How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services | 2022

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Do you want to work in consumer services? If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

There are varieties of best paying jobs available in consumer services.

In fact, one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States is consumer services.

There are several job prospects in consumer services in today’s work environment.

There are a range of different professions available for you if you are seeking a job in this field. This position ranges from retail to customer service.

Additionally, if you seek to know about the jobs available in consumer services and how much they pay, then stick around cos we have all the information here.

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What is Consumer Services?

Most individuals tend to associate consumer services with banking or internet services.

Well, consumer services are pretty much everything that is supplied to consumers for a cost.

In other words, they are organizations that provide services to consumers.

These organizations might range from retail storefronts to customer service departments.

However, there are several opportunities in consumer services in today’s work environment.

In fact, there is a range of professions available for people intent on pursuing a career in this field.

Most of them are seen in various sectors ranging from education, retail, customer service, health, social services, leisure, and hospitality to retail and wholesale services.

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How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Services?

There are about 1.3 million jobs available in consumer services. This industry has the third-highest number of job openings.

This implies that there are plenty of job opportunities for the unemployed and those wishing to change careers.

These openings, however, depend on the job specifications.

To illustrate, we have listed some jobs available in consumer services, they include:

  • Account Coordinator
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Call Center Representative
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Bank Teller
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Personal Financial Advisor

What are the Eligible Criteria for Consumer Services?

One of the eligibility criteria required for a job in consumer service is a high school diploma or equivalent.

However, to enjoy this career, you should strive to get an associate degree, as getting an associate degree or even a bachelor’s degree will open up new avenues to better opportunities at more prestigious organizations with higher earnings.

In fact, an associate’s degree in business or the arts is what most organizations widely value.

You may also consider getting a valid driver’s license because most jobs require it alongside a spotless driving record.

Furthermore, many jobs in this industry need exceptional customer service abilities.

If you want to work in consumer services, make sure your resume highlights your customer service talents.

Meanwhile, you will find below some required skills needed for consumer services:

  • Sales experience
  • Excellent customer service skill
  • Working effectively under pressure and multitasking
  • Computer skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Managerial skills

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Can Consumer Service be a Career Path?

Of course, Consumer service can be a great career path. But you have to know that a job in consumer service requires a lot of learning and hard effort.

However, because of its adaptability and applicability across all business sectors, consumer service is one career field that may lead to a variety of fascinating and great job opportunities.

In fact, Consumer service is at the heart of any business.

What is the Average Salary for Consumer Services?

The average salary for consumer services varies. This is because the various jobs available in consumer services have different salaries slated for each.

For instance, the average salary of a customer service representative is $55,418, while that of a bank teller is $30,807.

However, you should know that there are various factors that can affect the salary of a consumer service, factors like; education, position, certificates, extra skills, and years of experience.

Hence, you can earn higher with more qualifications.

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10 Best Paying Jobs Available in Consumer Services

There are various jobs available in consumer services that pay really well. You will find them below:

#1. Account Manager – $100,000

Account Manager is one of the best paying jobs in consumer services. These guys are responsible for ensuring that each department of a firm satisfies the demands of its clients and customers.

They address client complaints, find answers to their problems, and keep both sides on good terms for future commercial endeavors.

However, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, sales, or a closely related subject is required for an account manager.

Also, you will need to have strong communication skills and the ability to think critically and strategically.

#2. Technical Support Engineer – $72,773

Another best paying job that is available in consumer services is the technical support engineer.

These folks are in charge of dealing with various systems, software, and hardware, as well as following regular protocols to escalate unsolved issues to relevant internal departments.

A Technical Support Engineer in the consumer sector will provide accurate and timely investigation, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and resolution of client issues.

They are trained in either robotics or computer science engineering. However, if you wish to venture into this career path, you should either have or acquire strong communication skills, computer skills, and patience.

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#3. Hedge Fund Manager – $145,000

The hedge fund manager is ultimately responsible for the hedge fund’s day-to-day operations, such as raising investment money and rebalancing investments to maintain a specific risk/reward ratio.

To hire a hedge fund manager, many organizations need a master’s degree in finance or accounting in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

#4. Chief Financial Officer – $140,000

The chief financial officer (CFO) is in charge of a company’s financial operations.

Their responsibilities include cash flow tracking, identifying strengths and weaknesses to offer corrective action plans when appropriate, and providing accurate predictions so that management may make educated decisions regarding future investments or cuts.

However, being among the best paying jobs in consumer services, it is highly sorted after.

To fit in, you will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in finance or a similar subject.

#5. Chief Compliance Officer $120,000

The chief compliance officer’s (CCO’s) principal responsibility is to guarantee that the organization and its workers not only comply with regulatory standards but also with internal rules and procedures.

He oversees the compliance staff. The CCO is a subject-matter expert who is also well-versed in legislation/laws.

A Bachelor’s Degree in finance, criminal justice, or business is required for the post of Chief Compliance Officer.

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#6. E-Commerce Product Manager – $114,000

The e-commerce product manager is listed among the best paying jobs available in consumer services.

These guys are in charge of overseeing the creation of items that will be sold online.

Also, they collaborate closely with designers, engineers, and other team members to ensure that each new product is well-designed, functional, and satisfies consumer demands.

E-commerce Product managers are entrusted with creating a consistent brand identity or digital experience across all platforms.

This might involve developing aesthetic standards, writing style guides, or defining criteria for how the material should be delivered across various platforms.

However, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Operations Management is required for an E-commerce product manager.

#7. Flight Attendant – $62,280

The Flight Attendant is in charge of making sure that airline passengers are safe, secure, and comfortable.

Before, during, and after each flight, the Flight Attendant delivers customer service while providing a welcoming environment for passengers.

A high school diploma or GED is the bare minimum for becoming a flight attendant. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is not required for entry-level positions, but it is essential for progression.

#8. Customer Service Manager – $47,886

A customer service manager’s responsibilities include answering client queries and resolving issues, defining objectives to fulfill the requirements of each team member, and measuring the progress of customer cases in their company’s tracking system.

However, they are only rarely needed to assist consumers directly or answer their questions, but they regularly operate behind the scenes, which is unusual.

To become a customer service manager, you must have a degree in business administration or management.

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#9. Financial Software Developer – $105,000

This is one among the many jobs available in consumer service. They create, alter, and update software for the finance and banking industries.

They also collaborate with a wide range of companies to provide everything from financial education software to debit/credit card software.

A bachelor’s degree in software development, engineering, or computer science is required to work as a financial software developer.

You must also have problem-solving skills, computer programming and coding capabilities, interpersonal skills, and good communication skills.

#10. Compliance Analyst – $78,000

Compliance analysts, sometimes known as compliance managers, verify that an organization’s operations and processes fulfill government and industry compliance requirements.

On behalf of their organizations, they investigate legislation and policies, convey requirements, and seek compliance certification.

To become a compliance analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the field you want to work in.


What customer service job pays the most?

Some customer service jobs that pay the most include:

  • Client Services Manager.
  • Receptionist.
  • Bank Teller.
  • Concierge.
  • Call Center Representative.
  • Account Coordinator.
  • Help Desk Analyst.

Can you make alot of money in customer service?

Yes, you can; the average pay for a customer support representative is $22,360.

However, changing your job role from “customer service representative” to “customer support” might earn you $34,580 or even $57,686.

Is customer service a good career?

Customer service is an excellent profession. It is incorrectly seen as a “backup career” since customer service representatives may enter the business with any degree of expertise and background.

Customer service, on the other hand, is at the heart of a company’s success, making it one of the most important jobs you may play after product and sales.

Where do you go after customer service?

After customer service, you will need to advance. Here is a list of some customer service career paths to help you grow:

  • Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Customer Implementation Manager.
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Customer Retention Specialists.
  • Product Support Specialist.
  • Customer Service Training Manager.

How do I get out of customer service jobs?

To get out of the customer service sector, do the following steps:

  • Assess your transferable skills. Many customer service talents are transferable to other positions.
  • Investigate opportunities inside your organization.
  • Reconsider your options.
  • Acquire new credentials.
  • Make your way up.
  • Start networking.
  • Look for a mentor.
  • Spend a whole day job shadowing.

How hard is it being a customer service representative?

Simply said, the problem isn’t the people; it’s the company. Some occupations are naturally more stressful than others, and customer service jobs are among the most difficult.

Customer support representatives are frequently under significant time constraints, must deal with complicated problems, and frequently deal with nasty consumers.


Having known that there are numerous jobs available in consumer services, you can now comfortably sit and decide on a particular job position that suits your passion.

However, you have to bear in mind that each job in consumer services requires certain qualifications and skills.

So with the right skill, you’ll be able to land yourself a job in consumer services.

Need more clarifications or suggestions? Drop them in the comment section below.


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