How to Move to Another State Without a Job


Do you have a plan of relocating without a Job? Then this article is for you. Most people will tell you “don’t move without a job” but that’s not always possible! So how in the world can you move to another state without a job?

I’ve heard cases where people moved to new cities and states with no job and as little as no money but they’re living off better today. How were they able to pull that off!?

The truth is, some other persons have tried the same and failed woefully, the difference lies in the planning, strategies as well as differences in individual situations.

But whatever your situation is, we’ve gathered the best tips and steps there are on how to move to another state with little or no money.

So follow through to find out more!

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How to Move to Another State Without a Job in 2022: Should You Move Out of State Without a Job?

So you want to move to another state? Well, before you start wondering how you’ll pull that off without a job, first bring your reasons for moving under our searchlight. Let’s be your ‘Moving Police‘.

Don’t take this lightly because, you need to be sure why you want to move, if it’s the right thing to do, and if the timing is right.

In line with the above, let’s dive deeper.

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Why Do You Want to Move to Another State?

The following are some of the reasons why people move:

  • A change of scenery and a fresh start
  • Getting away from personal or professional problems
  • Moving out of one’s parents’ house and need for independent life
  • Living in a different climate: warmer or colder
  • Need for cheaper cost of living and more opportunities

So, the question now is; “which of the above is your reason for moving?” Or for which other reasons do you want to move?

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Are You Moving to a Specific State for a Specific Reason

Some people also move for specific reasons. It could be to be near a family, join their partners or get better career prospects.

Others just want to move away. It could be that they feel stuck, or don’t like their current state. It could also be that they don’t have any career opportunities.

Why Do You Want to Move Right Now?

Here’s another critical question especially for those who want to move immediately. Why are you in a hurry to move without money?

If the circumstances do not necessitate a move, you might consider taking your time. Don’t make your decisions based on emotions alone.

This is because you need to be honest with yourself. Moving might sound fun but it’s definitely not easy.

So think things through before making a final decision. Make sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

Lastly, for this segment, we hope our pointers have been able to nudge you to really think about your reasons for moving.

If you’re satisfied with the answers you have, then let’s get you to the steps for moving to another state without a job.

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10 Steps on How to Move to Another State Without a Job

how to move to another state without a job or money

Some people love being spontaneous with life. And moving with no job or money might sound like it. However, don’t be impulsive. You need a plan.

So to get you started, below are some of the steps you can take on how to move to another state without a job.

1. Do Your Research

This is for those relocating to find work. First, you need to research your industry’s job market beforehand.

This will help you determine if your new state and city have a booming job market in your industry. If not, what’s the point of moving!?

It might also be tempting to choose big cities like New York and San Francisco. However, there are many companies in other states that you can look out for.

So, your move should be heavily influenced by your industry. For example, in 2022, Austin, Raleigh, and San Jose are among the top cities for technology jobs according to

2. Assess Your Finances

Moving can be fun and expensive as well. So be sure to draft your budget and outline your expenses.

Some of the expenses you can outline include:

  • Plane tickets and movers
  • Apartment deposits
  • Monthly expenses in your new state or city
  • Essentials such as rent, groceries, gas, and utilities

Be sure to calculate your cost of living to compare states and cities based on finances and other quality-of-life factors that will matter when you’re moving on the cheap.

You can check out the various cost of living calculators for each state and city online to help you with that.

Most importantly, make sure you’ve saved enough to cover the cost of moving for up to six months of living expenses.

With that, you’ll be able to live without an income and pay rent as well.

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3. Build Your Network

It is important to contract employment agencies in your new location. They can assist you in finding full-time, part-time, and contract work. If you can, try to visit your soon-to-be new state or city to attend an in-person networking event or experiment with virtual networking events.

Also, once you’ve decided to relocate, you can contact your LinkedIn connections, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, alumni network, and anyone else you can think of.

At this point, anyone can be of help even someone you haven’t seen for years.

4. Ask About Working Remote After You Move

Another step to take to make your move easy is through professionalism and dialogue. By this, you can discuss your move in time with the company beforehand.

This will allow you to discuss and see if you can work remotely when you move. Having people work remotely is no longer new to most employers after COVID.

Depending on how you express your thought, they might see the benefits of having you work remotely during the transition.

For instance, this will help ease off the transition process and your colleagues would not need to overwork.

If you’re able to strike the deal, it will give you the needed income while you settle in the new state.

5. Start Applying for Jobs

As soon as your relocation is certain, start applying for jobs. Remember it might take weeks to months before an application eventually turn into a job.

In addition, if you haven’t secured an apartment, you can use a friend’s address in your application.

This is because most employers screen out out-of-state applications. They want to be sure whoever they employ will be permanent residents in the state and city.

In some cases, employers are open to relocating employees from one country to another. They offer assistance in completing and processing immigration requirements, providing living arrangements, and other global relocation services that you can find in this guide.

Also, use your cover letter to sell your moving certainty and reasons to the potential employer. Let them know the reason for moving is to be close to family for instance or to cut living costs.

Be sure also to discuss your moving plans during the interview. This will help reassure them of your moving and that you wouldn’t eventually back off.

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6. Rent an Apartment

It can be difficult to relocate without a place to live or a job. Even if you intend to couch surf with family or friends, planning your living arrangements ahead of time is a good idea.

It can also be difficult to find a place to live, especially if you don’t have a job. You may be wondering if you can rent without proof of income.

Well, it is possible, but it will take more work. However, you’re off to a good start with landlords if you have several months’ worth of living expenses saved up.

In addition, references, bank statements, credit scores, and a letter from your current landlord are all helpful. You should also prepare a guarantor. Regardless of the type of apartment living situation, you seek.

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7. Continue Job Hunting After You Move

If you made it to your new state and city, congratulations! But don’t let the excitement of your new place distract you. Get on with your job hunt.

8. Keep Networking and Applying

The next step after arriving in your new city is to meet up with those contacts you made months ago in person!

First, you have to make a good first impression by meeting recruiters at their offices. Use this occasion to invite friends out for coffee.

Also, remember to attend events that take you out of your comfort zone. If you have a few dream companies in mind, request informational interviews with hiring managers or other executives.

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9. Consider Freelance or Part-time Work

In addition to keep applying, don’t rule out temporary jobs even if you’re aiming for full-time.

The reason is that you need cash. So a part-time job will enable you to make connections, gain experience, and boost your portfolio. All of these can help you land your next role.

Also, check sites like Upwork or Fiverr for freelance tech, marketing, and writing gigs.

You can also look out for projects through TaskRabbit, FlexJobs, or CareerBuilder.

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10. Explore Your New City

Job hunting does not have to be all work and no play. So enjoy your new city and meet people who can help you find work.

You can also take up a volunteering job. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people from different industries, many of whom are eager to assist a new acquaintance.

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How to Move to Another State Without Money

Moving is not easy and moving without money is hard. But we’ve heard about people who moved to another state with very little cash and were able to survive it.

So if you’re optimistic about a new prospect or don’t just have any other option, here are a few tips on how to move to another state without money in 2022.

1. Relocate to a State with a Low Cost of Living

Do your research and find out states with low living costs. They can go a long way to ease off the financial burden off your shoulder.

For instance states like Mississippi, Kansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Georgia are a lot more affordable according to Forbes‘ 2022 report.

Similarly, cities Fort Wayne, Wichita Falls, Brownsville, and South Bend, Indiana are among the best and most affordable cities to live in (Source).

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2. Calculate How Much Money You Have

Even if it’s just $200 or $2000, be sure to analyze how much you have. It will help you know how much you have and how to plan accordingly.

With that, you can then plan a budget for your move.

3. Apply for a Drive Away Company

Yes, you can actually move with your loads on a drive-away company. These are companies that can pay you to drive a car one way to a new location.

You can check out jobs on Auto Driveaway to find a location near you. You can also look for drive-away jobs on job sites.

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4. Move to an Area with Relocation Initiatives

If you’re one of those that say “I don’t know how to move to another state without a job lined up”, then this could be good for you.

According to wikiHow, some areas will pay you thousands of dollars to move there. For instance, the state of West Virginia pays interested newcomers $12,000 to live there for 2 years.

This comes with prepaid outdoor activities like downhill skiing and whitewater rafting included in the package.

Also, places like Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Topeka, Kansas are willing to pay thousands of dollars to new residents who move there.

Let’s take a quick look at how this works as detailed by

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You could be eligible for a grant of up to $10,000 if you move to Tulsa as a remote worker. This is offered to digital nomads by the Tulsa Remote.


You can also get up to up to $2,500 for moving costs, and access to a free co-working space at LaunchPad in the historic Mayflower Building (a $1,500 value) from the 218 Relocate package.

This also includes access to the Community Concierge Program, an organization that can help you establish and grow a business locally.


You could also take home about $1,600 through the grant from the Permanent Fund Dividend in Alaska.


Vermont also offers a Remote Worker Grant program for people who wants to move there. This offer is $10,000 over two years to people who relocate.


Kansas also offers financial incentives to tune up to $15,000 for on-site employees whose employers participate in the relocation incentive program known as Choose Topeka.

Also, remote workers could be eligible for $5,000, too.

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5. Borrow a Friend’s Car

If you’re seriously looking for how to move to another state without money, then borrow a friend’s car!

If your friends have SUVs or Pickup vans, then you could be in luck. But first, you have to ask right?

Depending on your situation, you can offer to fill the gas or ask them if you can move your things with their car for free.

Moving in your friend’s car will help you cut costs.

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How to Move to Another State Without a Job Degree or Skills

6. Go for a Sublet

Another way to move without or with little money, job, degree, or skills is to lease a sublet. This could come from a homeowner or a renter who is away.

Sublets are cheaper, short-term, and less likely to have a formal process where you have to give proof of employment.

You can check out companies like Airbnb. They have a section of their site dedicated to subletting:

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7. Couchsurf at Someone Else’s Place

You can also cut costs with Couch surfing while moving to a new state without money, a Job degree, or skills. Couch surfing at someone’s place is completely free.

However, it is targeted toward travelers and tourists hence it isn’t a viable long-term moving solution.

You can get some help with some Couchsurfing websites where you browse available hosts (or “couches”) in the area where you can crash for the night.

While Couchsurfing, you can volunteer to help with dinner or any other chores.

8. Stay at a Hostel Temporarily

So this is more for those who say “I don’t know how to move to another state without a job lined up, degree or skills”.

Truth be told, hostels are not the most comfortable places to crash. The noise could be unbearable for people who enjoy peace and quietness. But when you don’t have money, they offer cheap housing.

Check out Hostel World and Hostelling International USA to find hostels in the area you want to move to.

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9. Join a Home Sharing Arrangement

Home-sharing allows you to live in someone else’s home for a reduced or waived rent. This type of arrangement typically pairs elderly homeowners in need of a little extra help with younger people looking for discounted (or free) rent.

So you can live in someone else’s home for almost nothing in exchange for a little extra help and/or companionship.

You can check out the to find home-sharing opportunities in the state you want to move to.

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10. Sell Off Unwanted Belongings

Another answer to how to move to another state without money, job degree, or skills is to turn your unwanted items into cash for the move.

So maybe it’s time to sort through your belongings and decide what you do and don’t want to keep.

After that, sell off any valuable, unwanted items online or host a yard sale in your neighborhood to help with your downsizing efforts.

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How to Move to Another State Without Money, Job Degree or Skills

  • Get free moving boxes.
  • Set up a fundraising page for the move
  • Ask friends and loved ones for money
  • Look for job opportunities in your new location
  • Adjust your budget after the move
  • Create a backup plan

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How to Move to Another State Without a Job Reddit

So we went to sample community opinion on how to move to another state without a job on Reddit.

It shouldn’t surprise you that many Reddit people are saying the same things we’ve already pointed out in this article.

For instance, most of the opinions on how to move to another state without a job on Reddit are;

  • Look for a sublease or room
  • Keep applying for jobs in the city you want to move to especially remote jobs
  • Find smaller/local landlords to rent from
  • Check the city’s subreddit or Facebook group you can ask for recommendations.
  • Book appointments lined up with temp agencies
  • Inform landlords you’re currently working and looking for a job in the new state
  • Use extended stays pay by the month to get a job and find a place to live
  • Roommate
  • Using hostel


When it comes to moving to another state without a job and or money, there’s more than meets the eyes.

In other words, it doesn’t always happen by chance or luck like in movies.

You got to be strategic with your moving plan and take the necessary actions to achieve them.

In conclusion, it is advisable to move to an area with good relocation benefits.


How do you move when you don't have a job?

  • Do your research
  • Assess your finances
  • Build your network
  • Ask about working remotely
  • Start Applying for Jobs
  • Rent an apartment
  • Continue applying for a job
  • Keep Networking and Applying
  • Consider freelancing and part-time work
  • Explore your new city

What is the best way to relocate to another state?

The best way to relocate to another state is to research the new state. Take the cost of living in the new state into consideration. Start applying for jobs in the new state once your relocation is certain and don’t forget to save up. At least, you should have up to 3 to 6 months of rent savings without a job.

Where can I move to start over with no money?

Places like West Virginia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Topeka, and Kansas are willing to pay thousands of dollars to new residents who move there.

Is it smart to move without a job?

It’s not always smart to move without a job. In fact, moving without a job can be had but not impossible when planned.

Should I move first or find a job first?

Most people will tell you to find a job before you move but it’s not always possible. Finding a job before moving makes settling easy in terms of securing a living space and having a means of taking care of daily expenses.


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