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It is normal to have tons of questions hovering around the Stanford county property tax assessment as well as the real estate tax assessment in Stafford county, VA.

Well, we have been in your shoes. In fact, recently, we have tried analyzing how this Stafford county tax assessment works.

So, to clear the cloud and ensure that we all understand how this Stafford county tax assessment works, we leave you with a detailed research on all you need to know about it.

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All You Need To Know About Stafford County

Stafford County is in Virginia, in the United States of America. Its population is about 150,185. Also, It is a neighboring state to Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, the majority of Stafford County residents own their homes. Stafford County is home to many families and young professionals, as well. Residents in this county also tend to be conservative.

However, the county is divided into seven legislative districts: George Washington, Hartwood, Falmouth, Griffis-Widewater, Aquia, Garrisonville, and Rockhill.

Additionally, the relatively equal-sized magisterial districts elect one supervisor from each to the Board of Supervisors, which oversees Stafford County.

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Income and Salaries for Stafford County

  • A Stafford County resident makes $37,237 a year on average. Also, the yearly average in the US is $28,555.
  • A Stafford County resident’s median annual household income is $98,721. So, the yearly average in the US is $53,482.

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What is Tax Assessment?

Tax Assessment refers to any assessment, demand, and other related formal notice of a tax due.

Similarly, it is issued by or on behalf of any Tax Authority according to which the Company is either required to pay tax or will become so over time.

In other words, tax assessment identifies the worth, and sometimes the usage, of property in order to determine a property tax.

Thus, it is often handled by an office known as the assessor or tax assessor.

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How Does Stafford County Tax Assessment Work?

The Stafford county tax assessment truly works by the sales tax rate in Stafford County.

Tax Rate For Stafford County

To illustrate, the tax rate for Stafford county is outlined as follows:

  • Stafford County’s sales tax rate is 5.3 percent. While the national average is 7.3%.
  • Stafford County’s income tax rate is 5.8 percent. While the average in the US is 4.6 percent.
  • Tax rates can make a significant difference when comparing the cost of living.

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How to File Stafford County Tax Assessment

The filing of Stafford county tax assessment can be viewed in the following ways:

Market Value

Truly, for all taxable real estate in Stafford county, the real estate assessor assesses the fair market value.

On the other hand, the market value is what the Supreme Court has determined to be the sale price of real estate agreed upon between a willing buyer and willing seller, with neither being forced to purchase or sell.

Land value$110,000
Improvement value+$306,500
Market value=$416,500

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Assessed Value

A property’s assessment serves as the foundation for taxation by taxing authorities.

Thus, a property’s assessed value in Stafford County is determined by multiplying the market value by an assessment ratio, which is currently fixed at 100% under The State Code.

Assessed value=$416,500

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Exemptions and Taxable Value

In Stafford County, there are tax relief programs that can reduce the property’s tax bill. In order, to determine the property’s taxable value, these are subtracted from the assessed value of the property.

Unfortunately, there are no exemptions that are currently in effect for this property. As a result, the assessed value will be the same as the taxable amount.

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Property Tax

Property tax is obtained by multiplying the property’s assessed value by the real estate tax rate. Also, it is an estimate of what a property owner who does not get exemptions will have to pay.

Tax DescriptionAssessed valueTax rateTax Amount
Real Estate Rate$416,500x0.8500=$3,540.25
Property tax$416,500x0.8500=$3,540

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What is Stafford County Property Tax Assessment?

Property tax assessment information for Stafford county is accessible online at Property Tax Assessment Information.

In 2022, the average residential assessment is $288,400.

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Tax Rate and Ratio Information

The table below displays the tax rate and ratio information:

2022 2.35478.69%
Stafford County Property Tax Rate and Ratio Information 2022

Tax Rate Breakdown

2022 Tax Rate Per $100 of Assessed Value

Location or ItemTax Rate
Municipal Open Space0.010
District School0.718
Regional School0.225
County Library0.040
County Health0.021
County Open Space0.015
Total Tax Rate2.354
Stafford County Property Tax Rate Breakdown

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Real Estate Tax Assessment Stafford County VA

Based on the real estate tax assessment in Stafford County VA, the Commissioner’s office’s Real Estate Division is in charge of keeping all real property records for the purposes of assessment and taxation.

Furthermore, the Commissioner’s office is responsible for collecting and processing deed transfers, deeds of correction, and other recorded documents from the Clerk of Court.

However, the office conducts an in-house biannual reassessment and is in charge of temporary property assessments.

In addition to these duties, the office keeps the official county tax maps of property up to date by adding new subdivisions, easements, and rights of way.

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How to Find Stafford County Tax Assessment Office?

You can find the Stafford county tax assessment office below:

Real Estate Tax

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Phone Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Physical Address
1300 Courthouse Road
2nd Floor
Stafford, VA 22554-1300 


Office Hours:
8am – 4pm

Phone Hours:
9am – 4pm

Physical Address
1300 Courthouse Road
Room 227
Stafford, VA 22554

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Stafford County Revenue Commission

Name: Stafford County Revenue Commission
Address: 1300 Courthouse Road
Stafford, Virginia, 22554
Phone: 540-658-4132

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What Properties Does Stafford County Tax Assessment Cover?

Stafford county tax assessment covers a lot of properties ranging from commercial to real estate.

To illustrate, it is outlined as follows:

Ratable Property Breakdown

Property TypeLine ItemsRatable Value
Vacant Land1,25956,379,900
Ratable Total Value4,358,873,100
Stafford County Tax Assessment Ratable Property Breakdown


Does Stafford County have personal property tax?

Personal Property Tax is calculated based on the number of months you own the property in Stafford County.

Rates of Taxation (per $100 of Assessed Value):

Personal Property in Tangible Form (Vehicles)    $4.49
Boats & Watercraft                                              $0.0001
Aircraft                                                                 $0.0001

How do I pay my personal property tax in Stafford VA?

Online payments can be made:

  • Online using the myStafford Portal.
  • Using your bank’s online bill payment service. Enter your account number, including letters and dashes, precisely as it appears on your tax bill.
  • In-person or over the phone.
  • The County Administration Center’s payment drop box is positioned to the left of the main entrance.
  • By mail.

What is personal property tax in Virginia?

Personal property taxes are now charged at a rate of $4.13 per $100 of assessed value.

At what age do you stop paying property taxes in Virginia?

In Virginia, you will no longer be required to pay property taxes after you reach the age of 65.

This is because the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation allowing Loudoun County to exclude persons who are at least 65 years old or permanently and fully handicapped from real property taxes on the primary house and up to three acres.

How often do you pay personal property tax in VA?

Personal property taxes are payable on June 25th and December 5th of each year. Additional bills are due 30 days after the bill date. 

Are Virginia property taxes high?

Virginia property taxes are slightly below the national average of 1.07 percent, with an average property tax rate of 0.80 percent.

Despite the fact that home prices in many regions of Virginia are relatively high, Virginia homeowners pay about the national median in terms of real property tax payments.


For more information on Stafford tax assessment please do well to visit 1300 Courthouse Road
2nd Floor Stafford, VA 22554-1300

Furthermore, on Stafford county tax assessment, you can reach us at or leave a comment in the comment section below.


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