How Much Does a McDonalds Manager Make?| McDonalds Manager Salary in 2022

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With Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald’s making well over $11,000 an hour, we can’t help but wonder how much a Mcdonalds manager salary is.

Fast food is not an easy job, contrary to common opinion. Fast food is not an easy job, contrary to common opinion. As much as we’re willing to discuss a Mcdonalds manager salary, we must also consider the effort they put into doing the job as is required.

Many salaried employees are required to work at least a ten-hour shift every day.
However, most people work more than that, and they are also expected to answer phones on their days off.

This resource provides all the relevant information about a Mcdonalds manager salary based on; location, level, and field. We will also cover all possible factors affecting the salary of a Mcdonald’s manager. As well as the job benefits.

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What Does It Mean To Be a Mcdonalds Manager?

Shift manager, assistant manager, and general managerial positions are all available.

If you have a strong work ethic, you could probably complete all of these in a year. Good employees are uncommon in the McDonald’s industry.

Working hard at McDonald’s can definitely help you advance.

Although it is stressful, it is also gratifying because you are working with your team.

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What is the Role of a Mcdonald’s Manager?

A McDonald’s manager is familiar with the following;

Customer Complaints

You will handle customer complaints as a manager, whether at the regular or departmental level (or even higher!).

In general, they are fairly simple. We forgot something in their bag, but we’ll replace it no problem.

Other times, you will be called horrible names.


Scheduling crew members according to their availability while still keeping the store well-stocked can be difficult if you have a small staff.

Not to mention that you sometimes have to decline a time off request, but they still don’t show up all of the time, leaving you short someone who was scheduled.

Food Safety

You will be heavily involved in food safety as a manager.

In general, this is temping the products as they come off the grill or fryer to ensure they meet minimum food temperature requirements.


As a manager, you will be in charge of cash deposits.


The importance of ensuring the store’s profitability cannot be overstated.


Managers do not typically train new employees. The training program, however, is overseen by at least one manager.

Various positions

A manager is worth two crew members, as your training will eventually teach you.

When properly trained, one crew member can perform two positions at once. As a result, a manager should be able to perform four tasks at once.

Truck orders

Managers will need to understand how to properly ensure that all of the product coming off the semi-truck is present.


Being a manager entails taking disciplinary action when employees fail to perform as expected.

Be a role model

If you make a mistake as a manager, everyone also assumes it’s okay.

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What is the Average McDonalds Manager Salary?

The average hourly wage for a McDonald’s shift manager in the United States is $11 per hour, according to

Factors Affecting the Salary of Mcdonald’s Managers in the US

Many factors come into play;

  • The precise location.
  • Whether a corporation or a franchise owns the store.
  • How many managers are there?
  • The manager’s level of experience.

How Much Does a Mcdonald’s Manager Make in the US?

We previously discussed the average salary of Mcdonald’s manager. However, here we wish to further break down the Mcdonald’s manager’s salary into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

How Much Does a Mcdonald’s Manager Make A Year?

According to In the United States, the average annual income for a Mcdonald’s Manager Job is $51,815.

How Much Does a Mcdonald’s Manager Make a Month?

Using the average of $51,815 yearly, let’s do the maths. $51,815 divided by 12= $4,318 a month.

How Much Does a Mcdonald’s Manager Make Weekly?

Just to break the figures down a little bit more, the figures will appear at $2,159 bi-weekly and about $996 weekly.

How Much Does a Mcdonald’s Manager Make Per Hour?

As we know, that finally resolves the average hourly pay of Mcdonald’s manager to be approximately $24.91 an hour.

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Salary of a Mcdonald’s Manager in the US Based on Location

All the highest paying states and cities in the US can be found here.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Mcdonalds Management Jobs

According to, Average incomes are greater than the national average in these ten cities. The top ten cities for a Mcdonalds manager in the US are:


Salary for Mcdonalds Management in the US Based on Level

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How Much Does McDonald’s Management Make Based on Entry Level?

In the United States, the average McDonalds manager salary is $51,815 per year or $25 per hour. Entry-level jobs pay $16,500 per year. This will also amount to; $1,375 monthly, $317 weekly, and $7.93 per hour.

How Much Does McDonald’s Management Make at the Senior Level?

The most experienced professionals earn up to $115,500 per year. This sums up to; $9,625 monthly, $2,221 weekly, and about $55.53 per hour.

There are some jobs that are higher than the average pay for a Mcdonalds manager. According to, the top five are;


Are There Other Benefits of Being a Mcdonald’s Manager Aside from the Salary?

Asides from the salary, shift meals, steady paycheck, and paths to advancement, there are also tons of other work benefits that you would want to know about. However, these benefits also depend on position, location, and other factors.

Progressively, we will now list some of these work benefits of being a Mcdonald’s manager in the US.

  • Major medical insurance
  • Prescription drug card
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability insurance
  • Generous holiday and PTO plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Free uniforms
  • McDPerks Local and National Discounts (electronics, food, movies, and more)
  • Dollar allotment for meals
  • McDonald’s Stock Purchase Plan
  • 401(k)
  • Sam’s Club Membership
  • Training courses (college credits)
  • McScholars tuition matching program
  • Archways to Opportunity
  • Scheduled reviews.

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What are Mcdonald’s Management Job Prospects?

It appears that you are considering possible career options for a fast-food chain store manager. Allow us to assist you and allow the ideas to flow:

Transferable skills of Manager at McDonald’s:

  • F&B Operation Management
  • Customer Engagement, Service Delivery
  • Quality Control, Inventory, Hygiene
  • People Management, Training, Motivating Your Staff
  • Sales Management, Budgeting, Financial Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management (if any).

Possible Career Options That Need the Above

  • Airline Catering – Operation Management
  • F&B manager in Hotels/ Club House
  • Any lifestyle/ friendly retail store management e.g. Apple store, Sports shoe brands
  • Marketing role in the FMCG industry, like supermarkets, health goods, personal care shops, etc
  • Market Research Consultancy – if you are analytically and numerically strong
  • Event Management / Event Planning roles in Food-related industries
  • Food& Wine Training Academy – marketing or management roles in these schools.

The simplest next step would be to find a role that will allow you to capitalize on your F&B industry knowledge in a different context of work duties. Even so, it would require more effort than switching jobs within the same profession.

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Can you become a McDonald’s manager after one year of working there?

Shift managers, assistant managers, and general managers are all available. If you have a strong work ethic, you could probably complete all of these in a year. Good employees are uncommon in the McDonald’s industry. Working hard at McDonald’s can definitely help you advance.

How do I become a manager at MacDonalds?

You become a manager by putting in the effort. A person is rarely hired as a manager at McDonald’s unless they were previously (and recently) a manager at McDonald’s.

What are the duties of a shift manager at McDonald's?

The shift manager is in charge of ensuring that everything is operational. Hopefully without incident. Make sure you don’t run out of food. Everything from the front door to the back door and everything in between is under my control.

How do I become a great manager?

To begin with, strive to be a great leader rather than a manager.

I believe the term manager refers to a white-collar supervisor.



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