Hexaco Personality Test: Format, Tips & How Best To Prepare

hexaco personality test

Understanding Hexaco test categories, how to check your test result or even free Hexaco personality test is heavily sorted by individuals who wish to understand the Hexaco personality test.

In fact, without a previous detailed knowledge of Hexaco personality test, you may not gain access to the assessment, this might leave you unsatisfied.

However, you need to understand that with Hexaco personality test, you are able to know your strength, abilities, skills, and weakness in all areas of your life.

So, if you need to understand more, here are the tips and how best to use Hexaco personality test. As a matter of fact, you need to read on as we have explained all of these.

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What is the Hexaco Personality Test?

The Hexaco personality test is an assessment that summarizes human personality traits into six factors, or parts that include:

  • Honesty-Humility
  • Emotionality
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness (vs. Anger)
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to Experience

In order words, Hexaco personality test offers a full picture of human personality.

In fact, employers or recruiting agencies also uses it for their pre-employment screening process.

Additionally, there are short versions of Hexaco personality test with roughly 60 questions and lengthier ones with over 100 questions in circulation.

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Is Hexaco Personality Test Free?

Yes, the Hexaco personality test is free and will allow you to get your personality test results in the Hexaco model of personality.

In fact, your participation is entirely optional, anonymous, and private. Well, you can take the Hexaco personality test on the Hexaco website.

So, if you finish the test, you will mark your agreement or disagreement with numerous claims such as “I enjoy watching television” or “I frequently go for walks.”

However, the personality test itself (100 questions plus some additional research questions and some (optional) demographic questions) normally takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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What is Hexaco Personality Test Format/Categories?

The Hexaco personality test consists of six different categories of human personality. Each of these categories have attributes that indicate whether the dimension is at a high or low level.

Moreover, this personality test, suggests that major personality qualities expresses itself in words.

Also, the attributes places itself in a way that allows easy understanding in many languages.

To illustrate, these six categories of Hexaco personality test include the following:

Honesty-Humility (H)

This determines whether a person is truthful, honest, reliable, loyal, modest, or sneaky, dishonest, selfish, arrogant, boastful, or pompous.

However, individuals with very high Honesty-Humility scores avoid manipulating others for personal advantage and have no desire to break rules.

Also, they do not show interest in excessive money and luxury, and believe they have no particular claim to higher social standing.

Persons with very low scores on this scale, on the other hand, flatter people to achieve what they want.

Meanwhile, they are willing to break regulations for personal advantage. Monetary gain, and high feeling of self-importance, is what motivate them.

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Emotionality (E)

This examines a person’s emotional, oversensitive, scared, nervous, vulnerable vs courageous, tough, independent, self-assured, and stable condition.

Moreover, persons with very high Emotionality scores are afraid of physical threats, anxious in reaction to life’s pressures and seek emotional support from others.

Additionally, they have empathy and emotional ties to others.

Persons with extremely low scores on this scale, on the other hand, show little worry even in stressful situations. They emotionally disconnect from others.

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Extraversion (X)

This indicates if an individual is outgoing, energetic, chatty, joyful, active, or shy, passive, withdrawn, introverted, quiet, or reserved.

Meanwhile, people with very high Extraversion scores have a good self-image, are confident when leading or addressing groups of people, like social events and interactions.

In fact, they have positive sentiments of excitement and energy.

Whereas, persons with extremely low scores, believe they are unpopular, it is embarrassing to them when they are the focus of social attention.

Also, they do not indicate interest in social activities.

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Agreeableness (A)

With this, you can know if you are accommodating, gentle, peaceful, pleasant, lenient, gentle against irritable, quarrelsome, aggressive, or choleric.

Thus, individuals with very high Agreeableness scores forgive wrongs, they prepare to compromise and work with others, and can easily regulate their emotions.

While, persons with very low scores on this scale, carry grudges against people who have wronged them, and react quickly to abuse.

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Conscientiousness (C)

This reveals if you are well-organized, disciplined, diligent, meticulous, thorough, and exact, as opposed to careless, negligent, careless, lazy, irresponsible, or absent-minded.

Conscientious people manage their time and their physical surroundings, work disciplined toward their goals, and think attentively when making decisions.

On the other hand, persons with extremely low scores on this scale, are unconcerned with tidy environments or schedules and shun tough activities or demanding goals.

However, they are OK with work that contains some faults, and make judgments on the spur of the moment or with minimal deliberation.

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Openness to Experience (O)

You can identify whether you are smart, creative, unusual, original, or ironic, as opposed to shallow, unimaginative, or conventional.

Furthermore, individuals with very high Openness to Experience score engage in the beauty of art and nature and are curious about numerous disciplines of knowledge.

Also, they freely employ their creativity in everyday life, and are drawn to uncommon ideas or individuals.

On the other hand, persons with extremely low scores on this scale, are not impressed by most works of art, and have little appeal to ideas that appear uncommon.

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Tips to Consider Before Taking Hexaco Personality Test?

I guess you’re ready to go on the journey of self-discovery that the Hexaco personality test may take you on.

However, regardless of the sort of test you pick, it will be most beneficial if you take steps to confirm that your findings are as true as possible.

So, before taking this test, you will need to pack up some tips that will help you flow through while taking the test, we have explained some of these tips, they include:

Identify your purpose for taking it

Being sincere and open about your aims will help you approach the test with the mentality of obtaining accurate answers that will help you reach your goal.

So, if you know your major aim for taking a specific personality test, you will approach how you answer the questions accordingly.

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Repeat the same test several times

You really should take the test again right after your first one to ensure that your type is correct.

In fact, taking a second test, especially if your results does not satisfy you, may offer a more genuine result.

Furthermore, it can also verify your previous result, giving you more trust in them.

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Attempt more than one type of test

Even while various tests ask different questions and label your personality type differently, there are some similarities.

So, if you take more than one type of test, you can begin to discover overall trends in your approach to life, giving you a more complete picture of how you think and function.

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Don’t mix up habits with abilities

We can mistake our identity with what we do, just as we might confuse habits we’ve developed for situational reasons with personality qualities.

So, rather than responding based on what you’ve done due to circumstances or believing that what you do defines who you are.

In fact, try answering based on your true preferences.

However, choose what comes naturally to you, what you would do if you had the freedom to be yourself.

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Do not attempt to cheat

Cheating, as with any test, hinders you from the educational benefits of taking the test. It is learning about oneself in this case.

So, accept your results rather than attempting to fit yourself into another type. 

However, if you go in with an open mind and do your best to achieve an accurate result.

Indeed, this will lead to not just self-understanding, but also self-acceptance.

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How Best to Prepare For Hexaco Personality Test?

To illustrate this, we have outlined the best way to prepare for Hexaco personality test, they include:

  • Expect questions about your honesty and integrity
  • Consider taking a practice test
  • Study the job description
  • While taking the test, ensure to answer honestly and avoid too many of the same answer.

Meanwhile, as of currently, the Hexaco personality test is not used outside relevant academic areas.

Therefore, you are unlikely to be requested to take one as part of a pre-hire screening.

So, if you are interested in the Hexaco personality test, there are various online practice tests available.

In fact, it will assist you become acquainted with its format and question style.

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How to Determine Your Hexaco Personality Test Result?

After you complete your Hexaco personality test from Hexaco website, the results obtained from your replies will be displayed to you immediately.

However, In rare cases, results may not show due to a technical problem.

Afterwards, your replies will be joined with those of many other respondents.

Also, it will be used to do research on how personality traits connect to one another, to other mental qualities, and to numerous demographic data.

Furthermore, This study will be published in scientific journals and other publications.

In addition, please keep in mind that the results derived from your replies may differ from your perceptions, which may be discouraging.

Also, note that the researchers are unable to discuss your results with you.

Frequently Asked Questions ABout Hexaxxx

Is the Hexaco personality test reliable?

Overall, the test-retest reliability of the Hexaco personality inventory-revised is comparable to that of other recent tests.

How do you prepare for a personality test?

Here are some suggestions to make things simpler:

  • Respond truthfully. Questions that ask for responses on a scale are common in personality tests.
  • Don’t provide too many of the same responses.
  • Read the job description carefully.
  • Think about taking a practice exam.
  • Give it some time.
  • Be prepared to answer inquiries regarding your moral character.

What are the formats of personality assessment?

There are many ways to go about assessing a person’s personality, and there is debate concerning many of the procedures and methodologies that are frequently employed.

But these also comprise assessments like the interview, rating scales, self-reports, personality inventories, projective methods, and behavioral observation.

What are the 6 components of personality?

Honesty-Humility (H), Emotionality (E), Extraversion (X), Agreeableness (A), Conscientiousness (C), and Openness to Experience (O) are the six factors or dimensions.

In actuality, each component is made up of qualities that show high and low amounts of the factor.

What does HEXACO stand for?

The abbreviation HEXACO, which stands for honesty-humility, emotionality, eXtraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience, refers to the six characteristics that make up the personality structure.

What employers look for in personality tests?

Personality assessments examine factors including your motivations, communication style, and working preferences. 

For companies, they give a greater awareness of the pool of job applicants, so they can offer more consistency in recruiting and lower staff turnover (and expenses!).

Is HEXACO the same as Big 5?

The Six-Factor Personality Assessment. Although Hexaco redefines several personality traits and adds a sixth, it keeps the most of the Big Five. Today.

However, other teams of personality researchers employ both the HEXACO and the five-factor models to identify individual differences.


Hexaco personality test can be used by employers during their recruitment process; this makes the process a lot easier and stress-free.

As well it is used by individuals to identify their personality trait as well as their abilities.

However, we have been able to compile an explanation to guide you on how to go about accessing Hexaco personality test.

Meanwhile, if you need more clarity, questions, or suggestions, do well to drop them in the comment section below.


  • Fandom – HEXACO model of personality structure


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