4-week Medical Assistant Program | Become a Medical Assistant in 4 Weeks


4-week Medical Assistant Program | Become a Medical Assistant in 4 Weeks

Becoming a medical assistant in 4 weeks sounds like a fairytale. Surprisingly, as unbelievable as it sounds, there are accredited 4-week medical assistant programs that are easily accessible and online.

When considering a new career path or opting for a quick certification course the major factors to consider are usually the financial implication and the course duration.

However, the bad news is that a short-term medical assistant program does not mean fewer responsibilities. It actually means more work, more focus, and a lot of pressure.

Now that we have considered the factors that can affect the medical assistant, let’s dive into the list of accredited institutes for a medical assistant program. and where to enroll for 4-week medical assistant programs. keep reading to find out more.

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List of Accredited Medical Assistant Programs, from 4-week to 24-week

The health sector is a very important and critical sector that requires a level of expertise and proper education and training.

A medical assistant role is very critical because they work in a medical context providing clinical and administrative support for other medical professionals.

To be a certified medical assistant, you have to be certified by an accredited institute and pass your state licensing test.

You can become a medical assistant in 4 weeks by enrolling in a 4-week medical assistant program. However, most of the fast-track programs can take longer.

List of accredited institutes for a Medical Assistant program

  • Ohio School of Phlebotomy
  • Tyler Junior College
  • St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants
  • The New Horizon Medical institute
  • U.S. Career Institute
  • Camelot College offers an online medical assistant program.
  • Atlanta Career Institute
  • Cuesta College| Medical Assisting Diploma
  • CareerStep
  • Breath of life training.

#1. Ohio School of Phlebotomy

  • Accreditation: State Board Of Career Colleges and schools
  • Duration: 4months

Individuals with any degree of experience can study the core skills necessary to become a Clinical Medical Assistant at the Ohio School of Phlebotomy.

The skills you need to do waived testing, phlebotomy, wound treatment, etc., will be taught to you. For 11 weeks, students will meet twice a week for lectures and lab sessions.

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#2. Tyler Junior College

Cost:  $2,199.00
course duration: Self paced
Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Although this is not one of the 4-week medical assistant programs, it is self-paced and can be concluded anytime.

Medical assistants with professional backgrounds perform an electrocardiogram (EKG), conduct minor surgeries, acquire laboratory specimens for testing, teach patients, and perform other related jobs.

They also assist with the administration of drugs and other clinical chores. Tyler Junior offers coaching and learning modules, including exercises, laboratories, and much more to its students.

#3. The New Horizon Medical institute

Course duration: 12 weeks
Accreditation: Council on Occupational Education.

If you want to enroll in the New Horizon Medical Institute’s medical assistant program, you must pass the TABE exam with a score of 8.0 or above.

The curriculum offers the MA foundational theory as well as minimal “hands-on” instruction in fundamental clinical and office duties.

The MA will be given the skills necessary to function in a clinical or office setting as a result of this. The graduate will be qualified to help with EKG, X-ray, first aid, and phlebotomy treatments.

He will be qualified to carry out clinical procedures, aid the doctor with additional examinations, and get the patient ready for physicals.

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#4. U.S. Career Institute

Institute Accreditation – DEAC, NCCT, NHA, AMT, CACCS.
Program Type – Certificate program
Course duration – 12 Weeks
Cost: $1,539 (monthly) or $1,239 (full)

Students have the option to train to become medical assistants at their own speed at the US Career Institute.

Following graduation, you’ll take vital signs, aid patients, support medical professionals, and deal with patient records.

You may work as a medical assistant in clinics, hospitals, outpatient settings, medical labs, and nursing homes with the use of these worthwhile talents.

However, you must pass either the CPC-A test or the CCA exam to receive certification from this program.

#5. Camelot College

  • Institute type – Online
  • Program Type – Certificate program
  • Course duration – 12 Weeks
  • Cost:  $5,000

Camelot College was established in 1986. It provides medical education and vocational training through courses like its online nursing aide, cosmetology, and medical assistant training programs.

It offers students the fundamental information they need to succeed in the classroom while leveraging the school’s connections with the business and medical communities in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, region. Camelot was created to provide flexible, cheap, and accessible career training.

#6. Atlanta Career Institute

  • Cost: $4,000
  • Program duration: 12 weeks
  • Accreditation: Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission.

This Atlanta Career Institute offers programs that will cover every facet of this expanding area. It prepares you to help doctors with small office operations, physical examinations, prescriptions, injections, X-ray treatments, phlebotomy, front and back office tasks, and EKGs while working side by side with them in a doctor’s office or urgent care facility.

For its students, the college offers more than 100 externship locations throughout Georgia.

However,  you must possess a high school diploma or the GED equivalent in order to enroll in the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) program.

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#7. Cuesta College

  • Program duration: 18 weeks
  • Accreditation: Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)

Cuesta College’s San Luis Obispo campus provides a one-semester curriculum in the autumn and spring semesters.

This 14-credit certificate program, which consists of the courses MAST 110, MAST 111, and MAST 111L, is available in the fall and spring semesters.

#8. CareerStep

Cost: $3,999
Program duration: 4 months
Accreditation: non-available

In approximately 4 months, you can obtain a credential by completing the online medical assistant training offered by CareerStep Online Education & Training Solutions.

You can also work at your own pace with this online course, dubbed “The Fast Track.” The training will be available to you for a total of six months.

You can utilize the full six months to complete the program, or you can go back and seek up material.

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#9. Breath of life training

Course duration:
Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission, Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)

Students get training in the fundamental ideas required to become medical assistants at the Breath of Life Training Institute.

You’ll learn how to question patients to get crucial information that may be used in their care. Additionally, students will learn how to carry out medical operations and other fundamental abilities needed in the field.

Students studying to become medical assistants would often learn about the key human body networks and systems’ organization, makeup, responsibilities, and operation, in addition to the most important medical terminology and phrases.

#10. University of Utah

  • Cost: $3,540
  • Course duration: 4 months

The University of Utah’s online medical assistant program is offered at a fast, self-paced pace. This program’s curriculum is available online, but it also includes in-person laboratories.

Students will sign up for 20.5-hour skills lab workshops where they will practice predetermined skills. While it is recommended that students take at least one skill lab every month, you can go at your own speed.

Students will be awarded a brief 180-hour unpaid internship with the University of Utah Health after completing all necessary on-site and online skill labs and submitting all applicable paperwork.

4-week Medical Assistant Program Online

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

  • Cost: $1,215,
  • course duration: 4 weeks
  • Accreditation: NACB (The National Accreditation and Certification Board)

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants offers the best online learning for medical assistants. It offers study flexibility in the Medical Assistant program.

This enables you to study online at your own speed and complete it whenever it suits you. This can be considered as one of the 4-week medical assistant programs.

The average student studies online for 8 to 12 hours a week, finishing in 4 to 8 weeks. This differs, though, because working online allows you to do it at your own pace and leisurely.

Since there are no deadlines or time limits with our cutting-edge online curriculum, it is ideal for students who are busy and would rather study at their own speed than take the older, more conventional programs that have rigid time constraints.

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What are the General requirements for a Medical Assistant Program?

In order to enroll in the medical assistant program, there are some basic requirements that are crucial.

Although the core requirements can differ from the institute, here is a list of common requirements that run across all institutes.

Requirements for Medical Assistant Program

  • High school diploma
  • Volunteering experience
  • Science and math score
  • Complete and pass the Successfully completing an accredited Medical assistant program

All You Need to Know Before Applying for the 4-Week Medical Assistant Programs

A three-month medical assistant program can be the ideal solution to help you achieve your goal if you want to be a medical assistant but are unable to devote a substantial amount of time to your studies.

Before submitting an application to one of the programs, you should carefully weigh your options.

You should be aware of the following five factors before submitting an application to one of these short-term programs.

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1. More Pressure and Responsibility

 The top four-week medical assistant programs combine classroom (or online) learning with practical clinical training.

You will still be responsible for learning the required material to help you become a well-qualified medical assistant, even if the program can take less time to finish than other medical assistant programs.

2. What Kind of Practical Clinical Experience is Provided by the Program?

The duties that medical assistants carry out on a daily basis include a wide variety of tasks. Even short-term programs, like three-month medical assistant programs, should provide you the chance to participate in clinical experiences to help you become ready for the job.

3. Hidden Fees

One of the most important things to think about when you compare various medical assistant programs is the cost.

Some school websites may offer something like, “Get your degree for less than $10,000,” but they might not clarify whether that price includes fees and textbooks.

If the data you discover doesn’t provide you with a clear breakdown of program costs, think about speaking with a financial expert.

You may then plan for your financial commitments for the program by learning what they will be.

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4. What are Your State’s Licensing Requirements?

The qualification criteria for medical assistants differ by state.

A three-month medical assistant curriculum was not historically required of medical assistants; instead, they received their training on the job.

Even if your state does not mandate certification, doing so is a great method for you to demonstrate that you possess the knowledge and abilities required to perform the M.A. function.

FAQs On 4-week Medical Assistant Program

What are the benefits of 4 weeks medical assistant program?

Some of the very obvious benefits of medical assistant programs are

  • It saves time
  • The learning schedule is flexible, so you can fit it into your daily routine
  • Most times, it is safely paced, so you can choose the best time to study
  • It is cost-efficient

How can i choose the right Mediacl Assistant program?

When choosing the program, there are factors to consider that may affect your effective study program, such as:

  • Ensure the institute is accredited
  • Make sure the cost of the study would not put you under financial pressure
  • Choose a program with a study duration that is feasible for you
  • Ensure that your credentials meet the prerequisite for the institute

How fast can i become a Medical Assistant (MA)

The study duration depends on the institute you choose and how committed and focused you are. Most of the online MA programs are self-paced and require about 8-10 hours of study daily.

Can I work as a medical asssitant without certifiaction?

Yes, you can function effectively as a medical assistant without a certification. However, this depends on the state’s policy and the policy of the medical institute. Nevertheless, it is advised that you acquire a certification as a medical assistant.


In conclusion, a career as a medical assistant is not a bad idea. It has its perks and benefitS.

With a proper understanding of your schedule, it will be easier for you to choose one of the accredited institutes that best suits your plan.



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