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Do you get paid for orientation at FedEx, Walmart, or at Lowes? You’re definitely not the only one wondering about this. Generally, some folks even wonder how much they will be paid for orientation.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to compensate new hires for time spent in meetings, training, lectures, and other similar activities. One might ask, “Why do you get paid for orientation?”

It is for your own good and development. True! But the same applies to the company you work for. The better you are at doing your job, the more they maximize human resources for more profit.

Where do we find a common ground, then? We all know that these “orientation” sessions can be boring, time-consuming, and tiring largely.

It is only fair that you get some type of support or payment while you’re at it. At least, well-structured companies would know better than to ignore this fact.

Journey with us as we unravel this puzzle; as well as reorient you about the orientation process.

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What is Orientation?

What is orientation? “Orientation can mean lecturing, meeting, and training program all rolled into one.”

In order words, orientation jobs involve providing orientation program leadership, programming, and support.

For example, as an Orientation assistant, you will be in charge of the Tower Team Leaders’ planning, growth, training, and leadership.

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Tips to Prepare For a Job Orientation

To keep the job orientation process orderly and effective for both the firm and the new recruit, create a precise strategy for the job orientation process from beginning to end.

In order to prepare for new employee job orientations, take the following steps:

  • Build an agenda that documents the orientation process
  • Reach out to the employee before orientation
  • Gather all the paperwork beforehand
  • Create a welcoming work environment
  • Schedule trainings on their specific role
  • Plan for a lunch outing
  • Ask the employee for feedback

The Purpose of a Job Orientation

Consider your job orientation as a combination of an introduction, a training session, and a tour of the workplace. Your boss will introduce you to your coworkers and the office environment, as well as the corporate culture. You should take advantage of your job orientation to learn as much as you can about the duties and responsibilities of your new position and to ask questions.

Before you go, take the time to review the things you’ll need to do to get ready to start your job on the right foot.

What to Expect at a Orientation

When you attend an orientation for a new job, expect to meet a lot of people and be ready to absorb a lot of information.

Company operations

Your employer will likely give you a briefing on the daily routines, including clocking in and out, where to place your possessions, and what to wear, as well as on your duties and tasks. They will also probably introduce you to the individuals you’ll be working with and explain your responsibilities. Additionally, you’ll receive information about your pay, perks, and scheduled hours.

Group vs. individual orientation sessions

Depending on the size of the business and the number of new workers, you could participate in a group orientation or it might just be you. The orientation may be formal with scheduled sessions occurring over one or more days, or it may be more relaxed without a specific timetable.

Questions and answers

As you are exposed to so much new knowledge, many questions will unavoidably arise. While it’s crucial to actively listen, don’t be scared to voice any questions or concerns. Just remember to do so politely and without disrupting the orientation itself.

Remote orientations

If you have a remote or mixed schedule, your orientation could be conducted online. You’ll receive instructions on how to obtain the resources you need to become used to your new work and log in.

How to Prepare for a Orientation

Although you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself at a new job orientation because your employer is aware that it’s your first day, there are steps you can do to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Here are some pointers for attending an orientation :

Call or Email to Confirm

A few days before to the orientation, it doesn’t harm to call or contact your employer to inquire about any last-minute instructions or information you might need to know. When provided any papers in advance, make careful to take them seriously. For instance, some firms ask that you read the employee handbook before your orientation. There won’t be any shocks on orientation day this way.

What to Wear

Look professional and groomed and dress with the same degree of formality as you did during your interview, unless you were given specific wearing guidelines. Make it a point to wear comfy shoes if you anticipate being on your feet all day.

Arrive Early

Keep in mind that you must provide enough time to arrive at the destination, park, and report to your boss. Make sure your technology is up and running before the orientation, and log in a few minutes early if it is online. On the first day, being late is the last thing you want to do!

Bring a Notebook and a Pen

There is no way you can remember everything you learn on the first day, so even if you don’t have time to take notes, it’s nice to have the resources available in case there is something important you need to remember. Instead than interrupting the orientation process in the midst, it might be useful to jot down questions to ask at the conclusion of the session.

Have Your Personal Information on Hand

You could need to complete a W4 tax form, in which case you’ll need to have both your Social Security number and the pertinent tax information. If you are unsure of this information, make sure you bring a copy with you. Bringing in your banking information, including your routing and account numbers, might also be helpful if you want to set up a direct deposit for your paycheck.

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How Much Do You Get Paid For Orientation?

According to Glassdoor, the total pay for an Orientation Specialist in the United States is $57,639 per year, with an average salary of $34,754 per year.

Additionally, as for how much you get for the orientations. If you earn hourly, then that’s probably it! For the number of hours you’re there, you’ll get your payment normally.

Though there are different policies depending on the industry, and the organization. Let us briefly look into paid orientations in some popular companies.

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Does Target Pay You For Orientation?

Yes, Target pays for orientation as long as you present the proper identification, such as a social security card, Green Card, and driver’s license.

So, if you do not bring these forms of identification, you will have to sit it out and wait to begin work before getting your payment for orientation.

It is also necessary to swipe on some pairs of Khakis and a couple of red shirts. At certain times of the year, the dress code is just jeans.

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Do You Get Paid For Orientation at Walmart?

Yes. For orientation at Walmart, you will receive compensation. In fact, it is a class where you receive payment at the end of the day,

Well, on your first day of work, you will receive a work to cover topics such as hygiene, breaks, clothing, and so on.

Typically, How long your orientation takes determines it. As soon as they assign to a training schedule. Usually during that week.

However, you will often get a rough schedule for your training time. They will then schedule you based on your job title. Good luck, and keep working hard.

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Does McDonald’s Pay You For Orientation?

Certainly! Please be aware that you have the legal right to request that your employer show/print you a record of your hours worked.

Well, if you’re doing this job part-time, you can calculate how many hours you can work for a part-time job.

However, they have a meeting where they give you your uniform, talk about McDonald’s history, and the most popular food items, and give you fries to try for a pay.

In fact, you must work efficiently, and be in good shape. They give you free food and drinks, but don’t get into the habit of eating at McDonald’s every day. You will be sorry.

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Do You Get Paid For Orientation at Lowes?

Yes, but, before you get your first pay, it takes about 2 weeks.

Moreover, they will usually punch you in and out the first few days until they show you how. So, the first week is typically for induction into the store.

In fact, part of your duties for the first week include: HR stuff, setting up direct deposits, providing login credentials, company history, job responsibilities, and then enough computer stuff to make your eyes water.

Meanwhile, you should note that Lowes is a good place to work as you will not only receive your payment, but you also learn while on the job.

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Do You Get Paid For Orientation at FedEx?

Yes, FedEx pay, you for orientation.

In fact, FedEx are very generous in terms of paid meeting time and are very flexible in terms of vacation days.

Well, you will be notified of your orientation at FedEx when you have accepted the job offer and completed the testing rounds.

However, orientation at FedEx typically lasts four hours, although it might last longer depending on location and employment.

Furthermore, you will receive an hourly or weekly pay, and the task isn’t bad; you simply need to be quick. Coworkers and occasionally management slack off a lot at FedEx.

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Does Marshalls Pay You For Orientation?

Yes, Marshall pay you for orientation. Marshalls orientations usually last between two and three hours.

Meanwhile, orientation at Marshalls is a learning process that assists the organization in educating newly hired employees about Marshalls’ rules, culture, and day-to-day operations.

So, at Marshalls, you will also discover what Marshalls values in customer service and how they avoid loss.

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Does Cracker Barrel Pay You For Orientation?

Yes, but during orientation at Cracker Barrel, you will only receive the minimum salary.

In fact, all training takes place on-site, in full costume, including shoes, aprons, and hair tied back.

Furthermore, orientation lasts two days and lasts three hours. Meanwhile, one of the advantages of working at Cracker Barrel is the reduced meals, but it is only available at specific hours.

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Can You Not Get Paid For Orientation?

Well, yes. It’s only reasonable to define rules with exceptions, which is why, like every existing rule, there are exceptions. Don’t expect to get a cent extra if you fall into any of these categories;

  • Attendance is voluntary
  • Attendance is outside the employee’s regular working hours
  • The event is not directly related to the employee’s job
  • The employee does not perform any productive work during the event.

That’s right!


Do you get paid for all orientations?

Although mere applicants don’t have to be paid during orientation, hired employees must be compensated for their orientation time.

Do you get paid for going to an orientation? How much do you get paid?

In general, you are compensated. It is considered training, and you are paid your hourly wage regardless of how many hours you work. I’m sure you’ve paid if you’re on a salary. I just don’t know how much.

Do you start work right after orientation at Walmart?

Despite being a terrific place to work, Walmart takes its time recruiting new employees and finding them their first jobs following orientation.

How long after orientation do you get paid?

There are three options. Your first pay will arrive two weeks following orientation.

Does orientation mean you got job?

Orientation does not guarantee a job. It implies you might be chosen at random to come to work.

So, if you have not yet received notification that you have been employed, you can contact HR to make inquiries about the status of your application.

How long is a job orientation?

Before new workers will fully participate in their tasks, various industries require varying levels of training and briefing.

However, the widely recognized general benchmark for new employee orientation is three hours, or no more than a full workday.


You can now rest easy knowing that your bank figures are morphing whenever you are at one of those eye-rolling orientations.

We rather advise that you look forward to it because, in the end, it’s a win-win situation. And remember;

Anything that could possibly go wrong often does – as well as a thing or two that couldn’t possibly.



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