Executive Chef Salary in the US | How Much Does An Executive Chef Make in 2022?

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As an aspiring executive chef who have gone bonkers over a cuisine, at some point did it make you wonder about the average salary of the executive chef in the US?

From planning the menu to ensuring that the meals meet safety procedures, the executive chef oversees the entire operations of the kitchen and outlets.

In fact, this chef practically carries the kitchen on his shoulders. Little wonder, people, including you, are curious to find out how many figures make up his paycheck.

Ride with us as we unravel who an executive chef is, how much he makes; as well as factors that affect how much they earn.

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Who is an Executive Chef?

An executive chef is at the top of the kitchen management hierarchy and oversees several outlets, so they do very little cooking.

Simply put, an executive chef oversees a professional kitchen. Hence, everyone in the kitchen looks up to him for inspiration; from the kitchen porter to the sous chef

Also known as a chef de cuisine or head chef, an executive chef is in charge of all back-of-the-house operations, including menu planning and ordering, as well as rostering and mentoring kitchen staff.

What is the Role of an Executive Chef?

An executive chef oversees the kitchen and several outlets. Hence, he performs a host of responsibilities.

This chef is expected to do the following:

  • Plan and direct culinary and food preparation activities
  • Change or create new menus that meet quality standards
  • Coordinating food orders with purchasing companies
  • Make arrangements for the purchase and repair of equipment
  • Estimate food and labor costs
  • Hire and oversee kitchen personnel
  • Monitor the activities of the kitchen staff

What is the Average Salary of an Executive Chef?

An executive chef earns $57,000 annually, $4,823 on a monthly basis, and $28 hourly.

Truly, the average salary of an executive chef in the United States sparks the interest of those in the culinary world and lovers of good cuisine.

So, it is totally normal to be inquisitive about how much this chef earns on payday.

The average salary mainly comes in three categories, namely, Hourly, monthly, and yearly.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of an Executive Chef in the US

The salary of an executive chef in the United States is influenced by a number of factors. These factors determine how much he will walk away with at the end of the day.

The following are factors that affect the salary of an executive chef:

  • Years of experience
  • Size of the kitchen
  • The type of food served
  • Location

How Much Does an Executive Chef Make in the US in 2022?

The amount an executive chef makes in the United States varies by category. Therefore, it ranges by percentile or level.

The table below shows how much this chef makes hourly, monthly, and yearly:

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$83,000$6,917$40
75th Percentile$70,000$5,833$34
25th Percentile$47,000$3,917$23
10th Percentile$39,000$3,250$19
Source: Zippia

From the table above, the salary of an executive chef ranges from $39,000 to $83,000 from the 10th to 90th percentile.

In addition, the monthly salary falls between $3,250 (10th percentile) and $6,917 (90th percentile).

On an hourly basis, it ranges from $19 to $40.

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How Much Does an Executive Chef Make a Year?

An executive chef in the US makes a decent income. Other than the average of $57,872, the salary ranges as a result of the percentile or level they occupy.

This annual salary falls in two ways – lower and higher scale. On a lower scale. an executive chef’s salary falls between $39,000 and $57,872.

On a higher scale, the salary of this chef ranges from $70,000 and $83,000.

Monthly Salary of an Executive Chef

Just like the yearly salary, the monthly salary of an executive chef is one piece of vital information people are eager to get their hands on.

On a monthly basis, executive chefs at a higher percentile earn above the annual average. They earn between $5,833 and $6,917.

In addition, this chef can also earn a lower scale that ranges from $3,250 to $4,823.

How Much Does an Executive Chef Make in an Hour?

Like other payment categories, an executive chef makes a decent income in the United States.

With an average of $28 hourly, this chef earns between $19 and $28 on a lower salary scale.

On the other hand, he can earn a much higher hourly pay that ranges from $34 to $40.

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Salary of Executive Chef in the US Based on Location

You shouldn’t be surprised that location is a deal-breaker in the salary of an executive chef in the United States.

This implies that the salary of an executive chef depends on his area or location.

For instance, working as an executive chef in one of the highest-paying states implies that you will earn a high salary and vice versa.

The table below further illustrates this point:

StateAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
District of Columbia$62,335$29.97
New Hampshire$52,649$25.31
New Jersey$65,578$31.53
New Mexico$60,112$28.90
New York$55,996$26.92
North Carolina$52,429$25.21
North Dakota$54,504$26.20
Rhode Island$64,592$31.05
South Carolina$43,423$20.88
South Dakota$50,050$24.06
West Virginia$51,588$24.80
Source: Zippia

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Executive Chef Salary in Florida

An executive chef in Florida earns an average annual salary of $55,034. He also earns an average hourly pay of $26.46.

Remember, these figures can increase over time with certain factors at play, such as bonuses and compensations.

What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Executive Chef Jobs?

It is equally important for you to acquaint yourself with the highest-paying states for executive chef jobs in the United States.

The following are the highest-paying states in the United States for executive chef jobs as illustrated above:

StateAnnual SalaryHourly Pay
Source: Zippia

From the table above, Hawaii takes the lead with an annual salary of $87,522 and an hourly pay of $42.08.

In addition, Delaware and Oregon both occupy the fifth position with an identical annual salaries of $66,395 and hourly pay of $31.92.

What are the Top Ten Cities with the Highest Salary for Executive Chef Jobs?

While there are high-paying states for executive chef jobs in the US, you should know that are top cities with the highest salary for these jobs.

The following are the top ten cities with the highest salary for executive chef jobs:

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
San Francisco, CA$83,943$40.36
Seattle, WA$77,795$37.40
Las Vegas, NV$75,277$36.19
Boston, MA$65,615$31.55
Washington, DC$62,351$29.98
San Antonio, TX$60,740$29.20
Chicago, IL$60,165$28.93
Philadelphia, PA$59,654$28.68
Baltimore, MD$59,287$28.50
Arlington, VA$57,382$27.59
Source: Zippia

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Salary for Executive Chefs in the US Based on Level

It is obvious that the salary of an executive chef varies cased on their level. Therefore, what one earns at one level will differ from what another earns at another level.

The earning levels for an executive chef in the US is primarily divided into two categories:

  • Entry-level
  • Senior-level

This clearly indicates that there is a salary distinction between both levels.

How Much Do Executive Chefs Make Based on Entry Level?

When you begin your career as an executive chef, you get to earn within the entry-level payment scale.

The annual entry-level payment scale falls between $39,000 and $57,872.

In addition, you will receive a monthly salary payment that ranges from $3,250 to $4,823.

Your hourly entry-level income is $19 and cab go as high as $28.

How Much Does an Executive Chef Make Based at the Senior Level?

As already stated, there is a difference in the salary between executive chefs at the senior-level and those at the entry-level.

That said, the annual salary for this chef at the senior-level ranges from $70,000 to $83,000.

Additionally, he earns a monthly salary of $5,833 and can get up to $6,917.

The hourly pay for this chef ranges from $34 to $40.

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Salary of an Executive Chef in the US Based on Field

It is worthy of note that executive chefs can focus in a particular field or area. There are different areas he canput his culinary skill to use.

In addition, the salary can also be determined by the field he settles in.

Executive Pastry Chef Salary

The average salary of an executive pastry chef in the United States is $63,790.

However, the salary of this chef ranges from $54,951 and $72,670, according to salary.com.

In addition, he earns an average hourly pay of $34. This hourly pay of this chef ranges between $27 and $41.

Salaries of Executive Chefs in the Top Industries in the US

If you have been wondering how much executive chefs make in top industries, here you go.

According to Zippia, the following are the top industries or companies in the United States for executive chef; as well as their salaries:

RankCompanyAverage Executive Chef Salary
3Kona Grill$63,759
4Giant Eagle$63,185
5Darden Restaurants$62,066
6P.f. Chang’s China Bistro$62,029
Source: Zippia

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Salary of Similar Professions in the United States

It is also important for you to get wind of the salaries of those in similar professions. Who knows? the desire to change jobs or switch careers might be appealing.

You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared. You can consider the following professions:

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
Front Of House Manager$38,052$3,171$18.29
Chef/Kitchen Manager$49,115$4,093$23.61
Food And Beverage Supervisor$35,170$2,931$16.91
Food Service Coordinator$28,950$2,413$13.92
Chef De Cuisine$52,215$4,351$25.10
Chef De Partie$37,860$3,155$18.20
Source: Zippia

Are There Other Benefits of Being an Executive Chef Aside from the Salary?

Yes. Truth be told, there are other benefits of being an executive chef aside from the salary.

So, if you are curious about other benefits you stand to gain from being an executive chef, we’ve got you covered.

The following are benefits you stand to gain in being an executive chef:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental care
  • Job/career diversity

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Job Prospects For Executive Chefs

The prediction for this job in the United States looks promising. So brace up for a lifetime of opportunities in this field.

Like chefs and head cooks, executive chefs are expected to see a 25% growth, which is faster than the national average between 2020 and 2030.

Over the next decade, there are expected to be 18,800 openings for chefs and head cooks. Impressive, right?


What is the difference between a head chef and an executive chef?

A head chef is a chef who has complete control of a kitchen.  On the other hand, an executive chef is a chef in charge of a restaurant’s management.

Which country is best for chef salary

Statistics show that Switzerland pays executive chefs the most.

How many executive chefs are in the US?

There are currently over 135,236 Executive Chefs working in the United States, according to Zippia.

What qualifies you as an executive chef?

A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and five years of culinary experience qualify you to become an executive chef.

What is an assistant chef called?

An assistant chef is also called a sous-chef.

Who is a Michelin star chef?

Michelin Stars are the gold standard for ranking the best in the restaurant industry and culinary world, so being a Michelin Starred Chef is a rare honor.

A Michelin star is the culinary equivalent of winning the Oscar. It’s similar to winning an Olympic gold medal; it distinguishes you from the competition.


With the average salary of an executive chef staring at you in the face, you can decide if the pay equates their job description or not.

If you have been fascinated about this career, well, now you know how much you will earn if you venture into it.

We hope this article equipped you with useful information about an executive chef’s income and all there is yo know about it.

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