Is Department/Specialty Retail Stores A Good Career Path for Graduates | 2022

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With the widespread jobs available in the retail industry, which necessitates concern on whether department/specialty retail stores is a good career path.

According to statistics, the retail industry directly employs about 32 million people, making it the largest private sector employer in the United States.

Amazing, right? Little wonder, there are a dozen employees in the retail industry with more retail stores appearing on the block.

In a couple of minutes, you will see reasons why department/specialty retail stores is a good career path; as well as the benefits, career opportunities, and more.

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What are Department/Specialty Retail Stores?

Department/specialty retail stores are stores that sell a one-of-a-kind product or product range. In other words, they are stores that specialize in one line of products or goods.

In a nutshell, department/specialty retail stores are retail establishments that focus on a single product category.

Brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and the likes are key businesses in department/specialty retail stores.

Examples of Department/Specialty Retail Stores

With the meaning of department/specialty retail stores now at your fingertips, let’s take a look at the examples for in-depth understanding.

The following are some of the examples of department/specialty retail stores:

  • Electronics retail stores
  • Bookstores
  • Furniture stores
  • Florist
  • Coffee shop
  • Pet stores
  • Hardware
  • Jewelry store
  • sporting-goods stores

Is Department/Specialty Retail Stores A Good Career Path?

Yes, department/speciality retail stores is a good career path. Retail is one large industry and despite the growth of online businesses, specialty merchants will continue to draw customers due to the expertise of their employees.

Department/specialty retails stores are known for dealing with one type of product. Hence, there are diverse stores with a single line of products available to you.

You would agree that an industry that houses careers that you can pursue without a degree and part-time jobs as well.

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What are the Benefits of Working in Department/Specialty Retail Stores?

There are tremendous benefits you can derive from working in department/specialty retail stores. Let’s look at some of the benefits you can acquire from working in this industry.


Most jobs in department/specialty retail stores are part-time. This employment arrangement leaves you with a flexible schedule pointing in one direction – more time on your hands.


Truth be told, most positions in this industry do not require a degree. Interesting, right? This implies that you can easily secure a job without having to worry about any degree.

Employee Discount

This is one amazing benefit employees in this industry enjoy and always look forward to. Therefore, if you work in any retail store and want to purchase an item, you can get them at a cheaper rate.


Those who work in this industry easily settle for a career they have a passion for. This is great because, with a moderate salary, you can still get to love what you do.

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What Degree Do You Need to Pursue a Career in Department/Specialty Retail Stores?

You need to bag a degree in order to a graduate position in this industry. Although most positions in depart/specialty retail stores don’t require a degree, some do.

Hence, it is vital to identify the relevant degrees required by a particular profession.

For instance, if you are meaning to end up as a retail pharmacist, you will need a degree in pharmacy.

The same goes for positions that require management and marketing. However, what really matters is for you to obtain the relevant degree a position requires.

Required Skills for a Career in Department/Specialty Retail Stores

Every field of endeavor requires certain skills. These skills will undoubtedly usher you into the industry; as well as aid you in recording career growth.

It is no different from department/specialty retail stores. In order to succeed in your career, you need to acquire the needed skills.

Some of the skills necessary for a career in department/specialty retail stores include:

  • Excellent communicatioon
  • Customer service
  • Product knowledge
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Industry knowledge
  • Time management
  • Collaboration

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What are the Department/Specialty Retail Stores Job Prospects?

The job prospects for department/specialty retail stores don’t look good. Retail is projected to become more Internet-connected in the coming years.

Merchants will no longer be able to maintain their role as gatekeepers of client interactions as suppliers create direct-to-consumer links.

How Much Can You Make From This Field?

In this field, the salary of professionals vary. Simply put, there is no specific sum defined as the average salary for employees in this sector.

Hence, there is a salary distinction among these professionals in accordance with their professions or job positions.

Therefore, you can earn a high or low salary, which is based on the amount attached to the position you are seeking or occupying.

A fine example of this would be the salary difference between a pharmacist manager, who earns an average salary of $161,2712, and a retail sales lead, who walks home with an average salary of $33,000.

So you see, the earnings in different jobs are different.

Conclusively, you earn in this industry according to your specialty or profession.

7 Highly Paid Department/Specialty Retail Stores Career Paths

Since background knowledge has been established in department/specialty retail stores, you should know about the available career paths.

While there are great career paths in this industry, there are some that pay employees the most. It is natural to desire a career in one of the highly paid career paths in this industry.

You can choose from the following career paths below:

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1. Pharmacist Manager

A pharmacy manager is a pharmacist who also manages the daily operations of a pharmacy.

A pharmacist manager oversees the daily operations of a pharmacy; as well as ensuring that all pharmacy workers administer the correct medication to consumers depending on their prescription.

They also aid consumers by providing them with information on medication, such as dose and administration instructions.

Pharmacist managers make an average salary of $162,164, according to They also earn between $141,193 and $171,894.


2. Retail Pharmacist

Retail pharmacists work in a store rather than a hospital or GP surgery. A retail pharmacist works at a pharmacy, which might be a small, independent drugstore, a pharmacy chain, or a pharmacy within a larger shop.

These pharmacists are in charge of administering and regulating prescription and non-prescription medication, as well as educating consumers on general healthcare and adhering to legal and ethical guidelines.

According to, the average salary of a retail pharmacist in the United States is $121,925. Additionally, the salary of this pharmacist falls between $86,059 and $154,040.


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3. Electronics Department Manager

Electronics department managers are in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of an electronics department.

These managers perform several responsibilities. An electronics department manager tracks and maximises revenue and salary by identifying sales opportunities and reducing controllable expenditures.

In addition, this manager assists in the itemization and totalling of the customer’s item selection at the counter using the POS system and receiving all forms of payment. puts the average salary of an electronics department manager at $31,329. Also, these managers make from $24,000 to $39,000.


4. Inventory Manager

An Inventory Manager is an expert that monitors a company’s inventory levels.

This manager, in other words, is in charge of inventory at a warehouse or in other similar facility.

They manage a team that examines numerous suppliers, logs daily deliveries, and reviews new shipments to receive and record new items as they are delivered or shipped out.

Inventory managers in the United States according to earn an average salary of $54,974. The annual salary of this manager ranges from $36,329 to $83,188.


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5. Assistant Store Manager

An assistant store manager aids the store manager with the day-to-day operations of a physical retail store.

In other words, he teams up with the store manager in organizing, planning and implementing strategies.

Furthermore, he provide assistance to customers by providing information, answering questions, obtaining merchandise requested, completing payment transactions and more.

The average salary of an assistant manger is $40,759, according to Additionally, an assistant store manager earns between $32,000 and $51,000.


6. Dairy Department Manager

The dairy department manager at a grocery store is in charge of managing the dairy and frozen foods departments.

This manager performs this role by monitoring shelf inventory, restocking when necessary and making sure foods don’t go bad.

Additionally, he effectively markets product, places orders for items that are running out; as well as assisting with daily deliveries.

According to, a dairy department manager in the United States earn an average salary of $40,276. The annual salary of this retail manager ranges from $23,770 to $64,640


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7. Retail Sales Lead

A sales lead is a retail salesperson who is in charge of managing the sales department, assisting management, and making sure that sales quotas are met.

In other words, a sales lead is a top salesman who is in charge of constantly promoting to generate new business.

This salesperson is also in charge of hiring and training new additions to the sales team, aiding management with product sales, and preparing sales reports. puts the average salary of a retail sales lead at $40,781. A retail sales lead also makes from $27,000 to $59,000.



Is retail a stressful job?

Retail is a stressful job. Long hours, severe job expectations, and inadequate remuneration are three of the top five employee stressors.

Employees at grocery stores and general merchants have additional challenges, such as a fast pace and high customer service demands, which can contribute to employee burnout.

How long do retail workers last?

There is no accurate information on how long retail employees stay in the business.

How do you move up in retail?

You can move up in your retail through the following ways:

  • If you are not currently in a leadership position, you should consider becoming one
  • Bring in new ideas
  • Put your objectives on paper and devise a good strategy to attain them
  • Put forth more effort than anyone else in the store
  • Ensure that your presence is recognized
  • Take the initiative and broaden your role inside the organization
  • Participate in workplace events and activities
  • Apply for jobs that can help you advance your career

How active is a retail job?

Retail jobs require a lot of walking, no doubt. In an 8-hour shift, the average retail employee takes 14,600 steps.

ow competitive is the retail industry?

The retail industry is highly competitive, with minimal entry barriers.

Many other local, regional, and national retailers compete for customers, colleagues, sites, products, services, and other key aspects of the Company’s business.

What are the challenges in retail industry?

The following are the challenges in the retail industry:

  • Getting Customers
  • Customer retention
  • Supply chain administration
  • Adapting to shifting client expectations
  • Increasing the use of digital and contactless payments


Reading up to this point means we both agree that department/specialty retail stores is a good career path.

With the above listed benefits and career paths available in this industry, it would be a shame to shy away from your dream career.

It is left for you to settle for that career of your choice in this industry, with this information at your finger tips.

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