Berks Career and Technology Center: General Information and Financial Aid


Berks Career and Technology Center has made great strides in assisting its students with financial aid.

Also, helping them acquire the skills they need to overcome the tides of today’s economic tussle have been their greatest objective.

The accounts of their charitable exploits cum their impact on lives continue to be quite powerful. This article greatly discusses basic Berks and Technology Center information and financial aid.

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About Berks Career and Technology Center

Adult/Continuing Education programs at Berks Career & Technology Center provide individuals with the education, technical skills, and industry certifications necessary for success in the changing economy.

Through a highly renowned, combined academic and technical education experience, BCTC is devoted to educating all students for successful employment and higher education.

Maintaining that experience implies that the management, employees, and board continually focus on the organization’s future.

Berks Career and Technology Center provides adult students with the following:

  • Competency certificates in over 30 programs 
  • Certifications in the industry
  • Two comfortable locations (West Campus in Leesport and East Campus in Oley)
  • Day, evening, CDL, and online programs are available.
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Highly qualified, industry-trained instructors
  • Modern laboratories and equipment
  • Course content that they update continuously
  • Financial aid is available to students that qualify for the Day School programs.

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What are the Categories of Training Available for Adult Students at BCTC?

Adult students at BCTC can choose from three types of career training.

Adult Day School

Students obtain technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and professional certifications. The reason is that they learn in extraordinary labs with industry-trained and experienced professors. Career training is available in over 30 occupations. 

Adult Day School programs follow the Berks career and technology center calendar and can attend classes full-time or part-time.

Financial help may be available to qualified students enrolled in Adult Day School programs. Their financial aid specialist will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your financial help package.

Evening Programs

Evening programs provide adult students a cost-effective alternative to acquiring a new skill or profession part-time.

In a relaxed setting, classes incorporate theoretical and hands-on learning opportunities with professional trainers.

Evening courses are often shorter in length and are only available during the Fall and Spring semesters.

They provide training for professionals as well as individuals pursuing specific qualifications.

Commercial Driver’s License Training

CDL) and Testing at BCTC provides students with a professional tractor-trailer driver training program that prepares them to get their Commercial Driver’s License in as short as 6 weeks. There are day and evening classes available.

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Can I Get Scholarships at Berks Career and Technology Center?

Berks County Community Foundation is looking for scholarship applications. Students must submit all relevant information before the application deadline to be considered.

Complete information on these countywide scholarship possibilities may be found at and click on Apply.

Some of the major scholarships you can choose from are as follows:

The Jorge Luis Acevedo, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund awards scholarships to Reading High School graduates who graduate with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and want to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Building Industries Exchange and Berks County Fund

This fund aims to help Berks County people who want to work in the building trades or construction design technologies.

Architecture, drawing, or engineering connected to the construction business, or Trade Prep Certificate Programs or Apprenticeship Programs linked to the construction industry, including but not limited to HVAC, Carpentry, Plumbing, or Electrical, are examples of such vocations.

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The Ralph H. and Florence Moyer Fund

The fund aims to give money to Berks County youth pursuing post-secondary education for technical or vocational training.

That is mastering a skill or area of competence in place of the general education courses required by some post-secondary programs.

HVAC, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, practical nursing, medical secretarial, industrial maintenance, and dental hygienist are a few professions that fall under the vocational or technical education category. Students pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree are not eligible for this program.

GRIP Dreamer Scholarship Fund

The design of the fund is to give immigrants who are not eligible for federal or Pennsylvania financial aid college scholarships.

The applicant’s current principal residence at the time of application must be in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

And the candidate must be a senior or a high school graduate in that county. Candidates must be under 30 years old.

Eppihimer Scholarship Fund 

Annually, scholarships will be given to graduating high school seniors who are residents of the City of Reading.

And also those who plan to pursue technical or vocational education that will prepare them for work in computer and mechanical.

Industrial trades or who want to get a degree to become a nurse can benefit from this scholarship category. Applicants must reside in the Reading High School district to be considered.

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Are there Online Courses at Berks Career and Technology Center?

You may enroll in any of our many highly engaging courses fully online. All of their courses have knowledgeable professors, and many of them are well-known authors on the national level.

Their online courses are inexpensive (most of them start at just $99.00), enjoyable, quick, practical, and tailored just for you.


Life for adult and young students becomes easier with Berks Career and Technology Center.

Their desire to impart knowledge to a world of knowledge-seeking folks is recommendable and one we won’t quit talking about at

Frequently Asked Questions: Berks Career and Technology Center

Where are Berks Career & Technology Center Headquarters?

The headquarters for Berks Career & Technology Center is in Leesport.

Does BCTC Offer Online Courses?

Yes, BCTC offers highly engaging courses for all categories of persons.

Can I Get Funded at BCTC?

BCTC offers funding to students who meet up particular criteria

What Categories of Adult Training are Available at BCTC?

Adult education, evening program, and Commercial Driver’s License Training are three categories.


Where are Berks Career & Technology Center headquarters?

The headquarters for Berks Career & Technology Center is in Leesport.

Does BCTC offer online courses?

Yes, BCTC offers highly engaging courses for all categories of persons

Can I get funded at BCTC?

BCTC offers funding to students who meet up particular criteria

What categories of adult training are available at BCTC?

The three categories are adult education, evening program, and Commercial Driver’s License Training



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