Berke Assessment Reviews And Pricing 2022 – Pros & Cons, Ratings, Pricing, Alternatives & More


Berke Assessment currently HighMatch is a job seekers and recruiters assessment platform that helps prepare employees for the next step in choosing a career path. We have included the pros and cons, samples, questions, and even assessments on Reddit.

Well, with the invention of HighMatch(formerly Berke), this is made possible to carry out successful recruitment tests.

So, if you are a recruiter or a job seeker who wants to know more about how Berke works, then you should read on to get full insights.

What is Berke (HighMatch) Assessment?

Berke now called highMatch is a pre-employment test that assesses personality and problem-solving skills, as well as hard talents required by a company.

So, after a test, you will instantly obtain a report with clear, effective guidelines to assist you in making an excellent hiring selection.

The Berke Assessment, on the other hand, is straightforward to read and complete on any device, allowing you to take the test on your own time.

In fact, greater completion rates are obtained when applicants take the test on their laptop or mobile device.

Meanwhile, unlike other tests, Berke is suited to your job and the culture of your company.

So, depending on the requirements, the time of the assessment might range from 10 to 60 minutes.

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Pros For Berke Assessment [HighMatch]

The benefits of assessments outweigh their cons. Well, let’s look at some of them:

Berke Tests Have Broad Base of Evaluation

Interviews, resume screenings, and pre-interview phone conversations are all ineffective markers of job success.

However, this is because recruiters and hiring managers usually assess candidates based upon personal criteria rather than job-related criteria.

As a result, Berke Tests operate in an unusual manner. They help you generate more objective assessments.

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Transparent and Standard System

The Berke assessment test is of high quality, with a uniform set of questions and auto-evaluation of all applicant responses.

As a result, we can state that the system is transparent and that there is no risk of errors against a certain candidate.

Quantifiable Assessment and Reporting

With Berke, skills can be measured in terms of marks by an employer. Also, marks are awarded based on the structure and significance of the questions.

The reporting system, on the other hand, provides a thorough understanding of the candidate’s skill-related strengths and limitations.


Berke tests assist to reduce the extra costs associated with monitoring and conducting testing.

Candidates can, however, take the examinations from any location in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

As a result, there is no requirement for structure to run the test or repay trip fees.

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Less Time Consuming

Assessing all attributes during an interview can be time-consuming and difficult for both candidates and interviewers.

Berke, on the other hand, is used to quantifying some of these traits.

However, to avoid spending time interviewing candidates who can’t do the job, it’s better to use tests to measure work knowledge.

Thus, tests like as typing speed, written communication, and problem-solving can measure particular skills.

Unless organized interviews are used, it is easy to deviate from job-related criteria while interviewing candidates.

Berke assessment tests, on the other hand, is used to concentrating on the most important aspects of the job.

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Cons For HighMatch [Formerly Called Berke] Assessment

Berke’s assessment does not come with cons. In fact, there are a lot of inaccuracies using Berke assessments.

Well, let’s look at some cons. To illustrate, they include:

Inaccurate Results

Berke is not always correct. Some candidates that test high in Berke do not always come close to working out, whereas many Best candidates test middle in Berke.

In fact, several borderline mediums to low applicants have genuinely flourished, whilst individuals who, according to Berke, should have been better on the job did not last 30 days.

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Berke Tests May Not Be Reliable

The questions and marks on the Berke skill test should be consistent.

However, the candidate’s marks should not be too high or low.

Berke Tests May Not Give Real picture

Only using Berke tests may not give the hiring manager or recruiter the whole picture of the applicant.

Thus, guesswork has the potential to disqualify and undermine the process.

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HighMatch [Berke] Assessment Ratings, Pricing, Reviews, And Alternatives

To illustrate, they are explained as follows:


According to GetApp, the Value for money rating in berke assessment is 4.7/5 By 21 reviews.


As of July 28, 2022, g2 report that HighMatch (formerly Berke) has 3 pricing editions. A free trial of HighMatch (formerly Berke) is also available

To illustrate, we have provided you with the pricing list for each category, from essential to professional users.

HighMatch Pricing


This review is based on responses from Berke assessment users on the highMatch website. The two major themes we’re seeing cover what users like or dislike about Berke Assessment. So we’re going to cover them under the following;

What do you like best about HighMatch (formerly Berke)?

Most of the things that recruiters like about HighMatch are summarized as follows:

  • True and accurate personality assessment test
  • Problem-solving portion
  • Modern format
  • The test is easy to take
  • Berke is easy to administer and simple to interpret
  • The service and support in developing the assessments is outstanding
  • Berke discovers traits that recruiters might not have discovered through their own interviews
  • Berke provides insight as to a potential hire’s capabilities and characteristics
  • Follow-up questions

What do you dislike about HighMatch (formerly Berke)?

Most of the things that recruiters dislike about HighMatch are summarized as follows:

  • The spatial visualization section times out quickly – most candidates score low as a result
  • How some questions in the interview guide do not seem to relate very well to the specific topic
  • Hard to get of hold of customer service
  • Inability to use qualitative information more than quantitative.
  • Some applicants do get a little stressed about some timed sections

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HighMatch Alternatives

Other Highmatch Alternatives include the following:

  • PredictiveHire.
  • WizeHire.
  • iMocha.
  • TestGorilla.
  • Vervoe
  • HR Avatar
  • Mettl.
  • HireScore.

HighMatch [Formerly Berke] Assessment, Reddit

HighMatch assessment does not have many reviews from Reddit users.

However, the following is one response that made it to the community:

”Does anyone have any experience with Berke/HighMatch Assessment test?”

Similarly, this question also got just one response. Take a look at it below:

”No, but think twice before you take it. Assessments can never really tell anyone what type of person, or employee, you are. If they really want to get to know you, that is what a face-to-face interview is for. If they want you to take that instead of talking to you, they see you more as a number than a person.”

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What Are The Samples Of Berke assessment?

You will find below a sample of HighMatch (formerly Berke) assessment report.

Sample Assessment Reports | HighMatch

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How To Log Into HighMatch Assessment

Firstly, you will have to create an account with HighMatch. In order to do this, you will have to visit the HighMatch website.

Next, click on ”need a Berke account” This will take you to HighMatch assessment sales page.

However, you will need to provide your name, contact, company name, company size, working email, and contact detail.

Afterward, the sales team will contact you, and you will follow the remaining steps.

So, after creating an account with HighMatch, you will have to follow the following steps to enable the applicant to take their test:

  • Login to iCIMS.
  • Find and choose the applicant you wish to invite to take the test and make sure their email address is active. An active email account is required for Berke invites.
  • Click the down arrow next to the “Recruit” box after choosing your “Workflows” tab.
  • Select the “Take Action” icon from the list of available options. It has a clapboard-like appearance.
  • The “Edit Profiles” dialog box will appear. From the “Status” drop-down menu, choose “Assessments: Initiate Berke,” then click “Save.” This instructs Berke to email the applicant an invitation.

How To Check HighMatch assessment status

The following steps are ways to check an applicant’s assessment status after completing your test:

  1. Login to iCIMS.
  2. Find and choose the candidate whose status you wish to know.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the “Recruit” box after choosing your “Workflows” tab.
  4. Select the symbol that looks like two chain links.
  5. It will display a “Screen” box. To display one of the following assessment statuses, click the right arrow in the “Assessments” box:
  • The status “Sent” shows that the applicant has received an invitation through email.
  • The phrase “In Progress” denotes that the applicant has started the assessment and has not yet completed it.
  • The applicant has completed all the assessment’s parts if their status is “Complete.” Please take note that the results will also be displayed if “Complete.” For a description of the outcome’s data, continue reading.

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Berke Assessment Questions

A Berke assessment test’s questions section is created to represent unique employment requirements.

Hence, they will differ depending on the opening and organization you are applying to.

However, candidates for one job may be given a test that simply examines personality and integrity.

While, another Berke examination may contain questions about personality, problem-solving, and a variety of hard skills.

In other words, questions that are seen on cognitive tests include the following:

  • Choosing the missing words to form a statement from a list of possibilities
  • Identifying a group of terms that are connected
  • Choosing whether assertions are true, false, or unclear depending on the facts presented
  • Numerical problems using basic mathematical ideas
  • Spatial problems using form series in which candidates must choose the next figure in the series
  • 3D object questions in which applicants must picture the proper conclusion and choose it from a selection of possibilities

Also, candidates are asked to pick whether they agree or disagree with a particular statement about a behavioral preference or plan of action in the personality test questions.

However, this test may also include questions in which applicants must rate a series of items based on their preferences.

That said, the personality test questions are likely to be adjusted to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for the culture of a certain firm.

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What Are Berke Assessment Tips?

For every test, if you do not prepare adequately or follow the right procedures, you are sure not to pass.

However, if you wish to know the tips to ensuring that you pass your Berke assessment test, then, you should follow the following tips:

  • Practice Berke Assessment Style Tests
  • Focus on Strengthening Weaker Areas
  • Research the Role and Company You Are Applying To
  • Prepare For the Personality Section of the Test
  • Take the Test When You Are Calm and Relaxed

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Berke Assessment Results

In order to view your candidate’s HighMatch assessment results, you will have to do the following:

  1. Login to iCIMS.
  2. Find and choose the candidate whose status you wish to know.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the “Recruit” box after choosing your “Workflows” tab.
  4. Select the symbol that looks like two chain links.
  5. It will display a “Screen” box. To display one of the following assessment statuses, click the right arrow in the “Assessments” box:
  • High, Medium, or Low will be the “Berke Score Level.” Low is between 1 and 33; High is between 67 and 100, and Medium is between 34 and 66.
  • After the Berke Assessment is complete, if this line is blank, the Berke Assessment is not configured to provide a score level.
  • The “Berke Score” will range from 1 to 100.
  • The candidate’s assessment completion date and time are referred to as the “Assessment Date.”
  • View the Berke Report and Interview Guide by clicking the link labeled “Berke Report.” Note: You can access this link without an iCIMS or Berke login. Download the PDF and email it as an attachment to share the report, or copy the URL and paste it into an email. The report is accessible to anybody who receives the link (but no other reports – the link is unique).

Frequently Asked Questions About Berke Assessment

How do you take the Berke assessment?

In order to take HighMatch/Berke assessment test, do the following:

  1. Run through the Berke Assessment Style Tests.
  2. Concentrate on improving weak points.
  3. Research the role and company to which you are applying.
  4. Study for the test’s personality section.
  5. Take the Test When You Are Relaxed and Calm

What are employers looking for in a Personality Test?

Personality tests examine factors such as communication style, motivators, and work preferences.

Employers benefit from a greater awareness of the job application pool, which allows them to decrease staff turnover (and expenses!) and offer more consistency in hiring.

Can you still get hired if you fail an assessment test?

Yes, you still have a chance to get the job. If you failed the test, you should request a lower-level position, study everything you can, and work your way up. Many managers began their careers as janitors or cashiers.

How accurate are personality assessments?

Although personality tests are not perfect, they are excellent tools for improving recruiting decisions and ensuring that the appropriate individuals are chosen for the right jobs.

However, the insights they offer can help you better understand yourself and others, resulting in a more efficient and productive workplace.

What is the most commonly used personality test?

Myers Briggs, perhaps the most well-known personality test, was created in the 1940s by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers (her daughter).

However, the 93-question test assigns people to one of 16 personality types, each with its own set of strengths and flaws.

What is a Berke?

Berke is a pre-employment test that assesses personality and problem-solving attributes as well as hard talents required by your company.

Following an assessment, you will instantly receive a report with clear, actionable suggestions to assist you in making an excellent hiring decision.


A lot of employers have devised means to screen their applicants, yet, they seem to Be getting it all wrong. Well, since the invention of HighMatch/Berke, the process is Becoming all easy and clear.

Although, the process can sometimes be inaccurate as you cannot fully obtain an individual’s skills and abilities.

However, this process is considered seamless and an effective way to screen applicants.



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