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Working for Amazon as a product manager is a big deal in the US, and making close to $200k in salary is a big deal all over the world. Most people on the planet can only dream of having that kind of money.

Leading a product at a company like Amazon is an honor. You will also get to rub shoulders with some of the industry’s best, learn, and grow.

Amazon has three levels of product managers. L5 is the product manager, L6 is the senior product manager, and L7 is the principal product manager.

Let’s dive right into the salary of an Amazon product manager. We would also comprehensively discuss this job role as relates to Amazon. You’re welcome!.

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What Does It Mean To Be an Amazon Product Manager?

Product managers are the people who find, design, build, and also manage the right products to sell.

Customer obsession, analytical ability, comfort with big data, and stakeholder management skills are required for success as an Amazon product manager. Except for customer obsession, the composition of these must-haves will vary.

At Amazon, there are both tech and non-tech Product managers. Leaving aside the overlaps;

  • Tech product managers are supposed to design tech products. E.g., Alexa voice assistant service) and also assist software engineers in delivering the right product.
  • Non-tech product manager handles small business units or internal tools (e.g. some sort of analytics dashboard).

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What is the Role of an Amazon Product Manager?

Product managers are held accountable for their products’ profitability. They must:

  • Set prices for Amazon in a competitive market, including versions, packages, bundles, and also discounts.
  • Promotions should also be planned.
  • Create a strategy for discontinuing some products and marketing others.

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What is the Average Amazon Product Manager Salary?

According to In the United States, the average Amazon product manager’s salary is $149,138 per year. Or $71.7 per hour.

People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% earn around $109,000 per year. However, the top 10% earn around $203,000.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of an Amazon Product Manager in the US

A lot depends on how well you are suited for the role Amazon is considering you for. 

For example, if Amazon is launching a marketplace to sell used cars and you have worked in a very similar space (say, as a PM at CarGurus), you will typically be more valuable and also have more negotiating power.

However, a few people earn more than the top of the band. This is determined by a number of factors, including tenure, performance, future value to the company, market rate for your industry, stock accumulation, and so on.

Also, because compensation at Amazon is heavily weighted towards equity/stock, don’t be surprised if your base is less than 50% of your total compensation.

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How Much Does an Amazon Product Manager Make in the US?

How Much Does an Amazon Product Manager Make A Year?

The annual salary for an Product Manager in the United States is approximately….. $149,138, which is also 45 percent higher than the national average.

How Much Do Amazon Product Managers Make a Month?

An Amazon product manager has a vital role to play and is also well compensated for the effort and experience put into his job.

This brings his monthly pay to about $12,428.

How Much Do Amazon Product Managers Make Weekly?

If we scrunch up some numbers based on the average salary, we’ll have roughly $3,107 as an Amazon product manager’s weekly salary.

How Much Do Amazon Product Managers Make per Hour?

The salary of an Amazon product manager is at an all-time high of $71.7 per hour. This, as we already know, beats expectations.

Salary of an Amazon Product Manager in the US Based on Location

It is not news that the salary of jobs not excluding that of an Amazon product manager differs from state to state.

With some paying higher and also offering better benefits as well. While we outline these high-paying states, we will also look into the top ten cities.

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What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Amazon Product Manager Jobs?

According to, these are the salary for an Amazon product manager from highest paying states to lower-paying states. However, this data can also be subject to change.

In no particular order we will be listing the states and also their respective salary.

StateAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Count
District of Columbia$129,440$62.23594
New Hampshire$129,258$62.14409
New Jersey$124,050$59.641,716
New Mexico$126,669$60.90357
New York$129,707$62.364,026
North Carolina$113,362$54.501,917
North Dakota$127,364$61.23135
Rhode Island$165,476$79.56320
South Carolina$127,622$61.36573
South Dakota$120,419$57.89127
West Virginia$115,783$55.66149

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What Are The Top Ten Cities With The Highest Salary For Amazon Product Manager Jobs?

As promised, here we have also listed the top cities as well as the cities with the highest salary for an Amazon product manager.

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
San Francisco, CA$186,368$89.60
Olympia, WA$166,968$80.27
Salem, OR$142,959$68.73
Boston, MA$133,394$64.13
Phoenix, AZ$133,095$63.99
New York, NY$129,480$62.25
Washington, DC$129,480$62.25
Detroit, MI$128,280$61.67
Arlington, VA$122,547$58.92
Salt Lake City, UT$119,499$57.45

Salary for Amazon Product Manager in the US Based on Level

Just as salary differs based on location, you best believe that level can also be a factor. It really is expected that more experienced and senior-level managers get paid more.

However, for this specific job, you cannot rule out this factor because it’s a fact that this role has senior positions.

In Amazon, there is the product manager, as well as the senior product manager, and also the principal product manager.

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How Much Does an Amazon Product Manager Make Based on Entry Level?

We assume you’re talking about a level 5 product manager. Asides from the pretty great-looking career path you’d be leaving behind, the salary is also something to look forward to.

Entry Level$111,000$53.23
Mid Level$118,000$56.85

How Much Does an Amazon Product Manager Make at the Senior Level?

L6 is the Senior Product Manager, and L7 is the Principal Product Manager. The next level up is L8, which is a Director (or General Manager) of a company/product/service.

At L8, you are essentially a mini-CEO at Amazon. Following that is L10, which is the VP level.

However, Amazon does not have a Senior Director level. You are either a Director or a VP; above that, you are an SVP, also the company only has a few SVPs. The majority of Amazon’s SVPs report directly to Bezos.

Senior Level$269,000$129.33

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Salaries of Product Managers in the Top Industries in the US

As you’d have it, Amazon is not the highest paying in the industry for product managers. However, it is indisputable that they may top the list.

Regardless, these are some of the top guys in the industry with the high salaries and also the benefits for product managers.

3Juniper Networks$205,554
5Renesas Electronics$193,619
6Palo Alto Networks$192,911

Are they other Benefits of Being an Amazon Product Manager aside from the Salary?

You bet there is. an Unending benefits also that comes with a generous salary.

Some benefits to expect are;

  • Flexible schedule
  • Retirement plan
  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Employee assistance program
  • 401k matching.

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What are the Job Prospects of an Amazon Product Manager?

After a few years of successful product management (typically 3–5), you can advance to the position of Senior Product Manager.

A Senior Product Manager’s responsibilities are similar to those of a mid-level product manager.

Senior product managers, on the other hand, are usually supported by some product managers or assistant product managers.

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What is a principal product manager at Amazon?

Principal PM is a pretty big deal. It is the highest business/product role you can perform at Amazon at the IC level. In some cases Principal PMs are also Lead PMs and they manage a group of PMs reporting to them.

What are the different levels of product manager at Amazon?

Within the technical area of product management there are:
Product Managers (level 5)
Senior Product Managers (level 6)
Principal Product Managers (level 7)
Senior Manager, Product Management (level 7)
Director, Product Management (level 8).

How does Amazon hire product managers?

Yes, if you have an MBA and have some technical PdM experience, then you will most likely have a good chance of receiving an interview request. But that’s the easy part.

Is product manager a stressful job?

Large duty entails enormous stress. The job of a product manager is exceedingly difficult because of its diversity. Even though working in this field is highly exciting and rewarding, there are many times when it can be difficult.

What qualifications do I need to be a product manager?

A relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration, management, computer science, engineering, marketing, economics, or a related discipline is the primary need for becoming a product manager. also get practical experience in product development, testing, or product design


An Amazon employee greets Bezos shortly after his successful spaceflight and gives him a hearty congratulations. Jeff responds, “Well, if you work hard, set yourself goals, and work with determination, I should be able to squeeze in 2 more flights before Christmas.”

That said, whatever position you find yourself in, especially in a company such as Amazon. You should be well aware that you’re one step away from your prime.

Bottom line: If you want to work at Amazon solely for the money, you’ve come to the wrong place. You must be enthusiastic about solving Amazon problems at Amazon scale.

In everything you do, you must demonstrate not only business skills but also strong leadership qualities. Any product manager job you take here will test you like nothing else in your corporate career.

Consider it a labor of love, a continuous learning and improvement experience, rather than a job.

Being passionate and relentless is the only way to succeed at Amazon.



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