Is Business Services A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

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Of course! Business services is a good career path. In fact, this career path has a lot of opportunities that will keep your pocket overly breathing.

On this path, you can select from a wide range of careers and skill sets. So, if you want to be your own boss or have more freedom in your job, then business services is a great option.

Meanwhile, do you ever wonder why business services is one niche that is high demand even though it is service inclined?

In a couple of minutes, you find out if and why business services is a good career path, examples; as well as career opportunities at your disposal.Dive in!

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What is Business Services?

Business services are those that facilitate or aid a business’s efficient running. In other words, they provide support to other businesses that don’t have definite goals or objectives.

Customers are given these services to support their needs, which may be done by providing assistance for a business process or by directly assisting with the delivery of a business or product to end-users.

Examples of Business Services?

Knowing what business services is, it is necessary for you to identify the examples. The following are examples of business services:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Communication services
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Food service
  • Retail

Is Business Services a Good Career Path?

Yes! Business services is a good career path. The amazing aspect of working in the business services industry is the fact that you basically offer support services to businesses. In order words, the services you offer to business entities are intangible.

Additionally, business services qualify as a good career path as a result of the flexibility and ease with which you can do your job. By implication, you will have time on your hands to pursue other interests or passions.

Furthermore, the salary you stand to earn in this industry makes it stand out as a good career path. It is widely known that professionals in the business services industry earn a modest income. The salary for these professionals varies according to the job positions, but one thing is certain – you’ll earn a high salary.

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What are the Benefits of Business Services?

There are tons of benefits of working in business services. These benefits will of course make this industry to be highly sought after.

Benefits of working in the business industry include:

High salary

Employees in business services earn a high salary. Exciting, right? You would agree that a high salary is enough motivation or push to give in your best at what you do.

Variety of professions

Guess what? Landing a job in business services leaves you with a variety of professions to choose from.

Hence, you can settle for any that best suits your preference.

Great job prospect

The outlook of career paths in this industry looks great. Figures show that this industry is not only relevant but will have more job openings.

Job flexibility

Jobs in the business services industry are flexible and consume limited time unlike in other industries. Therefore, you would have time to pursue other interests without putting your job on the line.

Ability to switch career

The implication of holding down a job in business services is that you can switch careers if you deem it fit. However, you might need a certification course in order to make this transition easy.

Job security

Pursuing a career in this industry requires certain qualifications. Once these qualifications are met with a blend of efficiency and productivity in this industry, rest assured that you have job security.

Positive work environment

The work environment in the business services industry is a rich one. You will come to work with people from different disciplines, therefore, you will end up with valuable ideas and work experience.

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What Degree Do You Need to Work in Business Services?

There are certain degrees that would prepare you for a career in the business services industry.

Therefore, bagging a degree in any of those fields will prepare you for a career in business services.

You need to consider the following disciplines:

  • Degree in business
  • Business Administration degree
  • Business Law degree
  • Marketing degree
  • Business Economics degree
  • Business Communication degree

Required Skills for a Career in Business Services

There are skills you need to obtain in order to have a career or to excel in this industry. Some of these skills include:

  • Creativity
  • Effective communication
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent attention to detail

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What are the Business Services Job Prospects?

The prospects for business services jobs look promising. It points to employment on a large scale.

Statistics show that there will be roughly 750,800 new positions in the business and financial services sector between 2020 and 2030, which is nearly as quickly as the average for all occupations.

In other words, there will a spike in the employment rate of business professionals in the United States.

How Much Can You Make From This Field?

Truth is, you will make a decent income working in business services sector. The salary of professionals in this field depends on the profession or job position.

In other words, the salary range obtainable in one profession may differ from the next. Therefore, your earnings in business services depends on your area of specialty.

For instance, you can earn as much as $360,490 and as low as $70,942 and maybe even lower.

7 Highly Paid Business Services Career Paths For Graduates

While you are aiming for a career in this industry, it is in your best interest to look out for the highly paid career path from the vast pool of career opportunities.

Pursuing a career in business services borne out of passion is great. Getting a fat check, however, is amazing.

It is a fact that the salary could partly be a reason why an industry or career path gets so much attention or employees.

The following are some of the highly paid career paths for graduates in business services:

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1. General Counsel

Also known as a Chief legal officer, a general counsel is the main attorney in an organization.

This legal officer usually heads the legal team or department in a company.

A GC (General Counsel) provides legal advice and handles the legal work on behalf of the company.

He also develops innovative ideas for anticipating solutions that will reduce or eliminate hazards and progress the company.

According to, general counsels make an average salary of $362,490. The salary of this legal officer also ranges from $302,190 to $437,290.

2. Controller

Controllers are important additions in the business services industry. These employees mostly head the finance department in an organization.

A controller is an executive in charge of budgeting, accounting, and all matters pertaining to finances in a company.

This executive is also responsible for producing the company’s financial reports.

Furthermore, this employee ensures that all areas of a company’s finances are adequately studied, understood, and documented.

The average annual salary for a controller in the United States is $237,991, according to In addition, controllers earn between  $197,985 and $282,449.


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3. Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers combine their skills in the areas of sales, marketing, and product development.

They are responsible for creating and executing a marketing strategy blueprint for a particular product.

These managers also team up with co-workers from different departments throughout the life cycle of the product.

According to, the average salary of a product marketing manager is $138,623. In addition, the salary of this marketing manager ranges from $121,443 to $155,823 yearly.

4. Corporate Communications Manager

A corporate communications manager oversees the communications team, establishes internal and external communication strategies, and puts them into action.

This corporate employee runs through all these steps in order to ensure that unified, consistent, and inspiring messages define and advance the company’s identity and mission. puts the average salary of corporate communications managers at $108,100. These executives also make from $90,700 to $138,500.


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5. Business Analyst

A business analyst (BA) is someone who uses data analysis to analyze, understand, and document business processes, goods, services, and software.

Through their knowledge of both IT and business operations, business analysts ensure enhanced corporate efficiency.

Business analysts make an average annual salary of $93,000, according to career explorer. This business executive also earns between $50,200 and $163,800.

Source: career explorer

6. Systems Administrator

Systems administrators are also referred to as sysadmins. In terms of information technology, systems administrators are at the top.

System administrators are information technology (IT) specialists that ensure that a company’s computer systems are running smoothly and meeting organizational needs.

These administrators are mainly in charge of setting up, maintaining, and managing business computer systems on a daily basis.

According to career explorer, systems administrators make an average salary of $74,900. Additionally, they earn from $46,500 and can get as high as $120,500 annually.

Source: career explorer

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7. Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant (CPA) is an executive who has completed the necessary schooling, work experience, and exam criteria and is awarded the title of a certified public accountant (CPA).

To help investors understand the financial viability of organizations, these professionals offer attestation services including financial statement audits.

Payscale puts the average salary of certified public accountants at $70,939. However, the salary of this executive falls between $50,000 and $125,000 factoring in bonus and compensation.


Do business careers pay well?

Yes. Professionals in business services are paid handsomely. In fact, this is just one of the many perks of working in this industry.

Statistics show that most jobs in the business services sector pay rather high salaries.

Which career is best job or business?

You earn a salary when you work. On the flip side, businesses also pay their owners when it becomes profitable.

The earnings you receive from a job, however, are more secure than the income you earn from running your own business.

In addition, your earnings are based on your availability and input.

What are the disadvantages of business?

While there are advantages to small business ownership, there are also disadvantages to it.

The following are the disadvantages to small business ownership:

  • Stress: Owning a business leaves you worrying and actively participating in almost every aspect. This would definitely leave you stressed.
  • Bearing the financial risks: Unlike working with a company where you look forward to your salary even when debt rocks the firm, you have to stick your purse in order to grow the business.
  • Time-consuming: Running a business eats more time than you can ever imagine. You might have to work round the clock in order to make progress. It means no time off and constant interference with your personal time.

What are the three types of business services?

The following are the three types of business services:

  • Merchandising
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

What is the difference between business and service?

Business deals with the transfer of goods and physical items while service deals with intangible products.

What is more difficult to market product or service?

Services might be harder to value and market since they are intangible. A service is invisible and untouchable.

Therefore, establishing positive relationships with your target market and fostering trust are frequently the goals of service marketing. Essentially, you are selling yourself.


Being a professional in the business services in present-day points at one thing – you’ll be in high demand and earn a sizeable salary as well.

So if you have been nursing fears about the job prospects and salary scale in this industry, you know better.

A career in business services is an excellent career choice; one you probably won’t regret in the coming years.

We hope this article provided all there is to know about career paths in business services. For related articles, you’re just a click away



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