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Have you ever wondered how much a UX researcher’s salary is in the United States? Or what the job is all about. Then this article is for you.

UX researchers systematically study target users to collect and analyze data that will help inform the product design process

In order to develop products that satisfy user needs (and delight them in the process), you first need to know who your user is and what that person’s needs are. That’s where user experience (UX) research comes in.

This guide will look at what UX researchers do and their salary, how they do it, and what steps you can take to start or advance a career in this in-demand field.

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What is UX research?

One of the first steps in designing a new product or improving the user experience of an existing product is to start thinking about your users.

Who are they? Where are they from? What do they want? Why do they want it? How can your product help them get what they want?

As a UX researcher, it’s your job to answer these questions. Instead of making the best guess based on your own subjective experience, you’ll design a research strategy that will empower you to answer these questions in a data-driven way.

You become an advocate for your users, in a way, giving them a voice in the product development process.

What does a UX researcher do?

Now that we have a better understanding of what user experience research is, let’s take a closer look at what you might do in your day-to-day role as a UX researcher, as well as what skills and tools you might use to get the job done.

These are a few of the tasks you may perform on the job:

  • Collaborating with designers and stakeholders to understand research needs
  • Defining research questions and selecting appropriate methods of data collection
  • Developing budgets and timelines for research projects
  • Recruiting participants for research studies
  • Conducting design research studies and analyzing the data collected
  • Transforming your findings into easily understandable insights
  • Presenting your findings to designers, developers, and other stakeholders

Are UX Researchers Paid Well?

A UX Researcher in the United States makes, on average, $134,000 annually, according to Indeed.com.

Salaries for UX Researchers vary by region within the United States. Listed below are some UX Researcher salaries for specific areas in the United States compared with the average national salary.

Hence UX researchers are well compensated.

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What is the Average Salary for UX Researchers?

UX researchers make around $88,000 to $134,000 on average in the US, depending on experience, location, skills, and other factors.

Keep in mind: Salary aggregate websites often rely on data submitted by individuals using the site.

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How Much Does UX ResearcherMake in the United State?

How Much Does A UX Researcher Make A Year?

In the United States, UX researchers earn between $88,000 and $134,000 on average, based on experience, geography, abilities, and other criteria.

How Much Does A UX Researcher Make a Month

In the United States, UX researchers earn between $7333 and $11166 per month.

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How Much Does A UX Researcher Make Per Hour?

According to salary.com, The average hourly wage for a UX Researcher in the United States is $39 as of, but the salary range typically falls between $33 and $46.

The hourly rate can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.

With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, Salary.com helps you determine your exact pay target. 

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Salary for UX Researchers Based on Location

Salary for UX Researchers based on State.

StateAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Count
District of Columbia$91,732$44.10136
New Hampshire$93,449$44.9351
New Jersey$100,308$48.23260
New Mexico$83,717$40.2536
New York$108,086$51.96593
North Carolina$74,738$35.93285
North Dakota$73,569$35.3721
Rhode Island$91,583$44.0360
South Carolina$72,704$34.9572
South Dakota$78,678$37.8318
West Virginia$70,808$34.0426

Highest Paying Cities For User Experience Researcher

CityAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
Olympia, WA$129,309$62.17
San Francisco, CA$127,526$61.31
Portland, OR$116,264$55.90
New York, NY$108,202$52.02
Jersey City, NJ$100,689$48.41
Concord, NH$92,446$44.45
Washington, DC$91,859$44.16
Austin, TX$88,879$42.73
Boulder, CO$88,356$42.48
Salt Lake City, UT$87,590$42.11
Saint Paul, MN$87,517$42.08
Phoenix, AZ$86,819$41.74
Philadelphia, PA$86,307$41.49
Baton Rouge, LA$83,516$40.15
Portland, ME$81,945$39.40
Boston, MA$81,064$38.97
Hartford, CT$80,990$38.94
Madison, WI$79,972$38.45
Des Moines, IA$78,377$37.68
Chicago, IL$78,056$37.53

Salary Comparison to UX Researcher

  • UX Researcher$125Kn/a
  • User Experience Designer$100K-19.54%
  • UI Designer$84K-32.46%
  • Visual Designer$71K-42.54%
  • Graphic Designer$49K-60.39%
  • Web Designer$44K-64.67%

Salary for UX Researchers in the United State Based on Level

How Much Do UX Researchers Make Based on Entry Level?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $166,000 and as low as $23,000, the majority of Entry Level UX Researchers’ salaries currently range between $41,500 (25th percentile) to $106,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $146,000 annually across the United States.

How Much Do UX Researchers Make at the Senior Level?

The national average salary for a Senior UX Researcher is $134,223 per year in the United States.

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Salary for UX Researchers Based on Field

google UX researcher salary

The typical Google UX Researcher’s salary is $152,987 per year. UX Researcher salaries at Google can range from $113,903 – $233,388 per year.

Facebook UX researcher salary

The average base salary of a UX researcher at Facebook is $118,745 per year

meta UX researcher salary

The average Meta UX Researcher earns $118,745 annually, which includes a base salary of $101,245 with a $17,500 bonus.

This total compensation is $21,499 more than the US average for a UX Researcher. UX Researcher salaries at Meta can range from $90,000 – $135,000 with equity ranging from 10-100K+.

Quantitative UX researcher salary

The average quantitative UX researcher’s salary in the USA is $123,825 per year or $63.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $107,100 per year while most experienced workers make up to $157,500 per year.

UX researcher salary Reddit

The average salary for a User Experience Researcher is $128,682 per year in the United States, which is 15% lower than the average Reddit salary of $152,546 per year for this job.

What influences a UX Researchers’ salary?

Salaries of UX researchers can fluctuate widely depending on experience, location, and additional compensation on top of your base salary.

Experience and titles

Salary increases are generally tied to your experience level, and subsequently your title. For example, an associate UX researcher ”associate” being an indicator for an early-career position typically earns less than a mid- or senior-level UX researcher.

The more experience you gain, the more likely you’ll be trusted with responsibilities, opening a path to promotions and salary increases.

TitleAverage base salary in the US (Glassdoor, as of January 2022)
Associate UX researcher$91,172
Junior UX researcher$127,927
UX researcher$134,782
Senior UX researcher$134,223
Lead UX researcher$152,509


It’s no secret that some cities are more expensive to live in than others. To compensate for the increased cost of living and attract top talent, companies located in expensive areas can offer a salary that reflects the discrepancy. 

Here’s a sampling of what you might make across various big and medium-sized cities in the US

CityAverage base salary (Glassdoor)
San Francisco, CA$144,327
New York, NY$142,954
Seattle, WA$141,821
Los Angeles, CA$130,572
Austin, TX$123,113
Washington, DC$113,510
Madison, WI$109,606
Des Moines, IO$107,504
Saint Louis, MO$90,193
Chicago, IL$86,389
Colorado Springs, CO$85,462
Cincinnati, OH$65,961

Benefits, perks, and bonuses

In the US, your salary is generally accompanied by a benefits package and some perks. These can include health insurance, paid vacation days, stock options, parental leave, or even gym reimbursements, transportation subsidies, and the chance to work from home.

It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when offered a job. Sometimes a less-than-desirable salary can be offset by a benefits package that can save you money on your commute, or perks that allow you to live the lifestyle you want to live.

If you’re trying to negotiate a higher salary but haven’t been successful, you might be able to negotiate an expanded benefits package.

Some companies can also offer bonuses at various points in the year. These can be based on individual, team, or company-wide performance. Though it’s hard to predict ahead of time, you can ask a hiring manager if giving out bonuses is typical of a company.

How to increase your salary

Looking for a way to boost your salary? Here are a few ways to consider

  • Expand your skills
  • Ask for a raise
  • Go back to school


How much can UX researchers make?

UX researchers make around $88,000 to $134,000 on average in the US, depending on experience, location, skills, and other factors

Is UX researcher a good career?

UX research is a growing field, and with an average salary in the $85,000 range, the opportunity to impact tech and products, and the chance to work on interesting challenges, more and more people are looking to become UX researchers.

Is UX research stressful?

This is a very exciting job but is also very stressful

How much do UX researchers at Google make?

$152,987 per year

How long does it take to be a UX researcher?

You can become a UX researcher with a bachelor’s degree that will take you around four years. You can also get a coding Bootcamp education that will take a few weeks to a few months. Another way to become a UX researcher is via certificate programs and online courses


The world of UX Researchers might seem like a foreign and intriguing space to those on the outside. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

The demand for UX Researchers is growing at a rapid pace, in tandem with the growing number of organizations.

This field’s professionals can earn up to $134,000 per year and have some of the highest job satisfaction percentages.

Please do give us feedback in the comment section for your questions. Cheers.


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