Border Patrol Salary in the US | How Much Does A Border Patrol Make in 2022?

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A border patrol agent earns an annual salary of $41,539. Quite enticing right? This is not even all, as there are yet other benefits attached to being a border patrol agent.

This is so because these agents ensure that laws are followed when goods or people enter the US. As a matter of fact, their primary goal is to keep terrorists and weapons out of the country.

Seeing the sensitive roles of border patrol agents in the country, read through to unearth their responsibilities, salary; as well as the factors that influence their earnings in the US.

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Border Patrol Agent: What It Means

A Border Patrol Agent is a law enforcement officer employed by the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) who is responsible for the strict oversight, monitoring, and crime control of the United States’ international borders with Mexico, Canada, and the coastline near Florida and Puerto Rico.

Also known as a border patrol officer, this agent works around the clock to protect the US international land borders and the coastal waters between ports of entry.

In addition, they protect Americans from terrorists and their weapons, drug smugglers, and unauthorized immigrants illegally entering the country.

These officers also embody integrity, vigilance, and service to the country, which are the core values of US Customs and Border Protection.

Furthermore, border patrol is a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

What is the Role of a Border Patrol Officer?

Now you know who a border patrol officer is, it is important to know what these officers do.

The following are the responsibilities of border patrol officers in the United States:

  • Securing the international borders by preventing, and apprehending undocumented noncitizens, smugglers of noncitizens, and illegal narcotics by maintaining covert positions.
  • Investigate and prevent illegal entry
  • Reacting to electronic sensor alarms in remote locations
  • Analyzing and following the tracks, marks, and other hard evidence of undocumented noncitizens and smugglers
  • Utilizing advanced technologies, such as infrared scopes, during late-night operations
  • Line-watching, security check operations, metro patrols, transportation checks, and other assigned law enforcement duties

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What is the Average Salary of a Border Patrol Agent?

The average salary of any employee has the capacity to entice more persons into that profession or job position.

A border patrol agent’s average salary comes in different payment categories, namely: Hourly, Monthly, and Yearly.

On this note, the average salary of this officer in the United States is as follows:

  • Hourly$19.97
  • Monthly$3,462
  • Yearly$41,539

Factors Affecting the Salary of a Border Patrol officer in the US

Like most fields of endeavor or profession, certain factors define the salary of a border patrol officer in the United States.

These factors are the reasons these agents in the same or similar positions earn differently.

That said, let’s consider the factors that affect the salary of a border patrol officer in the US.


You may have rightly observed that education is mostly the foremost determiner of employees for jobs that require a degree.

In the same vein, the level of education one has would influence how much one gets to earn at the end of the day.

Years of experience

Experience gathered over time over time in the course of holding down a job has the power to influence your salary.

Border patrol agents’ salary is also affected by how much time and experience they have gathered.

Hence, the more experience he has, the more prone he is to earn more.


The location of a border patrol agent has and will always remain a key salary factor. In simple terms, what one border patrol agent earns in one state or city will differ from what his counterpart will earn in a different location.

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How Much Does a Border Patrol Agent Make in the US in 2022?

The border patrol salary in the United States varies by level. As a result, these employees can generate a series of figures based on the percentile.

With an average salary in the different salary categories, a border patrol officer stands the make the following figures in the table below:

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$71,000$5,917$34
75th Percentile$55,000$4,583$26
25th Percentile$31,000$2,583$15
10th Percentile$24,000$2,000$12
Source: Zippia

How Much Does a Border Patrol Officer Make a Year?

From the table above, these border agents make a decent income. On a high scale, they earn between $55,000 and $71,000.

On the other hand, they also earn less. The low-income level for this government employee ranges from $24,000 to $31,000.

Remember, the annual salary of a border patrol agent depends on the percentile of the border patrol agent.

Monthly Salary of a Border Patrol Agent

With an average monthly salary of 3,462, a border patrol officer earns based on level or percentile.

Therefore, the monthly salary can either be low or high. On a lower scale, the monthly payment for this agent ranges from $2,000 to $2,583.

In addition, the monthly payment for a higher scale falls between $4,583 and $5,917.

How Much Does a Border Patrol Officer Make in an Hour?

The hourly salary of a border patrol officer is essential like the rest. While the average hourly salary for this employee is $20, he earns less than the average.

The low hourly salary scale ranges from $12 to $15. On the other hand, he can also receive a higher salary. Border patrol agents can equally earn as high as $15 hourly.

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Salary of Border Patrol Agent in the US Based on Location

As earlier mentioned, location contributes to defining how much these employees will walk home with.

Therefore, they are required to carry out responsibilities but the state (location) eradicates the idea of a uniform salary.

The table below contains the distinct salary information of border patrol officers according to the different states in the US.

StateAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
District of Columbia$59,654$28.68
New Hampshire$58,756$28.25
New Jersey$58,279$28.02
New Mexico$47,162$22.67
New York$56,850$27.33
North Carolina$34,431$16.55
North Dakota$50,894$24.47
Rhode Island$48,838$23.48
South Carolina$33,754$16.23
South Dakota$35,712$17.17
West Virginia$53,287$25.62
Source: Zippia

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What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Border Patrol Officer Jobs?

As displayed in the table above, there are highest-paying states for these officers in the United States.

Hence, these states will mostly be sought after by those in it and those seeking to make a career out of border patrol.

The following are the highest-paying states in the United States for border patrol agents as shown above:

StateAnnual SalaryHourly Pay
District of Columbia$59,654$28.68
New Hampshire$58,756$28.25
Source: Zippia

From the data provided, Connecticut tops the table with an average annual salary of $67,791 and an hourly pay of $32.59.

What are the Top Ten Cities with the Highest Salary for Border Patrol Jobs?

Getting a hold of the highest-paying cities in the United States is equally important. When provided with information those scouting for border patrol jobs can easily decide to settle in states with favorable salaries.

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
Norwalk, CT$68,952$33.15
Los Angeles, CA$62,179$29.89
Manchester, NH$58,738$28.24
Sayreville, NJ$58,417$28.09
New York, NY$57,410$27.60
Charleston, WV$51,216$24.62
Fargo, ND$51,120$24.58
Framingham, MA$50,960$24.50
Wilmington, DE$50,692$24.37
Detroit, MI$50,641$24.35
Source: Zippia

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Salary for Border Patrol Agents in the US Based on Level

While scouting for border patrol jobs, remember that your earnings will largely depend on your level in the US.

In other words, your level as a border patrol agent will determine how many figures will reflect on your paycheck at the end of the month or year.

For the sake of clarity, these employee levels are:

  • Entry-level
  • Senior-level

How Much Do Border Patrol Officers Make Based on Entry Level?

Entry-level border patrol officers in the United States earn below the average of $41,000 annually. The same goes with the monthly and hourly.

A border patrol agent makes an annual salary between $24,000 to $41,000. In addition, he makes an average salary that falls between $2,000 and $3,462.

Also, the hourly pay range for this officer is from $12 to $20.

How Much Does a Border Patrol Officer Make Based at the Senior Level?

Salary distinguishes between a senior-level border patrol agent and those at entry- level.

Border patrol officers at the senior level earn between $55,000 and $71,000 annually. In addition, the monthly salary ranges from $4,583 to $5,917.

They also earn between $26 and $34 by the hour.

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Salaries of Border Patrol Agents in the Top Industries in the US

Staying abreast with the top industries in any profession is one sure way of staying on top of your game or career.

According to Zippia, the following are the top companies in the US for border patrol agents:

RankCompanyAverage Border Patrol Agent Salary
1Department of Homeland Security$65,455
2U.S. Customs and Border Protection$48,140
Source: Ziipia

Salary of Similar Professions in the United States

Getting information about similar professions to border patrol agent and their salaries isn’t too much information.

In fact, it will aid you in the event you decide you want to pursue a different career somewhat similar.

The table below contains similar professions and salaries:

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
Public Safety Officer$33,635$2,803$16.17
Campus Safety Officer$35,257$2,938$16.95
First Officer$73,560$6,130$35.37
Community Services Officer$41,239$3,437$19.83
Police Cadet$39,031$3,253$18.76
Source: Zippia

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Are There Other Benefits of Being a Border Patrol Aside from the Salary?

Certainly! There are other benefits of being a border patrol agent aside from the annual or monthly salary.

Guess what? There are awesome benefits tied to this position. Some of these benefits include:

  • Career progression
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Generous retirement
  • Paid time off

Job Prospects For Border Patrol Agent

The job prospects for border patrol agents in the United States. The important role they perform leaves them relevant in the US.

Every year, between one and two hundred job openings arise, owing primarily to government funding for the patrol.

The number of opportunities for border patrol agents will increase as the number of people entering the country illegally increases.


Is US Border Patrol a good career?

The US border is an excellent career opportunity. It allows you to travel and learn about new areas of law enforcement.

It also offers numerous training opportunities, and agents can usually transfer their experience to other areas of law enforcement.

Additionally, it has a pleasant working environment.

How hard is being a border patrol agent?

Working as a Border Patrol Agent can be physically and mentally taxing.

As a result, the application process for Border Patrol Agents is designed to ensure that those chosen are capable of performing the duties that are expected of them.

Is there an age limit to join the border patrol?

Yes. At the time of your referral for selection, you must be under the age of 40.

How long does it take to join border patrol?

Qualified candidates must complete a 55-day basic resident course at the CBP Border Patrol Academy, which is part of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers network.

What are the requirements for US Border Patrol?

The following are the requirements for the US Border Patrol:

  • US citizenship
  • 39 years of age or less
  • No prior criminal convictions
  • No prior criminal convictions
  • Have basic vision and hearing abilities
  • Ability to engage in strenuous physical activity


To some people, the annual salary of a border patrol is no big deal. To others, it is a vital piece of information.

Your stance on the salary size of these officers is part of what you need in deciding if a career here is for you. Whatever works for you.

While the annual salary of a border patrol agent might fall below your expectations, your focus should be more on service than monetary gain.

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