to obtain the best price possible. You may also sell your iPhone 7 Plus to them!

How to can I sell my used iPhone 7

Are you thinking about selling your iPhone 7? Here’s how to use Decluttr to sell your iPhone 7 online!

  • Tell them about the storage capacity and condition of your iPhone 7 and obtain an instant FREE value.
  • Package your iPhone 7 and mail it to them for free!
  • Their Fast Next Day Payments ensure that you get paid the next day by Direct Deposit or PayPal! The Decluttr Price Promise promises that you will receive the initial price offered, or your iPhone 7 will be returned for free!

Is iPhone 7 worth buying now?

iPhone 7 is a little out of date when compared to newer iPhone models, but it is still the best option for a less expensive iPhone model.

What is the cheapest Apple iPhone?

At $429, the iPhone SE is the very cheapest iPhone you can purchase new.

Despite sporting an antiquated design that dates back to the iPhone 6, this device is powered by Apple’s newest A15 Bionic CPU.

What should I do with old iPhone 7?

Here are the thing you can do with your old iPhone 7:

  • Keep it as an emergency phone.
  • Allow your children to use your old iPhone.
  • Make your old iPhone into an iPod.
  • Make it become an Apple TV.
  • It can be used as a portable game console.
  • Make use of an old iPhone as a baby monitor.
  • Make it an infotainment system for your vehicle.
  • Use it as a standalone voice recorder.


Honestly, you can sell your iPhone 7 regardless of whether it’s old or new. But then you should know that to get the most value out of it; you will have to ensure that your iPhone 7 is in good condition.

However, to sell your iPhone 7, you must go through any of the online stores outlined above and drop your iPhone 7 for sale.

Drop your thoughts in the comment section if you found this article helpful.


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