How to Make a Money Crown | Step by Step Guide

Image Source: NProkuda Origami

Money crowns can be the best gift for your child on graduation. It can also be the best crown from you to the groom at the wedding. You can learn how to make a money crown step by step for the princess, prince, king, or queen in your life.

Crowning the birthday girl, boy or young grad with a money crown is the coolest way to gift money. On the flip side, you make them feel like they need to put in more effort. We know they’re going to ‘work hard to separate those bills. And straighten them before use.

The good thing is that making money crowns is not rocket science. However, it will seem like a great deal if you don’t know how to make money from crown origami.

That is why we have provided you with this how to make a money crown step-by-step guide. So whether you want to make money crown for graduation, birthday, or party, these step-by-step guides would help you.

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How To Make Money Crown Step By Step

The following are items you will need to make money in crown origami:

  • Bills (use new bills or iron older bills to make them crisp)
  • Cardboard strip

Our sample money crown origami uses a modular design. Therefore, you can add or reduce the number of units to fit anyone’s head. You would need two bills fixed together to make one unit.

Nine to ten bills will fit a child’s head. But you can use 12 to 14 bills for adults. Nine dollar bills were used for this money crown origami. Images were sourced from NProkuda.

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Get 9-dollar bills and place them on a flat, clean, and dry table.

Get a cardboard strip as in the one on the image below. The length should match the head of the wearer. However, add a few units for the joining. We used 60 X 1.5CM or 23.6 X 0.39 inch.

Now you can follow these steps to make money crown for graduation.

Step 1:

Fold the left edge of one bill to the right one. Straighten it with your hand. Then unfold.

How To Make Money Crown Step By Step: Step 2

After that, fold the upper edges to the central line. Make sure you keep it smooth and straight.

Step 3:

Next, fold in half. make sure the edges meet. You don’t want to roughen the appearance.


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The module is complete.

How To Make Money Crown Step By Step: Step 4

Now, fold other modules this way. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3.


Step 5:

It is time to connect them. Insert the corners into the pockets.


Step 6:

Next, insert the cardboard strip into this pocket.


How To Make Money Crown Step By Step: Step 7

After that, fold the two corners down along the upper edge of the cardboard strip.


Step 8

Then fold the excess corners under the cardboard strips.


Step 9

Close them


How To Make Money Crown Step By Step: Step 10

Finally, connect other modules using steps 5 – 9. Then join the pockets to complete the crown.


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How To Make Money Crown Origami With a Heart

Step 1

Place your bill on a flat surface and fold it in half. This should create a crease down the center.

Step 2

Next, fold both sides to meet at the crease line at the center.

Step 3

Now, flip over the folded bill and fold the corners upwards. Keep it at 45-degree angles until they meet halfway and on the crease line.

Step 4

After that, fold the other corner down so it touches the previous fold. But don’t let it overlap.

Step 5

Next, separate the layers of fold you made in the previous steps with your finger. This should form a triangular crease on both sides respectively.

Step 6

Finally, fold down and crease the inner flips to finish the heart shape.

Now you can make more hearts with your bills. After that, get a cardboard strip and use the guide on how to make a money crown for graduation above.

Remember to be creative and you will figure out how to make money by crown Origami with a heart.


How many bills does it take to make a crown?

You can use between 9 to 10 bills for a child. However, you can make adult money crown with 12 to 14 bills.

How do you make money chains?

You can make money chains with

  • Bills
  • Ribbons
  • Tape
  • Colored paper (optional)

What is a money crown?

A crown is a currency unit used in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland).

However, a money crown is also a crown made with bills to be given out as a gift.

How much is half a crown worth in dollars?

0.021 United States Dollar

Are crowns worth anything?

Crowns remain collectible. However, just like most commemorative crowns, they are far from valuable, with a value of a few pounds for a very good one.

Which country uses crowns as money?

A crown is a currency unit used in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland).


Money is an excellent gift for graduations, marriages, birthdays, and other special events. However, presenting it in a unique way might make your gift more memorable.

It is easy to make money from crown origami. All you need is a little bit of creativity. So when next you are thinking of gifting someone special money, follow through the steps above and put a money crown on that special person’s head!



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