Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

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Certainly! Consumer durables is a good career path. In fact, it provides a variety of job opportunities in a diverse range of industries, meaning that there is a lot of potential for careers to start and thrive.

Well, you must also wonder about the phase two worry – highly paid jobs in the consumer durables. Take a chill pill! We’ve got you.

This article will walk you through the answer you see; as well as the highly paid jobs you are open to in the consumer durables and much more.

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What are Consumer Durable Goods?

Consumer durable goods are essential goods or products that have high durability (often three years or more) and can be used over time.

In other words, consumer durables are commodities that do not easily get damaged or spoilt and so do not need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Examples of Consumer Durable Goods

Now you know that consumer durables are tangible goods with a reasonably extended usable life after purchase.

It is only natural for you to be able to identify consumer durable goods. Interestingly, we use most of these goods or products almost on a daily basis.

Examples of consumer durable goods include:

Examples of Consumer Durable Goods
Mobile devices

Goods or products like these last over a long period of time, unlike the consumer non-durable goods that are mainly consumables.

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Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

Absolutely! There is no doubt that consumer durables is a good career path for graduates.

A career in consumer durables is ideal for students; as well as graduates looking for worthwhile employment.

It is also an appropriate option if you have the desire and aptitude to work on engineering projects.

What are the Benefits of Consumer Durables?

The following are the benefits you stand to gain in pursuing a career in consumer durables:

Diverse Career Field

In addition, those in this field are open to a variety of job opportunities.

As a graduate in this field, you are sure to garner a wealth of experience and networking opportunities.

This is due to the fact that consumer durable products are widely available, simple to use, and more expensive than most other items. As a result, these products are everywhere.


It is a fact that every employee in any field anticipates a good salary at the end of the day.

The field of consumer durables houses careers or professions with a good salary structure.

As a result of this, jobs in the field of consumer durables will be appealing to a lot of people with eyes in this industry.

Flexible working hours

This explains the scramble for most professions. While scouting for jobs, it is not out of place for jobs with flexible hours to get enticing.

As a matter of fact, everybody loves to have more time for himself. Employees find jobs with flexible work hours more satisfying.

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What are the Job Prospects for Consumer Durables?

Although pay in this field is usually lower than in other areas, career prospects appear to be promising.

Statistics show that the consumer durables and electronic products business is increasing at a 10 to 15% annual rate.

How Much Can You Make From This Field?

The different professions in this field mean varying salaries. In other words, the compensation for this field varies from career to career.

While a marketing manager earns $142,470 annually, a business analyst receives an annual salary of $77,218.

However, the average annual salary for employees in this industry is $75,000.

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7 Highly Paid Consumer Durables Career Paths For Graduates

In the field of consumer durables, there are several types of jobs you can settle for.

Most of these job positions are in design and development, marketing, and sales.

Whatever your interests are, you will certainly discover a profession that is a good fit for you.

The following are the 7 highly paid consumer durables careers for graduates:

1. Product Designer

A product designer is a specialist who oversees the whole design process for a new product or the improvement of an existing one.

To generate concepts for new consumer items, product managers work closely with engineers, product development managers, and production managers.

This is one of the high-paying jobs in consumer durables.

The average annual salary of a product designer is $102,033, according to On an hourly basis, he earns an average of $49.05.

Additionally, the annual salary of a product designer ranges from $68,000 to $152,000. Also, the hourly pay of a product designer falls between $31 and $74.


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2. Finance Manager

Financial managers are in charge of the financial health of a business. They also offer financial reports, oversee investment activities, and create long-term financial strategies and plans for their company.

Consumer durables finance managers equally oversee and monitor income and expenditure.

A finance manager earns an average of $118,500 annually, according to

In addition, finance managers earn between $104,500 to $132,500.


3. Sales Manager

A sales manager leads and supervises sales personnel and manages the day-to-day sales activities of a corporation.

These managers are also in charge of directing the sales strategy, establishing sales objectives, and monitoring sales performance.

According to, these managers earn an average annual salary of $124,111. Also, they earn between $147,054 and $187,485 annually.

4. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a specialist who collects, analyzes, and interprets massive volumes of data.

In other words, data scientists use their knowledge of technology and social science to identify patterns and manage data.

These scientists earn an average annual salary of $106,104, according to Data scientists also earn between $75,000 and $148,000.


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5. Social Media Manager

Social media managers project the image and products of a brand; while acting as the exclusive voice of the brand across social media platforms.

These managers respond to messages, organize campaigns, and develop content.

In addition, these experts counsel firms on how to boost their online presence.

According to, a social media manager in the United States receives an annual average salary of $70,287.

The salary of this manager also ranges from $50,000 to $98,000.


6. Manufacturing Engineer

The consumer durable industry is incomplete without a manufacturing engineer. This guy and his team are the brains behind the durable products we have been talking about.

A manufacturing engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing engineers in the United States earn an average annual salary of $78,522, according to

The annual salary for this engineer also falls between $60,000 and $102,000.


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7. Retail Manager

A retail manager is in charge of running a retail store. They are also in charge of overseeing sales, employees, and inventory on a daily basis.

In addition, all employees in the store report to the retail manager, who reports to a regional or general manager.

According to careerexplorer, a retail manager in the United States receives an average annual salary of $39,230.

In addition, a retail manager’s salary ranges from $29,000 to $73,160.

Source: careerexplorercom


Is toothpaste a durable good?

Toothpaste is a non-durable good since it may be consumed or used until it runs out.

What is the difference between durable and non durable commodity?

Durable products are consumer items that have a long life cycle and are used over time.
On the other hand, Nondurable goods have short life cycles and are consumed in less than three years.

What is the difference between business products and consumer products?

Consumer products are items that have reached their final stage in the production process and are ready to be purchased and consumed by individuals or families.

On the other hand, they are categorized as business products if they are acquired by a company for its own use.

What are daily use consumer products?

These are items that we use on a daily basis, such as mugs and brooms.

What is the global consumer culture?

The term “global consumer culture” refers to a cultural entity unrelated to a single country, but rather a bigger community that is typically recognized as transnational and transcends diverse national cultures.


As you already know, consumer durables is a massive market open to you, well, that’s if you want to pursue a career in this field.

With the career pool at your disposal, you can settle for any that best suits you.

We hope this article meets your expectation. Reach us through the comment section for feedback.



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