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The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) seeks to provide financial support to students outside of their state, enabling them to pay not more than 150% of the resident tuition. This, in fact, is a significant discount, if you must know.

The essence of this initiation leaves most wondering about the best WUE colleges list.

It is no doubt that as a nonresident, getting to identify the list of the best WUE colleges is a priority if you aim to benefit from it.

On this note, we have compiled the list of the 15 best WUE colleges in the United States for you. Dig in!

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What is a Western Undergraduate Exchange?

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an initiative managed by the WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education).

Founded in 1987, the Western Undergraduate Exchange aims to offer over 40,000 in the United States affordable undergraduate tuition.

With 16 member states and territories, more than 160 public colleges and universities offer Western students considerable nonresident tuition savings under this agreement or endeavor. 

What are the Participating WUE States?

It is essential to identify the participating WUE states. They include:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Each participating institution can apply for WUE admission in accordance with its own policies.

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What Schools are in the WUE Program? List/Best WUE Colleges

At this point, it is essential to have a look at the list of WUE colleges. Let’s see the colleges that make the WUE list:

1. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado, Colorado springs, one of the finest institutions in Colorado, enrolls over 12,000 students in various challenging and affordable academic programs.

New academic programs offered by the faculty of this WUE school include inclusive elementary education, digital filmmaking, music, exercise science, engineering education, data analytics & systems engineering, athletic training, museum studies, and inclusive childhood education.

2. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

With a campus size of 320 acres, New Mexico has an undergraduate enrollment capacity of 1,471. It also uses a semester-based academic calendar.

Additionally, this college offers 20 bachelor of science degrees in the sciences, technology engineering management, and technical communication.

It is a premier university for mechanical engineering at WUE and grants masters and doctorate degrees.

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3. Northern Arizona University

The Northern Arizona University is a public research university in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Through challenging academic programs directed by devoted, well-known professors and researchers, the school provides a student-centered environment.

Over 130 bachelor’s degree programs, 80 master’s degree programs, 20 doctorate degree programs, 50 bachelor’s certificate programs, and 40 graduate certificate programs are available.

4. University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA)

The University of Alaska Anchorage falls within the category of the WUE colleges for computer science.

The institution is a public research university situated in Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America.

Students may also study liberal arts and humanities, nursing, and accounting at this university, among other things.

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5. Maui College, University of Hawaii

The Hawaiian Institution Maui College is a public institution on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It is situated in the Hawaiian city of Kahului.

The University of Hawaii Maui College offers associate degrees, bachelor of applied science degrees, and certificates. University of Hawaii Maui College is also a fantastic WUE college to consider for your degree.

Furthermore, the University of Hawaii Maui College doesn’t quite turn people away. Students graduate in 87 percent of cases.

6. Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University is a public university in Washington, U.S. The main campus of Eastern Washington University is in Cheney, Washington, and it also maintains campuses in Spokane and other parts of the state. 

In addition, this is one of the best WUE colleges you can find.

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7. Black Hills State University

Black Hills State Institution is a state university located in Spearfish, South Dakota. In 1883, the university was founded. There are around 4,356 undergrads at Black Hills State University, spread out across its three colleges.

Students have access to more than 80 majors and minors, nine master’s degree programs, six associate degree programs, and 20 professional programs.

Students from 43 states, 29 other countries, and 64 of South Dakota’s 66 nationalities have equal representation at the university.

 8. Wyoming University

The University of Wyoming, Lamarie, Wyoming, is known to be public research institute.

Founded in March 1886, the University of Wyoming offers over 120 programs for undergraduate, graduate, and certifications.

At Wyoming University, the academic year is split into two distinct parts, known as semesters.

With a population of over 9,875 undergraduates, the University of Wyoming has a reputation for accepting about 96% of candidates who apply to the institution.

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9. Lewis–Clark State College

Founded in 1893, Lewis-Clark State College offers over 130 programs, including criminal justice, social work, nursing, education, and technical.

This institute is one of the best WUE schools in the United States.

Statistics show that Lewis-Clark University has a student capacity of 3,600 yearly. In addition, the school has a record for accepting every candidate.

10. Boise State University

Boise University is a public research institution in the United States and offers over 100 graduate programs.

A few of these programs include Masters and Ph.D. programs in the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Education, MBA and MAcc programs in the College of Business and Economics and the MPA Program in the public service school.

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11. Montana State University

Montana State University was founded in Bozeman in 1893. It is also one of the best WUE colleges in the U.S. This University is a public research institution offering tons of programs.

This includes bachelor’s degrees in about 60 disciplines and 68 master’s degree programs, with about 35 Doctoral degrees.

12. Mayville State University

Mayville State University is a public university with a student capacity of 1097, mainly in their first year.

This University also offers a variety of degree programs, which include Education, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, and Business.

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13. Dickinson State University

Dickinson State University has ten academic departments that provide bachelor’s degrees in more than 75 disciplines.

The institution also offers certificates and associate degrees. It also focuses on corporate management, education, and nursing.

Additionally, Dickinson State University maintains a friendly environment.

14. Oregon Institute of Technology

This institution is one of the Washington universities with a WUE program.

The Oregon Institute of Technology offers 32 degree programs in several disciplines, such as Communication, Health technologies, Engineering, Communication, Management, Applied Sciences, and Psychology.

Oregon Institute of Technology happens to be the first University in the United States to provide a bachelor’s degree in the renewable energy engineering discipline.

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15. Weber State University

Weber State University is located in Utah and mainly runs degree programs for undergraduates.

Additionally, it mostly has part-time students.

FAQs on 15 Best WUE Colleges List

Which states are part of the Wue?

The following are member states of the WUE:
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota

Is the University of Oregon part of Wue?

The University of Oregon has dropped out of the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE).
2012 was the last year WUE scholarships were awarded to this institution.

Is the University of Utah a Wue school?

Yes, the University of Utah is one of the Western Undergraduate Exchange’s schools. 

Can you negotiate tuition with colleges?


With more than 160 public universities participating in the WUE scheme, tuition just got easier and better for nonresident students who qualify for tons of undergraduate programs.

With the list of the best WUE colleges, the choice is yours. Go on and make a decision.


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