Cambium Assessment: All You Need to Know About Cambium Assessment

Courtesy: Cambium Assessment

Cambium Assessment provides safe, trustworthy, and scalable assessment solutions, whether in Texas, Connecticut, CT, or Ohio.

This assessment also supports state education administration while enhancing student achievement. All you need to do is to log in to begin.

In addition, the company’s products also assist in reducing test time for students. However, while enhancing educational outcomes using great technology, psychometrics is also supported by research and unique machine learning.

Read through for all you need to know about Cambium Assessment.

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About Cambium Learning Group

Cambium Assessment delivers K-12 state education standards-compliant school assessment tools and technology-based learning goods and services.

The organization, a branch of Cambium Learning Group, was created in 2007. It also has previously been used for minor roles in administration, education & training, and writing.

When it comes to new hiring, the organization searches for competent candidates – people who want to use their skills to improve the educational results of millions of children.

What is Cambium Assessment?

Cambium Assessment offers online examinations that operate with existing school technology and are simple for proctors, instructors, and students.

They can construct unique exams that acquire more data about what a student truly understands while using the same testing time.

Indeed, these assessments cover English language arts, math, science, and social studies and employ the same cutting-edge technology as state summative tests.

Author and maintain new things securely, and adjust item procedures to expedite the test building process.

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Cambium Assessment: What are the Industry-Standard of Certifications?

1]. Cambium Assessment: Security

Cambium Assessment is pleased to announce that they have earned ISO 27001 certification! Security is essential for a firm in an industry like Cambium. As a result, they are constantly dealing with safe student data.

However, ISO 27001 is one of the most well-recognized and internationally acknowledged information security standards.

It also employs a top-down review of management procedures and policies to prove that a business has followed information security best practices.

2]. Accessibility

Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) certification has been granted to TIDE, TDS, and Reporting.  They are, however, dedicated to providing 100% accessibility and servicing all users and learners.

3]. Cambium Assessment: 100% Accuracy

All tests and the data from students must be entirely correct. Therefore, the Cambium Assessment’s computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians team.

They regularly get these demands through automated scoring engines and testing simulation algorithms.

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4]. Good Scalable Performance

The Cambium assessment online testing technique is effective. As a result, its architecture is indefinitely easily scalable.

It can successfully offer examinations to businesses of any size, whether they have a few thousand or tens of millions of students.

Currently, some of their clients test 99.99% of their students online.

Cambium Assessment Texas

Courtesy: Texas Assessment

1]. Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

This is to manage students and users for testing and reporting, order test materials, and track student participation.

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2]. Learning Management System

You can earn more about the Texas Assessment Program training.

3]. Practice and Released Tests

To become familiar with the many question formats and the online testing environment, you can access practice and published exams.

4]. Texas Formative Assessment Resource (TFAR)

You can create things, develop tests, and distribute the material to others.

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5]. Secure Browsers and System Requirements

You should examine the system and installation requirements and download the Secure Browser.

6]. Technology Resources

You should access more technical documents and download data file templates.

Cambium Assessment Ohio

Assessment Cambium Ohio
Courtesy: Ohio Department of Education

1]. Secure Browsers

Installing a secure browser on every student’s device. In fact, it is necessary to protect student testing and safety testing procedures.

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2]. Practice Tests

Learn about the operational tests’ testing procedures and question styles.

So, with these exercises, you may prepare for what’s coming.

3]. Notable Dates

It is essential to view upcoming events that are in line with each assessment.

Indeed, with this, you will undoubtedly get Up to date throughout the year.

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4]. Get Information

You can search for user guides, guidance documents, manuals, and other assessment resources. This will also get you on the right track.

Cambium Assessment Connecticut, CT

cambium assessment ct
Courtesy: Connecticut State Department of Education

1]. Secure Browser Now Available (2022-2023)

On the webpage for the Connecticut Assessment Program, you can now download the revised 2022-2023 Secure Browser and installation documents.

However, in late August 2022, the existing Secure Browser version will not continue, and it will be made unusable.

So, for 2022–2023, the Technology Guide’s Technology Resource page will house all technical documents online.

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2]. Chrome OS Version 99 Now Supported for Online Testing

For safe online testing, devices running Chrome operating system versions 91 to 99 are now in full support.

Of course, please see the Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology for more details regarding supported operating systems.

3]. New NGSS Interim Assessments

As of right now, the three grade bands’ NGSS Interim Assessments have 111 clusters and solo items.

To match the names of the new assessments, the previously available NGSS Interim Assessments have also undergone a name change.

Therefore, please refer to the new Next Generation Science Standards Interim Assessment Quick Guide for more details on the NGSS Interim Assessments that are now available for each grade band.

What are the Benefits of Cambium Assessment?

1]. Empowering Teachers and Students

Cambium assessment systems free up teachers to teach and students to learn by using quick scoring and fast reporting procedures.

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2]. Valid and Innovative Tests

The Cambium assessment tests gather additional information about each student’s knowledge.

So this is a wonderful test. In short, to begin the Cambium assessment tests, all you have to do is log in.

3].  Cambium Assessment: Creative Work

Using Machine Learning methods, this assessment test pushes the limits of measuring student performance.

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4]. Cambium Assessment is ISO Certified

This assessment uses systems and procedures that are currently ISO 27001 certified. Therefore, this makes cambium assessment very safe for both the teacher and learner.

What Services Does Cambium Assessment?

1]. Creating a Test Blueprint and Item Specifications

Cambium evaluation works closely with its state counterparts.  

As a result, test plans will be customized to make sure that the examinations give a comprehensive and complete picture of each student’s ability.

It is also to ensure that items are strongly in line with next-generation, college- and career-readiness goals in terms of assessment.

2]. Cambium Assessment: Form Construction

In order to assure trustworthiness, content specialists team up with psychometricians to ensure that test forms are properly matched to blueprints, as well as equal to one another and to field test forms.

Developers also put a lot of effort into balancing topics and avoiding repetition in order to develop tests that students would like to take.

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3]. Development of Supporting Materials for Item Release

Indeed, Cambium Assessment offers unique documents for item release to the public.

Therefore, for multiple choice questions, they explain why each option is appropriate (including what makes a response incorrect) and mark hand-scored anchor sheets for constructed response items.

4]. Client Committee Support and Liaison With Rangefinding Services

This assessment has teams provide their clients with unrestricted assistance with regard to the fairness, content, and rangefinding committee hearings.

Their developers, however, interact with committee members because they are educators themselves. So, they create teamwork that is student-focused.

Finally, before they deliver an item to a customer, it goes through a thorough internal review process. After client approval, they will carry out a recheck.

5]. Development and Review of Scoring Rubrics

IAT item developers produce thorough, accurate, extremely specific, and accessible scoring rubrics. This is for constructed-response items while accounting for a range of possible student responses.

Cambium Assessment: All You Need to Know About Cambium Assessment (FAQs)

Can iPads be used for Student Testing?

If a device meets the system requirements, it can be used, including computers, laptops, netbooks, and tablets. 

How do I administer a practice or training test in secure mode?

You must first make sure that the students have the right secure browser version installed if you need to give them a practice or training exam in a secure mode. Then, verify that the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been approved in TIDE before logging onto the Proctor (PR) training site.

Do students need to be added to TIDE before they can take the practice or training test?

No. Students can still use a supported web browser in guest mode to take the practice or training exams even if they haven’t been posted to the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE).

What tablet sizes should I use for student testing?

Screen size must be at least a 10-inch minimum. Therefore the following devices cannot be used:
Apple iPad Mini
Google Nexus 7 and similar-sized Android tablets
Netbooks with screen dimensions smaller than 10

Why am I not able to hear the Text-to-Speech in the Practice or Training Test?

Launching the exam in the Secure Browser or in a supported browser is required if you want to use the Text-to-Speech (TTS) option in the practice or training test.


In order to successfully send questions on a student computer for computer-adaptive examinations, Cambium Assessment has indeed developed a method and approach.

In fact, the method reduces the amount of time students must wait as they react to recent questions.



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