Neuroscientist Salary in the US | How Much Do Neuroscientists Make in 2022?

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A neuroscientist in the US can make an average annual salary of $74,090. In fact, as a neuroscientist, you can make much more than this yearly.

However, you need to understand that there are some factors that affect this salary. Here, two neuroscientists might end up not earning the same thing.

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that people like you are curious about the factors that can affect the salary of these scientists in the United States.

Join us as we unravel who a neuroscientist is, how much he makes, the factors affecting his salary, and more.

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Who is a Neuroscientist?

A neuroscientist investigates how the brain influences people’s behavior and cognitive functions, or how they think. This scientist is curious about how the brain works.

They investigate the brain and then conduct scientific studies in order to find answers.

Neuroanatomy, neuropsychology, neurobiology, neurochemistry, neurosurgery, neurology, neuropharmacology, neurophysiology, physiological psychology, psychiatry, and psychophysics are some of the disciplines available to neuroscientists.

This field of study can help us better understand the brain and body, how they work, and how they are affected by health problems.

What is the Role of a Neuroscientist?

Let’s get down to what a neuroscientist does. Neuroscientists perform a variety of sensitive responsibilities as it affects the brain.

Some of the responsibilities of this brain scientist include:

  • Experimenting and directing groups of people in supportive roles
  • Analyzing neural signals theoretically and computationally
  • Collaborating with doctors to conduct clinical trials of novel medications on willing people
  • Experimenting with specimens and dissecting them
  • Observing and adhering to safety and sanitary procedures and guidelines

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What is the Average Neuroscientist Salary?

Irrespective of one’s unique reasons for venturing into any discipline, the average salary he is bound to earn is always a factor for consideration.

The average salary for a neuroscientist in the United States comes in different payment scales, which are hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

On this note, the average salary of a neuroscientist is as follows:

  • Hourly$35.62
  • WeeklyAround $1,543.5
  • Monthly$6,174
  • Yearly$74,000

Factors Affecting the Salary of Neuroscientists in the US

Just like in other fields, the salary of a neuroscientist can be affected by certain factors in the United States.

These factors are major key players in determining how much a neuroscientist will walk home with at the end of the week, month, and year.

The following factors influence the salary of neuroscientists in the United States:

  • Years of experience
  • Level of education
  • Location
  • Size of organization

How Much Does a Neuroscientist Make in the US in 2022?

If you are intent on becoming a neuroscientist in the United States, it is imperative for you to know how much people in this field earn in 2022.

As earlier stated, the amount these scientists make in the US can be assessed on different payment scales (per hour, week, month, and year).

In addition, the salary varies according to the percentile. Therefore, the amount will come in different salary ranges.

The table below shows the salary information of a neuroscientist according to the percentile or level:

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$128,000$10,667$62
75th Percentile$98,000$8,167$47
25th Percentile$55,000$4,583$26
10th Percentile$42,000$3,500$20
Source: Zippia

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How Much Does a Neuroscientist Make in a Year?

With an average annual salary of $74,090, a neuroscientist in the US can make much more than that yearly.

A neurologist can earn on a higher salary scale that falls between $98,000 and $128,000.

In addition, on a lower scale, his earnings can range between $42,000 and $55,000.

Monthly Salary of a Neuroscientist

After getting a hold of the yearly salary of a neuroscientist, learning how much they earn monthly is a plus.

While a neuroscientist makes an average monthly salary of $6,174, you will realize that there is more to the amount he receives before the start of another month.

Neuroscientists can receive a monthly payment that ranges from $8,167 to $10,667.

On the other hand, the monthly salary scale for this scientist can fall between $3,500 and $4,583.

How Much Do Neuroscientists Make Weekly?

Where are my weekly salary lovers? The weekly salary of a neuroscientist is a must-have or don’t you think so?

As earlier mentioned, a neuroscientist in the United States makes a weekly average salary of about $1,543.5.

Remember, this weekly salary is bound to increase over time as a result of a couple of reasons such as bonus and promotion.

How Much Does a Neuroscientist Make in an Hour?

Neuroscientists in the US make a modest hourly income. Other than the hourly average of $36, they can earn higher within a range of $47 to $62.

Additionally, they also earn a lesser salary that falls between $20 and $26.

As you already know, this hourly rate for this field is subject to change. Simply put, a couple of factors can cause an increase in the hourly pay of this scientist.

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Salary of Neuroscientists in the US Based on Location

It is not out of the ordinary for the salary of an employee in the United States to earn according to his location.

Neuroscientists are no exception. The salary of these scientists is also influenced by their location.

Therefore, what one neuroscientist earns in a particular state or city will differ from what his colleague will earn in another location.

The table below lends voice to this argument.

StateAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
District of Columbia$68,299$32.84
New Hampshire$77,907$37.46
New Jersey$93,615$45.01
New Mexico$59,478$28.60
New York$81,515$39.19
North Carolina$73,738$35.45
North Dakota$58,524$28.14
Rhode Island$105,441$50.69
South Carolina$53,719$25.83
South Dakota$60,187$28.94
West Virginia$59,172$28.45
Source: Zippia

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What are the Highest-Paying States in the United States for Neuroscientists Jobs?

Now you know for a fact that neuroscientists in the US earn according to where they are located with the information provided above.

From the table above, some states pay neuroscientists better than others. Let’s take a look at the highest-paying states for neuroscientist jobs in the United States.

StateAnnual SalaryHourly Pay
Rhode Island$105,441$50.69
New Jersey$93,615$45.01
Source: Zippia

What are the Top Ten Cities with the Highest Salary for Neuroscientists Jobs?

You will realize that like states, some cities pay neuroscientists more than others. Hence, they are called the highest-paying cities for neuroscientists.

The table below shows the highest-paying cities for neuroscientists alongside the salary.

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
Cupertino, CA$117,894$56.68
Los Angeles, CA$103,551$49.78
Culver City, CA$103,490$49.75
San Diego, CA$98,423$47.32
Boston, MA$84,385$40.57
Belmont, MA$84,307$40.53
Tarrytown, NY$82,054$39.45
Aberdeen, MD$81,910$39.38
New York, NY$81,453$39.16
Tacoma, WA$78,930$37.95
Source: Zippia

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Salary for Neuroscientists in the US Based on Level

When it comes to salary distinction, the level an employee occupies is considered. That said, the level a neuroscientist occupies places him on a particular earning scale.

These earning scales are divided into two:

  • Entry-level
  • Senior-level

How Much Do Neuroscientists Make Based on Entry Level?

It is a fact that an entry-level neuroscientist earns lesser than neuroscientists at senior-level.

This scientist at entry-level is entitled to a salary range of $42,000 and $74,090.

In addition, he receives a monthly salary that ranges from $3,500 to $6,174. The hourly rate for this scientist is between $20 to $36.

How Much Do Neuroscientists Make Based at the Senior Level?

Judging by the term senior-level, you may be suspecting that these neurologists earn higher than those at entry-level.

Well, your suspicion is true. A senior-level neuroscientist earns more than his counterpart at the entry-level.

Senior-level neuroscientists earn an annual salary that falls between $98,000 and $128,000.

In addition, his monthly salary ranges from $8,167 to $10,667, while his hourly pay falls between $47 and $62.

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Salary for Neuroscientists in the US Based on Field

Neuroscientists in the United States are free to pursue their careers in the different fields available to them.

These fields or specialty also influences their salary. In other words, the salary for neuroscientists varies according to their practice areas.

Behavioral Neuroscientist Salary

Unlike registered behavior technicians, a behavioral neurologist examines and treats cognitive and behavioral issues that are caused by brain illnesses or damage.

According to comparably, the average salary for a behavioral neuroscientist in the United States is $71,402.

In addition, the salary ranges from $13,562 to $362,952.

Salaries of Neuroscientists in the Top Industries in the US

Neurologists in the United States can take a shot at working with any of the following top industries.

The following are the top industries in the US for neuroscientists, according to Zippia.

RankCompanyAverage Neuroscientist Salary
3Regeneron Pharmaceuticals$95,268
6Massachusetts General Hospital$75,768
7BBrigham and Women’s Hospital$75,652
9KThe Kernel Group$74,305
10McLean Hospital$69,772
11West Virginia University$56,646
Source: Zippia

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Salary of Similar Professions in the United States

While you are familiar with a neurologist’s role and his earnings, you also need to know how many professionals in similar professions make in the US.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
Doctoral Fellow$51,044$4,254$24.54
Research Fellow$52,724$4,394$25.35
Postdoctoral Scholar$52,113$4,343$25.05
Research Laboratory Technician$37,219$3,102$17.89
Research Technician$41,218$3,435$19.82
Source: Zippia

Are There Other Benefits of Being a Neuroscientist Aside From the Salary?

The answer to this is yes. There are other benefits of being a neuroscientist. It is a fact that additional benefits aside from the salary make a job look attractive.

These benefits include but not limited to:

  • Opportunities to Work Abroad
  • Pension
  • Options for Non-Medical Careers
  • Life and health insurance

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What are Neuroscientist Job Prospects?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that neuroscientists play a vital role in the study and improvement of the mental state of people in the US.

Therefore, as individuals live longer lives and science develops, more neuroscientists are needed to help with mental health disorders like dementia.

Furthermore, as artificial intelligence progresses in the coming years, neuroscientists can help with the development of smarter computer-human interfaces.


Is a neuroscientist a doctor?

Neuroscientists are basic scientists with or without a medical degree.

However, the majority of them hold a doctorate in neuroscience.

On the other hand, neurologists have a four-year undergraduate degree followed by a year of internship.

How many years does it take to become a neuroscientist?

It takes three years to complete an undergraduate/combined degree, but one to two years to complete a Master’s degree.

A Ph.D. takes three to four years to complete full-time, but six or seven years to complete part-time.

Does neuroscientist do surgery?

Although both neurologists and neurosurgeons diagnose and treat nervous system problems, neurologists do not do surgery.

A neurologist’s goal is to concentrate his efforts in identifying diagnosis-specific neurological problems that can be treated with drugs or other therapies, or that require close monitoring.

Where do neuroscientists work?

Neuroscientists operate in offices as well as laboratories and are frequently part of a multi-functional research team.

Universities, hospitals, government agencies, and private businesses are all places where these scientists work.

What is brain doctor called?

The doctor responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions that affect the brain and spinal cord and other disorders of the brain is called a neurologist.

What type of jobs are there in neuroscience?

You can secure the following jobs with a neuroscience degree:

  • Research assistant
  • Laboratory technician
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Medical writer
  • Health educator
  • Pharmaceutical sciences manager
  • Research scientist
  • Physician assistant

These are some of the jobs you can secure with a degree in neuroscience.


A quick look at the salary scale of neuroscientists in the United States show that they earn a modest salary.

Now you jnow how much these scientistsz earn, you get to decide if the pay is commensurate with their responsibilities to the society or not.

We hope you found this information useful. For feedback, kindly reach us through the comment section.



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